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Still have a question about a food not on the list?

Is there anything else I should be doing or trying post h. Some clients report this works much better. Then follow the pro-digestion strategies in the book and use your symptoms as a guide. Do you have any thoughts? Is it possible for someone to email me the link to it? A problem with many remedies and healing procedures, including vitamins and most herbs, is that they make the body even more yin. Can you please advise how much salad or raw food is in your cook book.

SIBO and Its Potential Underlying Causes

You may find your morning hunger improve as you continue eating this way. Best of luck to you! Looking forward to making more recipes. I made the coconut milk today — easy and fun! All my best, Saivite. I have a question about hemp protein, nuts and seeds. AIP refers to the elimination diet, which is not meant to be forever.

If you click around to some of our resources on our site like the quick start guide you get when signing up for the newsletter , we clarify how long the elimination period should last, and how to reintroduce foods.

Many people find nuts and seeds to be tolerable in the reintroduction process, but everyone is unique and there are some exceptions. Also add small amounts of other fruit on occasion. Any issue with this gelatin? Enjoying your site… have RA and have had issues with many meds. Looking to ameliorate symptoms with diet as well. Hoping I can manage this stricter way of eating. As you say, the consequences of eating things that make you feel ill is a great deterrent to doing so, and makes the whole restriction-thing more attractive!

I bought your book a couple of weeks ago with the intention of doing a strict 30 AIP trial. My dh even agreed to try paleo along with me he was still eating eggs, nuts, tomatoes, etc.

We plan on just doing the best we can and try not to stress about it too much. I also have a book question — when I put it on my kindle it showed up as a document and not a book.

I can go from page to page, but none of the links work. Any idea what I did wrong? I do know it is possible to have it function fully as an ebook. I would contact Amazon customer support with your model and ask them how you can get the book to work properly on their device.

I checked on the problem with my Kindle and apparently I need to download it again, but the link has expired. Is there anyway it can be emailed to me again? I think what happened is that I downloaded it on my desktop, then tried to transfer it to my Kindle when I should have just downloaded it directly to my Kindle.

Any suggestions for road trip and AIP friendly foods? Any thoughts of how to get off them? Sometimes when people are being treated for excess acid, it is because they actually have low stomach acid, and the long-term solution is to build up your natural acid. This is something I would work with your doctor on. Hi Mickey, Thank you for your great advice! I as wondering if organic beef, chicken, and pork are ok? Marcia, Yes, organic is fine.

I suggest looking at eatwild. Hi Mickey, I have had alopecia since I was 19 now age 47 but no other symptoms or autoimmune issues except thyroid antibodies once or twice in the past five years which I have successfully lowered.

I have followed the GAPS diet for almost 3 years, with no affect on my hair growth. It has been suggested that alopecia may have an autoimmune component, but no certainty.

Do you think this diet might elicit hair growth? Hi Ann, This would be a great question for the facebook community, and I will ask it in the coming week.

Stay tuned for responses — http: I think it is definitely worth a try of the autoimmune protocol; it eliminates some additional foods that you might find problematic. I love spices, eggs and cooking so the nightshade elimination makes me really nervous. I also use grass fed whey since I work out so strenuously.

However, I have horrible skin eruptions continuously down my back, legs and butt tmi, I know. I have bouts of fatigue almost daily. Hi Candy- you never know until you try! I really believe in a Paleo style diet for optimal health and troubleshooting complicated issues.

I reacted to a very high number of foods but I tested negative for crohns and celiac, so was diagnosed with leaky gut. The autoimmune protocol as well as other diets I researched on healing leaky gut stress importance or beef broth, gelatin, liver, and importance of red meats and fish over large amounts of poultry because of omega 3: Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I do agree that is a pretty big list though! Hi Mickey, This may be redundant but is, evening primrose and borage oil ok to supplement with on the AIP even though they are derived from seed? Also, not sure what your answer was on small amounts of raw honey. Lissa, I would avoid the seed oils while on the elimination diet, although they are not likely to be problematic. Small amounts of raw honey are fine.

Kombucha is also fine. Are they for everyone?? While I agree with you on the sugar, dates are fine as long as you tolerate them. I tripped over your site — from empowered sustenance — I am starting this!

