Keto Hot Pocket Dough Recipe

Keto Hot Pocket Dough Recipe Ingredients

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Instant Pot Chicken and Stuffing Recipe

Then I flip the mat over onto a parchment sheet of paper to bake it. I would have used my other silicone mat to bake it on but I was using it for something else at the time. I fold it by flipping over the long side first and the the other long side. Then fold over the ends. This is the second Keto Hot Pocket where I added a small amount of spaghetti sauce to the top of it.

The house was smelling amazing at this point! Everyone came to see what just came out of the oven!! You will need a small saucepan and a medium size bowl. It's important to have the cheese warm when you roll out the dough. If not, it won't roll out easily. It will seem as though the ingredients don't come together right away.

You will see the separation of flours and cheese but, don't worry, these ingredients will eventually come together when you knead the dough. Pour the dough mixture on to a non-stick silicone mat or parchment paper I prefer the silicone mat because it sticks to the counter top and don't budge when you are rolling out the dough Split the dough into two different portions.

Gently roll the warm dough out into a rectangle shape. Then set it aside. Finally, bake it for about 18 to 20 minutes or until it's golden brown. This dough recipe made two large Keto Hot Pockets. There are about 4 to 6 servings for each individual Hot Pocket depending on how big you slice them. I stuffed it with scrambled egg, ham, breakfast sausage, black olive, green onion, mushroom, and salsa.

I eat too much cheese. If you are looking for more Keto snack ideas, I highly suggest you look at the Top 10 Keto Snacks article here! Thank you for sharing. The dough was so flaky! One thing, can you explain the serving size exactly? Mine made two big pockets and the nutritional facts say 12 servings so we can assume we should get 6 pieces out of one. Too bad I ate the whole thing! I noticed you mentioned the dough ingredients will come together when you knead the dough…but missed the part about actually kneading….

How long do we need to knead it? Once you pour the ingredients on to the mat you will start to knead it. You will know what I mean when you start to make it yourself. Made these tonight with leftover turkey, veggies, and a keto bechamel sauce.

However, no way each half of the recipe makes servings. We cut each one in half, and my husband and kids could have had more. My son thought it was regular crust! How noticeable is the coconut flavor?

We are not fans at all unfortunately. What would the adjustment be? Thanks for posting this! I just made these with garlic and Italian seasoned ground meat, carmalized onions, Italian seasoned diced tomatoes form the can, and topped all that with 6 cheese Italian blend. We used to make homemade calzones at least once a month, but have stopped since some of our family have gone keto. Now I can make them again!!! Thank you, again, for another wonderful creation!!

My family used to love sromboli, but I quit making it because of the carbs. I would use lean seasoned ground beef, cabbage, and onion for a Runza. For my ground meat I buy roasts or cheap cut steaks when they are on sale and grind them into chopped meat after trimming most fat. My family loves this for chili, homemade spaghetti sauce, anything using hamburger. I tried it with ham and swiss cheese, then made a dijon mustard cream sauce bechamel and dijon to taste for dipping.

I cannot wait to try this recipe!!! And, would this work for something with a cinnamon flavor? I miss crispy pastries!!! I cut mine in two four pieces and made smaller portions.

I put some leftover corned beef and onions that I had sautéed the other day and mixed some scrambled in eggs in there to make a breakfast pocket. And the other two I did ham cheese and grape tomatoes. Took 20mins at Comments This was fantastic! Could you use this as a pizza crust? How long to bake it? Does anyone know the total net carbs per serving? One of our top recipes, our Crockpot Chicken and Stuffing recipe was on our list to try.

We already know it does well in the crockpot but how will it do in the Instant Pot? What is an Instant Pot you ask? I started out by cooking the 4 large chicken breasts on high pressure for 15 minutes with one cup of chicken broth. You place the chicken breasts stacking them in the bottom of the pressure cooker over lapping them as needed and add 1 cup of chicken broth.

Press the cancel button to turn off the unit. If you are using defrosted or fresh chicken breasts, only cook them on high pressure for 8 minutes. Check to make sure the chicken is fully cooked. There will be a lot of liquid at the bottom. You will need this liquid for the cornbread stuffing. It all depends on the texture you like. Open the bag of cornbread stuffing and place it directly over the top of the chicken breasts leave all that liquid in there.

There are two ways to cook the vegetables in this recipe. You can cook them before or after you add the stuffing. If you cook them before the stuffing you will get regular steamed vegetables. If you cook them after they will not cook as much and be extra crunchy. It all depends on how you like your vegetables cooked. You can add your green beans on top of the chicken as the next step to pressure cook them on high for about 2 minutes by pressing the manual button and setting the valve back to seal.

You can do this option before you put the stuffing in the mix. Mix one cup of sour cream in with the soup before you spread it on top of the stuffing mix.

Replace the lid and set the manual button for another 4 minutes. Mix all of the ingredients together. When you mix it all together you will notice the chicken start to shred with very little effort.

Instant Pot Chicken and Stuffing recipe ingredients: