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Relation between Insulin and PCOS

Foods to Include and Avoid in a PCOS Diet – Important Nutrition Facts
In other words, wrinkles will develop with AGE, as well as with age! I think trying plant enzymes Thorne Research has one and Enriching Gifts is another good brand would be the best first thing to try. This diet saves lives. You are a breath of fresh air. I never thought I could live without rice, pasta, potatoes, sweets, starchy beans, non-dairy products laden unfortunately with thickeners carrageenan.

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An Unconventional Approach to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

I believe that our hormones can be healed on GAPS…at least, the healing begins there for sure…because of the emphasis on saturated fats fat makes hormones and the detoxification…getting the junk out of our systems allows the endocrine system to work.

Malevolent flora, heavy metals, low-fat, un-real foods like soy , environmental toxins, drugs, etc. Since the GAPS protocol restores health to our entire body beginning in the gut, which is really a huge factor in our overall wellness , we would see improvements in problem areas, like the endocrine system.

Just wanted to add that years ago, I was vegan for years…and it rendered me infertile and destroyed my hormones…all of them…thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones, etc. Eating a balanced diet of real, traditional foods is really important, of course emphasizing good fats… For those of us with gut dysbiosis, GAPS is the beginning of healing and a lifelong affair with all good foods!!

Thank you for your comment. This is good to know. I am grain-free and feel much better for it. So, I was getting a little irritated at all your anti-grain free articles. I realized that this makes no sense. Everyone is an individual, and different things work for different people. The ability to learn and change and grow is so awesome.

In fact, two people I value in my life are my doctor and my vet, because they both have this ability. Diet extremes of grain-free, carbohydrate heavy, etc at the wrong time or for an extended period of time are what sends the body into imbalance and creates disease.

I see this all the time clinically. Anything that can heal can also harm no matter how natural it is. Proper evaluation, diagnosis, and application of a specific-to-you treatment is the best thing you can do for your health.

This is so interesting. I have been low-carb paleo for about 2 years. Hopefully it will help me too. For me, no grains is a must.

I probably have an allergy not celiac to it and whatever is in gluten does a number on my hormone balance. I think that everyone does have very different needs nutritionally—we all have different imbalances and foods are the first line of medicine. Unfortunately in our society we tend to eat what is fast and quickly tasty no matter what it does to us.

I do have to wonder if all that toast, muffins, tortillas etc is good to have when trying to conceive. No vitriol or anger from me: I hope this is an appropriate place for it. About a month ago, I started to add a few carbs and starches back in, in the way of sourdough, potatoes once, sweet potatoes once, and tapioca or arrowroot to thicken gravy a few times. So, my question is…is that a good enough reason to go on the GAPS program?

I was diagnosed as a kid with allergies to wheat, milk, eggs and corn. My mom preserved foods in season and we ate local and organic as much as possible.

I was diagnosed with ADD at age 10, but took myself off ritalin in grade The only thing I seem to react to as an adult is wheat, refined sugar and starch. So, back to the original question, does this sound like a GAPS type situation to you? Carbs ARE bad … if they are modern, over-processed, under-nutrientized can I make that word up?

Just like meat IS bad … if it is hormone-enriched, antiobiotic-enhanced, feedlot-raised cattle. But if you watch the quality of the food, then any and all of it is good: People get hung up on the carb, protein, fat stuff and forget these are all attached to food. Rick and Carmen, Good points.

I just saw a video which shows how store bought Ramon noodles and gateraid is digested in comparison to homemade noodles with broth and some sort of homemade drink. The difference is amazing. Let me join the amen chorus ;- Food quality is primary. To help balance the macro nutrients I think it helps to think of a traditional food culture and attempt to emulate the ratio of proteins, fats, and carbs in that food culture. This seems most likely to produce the best mix of micronutrients too.

The pattern seems to be: Identify a problem, make extreme diet choices, see improvement, laud that choice as correct, then notice over time that extreme diet choices have led to imbalances in other things in the body, re-evaluate and make different choices, see improvement, laud that choice as correct, then notice over time that extreme diet choices have led to imbalances in other things in the body, etc etc etc. A wise friend once suggested to say before putting anything in your mouth: Perhaps our attitude of gratitude and seeing everything as gracing us is the best way.

High carb, my hair was falling out, my hormones were shot, my skin was dry as a bone, my body temp was in the toilet. If I up the carbs too much, I have major issues. I prefer being grain free, but will eat legumes some, fruits, and enjoy fermented dairy, and cream in my tea, along with loads of butter when I can get it. Taters I have to be very careful with, corn is a problem. No one fad is the magic bullet for all time, and certainly not for all people. I appreciate your comment, because it is so true about becoming aware of what our bodies are telling us at any given time, and that goes for more than just diet but rest and stress tolerance as well.

But he has gotten some flack for saying cereal can be just the thing people need to get their metabolism going!

Coming from people who think processed food is the devil of course. As for me, I naturally gravitated towards higher carbs this summer into fall when we were trying to conceive and were able to on the second try! Its all a learning experience! I do want to get the most nutrition and have been indoctrinated on all things WAP but I still tend towards foods that increase my warmth this winter as I am the hypoglycemic type who gets the cold hands and feet.

However, I try very hard to avoid profanity in the things I read and see — some is unavoidable, but media is one area I can choose. Cindy… on this post I actually came to the same conclusion before I saw your comment and had decided to unsubscribe. I love and appreciate the substantive content of this blog, but I can choose media and there are a lot of other great WAPF-type blogs out there without the profanity. My adrenals will thank me. Profanity does not bother me. Heck whoops sorry it makes it more real to me.

