How to Eat After a Fast

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Donnie, I wanted to continue to juice for breakfast as i really like it in the morning and I wanted to get your thoughts on that. Working on a lead, Amy and Dallas travel to Argentina where they team up with an investigative journalist and an unlikely accomplice whose motives are as murky as his past. What should I do. Some parts of this page won't work property. Basically, the more a shoe allows your feet to move naturally, the better it is for your feet. But I dont think im willing to give up my sashimi and sushi yet maybe soon.

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There were No surprises. I Reread his Blog throughout my journey to keep me motivated and Strong! I wish you all success in your journey to a Healthy Lifestyle of Eating! Five more days to go! Hi, am on my Day 7, lost 4 kilos. Tomorrow I can eat solid but can you please explaine to me how?

You mean, once a day? If I eat solid for my breakfast, what am I goin to eat for my lunch and dinner? I am on my 5th day I am doing 7 days. First I want to thank for this side. I wanted to do the 7 days juice fast, and this side made it much easier.

Today its my fifth day of the fast. I would really appreciate any suggestions. For example — is it gonna be OK if I will eat some fruits between those meals. Szymon, welcome to JOJ and congrats on 5 days of juicing already! Read this article on how to eat after a juice fast: Focus on having juices and foods, sometimes separate and sometimes together.

Keep me posted and let me know if you need further help. Hi Donnie, I have started a new fast today and plan to go between days depending on how it all goes…I will be including herbal tea in the evenings and hope it wont interfere too much with the fast…il keep you posted!

SageK, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast! Herbal teas are great to include in your juice fast.

Keep me posted Sage! I wish you all the best! Bre, the Nutribullet is considered a blender since it does not separate the juice from the pulp. This article will point out the differences between blenders and juicers: Thank you so much! Im on day5 now and i started to feel better on my third day! And i have one more question. I was wondering if i can use soy sauce to make my dressing?

Use very little if you do use it. I have been juicing for 2days now and i have a terrible headache and feel like i have a fever.

Also i have no energy. And can i use store bought salad dressing when eating vegetables and fruits during the first three day period after juicing? Your post was really helpful! Ruby, it sounds like you are experiencing detox symptoms or possibly getting a case of food poisoning. Make sure you are cleaning and scrubbing all of your produce very good before juicing. Just hang in there and it should pass soon. No store bought salad dressing Ruby.

Try making your own out of juiced lemons, a little olive oil, some vinegar, and maybe even a few raspberries. I just finished a 7 day juice fast based around your plan, thank you for this site it has been extremely useful…. K, congrats on your success! If you keep eating healthy and learn to only eat when you are hungry, the weight will continue to drop and stay off. My advice to you is to maintain a diet of fresh fruits and veggies before your 14 day fast.

This will help to keep your body adjusted to those types of nutrients and will make your transition to just juice as easy as possible. Also make sure to have a juice or two throughout the day even when you are eating solids.

I think you are on the right track and have the right idea about how to achieve your goals. Keep me posted and let me know how you progress. I am on day 2 of the 7 day fast. I am excited to loose weight and feel better. Can you suggest how to go about a plan after my 7 days are up?

I need to loose about 65 lbs. Do I continue to juice after 7 days? What should I do. Donnie I was wondering can you do a 7 day fast twice? Like for 14 days? Thanks so much for your time! Julie, you most certainly can go for 14 days in a row if you like. Weight loss was my first goal too, but after a while it stopped being about the weight loss. Keep it up Julie, it only gets better! Keep me posted on your success too!

Hi, I am thinking of doing the juice diet in January how many juices do you need to have in a day? Jessica, read through the 7 day plan. It explains everything for you. On the 7 day plan I linked you, it has recipes and even a shopping list to get you started. Keep me posted and let me know how it goes for you. Could you also please tell me some good healthy recipes you followed after breaking your fast as I am new to cooking.

Nicki, as with any diet or weight loss, the weight will come back if you go back to your old eating habits. Eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruits after your fast. I wish you all the best Nicki. I am on day 3 of my juice fast and I was just wondering if there is a minimum amount of days to do this fast?

Is 3 days enough for my body to fully detox? Jay, 3 days is just enough to get in a good detox. It really depends on what your goals are though. Hey , Just wanted to let everyone know about my recent fast. I did a 10 day fast and lost 18lbs. I have mainly stuck to salads but they have had grilled chicken. I am still juicing for breakfast and mid day. Donnie, I wanted to continue to juice for breakfast as i really like it in the morning and I wanted to get your thoughts on that.

