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Q&A with Nutrisystem CEO Dawn M. Zier
Dieters can lose several pounds in just one week, a quick win that lays the groundwork for more success. Board of Directors Michael J. Nutrisystem also now offers its snacks as a standalone product in addition to being part of the meal packages. Non-dieters may recognize Nutrisystem as the company with the long-time celebrity spokespeople Marie Osmond and Dan Marino. Ineffective sales and marketing strategies also played a significant role. Prior to that, he was self-employed as an independent consultant. State University of New York, electrical engineering and computer science; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, master's degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, and business administration.

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Zier says her engineering background provided the foundation for how she solves problems. When Zier joined Nutrisystem in November , the organization had more than its share of challenges.

These included a stagnating portfolio of weight-loss products, a misguided focus on discounts, and a corporate culture that was adrift, says Hagan. Zier quickly made her mark on the company. Krausz describes Zier as a very hands-on CEO who can quickly pinpoint problems and issues. Zier started by listening to what employees across all departments had to say and heard that several years of declining revenue had resulted in feelings of resignation and defeat in many people.

So we actually needed results. Zier set clear expectations for employees and goals for the company. She gave every person in the company in a leadership role a laminated handout containing the goals for the year and strategies for achieving them.

The acronym FACTS stands for Focused, Accountable, Customer-centric, Team-oriented, and Solution-driven, Zier explains, and is intended to remind employees to focus on the priorities, clearly understand their goals, listen to customers without making assumptions, work as a team, and be driven to find solutions.

The achievement could be anything from a notable number of sales to negotiating a great medical benefit, she adds. Except when it comes to playing sports. She has to win. For her, everything is full-out. Ineffective sales and marketing strategies also played a significant role. In an effort to boost sales, the company had started discounting its products, which is not a good sales strategy, says Zier. Nutrisystem was also talking less about weight loss and more about how inexpensive the food was.

Both strategies were misguided and sent the wrong message to customers, she says. Zier took a different direction by making select Nutrisystem products available at certain retail outlets for the first time.

The direct-to-consumer channel has a lot of potential for the company, she notes. Dieters can lose several pounds in just one week, a quick win that lays the groundwork for more success. Nutrisystem also now offers its snacks as a standalone product in addition to being part of the meal packages.

Click on a person's name or image to view his or her biography. Click on a person's name to view his or her biography. Senior Management Dawn M. She joined Nutrisystem in November and oversees all aspects of Nutrisystem operations, including strategic partnerships, new product development, marketing and retail expansion.

Since taking the helm, Dawn has led the turnaround and growth of Nutrisystem by successfully changing the trajectory of the business through a focus on innovation, multi-brand development, customer journey, and performance-based marketing.

An engineer by education, Ms. Zier came to Nutrisystem from Reader's Digest Association RDA , a leading global, multi-brand and multi-platform media, data and marketing company. Zier has over 20 years of senior-level accomplishments across both US and international operations accompanied by a strong and consistent track record of delivering results and driving efficiencies.

She has significant expertise leading domestic and international marketing-driven organizations and in turning around businesses and driving growth. In addition to being a member of Nutrisystem's Board of Directors, Ms. She previously served on the board of the Data Marketing Association DMA , a leading industry trade association, where she was a voting director from to and served as an Officer.

She was a Board Trustee for Marketing Edge from to From to , Ms. Before joining RDA, Ms. A year marketing veteran with extensive experience across a variety of direct marketing channels, Ms.

Krausz is a proven marketing leader with a track record of building profitable businesses, executing effective turnaround strategies, and identifying and monetizing new revenue streams in the direct consumer response sector. Following the sale, she became head of new business development for Animated Storyboards, the largest global independent provider of television test spots to the advertising industry. Prior to her tenure at Time Inc. Monahan joined Nutrisystem in May Prior to his current role, Mr.

During his tenure, he was a member of the management team that grew the company organically and completed nine acquisitions that increased value for the shareholders.

Monahan, who served as Vice President of Finance from to Monahan earned an M. From to June , Mr. From September to December , Mr. Prior to attending law school, Mr. He received his undergraduate degree maxima cum laude from La Salle University in Mauro is admitted to the Bars of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Board of Directors Michael J. Conversely, Nutrisystem, looking gaunt, desperately needed to fatten up. I don't tend to talk about being a female CEO because I don't think it's relevant in the investor world, but in terms of understanding the customer, it's very relevant.

I have a deeper understanding for how people, largely women, struggle with weight and how it's an emotional issue, a nutritional issue, and a physical issue. It all has to come together in the [diet] experience. I'm very empathetic toward that because as a female, I've also struggled with that.

Shares have gone up - with Nutrisystem now trading in the upper teens. Your weight is down. I've tried Weight Watchers. I've tried Jenny Craig. I've tried them all. Obviously, I recommend Nutrisystem.

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