People who think they are so pious make me sick. If they want to unsubscribe because you said pissed off or whatever, let them. They will just go elsewhere and spread their gospel.

And they wonder why they have digestion issues?? Why such a violent reaction? Maybe they have used or felt like using profanity in the past but have made a commitment to God not to engage in same. BTW When one goes to unsubscribe, they are asked to note why they are leaving. That is what I found when I unsubscribed. Not for the profanity, but for the snarky responses regarding same.

Oh, and I am neither stressed out nor do I have digestive issues. I like you the way you are AM: And anyone else, for that matter. I have also been eating much more. I would estimate my calories come in somewhere around ! This is blowing my mind! And after I spent so much money on Paleo and low-carb books!

I used to do it years ago, and I was always low. Thanks for the reminder. What happened to your Tim Ferriss bandwagon? I thought you were endorsing his diet, which is low carb too, except for the binge day. What is your feedback on that? Gaining more weight is what scares me the most. I say go get yourself check out, get the right tests, see if something is really wrong if you have any of the signs she describes. I gained a considerable amount of weight once my adrenal crash happened.

I work out and was eating as close to WAPF as my budget would allow. Quality is much better than quantity right now. The thought of my body working properly again far out weighs my fear of gaining weight.

The humbling at times emotionally crippling experience has truly caused me to develop my inward character and beauty. I tried going low carb for a while. I was ready to see a doctor about thyroid or adrenal issues it was the only thing I could think of that fit my symptoms.

And then I got pregnant lucky, in light of some of the above information. Almost instantly the carbs and grains went back into my diet. I must have intuitively known I needed them, because I started craving rice and sandwiches and buckwheat pancakes. I felt so guilty — like I was going to hurt my baby by eating these things I wanted so badly. This baby looooooooves buckwheat pancakes. This is so me right now!!! I went low carb. Sandwiches and rice and coconut pancakes.

Even though I soak the rice and the bread is sprouted. Clearly our bodies are wanting it for a reason. As soon as I got pregnant I started craving fruit and carbs okay..

I know better than to overindulge, but I also am not kicking myself over eating more carbs right now. All this guilt over food is ridiculous. It makes me feel terrible for everyone who is searching so hard for the right combination. My former nanny from Guatemala was nursing her baby when she worked for us.

She said that whenever she would eat a piece of sprouted toast, her breast milk would come in. I have to say I agree with Alex Kombucha. People doing all this stressing over what to eat and not to eat seems a bit ridiculous when half the world is starving.

That is truly a sad situation to be in, for sure. HAES does a beautiful job of clarifying several issues. Low carb killed my adrenals glands. I found I needed more minerals and B vitamins just to get through the day. Sprouted grains were a God send. Made me feel like a million bucks without the huge sugar rush. It has been many years off of low carb but things seem to get better and better. My thyroid which was damaged about 25 years ago and I have been on thyroid meds for years, suddenly got better after years of inactivity.

He decreased my meds and told me to come back in a month. Month later no fluke. Ann Marie, as far as I know about you from what you shared with me and within your posts you ate high protein before and now you increased carbs, with some immediate benefits. But in my opinion, these are the premises that everybody should consider when choosing their diet:.

Everybody has a unique biochemistry and so food and nutrients will behave very differently in people. Two or more people can have the same adverse symptom or health problem for virtually opposite biochemical reasons. This sort of paradoxical response can only be predicted accurately with Metabolic Typing. Some metabolic functions operate more efficiently when more acid or alkaline. There is no ideal pH for anyone person or any one system when this is considered.

No more so than an ideal diet can suit everyone. The goal of nutrition is to optimize cellular metabolic efficiency. This is done by eating a diet that fits your unique metabolism and eliminating blocking factors that can be anything from reactive foods, hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal infestations, heavy metals contamination, etc. This sums it up very well! I wrote it down so I can remind myself that when read different blogs that seem to always contradict each other or change their opinion later.

It can be so frustrating. I had the opposite problem. I really think everyone needs to experiment on themselves, we are so unique. You can read about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis here: This is the lab that does mine. I also work with this gal: I also just wrote a post about hair tissue mineral analysis, also called nutritional balancing here: My personal experience so far is more in line with Tiffany and Gena.

While eating what I thought was a normal, balanced, mostly whole foods based diet according to intuitive eating principles, I steadily gained weight all the way up to lbs. Since I was eating intuitively, I ate what I gravitated towards which was pasta, cereal, bread, etc. I have always loved the stuff. During the two years of intuitive eating my husband and I were unable to conceive at all. Most recently, I suffered a very early miscarriage, which although painful and sad, it was amazing to me that I finally had gotten pregnant at all.

I think that I was so metabolically broken that such drastic measures were indeed needed for me to start healing and rebalancing my hormones, etc. I like this post because it lets me know what to watch out for in case things change for me. I am not so wedded to this approach that I would blindly follow it if my body starts to let me know that it needs something else. Thank you, Ann Marie, for this post. I am 40 years old and trying to conceive. I have been eating low carb for a while. I am always cold, especially my hands and feet.

I had not thought that it could be the diet. I have renewed hope that maybe if I change my diet I might be able to have a baby! All the best to you in your journey. Is this advice for a person who has not been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, rather for someone who has some symptoms of a lower than normal functioning thyroid?