So I was thinking a juice for breakfast and midday with a light lunch salad and then a reasonably portioned dinner. I am trying to incorporate more greens in my dinner and substitute sweet potatoes instead of potatoes. Hi Donnie, I am on day 4 of my 5 day juice fast. Thank You in advance for your help. Hi All, I was wondering if during the juice fast it is okay to drink hot green tea? Also I wanted to confirm that exercise is not recommended during the juice fast.

I started my juice fast this morning with jolt juice. I am looking forward to do the 7 day fast. I have been juicing for breakfast for a while so I am hoping to stick with it for 7 days. I saw the movie fast sick and nearly dead last night and that motivated me to do the juice fast. I am also inteding to do bikram yoga when I have the energy. Can you advise how much exercising is recommended during this fast period?

Hi Meetha I walked to work in my week fasting which was a brisk 35 min walk twice a day but in all honestly i wouldnt have wanted to do a lot more. Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions. Sorry Michelle, no solids means no cereal too. You need to stick to the fresh juice that you make. Let me know if you have any questions.

Read through this article on how to juice fast: Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience. I started on a 7 day juice fast and found days 3, 4 and 5 horrendous. I went to bed early and sweated and shivered but on the morning of day 6 i was a new person.

I use to be a 4 hours sleeper a night with massive bouts of insomnia and suddenly 10 to 12 hours deep sleep was happening! I am currently on day 27 and juice fasting has been relatively easy.

Im thinking i will try going for another week. Finding this page has helped with my forward plan after juicing so many thanks. This has been the most worthwhile thing i have ever undertaken for my health and having tried numerous diets this one has seemed a lot easier once over the first seven days. Jamus, congrats on your juice fast! You should keep your dairy intake to a minimum at most.

I do my best to avoid dairy altogether. Heyy ive started my juice fast yesterday and im not so well at adding vegetables to my juices , So ive been wondering if i have fruit juices that i make on my own and have one juice each day which contains kale and few fruits will it stop me from losing weight and will it make my body feel weak because it isnt getting all the nutrients it needs? I have trouble finding juice recipes which have both vegetables and fruits but tastes mostly of fruits since i dont like the smell of green leaves such as kale, also can you give me a list of things example protein that my body should have to keep me healthy and help me lose weight and which fruit and vegetables i MUST add to my juices in order for me to do that.

Mubina, congrats on starting your juice fast! The more fruit you add in your drinks, the slower you will lose weight and experience the healthy benefits of juicing.

You need to always add a protein veggie to your juices. You can get protein from spinach, kale, broccoli, etc. Mubina, one thing at a time.

Focus on hitting the weight that you want to be at. Afterwards you can work on toning and shaping through exercise and weight lifting. Before starting my juice fast i didnt really research much about what age you gotta be to do it But now im on my 7th day and i stumbled across a website and it said people below the age of 18 shouldnt do the juice fast and since im 16 im really worrid if something bad is gna happen to me if i continue for 45 days?

ALSO every morning when i wake up i feel really dizzy, weak and feel like i have to work harder to breath properly i am not overly overweight im around pounds and 5.

Im really worrid that if i stop now at just day 8 i will gain more weight that original weight before i started this fast. I am still doing to juice fast but is it ok to have a banana in one of my afternoon juices with a granny smith apple for a little more energy before my workouts? Or is that too much sugar? Both will do you good when working out. My wife and I started the 7 day juice fast, and today is day 7!! By this morning, I had lost 10 lbs, and she lost 7.

Further, I have not had to take any Lantus insulin for 6 days, and my sugars are normal. We are going to follow your recommendations for coming off the fast. We love walking and yoga. When can we get back to our normal workouts, and how should we ramp up the exercise to get back to that stage? Thanks so much for a wonderful website and all the information! Praveen, congrats to you and your wife on day 7 and nearly 20 pounds of combined weight loss!

You two are doing great! Keep me posted and let me know how it progresses. In moderation of course. Would it be ok to incorporate sprouted grain and quinoa in moderation a few weeks after the fast maybe a couple times a week or will that put the weight back on? I also exercise everyday doing about an hour of weight lifting and an hour of cardio so please take that into consideration. Thanks for all your help!