I have Celiac Disease — been diagnosed for over 10 yrs. My villi finally healed about 2 yrs ago, I also have Microscopic Colitis — the inflammation has yet to settle — I have never had relief from the runs. I am hoping to see improvement! My only concern or issue is how hungry I get, sometimes I get nausea… but I am sticking with this! Is there a cleansing that is taking place in my body?

My runs are still watery were prior to diet, as well as undigested foods. I was eating a high grain, dairy and egg filled diet — as well as a lot of processed foods — maybe my body is in shock! Have you been tested for any GI pathogens? You want to rule that out before tweaking too much with diet, otherwise things will get very frustrating. Some do find that transitioning to a diet without grains, eggs and dairy is helpful to managing your inflammation.

Wishing you the best of luck! Many of the things on the avoidance list are highly recommended through other research for Rheumatoid Arthritis, namely specific nuts and nightshades. Do you have suggestions for items that replace the nutrients or benefits attributed to the items your list recommends to avoid? She has done the most thorough research on the topic, and has studies to back up the protocol.

I know from working with people that nightshades are one of the most common triggers for those with RA. The autoimmune protocol is an incredibly nutrient-dense diet, if not the most nutrient dense diet. Until going Paleo, he was a human pill-box. Since going completely paleo he takes meds when necessary and has gone as long as 6 weeks without injections. Did you heal your auto-immune disease completely or are you in remission?

Do you take pharmaceutical drugs? For my lupus I take an anti-malarial hydroxychloroquine aka plaquenil and coumadin the blood thinner. I think it is important to work with your doctor to make sure that if you make any changes, you do them safely. Some are able to go off of meds, others live well with a combo of meds and diet.

What doctor will prescribe synthetic compound thyroid meds? I have Graves Disease and have to take methymezole. My concern about this autoimmune paleo diet is that it seems to be focusing on hypothyroidism. I would do anything for a piece of meat and bacon at this point so I was wondering if this diet works for hyperthyroidism as well? Personally, I do not believe vegan is a good diet for autoimmune disease—I was one for 10 years, and my health has never been worse.

There are many with graves who are using AIP to manage their condition. You never really know if it will work for you until you try the elimination diet. Do you have any recommendations for vegetarians on the protocol? I am just getting into my research phase but I am already disheartened by the focus on meats and fish.

As it is, I feel like I am undereating despite constant weight gain…. Kaitlyn, According to Sarah Ballantyne it is not possible to do AIP without meat, but it is possible if you are willing to eat a lot of fish and seafood. Im so glad I found your website.. Ive had so many health issues lately that Ive been seriourly thinking of changing my diet, and this post was precisely what I needed.

I wanted to ask if there is the possibility of taking some supplements during the elimination diet, like cod liver oil for example. Paloma, I think fermented cod liver oil is a great supplement for taking during AIP, and really I think of it more as a food than a supplement. You might want to work with a practitioner for some other recommendations, but generally probiotics and magnesium can be helpful for some people.

Sorry I forgot to ask: Or how could I substitute my very needed morning cup of coffee?? Paloma, yes tea is fine! You may not want to go too crazy on the caffeine though as it can weaken the adrenals. I have a few vague symptoms and doctors have just told me to lose weight.

How do I reintroduce foods in a systematic way to see how they affect me? Do you have a post about that? I do think you should try the autoimmune protocol for at least 30 days, or until you start seeing some improvement in your symptoms unfortunately for some people it takes a lot longer than 30 days. The Paleo Mom is the best resource on reintroductions, this is a great article: Do you recommend easing into this, or jumping in whole hog?

Sterling, Whatever works best for you and where you are at now. I have seen people do it both ways. Its better to ease in than not try! I have been expriencing autoimmune-like symptoms for 7 months now and doctors cannot figure out what is wrong. I am in constant pain in my joints, extrememly fatigued and am experiencing nuerologisal symptoms. My naturopath did testing which highlighted problems with the nervous system, digestive sytem and endocrine system.

I cut out gluten i rarely had it before and food sensitivies 2 months ago and I have been on the AIP for a month. I had one good day the day after i started and since then my symptoms have gotten worse than before. Do you have any suggestions about how long to stay on the AIP? I was really aiming for 30 days as my goal, and continuuing on in this way is very challenging emotionally if I feel worse and have to work so hard to create my meals.