This is an autoimmune disease I have had for 15 years since I was According to my endo, my thyroid pretty much no longer functions.

It was destroyed by antibodies. I guess my concern is that there will be a person reading this blog that has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and truly needs to take a replacement hormone, but they think that they can stop taking it and just eat more carbs. I can totally see how someone without thyroid disease can suppress thyroid function by going low carb and then bring it up again by increasing their carbs. Interestingly, on his website http: I also have some concerns about people bandying around thyroid info- if someone suspects hypothyroidism, the 1 thing they need to do is see a good functional medicine practitioner so they can identify why their thyroid is low: Is it autoimmune which it is for a majority in the US?

And since insulin resistance was mentioned by Erin, I also think it somewhat irresponsible to suggest that eating more carbs could be the answer for someone with a thyroid imbalance. It is diabetes in the making for certain. Especially for women moving into middle age, whose metabolic systems are beginning to flag as part of the aging process.

I would be careful ramping up on carbs at middle age, especially if you are trending from a lower-carb plan. A common understanding of nutritional science and common sense about metabolism tells me this could be a recipe for diabetes.

Too many people blame GAPS for being low-carb, when that was their own decision. At the same time, high carb is not for everyone. Most people with broken metabolisms and that is far more of us than we think need to be low carb for healing, and then can return to regular amounts of non-grain, non-processed carbs.

Some of the very lucky can recover metabolisms and even guts to the point where they can tolerate properly prepared grains again. If that is typical for you, you are woefully deficient in protein and fat-soluble vitamins. It actually sounds like a great day for a sugar addict. Many problems attributed to low carb are actually from lack of emphasis on plenty — PLENTY — of broth, ferments, and organs.

Others are from lack of attention to circadian rhythms, cortisol, steroid hormone status, or iron status. Jaminet does NOT concur that you could eat waffles instead of organ meat which is what thyroid is, after all. I think your excitement at feeling better may be getting the best of your rational thinking right now. Jaminet said that, too: There are plenty of cultures who have thrived on carbs other than rice and tapioca starch.

I do not believe there is one perfect diet for anyone. It does look, from how you wrote it, like there is a good possibility Jaminet supports your contention that gluten can help fertility. The whole article could lead to some very ill conclusions if the reader takes the info only from what she reads here. The balance is in the middle. My youngest, conceived when my husband and I were a month shy of 40, was a one-shot deal. We know that, because one or the other of us had been out of town for 5 weeks, with one little one day break in the middle of it.

We were both eating low carb, Traditional Nutrition-style at the time grassfed, organic stuff, but no grains, potatoes or sugars in any form; vegetables and fibrous fruits. When I go over my own limit, I bloat up with water overnight. I feel like I have the flu. That will happen the very night I eat over my limit.

Obviously you have a very high limit. The science out there says if you reduce your carbs to nearly none, and then gradually increase them by 5 g. This is actually what the original Atkins recommends. Some of the really good doctors besides Atkins who not only research but have plenty of field observation are Drs.

Michael and Mary Dan Eades, Dr. There are several more, but reading the websites and blogs of these doctors is quite an education. This bothers me too. Just my two cents. I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person. I do believe low carb is a fad.

There are a LOT of people online these days saying that everyone should be low carb. I might disagree with you on occasion though! I noticed on your Gaps Myths post you quoted Paul Jaminet in the following: Some people will thrive on very few carbs, and some will wilt like a flower on that very same diet. It requires experimentation like you are doing and an open mind. I said that if low carb is working for someone, they should keep doing it. The bandwagon comment is addressing the low carb craze that is proliferating on the internet.

People have become terrified of carbs. Thank you so much for sharing this. Mmmm, almost sounds too good to be true. Thing is, your body changes from minute to minute, day to day, month to month especially women. We have so many issues being blamed on foods which are probably more an issue of body imbalance or hormone imbalance, etc.

Some can be corrected by foods, yes, but some cannot. I see so many people who are taking drugs for things which could be easily fixed by just listening to your body. Like iodine which people are afraid of because of the modern medical industrial complex leading you down the garden path. I read often, but rarely comment.

Just wanted to encourage you. Just a real food person. I do TRY to properly prepare all our whole grains. I am 44 and expecting a baby in May.

Connie, Congrats on your baby. I love news like this! It gives me hope. Thanks for writing this post. I would up my intake of fruit and sweet potatoes, and added white potatoes back into my diet, and felt much better. But always something would nag at the back of my mind that I needed to cut out the fruit and potatoes…and the cycle would start all over again. I decided to listen to my body just before Christmas.

Satisfied by food for the first time in months, and not rushing to fill my cravings with more jerky or coconut milk or roasted meats.

I love all paleo foods, they are real foods and satisfying for the most part, but I found I was just not feeling great eating that way. I got pregnant shortly before Christmas with our third baby, and the usual morning sickness rendered most food unpalatable to me shortly after the New Year started.

Clearly, if eating like that was satisfying me, I was doing something right. Paleo hardcores would say I am doing the equivalent of soothing alcoholic shakes with a drink. I just know that eating a high amount of carbs and including grains has satisfied my appetite for the first time in a long time.

I use WAP real food principles to cook our food, no longer shy away from flour or thickeners when making sauces or browning meats, and am perfecting my long-abandoned sourdough baking skills. With LOTS of butter! Ann Marie, I just love you because, with your suggestions, I have made my biggest strides in recovery.