Just try to stay away from cheese, milk, etc. Grain and quinoa would be fine to incorporate after a while just remember to do so in moderation. So keep it to a minimal unless you go decaf. You can also add in a lean protein after your fast. Hey thanks for these tips, wondering can you post some recipes for 1 week after breaking my 30 day it may be 45days depending if I feel up to it juice fast which has some chicken, meat and fish in them and also some non meat ones?

Oh and will my metabolism go back to normal a few weeks after I break the fast? This helps your body adjust and keeps the same nutritional benefits. After three days to a week it should be safe to start adding in lean proteins to your diet. Mubina, I would stay away from bread as much as possible as it can undo some of the weight loss. After your fast you only want to consume fresh fruits and veggies for a week before you start adding in lean proteins. After that just use your best judgement.

Portion control will be the key to keeping it off along with eating a majority of healthy foods. Hi I was just wondering if you could warm up the juices and have them as a watery soup? Also I am considering a colonic irrigation after the seven days and wondered if that was okay or not? On day one and I just had my first juice and I loved it! Oh also can you sieve the juice to get rid of the lumps?

I suggest you read up on it as it has some great recipes for soups out of juices. It should be about the consistency of water. What juicer are you using Noelle? Would that work to keep the weight off if I do that for a week and then the next week be totally off juice? Afterwards you can start adding in a lean protein. Would that work to keep the weight off? Hi Donnie, thank you very much for providing us with all your experiences and advises.

I did the juice fast for 3 days, and today is my 2nd day of breaking the fast. I am actually following the options where you eat one meal a day of fruits or veggies and after 3 days I can start adding protein stuffs. I am kind of confuse when you say ONLY one meal.

So I am only allow to eat solid food for one meal a day? So I can only drink juice for the rest? And when you say veggies, can it be cooked? Or it has to be raw veggies? For the following rules: Do I have to keep that for a long time, or just one week after fasting? Plus how long can we start eating fried food? I know it is not good, but want to eat it once in a while; so I want to know when is the best time to consume fried related stuffs even for a little portion.

Thanks a lot Donnie!! Have a juice throughout the day as you feel hungry and then have a small dinner consisting of just fruits and veggies. A meal is a solid, you can still have as many juices as you like Bonnie. Soda, alcohol, candy, sweets, dairy, breads, and fried foods are what cause the weight to pile back on.

By eating those on a regular basis you are inviting the weight to come back. Just use your best judgement and ask yourself is it really worth it to eat this before you eat something.

Let me know if you have any questions Bonnie. Thank you for all the info and advise! I am on the 5 day of the first fast of my life. I have done a juicefast, drinking ca half a litre of green vegetable juice a day pluss a glasses of betrootcarrot juice with ginger and lots of garlic, as I read that would help eliminate parasites in the stomach.

Its has been very nice and harmonious fast, I have lots of energy, but still there is some hunger feelings. I dont know if it is cravings or real hunger. But I am a little dissapointed because I feel the detox has not been so deep..

I am considering now to continue for a few days more but then adding a drink of psyllium husk and bentonite clay to clean the bowels more. Would you recommend this? Wish I read this forum earlier in the fast then I could have added some things to deepen the process, but still I am happy with myself for going throuhg with these 5 days, next time I can go deeper and longer. Once you go back to eating solids stick with fruits and veggies while still consuming juices throughout the day.

Why do you feel the detox has not been a good one? Can I drink all the juice that I want or just 3 juices a day?

Ingrid, you should drink a juice whenever you are hungry. On a juice fast you can only consume the juice you make and water. This means no solids of any type. You can also have any combination of juices that you like. Feel free to experiment with your own creations also. Sorry Ingrid, smoothies and juices are two completely different things. Get your juicer working and until then, enjoy some smoothies. Hi Donnie,… I am starting a juice fast.

I am going to start at a 7 day and if everything goes well, I will continue on until I get to my goal weight. I am looking to lose 40 lbs. I take medications for Ulcerative Colitis. Any suggestions on what the best juice would be for me? As far as the Ulcerative Colitis goes juicing may be really beneficial you. The reason being is that juice is absorbed and not passed on through your digestive system.

This will rehydrate and cleanse your digestive system. It may work out really well for you. As far as the best juices, as long as you are keeping a good mix of ingredients and staying true to the Have you asked your doctor about juicing yet? I wish you the best Lisa. This is a great article. Perfect for what im looking gor. Im on my 13th day of my day juice fast. Never felt any better as soon as I saw the result. Lost 12lbs in 12days. I do regular workout too.

