Carb Cycling: The Turbo Cycle

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In some of the programs, you can choose your carb cycle. Sounds like you have some great goals! Carb cycling could work very well for you! Thanks for the quick reply. Any of the cycles can work, and you can change cycles at any time. Yes, you can add a fat to breakfast and remove carbs from dinner. Just a quick question on portions.

And the Meets Section of our Forum. Sunday, 2nd June Joe's Photos. Click for Photos and videos. Discuss Gaydon here or click for Photos. Saturday, 11th July Our second Yorkshire meet. Monday, 22nd December Our Xmas Meal. Wednesday, 3rd December Our regular monthly meet at Click for Photos or or see the slideshow. View the archive to see what we we're doing earlier in and before In alone we've been to Buchloe, Nurburgring, Goodwood and Silverstone to name a few.

Click here for more information photos and specs In addition to our factory team effort, we will also sell race cars to private parties, collectors and race teams. Click to view our Geneva Motorshow Photos. We revist the Roadster S to see how it compares after 3 years. B7, B6, B5 and D3. How it works "The MultiAir system is elegantly simple. Popular Science via Allpar. Society of Automotive Engineers.

WebCite query result , accessdate: Fiat hopes tech will make Chrysler deal work - The Boston Globe , accessdate: Retrieved from " https: Variable valve timing Fiat. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Fast forward to January , it developed loss of power and a shake at idle. After a compression check found 1 dead cylinder, thinking the worst I assumed a cracked piston. Fortunately all it was a broke intake spring. At that time I went ahead and ordered you Marine injectors and quick glow plugs kit.

The truck runs better than ever! Thank you for the quick shipping and the great products that you offer for this niche market. I plan to get a photo on the gallery as I believe this is a truck that is already in the gallery pics. My truck was sold new in Utah and upfitted at a shop in Colorado. One of the trucks there is shown in a old photo pulling a camper over Monarch Pass CO. Now in SC with k in it, it just shows the reliability of these engines.

February 7th, by Edward S. We put in the long block along with my previously purchased Bosch injectors and the wicked wheel 2. I am very pleased with the initial performance. I just did the mile oil change with standard oil and will do another when we return from this weekend's tow trip. After about miles, I plan to returning to synthetic oil. Can't say enough about this company. The whole staff has come to feel like family to me January 17th, by Christian H.

This is the first truck I've ever bought and I couldn't have done it with out the parts support supply from this website. Can't wait to get into upgrades!!

Walt nailed the Injector Pump problem immediately after I described the instant full throttle symptom. Since the truck has over , miles on it and the injectors have about , miles on them we decided to go the full route of Pump, Lines, Marine Injectors and a 40hp Computer Chip.

The power was a seat of the pants difference, and the truck picked up a good 2 miles per gallon after I stopped sticking my foot in it to feel the amazing power this 6. Being in the Automotive Service business for 43 years and owning my own service center I always give my business to people that know what they are talking about and that care about their customers.

September 22nd, by Ronn M. September 22nd, by Steven g. Replaced them with SS Diesel Heads. Truck always ran hot, and sometimes higher. Didn't want to crack the new heads, so ordered the SS Diesel cooling package. Had my mechanic put the package on, took a couple more hours as they had to move some fuel lines.

The cooling package has worked amazingly well. The temp never moves off of Very happy with this upgrade. September 22nd, by james j. Cooling kit for 6. Great Company for 6. September 22nd, by Edward S.

I started asking Tom questions, and he readily gave me answers and very sound advice. Honesty and integrity and great customer service are rare qualities in online shopping these days. You won't have that problem here. The parts they sell are as advertised, arrive quickly and are competitively priced. The tech support is the best I have ever experienced!

December 12th, by jim c. I went through 3 stock ones in the past 5 years. Was going to sell it but it runs as good as a new truck. December 4th, by Damian B. Great parts here, thank you very much I am looking forward to doing more business with you guys. August 3rd, by Luis E. Thank you so much for your advice's n outstanding costumer service, keep up the good work.

July 3rd, by Blake B. Its on a lifted 95 z71 6. OD holds better, in town driving is more fun, transmission doesnt feel weak anymore. I wholeheartedly recommend this for anybody with a 6. Super easy install, took me less than 10mins. And im a pretty picky guy. July 3rd, by Brennen C. Super fast shipping and the product quality is great. Will buy all my future 6.

July 3rd, by John C. Their parts were cheaper and still made in USA quality. A big thank you! July 3rd, by Steve D. Thank You for a great product. October 8th, by harold c. Annette you are the best. Products are excellent quality, no china crap. Walt,come to Canada and show them how to run a parts business,you blew my mind with a thank you card in one of the boxes.

UPS delivery took only 2 days. October 8th, by Ryan B. Pmd relocate setup Rating: They are all great products that get delivered to you right away, so your not sitting around waiting. Great company, great products, and great customer service. Would recommend to anyone. April 23rd, by Brian O. Cold Air Intake Rating: Even had a mistake on one order where the wrong hose was sent due to very similar part numbers.

Walt personnally resolved my issue and corrected the problem. I have no complaints at all, will be ordering again.

February 16th, by Greg B. I needed a filter replacement due to a damaged filter. I contacted Walt and, although the filter was way out of warranty new ones are warranted for a million miles but old ones were a one year warranty , he gave me a deal on a new filter assembly. That is taking care of the customer! I also need to replace my SSDiesel exhaust system - guess who I will be calling February 16th, by Nick F.

I got an apology from the company for the delay even though it wasn't their fault. Received my bolts and a few were the wrong length. WOW, the owner responds?? Did his best to correct to problem free of charge, no shipping costs to me and new bolts on the way. Answers emails on the weekend even though the business is closed. Awesome company, and phenomenal customer service. I will recommend this place to everyone!! Thank you Walt for having such an awesome business. February 16th, by Matthew T.

Ordered the pmd wheat sync for the tow truck where I work 92 Chevy hd and before we would have to crank the engine forever and cross our fingers that it would start, after the install of the new pmd it will start right away every time even on the coldest winter days. Also very pleased with the customer service at Ss diesel supply, very helpful and pleasant to deal with. When we received our shipment there was a small issue that was quickly resolved without problem and I couldn't be happier.

February 16th, by Jason V. Everything arrived packaged professionally, and on time. Will purchase everything from ssdiesel from now on for my truck. Thank you for having a great company! October 27th, by Amir W.