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However, when testing in Canada during cold weather, Dr. These characteristics summarized in Exhibit 1 include Skill varietyThe various skills needed to perform a given task, where increased skill requirements are associated with increased motivation Task identityThe degree to which employees perceive how their job impacts the overall production of a product or service Task significanceWhether the task is meaningful beyond the task itself AutonomyEmployee discretion over how to perform a task FeedbackInput from peers and supervisors regarding the quality of an employee's work 15 Exhibit 1Job Characteristics That Enhance Intrinsic Motivation Skill Variety The degree to which a job requires a variety of different activities to carry out the work. The use of continuous improvement programs have grown rapidly, built on the successful experiences of numerous companies. There is truly something for everyone! For example, at one university a department head delegated the task of determining job performance standards to the faculty. Preconceived ideas about subordinates. Photo by Kate Holt.

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