Also, I was wondering if there is anywhere on the web as to how to reintroduce foods properly? Thank you for any help that you can give. I forgot to add that my tummy is bloated and it feels much worse than before I started the AIP. I have lost no weight at all either, which is so surprising since i have been eating so strictly.

Hi Mickey — thanks for all of the excellent information on AIP! I was a vegetarian for 17 years and began eating fish, and then chicken and turkey about a year ago. The bacon unfortunately did not go down well — it got lodged in my esophageous and I ended up having to force myself to throw it up gross I know!

The ground beef was O. I was very squeamish about the blood inside the wrap when I opened it up — I felt like a vampire — lol! The beef was also grass-fed, organic, free range from a local farm. Debbie, Unfortunately this is a deep story that I will eventually address on the blog, but it was very hard for me to overcome veganism and start eating this way. I went very slowly, and only ate meat when I could not see it—the more it could be mixed up with other foods, the better.

As far as the bacon not going down, it is very common for ex-vegans and vegetarians to have issues with low stomach acid. I treated mine with a practitioner, and found it was much easier to eat meat once I could digest it. I was also encouraged, because eating and digesting it was making me feel better. Hi, I have had Hashimoto for almost twenty years, I have been gluten free for about 3 years. I am now trying the AIP to help with persistent symptoms. At one point I was tested and am clearly sensitive to eggs.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Terri, I think what you are referring to is lysozyme, which is present in all eggs. Sarah Ballantyne recommends removing all eggs for the elimination phase. Just starting my adventure with foods. This all seems so thyroid based. Amanda, I happen to have a thyroid condition, but the autoimmune protocol is designed for anyone with an autoimmune condition. Many with Lupus have tried it and seen benefit from finding out their allergies and or sensitivities to food.

I have a question.? Even if I put a selection on my plate I am fine. I even tried just using water rather than chicken bone broth. Not sure why but I am thinking it has something to do with the goitrogens. I am hoping you will be able to help me understand this. After all these years of suspecting it they have finally given it a name now!!

Thanks for all your help. Have you read my article here? Mickey, I have read your article. I eat all the goitrogen vegetables. I do believe Rutabaga and Kale are on the list of goitrogen vegetables. I know that by cooking them the goitrogens are less than when raw. Do you think that by cooking them in the water to make a soup and consuming could be affecting me. I steam the vegetables but no problem but when I eat them in the soup cooked together I feel very lethargic after consuming.

I find this very strange. Just trying to pinpoint why this is happening and wondering if you have any ideas? You may be reacting to something else.

I would avoid those foods cooked that way. Thank you for your response. I do find it strange. Hopefully with time it will not be a problem.

So for now I just eat them separate! I read that you can start with one autoimmune disease in time it may take on and additional form of auto immune disease. Hope that made sense. My Dr just handed me a script for thyroid medicine. No explaining, or suggestions: Would you suggest seeing another Dr, specialist, herbalist, kinesiologist? Amy, I am not familiar with green vibrance, sorry. I advocate eating lots of whole, green vegetables for the vitamin and mineral content, instead of taking supplements.

Many of us with autoimmunity find that we develop additional autoimmune diseases as time progresses. I do recommend finding a doctor who is well versed in thyroid testing and treatment—those that specialize in naturopathy or functional medicine are usually better then conventional doctors.

Being that I have NO ENERGY, am often depressed and am siderite g fro total head to toe extreme pain, how does one possibly do all the shopping and food prep to follow this diet? I really want to try it, but it seems so overwhelming. I spend many days in bed. It is very difficult for my mind to focus. Reading and following a recipe takes more mental energy and concentration than I can muster.

How do people do it when they are really sick. Sorry, not to be negative, but I just needed to express my concern. I am seeing a integrative doc who is helping me detox from mold, which recent research has shone may be the root problem for many with fibromyalgia. So, after saying all that, let me ask a few questions.

I am considering doing some juicing to get some addition super nutrition. Should I start now and then just eat as healthfully as I can while in Fiji, and then start up again when I return? Or do you recommend just waiting to start til I get back?