After this, I will embrace juicing for life. Im also planning to have 5-day juice fast every month to detox. My aim is to lose all my excess fats and maintain my slimmer shape. For healthy reasons, ive decided to give up my comfort foods too. If I could live being a vegan then it will be great. But I dont think im willing to give up my sashimi and sushi yet maybe soon.

Thanks for this piece! Its just two more days and I will start eating solids again yey! Lanne, congrats on day 14 today! I usually go between days every few weeks. Only if you go back to eating how you did before the fast Selena. Just stick to a healthy diet afterwards and the weight will stay off. I just found your site, thanks for all the wonderful information and support you are offering! I finished a 21 day juice fast on Monday, and today is my 4th day of eating solids again.

I am a bit stuck as I have basically been having salads and steamed vegetables consisting of steamed green veg, onions, peppers, and in my salads rocket, beetroot, avocado, tomatoes. In the morning I have been having a vegan protein powder mixed with almond milk and if I do any strength training I am a light exerciser but I am trying to get back into my dance classes and then using my body resstance for toning exercsise- no weights as yet I have had a second protein shake of the day.

SO my issue is that my tummy is bloating massively just from eating the salad and vegetables. It never used to bloat before I fasted when I ate these things- normally my tummy would be flat within an hour of eating a plant based meal, but I have got really painful bloating and look pregnant and it lasts for hours!

Then, embarassingly, sometimes I have a gas issue. What is going on with my difestion do you think? Right now it is 8. But I really want to eat a plant based diet, I love my veggies, so can you advise on what to do? Should I go back to just juices? Many many thanks in advance for any ideas or advice you can recommend.

Alex, congrats on 21 days of juicing! Keep including juices and eat a minimal amount of solids for a while. This should help your body adjust at a better rate. I will try smaller portions, am just going shopping for loads more ingredients for another 7 days of juicing….

Might try just bringing one small solid meal in a day, the rest juice. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom with others. I just wonder if those protein powders affect you like they do my husband and I.

We tried them for a while but realized they caused gas and bloating so badly that we spent most of our days very uncomfortable.

We decided to stop adding them to our smoothies and Voila! No more gas or bloating. Just a thought, you might want to experiment with that. Thanks for the update, have an amazing day! Wow, just found your site! I am doing a 60 day juice fast to support a friend.

She has a brain tumor that the docs want to remove but she wants to try a healthier approach. We have a few others joining us in this 60 day juice fast.

None of us are overweight by more than 20 pounds at the most. We are on day 12 and all are on fresh veggie some fruit juices made with various slow rpm juicers. My concern is, what if day 30 rolls around and we are all looking rather skinny?

I want this to be a healthy fast. Should we shorten the juice only fast to 30 days and then for the next 30 add whatever raw fruits and veggies we want? Maybe add a healthy smoothie for dinners? Please let me know what your thoughts are on this. Congrats on day 12!

You will lose a majority of your weight during the first week or two. This will continue to give you the benefits of the fast while stopping or slowing down the weight loss.

I wish you and your friends all the best with your juice fasting experiences. Please keep me updated on your status and let me know how your friend does. Thank you for some easy and accessible insights. I fast every year and I tend to follow the 3 day off the fast approach with juice included. Tomorrow is my last day in a 35 pure juice cleanse.

This time I stayed true to only juice and hot water with ginger, mint leaves and lemon. It has been probably the most rewarding experience of my life, even though I do a 30 day liquid cleanse for the last ten or so years. Liked your recipes, and many of them I had done already, though I ever wanted t try and juice a banana…. Gabe, congrats on 35 days of just juice! That is a great accomplishment! The bananas I use are still a little green for the most part.

If you ever have any questions just let me know. Congrats again on your 35 day juice fast! Tonight is the last day of my 7 day juice cleanse. I have lost 12 pounds and im very happy with that fact, but my goal was to cleanse and detox. Now that my week is up im kinda feeling stuck.. What I had planned to do, before reading anything on this was to fast for 7 days, take the next day nice and easy and eat simple, like an egg for breakfast, cottage cheese and tuna for lunch and a salad for dinner.

But I really want to get back to the gym. Can you give me any suggestions? Congrats on 7 days and 12 pounds lost Vicki! When you come off your fast, start eating raw fruits and veggies while still incorporating juices into your diet. After a few days you can start to incorporate proteins like tuna, chicken, or other lean meats. You should be ready for that. New Data Protection laws are due to come into effect on 25th May The Society will now require consent from Members in order to contact them.

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