I would advise you to go to your health care provider with your concerns and ask them their advice. About doing AIP when really sick—I started when I was housebound and could hardly get up to go to the bathroom, much less shop and cook all the food I needed to get healthy. Somehow I found hope in the idea that I could change my future and as I gained my health back, it got easier. You will have to make up your mind whether or not you will be able to do the AIP while on vacation or not, some have been able to, others not.

Joy, they are only 2 pages, I recommend printing from the. Hello, I follow the AIP diet. What is your opinion on raw cheese? While it is very hard to find raw milk, almost impossible I should say, organic, raw cheese is easy to find and I would like to be able to eat it if I can.

Also, what are the supplements you recommend the most, for autoimmune disease? I am taking over 20 supplements right now, however I am hoping in the near future that I can eliminate some. Hi Yvonne, If you have been on AIP and considering reintroductions, the best dairy product to start with is cultured ghee.

If you can tolerate that, it is OK to move on to butter, and then raw yoghurt, and raw cheese. You need to try them one at a time to assess your tolerance. If you are eating a nutrient-dense, AIP diet with lots of fish, shellfish, and organ meat, you should not need to take a lot of supplements. Can you recommend a protein powder that one can safely drink while on the Paleo autoimmune protocol?

The sheer convenience of protein powders is the main thing I miss eating this way though the benefits completely outweigh any inconvenience. Your AIP is heavily based on beef and pork. These are my highly reactive foods. Chicken turkey and fish have been primary source or protein, but very limiting and a bit boring. Of course, it will not be right for everyone, and you may have to personalize further based on your food sensitivities. You have a lot of options with fish, especially if you eat shellfish!

You could also try lamb and bison, or wild game like elk or venison. Is unflavored non-gmo protein powder allowed? Shannon, No, there are no AIP-friendly protein powders. Some people use collagen, but it is not a complete protein. Less work, still tastes great, and I feel better probably getting a better ratio of foods as a result, too.

Ethan, Gelatin is not considered a protein powder because it does not have a complete amino acid structure. Just saw your comment above about protein powders. But would still like your thoughts. Did you happen to pose the alopecia areata question to your Facebook group? I recommend the elimination diet as a starting place for autoimmune diseases of all kind, as they all have a common link in the gut.

Hi Mickey—thanks for the compilation of so much valuable info and experience. A veritable treasure trove. I am researching and prepping to begin my elimination phase and wondering if sparkling water is to be excluded?

I am in need of advice. Been on Methotrexate and all biologics including Xeljanz. Ready to be switched to Rituxin IV. Julie, Many in our community have RA! I tried some, and well it definitely took my anxiety away eating it, and then I lost my professional edge and got a little too passive and lazy.

Seems like de-seeded it is technically aip, but it is also so strong it is clear to me it is more medicinal than nutritional, especially at higher amounts of intake. I can see why you would come at this one the way you did based on my experience. My main starches are sweet potatoes and bananas. Is it just a matter of quantity? Hi Rita, You are right about nuts, but wrong about plantains—those are fine. You may want to check out this article on our site, which has some tips about keeping your weight up: I am so tired of searching the internet.

No one knows what to do with me. How do u treat one condition without hurting another. I have crohns disease.. I also have perncious anemia. I am dead miserable. My crohns injections have stopped working.

I am a dead woman walking. I have had multiple surgeries for unrelated things. While a variety of these extracts have been proposed as possible treatments for SIBO, there is not much published data on the efficacy. Recently, a small study found that a combination of herbal antibiotics were at least as effective as rifaximin, but we need more definitive studies to confirm these results. As with antibiotics, dietary treatment of SIBO needs to include an evaluation of underlying causes.

If present, underlying causes will need to be addressed for successful treatment. But in many cases, SIBO may simply be the result of over consumption of specific fermentable carbohydrates. Think of this as one of the potential underlying causes. If this is the case, a dietary strategy to control over consumption of fermentable, hard-to-digest carbohydrates may be all that you need.

In the past, many of the symptoms we now associate with SIBO intestinal gas, bloating, distension, diarrhea, etc. Carbohydrate intolerance is a form of malabsorption that can lead to dysbiosis, a general imbalance of gut microbiota, which may or may not include SIBO. For instance, lactose intolerance is very common in SIBO patients and has been recognized for over a century while fructose intolerance which is also linked to SIBO was first documented in the s.

More recently, sugar alcohols except erythritol and dietary fiber intolerance have been added to the list. According to the Merck Manual , the standard treatment for carbohydrate intolerance is to limit the offending species of carbohydrate.

This is precisely the group of carbohydrates that the Fast Tract Diet limits. Unlike antibiotic treatment, limiting fermentable carbohydrates provides a durable response. If you are lactose intolerant, you need to either avoid lactose or take a lactase supplement when consuming high lactose diary for the rest of your life. Similar results were observed in a study that looked at both lactose and fructose plus sorbitol intolerance.

Since there is no supplement for fructose intolerance, limiting fructose is a long term prospect. Certain carbohydrate types may be added back once tolerance to individual carbohydrates is confirmed. Similarly, overall fermentable carbohydrate limits can be eased based on improvements in tolerance levels over time. I myself have been on this journey for the last 16 years. Even in these situations, diet will certainly be part of the solution.

Robbilard, What amazing work you have here. Hi Peter, Significant reduction in daily FP points often reduces other food sensitivities which may or may not have been the critical problem. If this approach does not work, you may consider our consultation program. What a great article Norm!

I will share it with many. Thanks for your great work and dedication. On a personal note I am glad you found this solution for yourself after 16 years of suffering — and that you did not stop there. You are now helping thousands of people. These are 2 common questions that I get often: What am I doing wrong?

What issue s are you addressing with the diet? What is your daily FP? Do you need individualized help at https: I often wonder if having a colonoscopy could contribute to SIBO.

Any thoughts on this. I could swear all my problems started after the procedure was done and progressively got worse. Hi Sharon, The bowel preparation does affect the diversity of the microbiome as highlighted in this article which cites a couple of studies http: But as time goes by there is a recovery as descibed in this study that followed colonoscopy patients out to 6 months http: Intermittent fasting and limiting fermentable carbs in the diet seems a prudent course following this procedure.

It appears to be a real problem for many. I would like to choose NOT having a colonoscopy ever again. I have hoped for an answer to my PPI problem for a long time. I was on those drugs for 7 years and they have done so much harm to my overall health and vitality. I do not want to have such an invasive procedure if it is not necessary. Hi Nicole, There is no doubt that colonoscopy disrupts your micribiome. Unless the procedure is truly justified to your satifaction, or you have a family history of colon cancer, I would advise significant caution as the risk of suffering even more serious complications is 5 people in getting the test.

Then I got a food poisoning and there all has gone so bad. In september I had a gastro, where they found Esophagitis and bile in the stomach, continued with PPI and changed a few other meds but got no improvements.

So I changed doctor, who touching me found out that my liver was a bit too big, sending me to do an ecography which resulted in nothing bad, just a bit of fat liver and prescribing prokinetics. This thing is also ruining my social life cause I feel ill at ease everytime my friends ask me out for dinner. Be diligent with the diet for the first couple of months and read the trouble-shooting sections and underlying causes chapter.

I had sigmoidectomy and hysterectomy due to complicated endometriosis in Since then I had either soft porridgy stools with undigested food every weeks for days or unpleasant constipation thin , tiny stools pieces. I need to adopt a posture since my operation. I reintroduced one group after another slowly. I have EDS type 3.

I am taking Zn, Mg, omega 3, vit D3, supplements for over 4 months have also tried bone broth for healing. Hi Norman, Thank you for all of the useful information.

I just got your app and am finding it very helpful. One problem is there is so much information out there! My most recent attempt was going Paleo, which was ok for about the first week, but then I started having constant ringing in my ears and became dizzy almost all of the time. Are potatoes, sweet potato, jasmine rice ok to help with these issues? My other question is about carrots. I recently bought a juicer and have been enjoying fresh vegetable juice that includes quite a bit of carrot every day.

It seems to me that carrot juice would be ok, since the cellulose is not being consumed. What is your take on consuming the juice of carrots or other high FP vegetables?

There are many causes of constipation which need to be ruled out if possible or confirmed and addressed.