But returning to carbs has been an absolute blessing from above! I have struggled with my temps for years. At one point I was put on Cytomel to bring them back up. Which it did, but as soon any situation made me falter, my doctor upped my dose to bring them back up.

I ended up being hyperthryoid, so he took me off cold turkey. I later found out that stopping thyroid meds that way can be deadly. Needless to say my temps absolutely plummeted. In retrospect, I have suffered with adrenal issues for most of my life, but that situation started a complete down-fall that I am still trying to recover from today.

When I burned out to the point of total bedrest, my new doctor took me off everything. He told me to limit my carbs because it would be too energizing to my adrenals. No sugar, no fruit, no caffeine, no alcohol and especially, no wheat. He said it clogged the thyroid. I felt like it would have been easier to graze on the grass in my backyard. While I finally got off of bedrest, I am still house-bound three years later.

I was so frustrated! I felt schlumpy, fat and like a potato. Well, Ann Marie to the rescue!! When I read about upping my carbs to bring up my temps and feel better overall, it made total sense to me.

So I set off to eat, and eat, and eat and this is what is happening to me 2 weeks in…. Have I gained weight? Before my adrenal crash I was a size 6 when I was on Cytomel and hyperthyroid, I was a 2. I blew up to a 12 while on bedrest. It WILL happen and if eating like a pig will move that process along, then how fun is that? I wish I was on a cruise!! What I have noticed is that within days, my temp was up.

My BBT on day 6 was 98!! By 9 am I am even a bit over I feel better although the first few days I felt like crap, but I kept eating because I knew it was the physiological changes happening in my body. My energy is returning. While that may not sound like a big deal to you, this is huge for me. My family says I seem better and I look better. In only 2 weeks! I am going to ride this out and see what happens, but for now I am really impressed! And BTW Ann Marie, my husband wants to kiss you because since he has been having a bit of sugar before bed, he has slept the entire night through without having to pee.

He says it has been years since he has had a solid 8 hours of sleep without having to pee. There are so many doctors out there giving terrible advice. WTF does that even mean!?! And I laughed at this: We limit and restrict and get so crazy with our diets that it seems so ridiculous and hard.

YAY shopping in three stores and cooking for three hours! We were not fat or even plump. A girl who was a size 6 was absolutely Ethiopian. Men like a body with curves, not bones. Besides, curvaceous women are much more suited to bearing children.

Search it on the web or read a book about body shapes. Those curves and even those padded hips are there for a reason girl. D- I live with an Italian man, so believe me, I get what you are saying.

My point was that I had been a size 6 my entire life except after pregnancy and after my adrenals crashed I ballooned up in no time. It seemed like the fewer carbs I ate the worse I felt and the more weight that came on. It baffled me because I was no longer having a mocha and a muffin from Starbucks several times a week. I was no longer having my nightly cocktail.

It was meat and veggies, meat and veggies and enough water to fill a lake. Its a hard pill to swallow when you are accustomed to being a certain size all your life. Right now it is the least of my worrries; I just want to feel better. If It makes my hormones level out then I am all in. There are no babies in my future. But I agree with you, a woman with a little padding is so much hotter than someone stick thin like Angelina Jolie.

She is a beautiful woman in desperate need of a burger!! Women who buy vintage clothes or sew from vintage patterns have to keep this difference in mind.

I too did GAPS and was eating way too low carb. For the first 6m or so I felt great…then everything went downhill. Huge improvement in my mental state. My OCD is a lot better. My anxiety is better. My mood overall is better. I have gained a few much needed pounds. Oddly enough I find that I tolerate wheat quite well, but not really starchy things like corn, potatoes and rice. I feel satisfied after I eat. Thank you for being so open and bold about your journey. It really helped me be brave enough to try something new.

I thought GAPS would cure everything for me. I would be very suspect of all this metabolic typing stuff. Butter is healthy, veggies are healthy, meat is healthy, raw milk and cream is healthy, eggs are healthy. Pastured chickens and their eggs, grass-fed beef, etc. Some people cannot afford to eat that way and thus become discouraged and start eating out of a box or a can again.

Maybe once they are used to eating REAL food, they will make a concerted effort to cut down on treat items and junk foods, and put their money towards better quality. Real food, no matter what quality you have to start with, is still better than food from a box or a can. So those are not good choices. Is your BBT lower on average than the temps you cite? Also, you indicate a stable temp is better, but I thought it was natural to see cyclical variation rising after ovulation, high during the luteal phase, then dropping again…?

She is referring to seeing a chart that does have proper hormonal shift at the right times, but is otherwise fairly smooth. With adrenal fatigue, you will always see jagged, mountain peaks all over the place, chart. Sometimes so bad, it is hard to see the thermal shifts when they do occur. Stable temp is better but you will see a rise after ovulation. Here are my thoughts. Food has become a religion for many people based an faulty facts.

There is DNA, environmental factors, stress, physiology, lifestyle to look at in every single person. There is Paleo, Primal, The Blood Type Diet, the Dukan Diet, Slow Carb and everything in between and people are stressing themselves out so much about what to eat, how much of what and when to eat it. I have heard you should only have fruit in the morning before you eat anything.

But that to reduce the insulin shock to your body sugars should be consumed with protein and fat. Or you should avoid sugar all together.

The list is endless. I personally am allergic to gluten and do better on less grains, but my husband is like you he is also Italian and his body does not do well on my kind of diet. I wish you the best. Wierdly my skin is the best break out wise right after I get a good sunburn…natural microabrasion??

Throw a sugary piece of cake at him and be on your way! Spendy, but worth it IHO. May be a dumb question but have you tried Proactiv? I used to use it and it really did work. Hope you pull put of your funk ASAP. This woman tracked her cystic acne to flouride overload: Even stock from the bones of a turkey that drank fluoridated water causes her to break out. Hey yeah- I was going to mention the fluoride but went on some other tangent. Also get a REmineraliser because it sucks all the minerals out- basically dead h20, not very useful in the rehydrating schematic.

Stupid really, which is why a stainless steel bottle full of fresh REmineralised water from under your sink is really the way to go. I am 28 and have been using Proactiv almost 10 years.

I have tried to go off of it before and the result was more of the cysts and zits all over. I love this blog. And I totally feel your pain on this.

My sister is hardcore Paleo and resisted Proactiv for as long as she could, but she is back on it and her skin is totally clear she has also suffered from a life of acne, even into her 30s. I am so sorry you are struggling with your skin. My daughter is as well, and it pains me to see her sadness about it. She has taken acutane, twice, at the advice of a dermatoligist. Her skin cleared up for a few months afterwards, but is now breaking out terribly again.

I would advise against acutane. It dries you up terribly, and in our case, did not work at all. I struggled with acne really bad a few years ago. I use Dial Gold Liquid Handsoap. I use it once a day in the shower my problem area was my upper chest and upper back. It sounds really weird, I know! There must be some magic in that soap.

When I got my tattoo, its the soap the shop swore by too. I am sorry to hear about your skin issues and I hope since you first posted, it has gotten better. I had acne as a teen and into my college years and also as a young adult. I went to a dermatologist for many years and Minocin seemed to do the trick for me after trying many other medications. After trying every lotion and potion, I went to the local grocery store and got a yellow bar of yes, DIAL anti-bacterial soap.

Get the yellow bar of Dial. I read one of the other posts and she shared the same thing about Dial so I wanted to as well. Wash your face in the morning and at night before you go to bed. Wear your make up as you normally do after applying a small amount of SPF sun block. I worked in dermatology for amost 4 years before I decided to stay home with the kiddies.

Teenagers with low self esteem- has depression written all over it. The first doc I worked for- I had formed a negative opinion of accutane, and swore as a parent I would never allow my child to take it, then once I switched practices I saw a little more insight into it. I hope you find peace no matter which path you choose. Hey Juli, I used to have problems with breakouts too.

Paleolithic eating has definitely helped. I had never heard of them and a friend introduced me. It is a natural line and after about a month to two months you really see a change in your skin. I became a consultant just because I liked the products and they worked.

Just like you I had tried a lot of things and nothing seemed to work. Just wanted to share what worked for me because I know how frustrating it is. I spent tons on dermatologist visits, medications, etc. If you have any questions feel free to contact me! Btw, I love your recipes!

I taught myslef to shift perspectives — how to focus on positive aspects of the self. We can be our own worst enemies. I wish there was a simple answer to your question.

I know that in the past, I have had to try some pretty drastic medication to help some problems — just to know that I had tried everything, you know. The side effects were always worse than what I was treating. Be kind to yourself. Many of us would be lucky to have one of those attributes, let alone all of them. Keep your chin up — love yourself by focusing on the amazing things you do well. Stress makes everything worse.

Accutane can be scary stuff, but it helps. Looking back, I wished I would have discovered paleo and see what impact it would have had. Aquaphor, heavy moisturizing creams, vit E oil, and lots of H2O are your friends if you do decide to try Accutane! I have very sensitive as well so one faulty product and its 10x worse.

Its a kit with 4 medically essential products. My skin not only cleared up, all the uneven tone to my face balanced, it turned so smooth and people would never believe i had acme. I have told several of my friends with bad skin to use this line and its been a miracle for all. Check it out, i feel your pain girl! I took Accutane in my early twenties.

Lowest dose for four months. However, my acne did return. It was never as bad as it was before, but it still came back. Honestly, I am more concerned that it might affect your training. I have a friend whose son is taking it, and it is really messing with his joints. It is so frustrating. I will never have a beautiful, English, peaches and cream complexion.

Do you think I could sub almond flour for the pepitas flour? I took acutane, about 12 years ago. It sucked, but it worked for me. My skin has been better ever since.

Well, I still have acne scars, and I still get the occasional breakout, but nothing like I used to, and not often. You have to be on birth control when you take acutane, and you have to get blood work done every month. I was only on it for about months, thankfully. The last weeks I was on it I lived on Pepto because it was jacking with my stomach and gave me the runny poos. But as soon as I went off acutane that all got better.

Talk extensively with your doctor about it. First of all, I think your way pretty. Thanks for the recommendation Lauren! Hi Juli, Just have to say love your website. I have 2 friends who have had huge success with acutane.

I recognize its a serious drug but these people are so thankful for it and still have clear skin years later. I was on Acutane for 6 months about 20 years ago. Plus, my brother has already had successful results with it.

While the short-term effects peeling skin, painful joints, drowsiness, having to do monthly blood draws were annoying, I did not have any long-term effects aside from clear skin. Of course, I still have breakouts — hormones and stress can do that. But now my breakouts are one or two blemishes.

I still use Differin and that seems to help control things much better now that I have taken Acutane. Go over the risks with your dermatologist before making your decision. They probably have a lot more information about it now then they did two decades ago. It is really easy for someone with flawless skin to tell you to go the Proactiv or homeopathic route.

But, only someone that has suffered with severe acne truly understands the miracle of clear skin. Mty sister in law did two cycles of acutane… She complained of dry skin, which she used plenty of moisturizer for and did not have any other problems with mood swings, etc.

Her skin is now beautiful and acne free. Talk to a Dr. On another note, you are absolutely beautiful, strong, funny, and can cook like a bad ass!!! You have to really look at yourself in the mirror and take note of everything you have accomplished, we all have bad days but you have to look at the brighter side and be happy and thankful for how awesome you are.

THANKS for making my thanksgiving an awesome one this year, without all the bloating and guilty conscience after…. Have you tried Proactive? Except they totally suck at delivering the product to your door. Hi, I was on acutane as a teenager and it worked amazing, and kept my skin clear from there on out for the most part. I get the hormonal breakouts on my jaw line now when I am getting my period and it pisses me off royally.

I would say if you are that unhappy about it, definitely go see the dermatologist and talk to them about it. Good luck, I love your recipes: When I was thinking less than kind things about myself someone told me to look in the mirror and find 3 things I loved about my appearance and to say them out loud to myself while I looked at my reflection. Do that every day. It makes you realize how much you do like. Have you gotten a full hormone panel blood test?

Have them test every hormone, and I would recommend going 3 times during one menstration cycle: It is a little pricey to do this, but will give you something to work with if you find out a hormone comes back low or high at a certain phase. Have you tried the Unblemish Regimen from Rodan and Fields? I will say both their skin improved like maybe they have a breakout once in a while, but it makes your skin super, duper dry, like peeling like you said.

I have a friend who operates Naturals Cove, http: You are putting a bandaid on a problem, not truly healing anything. Acne problems stem from your gut, so you gotsta heal your gut. Keep doing oil cleansing for me, my acne has gone away now that I have gone gluten-free.

Now quit your bitching and think about laying in piles of money when your cookbook comes out in April: Ive never had experience with it, a friend of mine took it for years, didnt do much. This sounds cheesy, but have your tried Proactive? I used it about every other day, so my skin doesnt dry out. Prob due to the fact that i cannot just have one piece. First, I love your blog and recipes! I have been on it three times between the ages to I had zero side-effects other than chapped lips and less oily hair a plus!

You do need to be aware of your moods and mental state — I know this is an issue for some people, but I never experienced any issues. After you finish your course of treatment, most people never have major issues with acne again. I was not so lucky. It would stay perfect for years after I finished the treatment and then would slowly start to break out again. Accutane is a very powerful drug but, for me and quite a few other people I know , it was a godsend.

I know there are tons of horror stories out there, but I wanted you to know that there are also many, many people who have had a very positive experience with it. I would take it again in a heartbeat if needed. Whatever you decide, I hope you find something that works for you. I know how frustrating this can be! Please Juli — do not take Accutane!

I took it when I was 22 and really regret the decision. The damage it inflicts on your natural hormone balance is crazy. Also, Proactive is also not going to clear up your skin unless you have very oily skin and acne caused by excess oil and clogged pores.

I have very dry and sensitive skin and the combination of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid made my skin peel and breakout in a rash. I found out my acne was caused by too much dryness and thus I needed to simplify my process and the products.

While my skin is far from acne free, it is better when I simplify — Cetaphil clenser, witch hazel as toner, and Nivea Soft moisturizer is what I use.

Just keep swearing it up in here: I also continue to have problems with my skin regardless of diet, stress, birth control, time of the month, blah blah blah. I started on Solodyn a mild antibiotic specifically for acne and things are looking a lot better! And just remember you skin always looks worse to yourself than anybody else sees it, good luck! You mentioned cod liver oil Julie. Have you tried fermented cod liver oil? If the issue has anything to do with hormones, maybe some hormone balancing assistance i.

I started seeing mine for allergy issues and it turned out that I had a systemic candida problem. Candida affects your immune system and can manifest itself in many different ways, mine was allergic reactions to all sorts of foods. I worked with her on an elimination diet and some high level probiotics and I am happy to say I am allergy free now!

Also with naturopathy, they work with your body chemistry and focus on healing and strengthening it instead of changing the body chemistry through drugs. I hope this is helpful!

And I hope you find something that works for you. Feel free to email me if you have any questions! Two tbsp with one tbsp honey, some cinnamon and mix into a glass of water.

I so feel your pain. I am 43 years old and struggle with this. I never had acne when I was younger. I took accutane and it is serious stuff. My face was clear while taking it but it came back. I was also extremely sore after workouts and it really made a mess of my digestive system. I developed candida, leaky gut, and food intolerances.

I was just crying the other day because I try everything as well, no sugar, paleo diet, adding more fats ect. I am now getting hormones tested to figure out what is going on.

Hang in there girl!! It is so bad for you on so many levels. I totally understand your frustration. I went through all of this too! Proactive although it worked for a little while , fancy shit from Sephora, Dermatologist creams, OCM, natural products and it all left me with horrible acne. So I gave up and went back to what did work and its the remedy at http: I hope you try it, I really like it.

Completely agree with the acne. Only thing, out of many many many things including Proactive , that has helped me. The website provides tutorials of a specific regimen that should be followed.

It then recommends over the counter products that can be used to fulfill the regimen which includes a mild cleanser, lots of benzyl peroxide, a and moisturizer , and then a separate website, http: I would highly recommend you check it out and I hope it helps you.

Love the recipes and the rants!! I know exactly what you are going through! I cut so many potential chemical products and allergens from my lifestyle.

Damn latex allergy must have been to blame. I love your blog and potty mouth first off. Second, I know exactly how you feel with your skin! I used proactive for awhile and now have control over it with tea tree oil and bare escentuals makeup. They finally went on Acutane and it was the best thing they ever did. They were only on it for 6 months and their faces are completely clear now. Do you would make you happy!

The combo could be the problem. When they cut eggs out for a few months their skin clears right up and then they can tolerate them again.

They work with your body on a whole: That stuff is so toxic! Believe me, I totally understand the temptation of taking something to fix your skin. I have psoriasis and was thiiiiiiiisclose to taking an immunosupressant. I did the shit when I was a teen and it was the worst year of my life. I was super emotional and suicidal yikes. I think you might be touching your face too much. I have the same problem, and every doctor told me to try acutane, proactive, hormone stuff, and a ridiculous amount of other things.

Turns out it was none of the above. Have you ever heard of leaky gut? I went to an alternative doctor and he not only helped me fix it, but also was able to tell me exactly what I was allergic or sensitive to, so that I could stay off those things.

I totally feel for you, and this doctor turned my life around degrees. Email me if you would like more info on the supps I took to heal it. So glad I found your site. First up will be these muffins. I totally get how you are feeling about your skin. I am in the same place. I think mine is hormonal but my doc says my hormones are all balanced and fine.

So I am going to try find a natural dermatologist and get my hormones checked again. I know many others have chimed in both for and against Accutane. I wanted to chime in myself and say that I as on it two different times and it DID help me.

I hope you can find somethign that works for you. I have heard good things about ProActiv, but I have not tried it. Good luck to you! I feel your pain. You are beautiful — sailor mouth and all! I appreciate the honesty and straightforwardess of you! I would try Retin A first. I look at this shit they way you talk about some of your recipes.

Sometimes it may not look how you would want it to when its done right? Yes there are some out there that would stick to appearance without even taking a taste… F them!! If the recipe is the same time and time again it will not matter how its presented..

Gonna make these tonight EST. At least see a dermatologist. There are steps you can take before Accutane. My skin is so much improved now. And still single but whatevs. I forgot to mention I was previously on accutane. Lots of dryness but no other major side effects. Do NOT do the Accutane.

The side affects are real and they do happen. It just might not have been for long enough. Keep your chin up! I lost my colon because of it. I would never take anything with risk factors that serious, but of course, you have to make your own decision.

By the way, those muffins look amazing! Thanks for the recipe, and good luck with your skin:. Do not go on accutane! I have PCOS and my ovaries are all f-ed up from endometriosis crawling all over them. I take spironolactone and it mostly keeps my androgens under control. Without being too personal have you looked into these options: PCOS and other gyn crap, I notice you drink beer have you been checked for a gluten allergy yes I know it sounds weird, it is a stretch , have you been checked for any allergies for that matter, thyroid function?

I hope this helps: It started getting bad around You could always look at the copper non-hormonal IUD since you are so young. I only got the PCOS and endometriosis diagnosis at age I got the gluten allergy diagnosis right before I turned I like the spironolactone aka aldactone other than the slightly increased diuresis. I also tried every over the counter topical, a couple Rx topicals, and antibiotics before I decided enough was enough since I scar very easily and have some pock marks that looks like they belong on Mars!

I intend to have the scars worked on with a laser when the breakouts are under control. Everybody is different though, so I hope all the good info in the comments gives you the info you need to ask your doc the questions that will help you decide what is best for you. Men will probably notice that, and actually care about it, rather than the pimples. I have a great hubby and you will someday too. Have you tried aldactone? Also, over time, your doctor can reduce the dosage.

It works in tandem w bIrth control. Juli, I have suffered from acne and excema for as long as I can remember…and I will say, this shit sucks! Not only do I have rashes breaking out all over, I have these mountains suddenly appear on my face! However now I get these under the skin pimples that hurt like hell and cause huge scars. But I have found one thing that works if I have a really bad break out..

I use a clarisonic brush with some type of exfoliant wash. I do this maybe three times a week and it really helps. Now I just wash my face in the morning and evening with cetaphil face wash and use that fantabulous face brush.

I think you look awesome though, and any guy would be lucky to have you. Go get em girl! I have, however, had customers tell me how fantastic Clearin from Vaxa is. This is a homeopathic acne supplement that one lady bought 3 at a time for her teenage son. She said she spent thousands of dollars and only this worked. It has a money-back guarantee, and so did our store and it was never returned. I would also suggest a naturopath and perhaps acupuncture.

Juli, I have no idea if this so. It was a picture of a little girl who had severe eczema at 18 months and a more recent picture of her with a totally clear face. I put a post on Pinterest with a link to the page with the info you may want to read. I will try to embed my Pinterest link here. If this is your problem it will not hurt to look at the page. God bless and I hope you can find a natural cure. Acutane is not the answer I believe. You express your human-ness in a very real way.

The way you describe your frustration, sadness, anger, joy, giddiness and love connects this community because we all feel those things too. You are waaaaaay more than your face! Please seriously reconsider considering accutane!

My brother took it when he was a teenager that was 20 years ago and he has struggled with pretty serious depression and anxiety ever since. He did a tonne of research trying to figure things out and he thinks that the accutane really messed with him at a very hormonally fragile time. Just like other things that a person can put in his or her body, that shit is toxic.

Go to a dermatologist, I had same problem come to find out I had an allergic reaction to my makeup. She tried everything there was to try, my mom used to make homeopathic remedies for her face, she had daily, painstaking, time-consuming regimens she followed every day as a teenager, not fun, and nothing worked. She eventually went on Acutane in her late teens, and it cleared up her acne for good. Her face is a little scared from the acne, but clear otherwise.

Perhaps a small price to pay? You should deplete all other options first, but seriously weighing the pros and possible cons should help. Possibly worth a phone call or consulation??? If you decide to investigate further and tell her you follow a paleo diet, please let me know her reaction …. Good luck and thank you for all of your amaze-balls recipes. Same as thighs suck. Kim might be right — leave it the fook alone for 4 weeks makeup and all — maybe wait until post x-mas and just see.

The first few weeks might suck but you never know. I had severe cystic acne in high school. I tried everything prior to getting on accutane…no sugar, cleaned up the diet, kagen water, different skin care products..

Some of it helped with the topical acne, but nothing helped the cystic acne like accutane did. I researched all the side effects and still decided to give it a go. I did not have any depression or joint pain, the only thing I had was dry skin…. After six months I was done and my skin looked great. I still had acne scars, but the cysts were gone! It definitely is a serious drug, but for people who have suffered with acne their entire life it can be a life saver.

Good luck with whatever decision you make! I think I might know what is irritating your skin. At the time, I was seriously considering Acutane like you but felt myself bending under what I wanted physically on the surface and what I knew internally could ruin my health forever. I tried to talk myself into it, I am so thankful I did not follow through with it. First let me just say to cut out the fruits and nuts-.

I notice a lot of your recipes include high amounts of nuts and honey as a sweetener- I would say to cut back or just cut out these things and watch how your skin improves. However, I recommend you cut them all out and if you must have a nut, go for macadamia nuts. Given where you describe your skin to be right now, I would avoid sugar in any form.

Your skin hates it. I had and still have pretty reactions to honey which has consistently proved itself more than irritable to my acne, even in small quantities such as a teaspoon.

I would avoid sugar in every way for a couple of weeks- including fruits. This dramatically effected my skin during the beginning phases of my paleo diet and even now when my skin gets fussy, if I cut out fruit for a few days, my skin recovers much much quicker. I love fruit as much as the next person, but it does contain sugar- you can argue about it all you want, but healthy nutrients added or not, sugar will still effect you.

I will probably get a lot of hate responses for this but I would cut back on the sweet baking for a while- you make incredible recipes and you remind me a lot of myself when I went off on paleo-baking-possibilities in my diet- to which my consequences were much like you describe, constant breaking out from mild-severe acne.

Cut them all out and stick to your veggies and meats and see the difference. Yerba matte is sightly better than straight green tea and coffee, I think. I eventually braved trying this out as an alternative to coffee and regular green tea.

It definitely gives me a boost of sustained energy but if I have more than a cup a day, I noticed little acne flare ups coming on. You know your body, you know how many carbs you usually need in a day, so take that number and divide it up with veggies and more veggies.

The carb count you get from fruits such as apples is deliberately due to their sugar content. Vegetable carbs are much more valuable for sustaining energy and appetite-satiation, only without the sugar. Additionally, most vegetables are alkalizing, as opposed to many fruits which are typically acidic due to their sugar content. I think it is still anyone's guess at this point. I imagine research on the topic is difficult because so few people ever get diagnosed properly.

I had it for 15 years and went to countless specialists. I wasn't diagnosed until finally someone said i had to have laproscopy to definitively be diagnosed. Why didnt my American doctors ever mention that?!

In 2 years I get to choose a research topic in medical school, and I think this would be fascinating I was never diagnosed with endometriosis but a few years ago I was diagnosed and treated for PID pelvic inflammatory disease.

There was no clear cause such as an STD and though the swelling and pain went away with antibiotics, I still had a high white blood cell count two weeks after treatment.

I was concerned it could be sign of another infection but the docs said I was clean and that some women just create a lot of white blood cells like that should make me feel better! Since being low-carb then paleo, my menstrual cycle arrives almost on-the-dot with almost no PMS symptoms. Going paleo didn't really help me. I was never diagnosed with endo but eventually the pelvic pain got really bad and I could feel a lump on the lower right side.

Initially the doctor said it was appendicitis then an ultrasound scan said it was an ovarian cyst. Doctor decided that a complete hysterectomy was the answer and when the surgeon opened me she found horrendous endo - basically all my insides were covered in it and everything was stuck to everything else. I'd been paleo about 9 months by then and I think the fact that I still felt lousy was one of the reasons for going to the doctors.

Hysterectomy sorted things for a bit then the pain started up again. Turned out because it was such a mess in there and my surgeon had had to peel one of my ovaries off my bowel a small piece had got stuck.

This remnant decided to kick in oestrogen production and flared the bits of endo that were left up again. My surgeon was understandably reluctant to go back in as she felt she 'had got away' without damaging my bowel the first time so I had a series of injections which turned off the oestrogen production.

This worked but the menopause symptoms kicked in with a vengeance - I thought I'd avoided this and put that down to paleo but obviously not! I'm now on Livial which apparently makes just enough oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone to fool the ovary remnant into thinking it doesn't have to do anything, keeps the hot flushes at bay and helps prevent osteoporosis. Oh and don't think pregnancy is a cure either - maybe for a short while but my youngest was 13 when I had my hysterectomy.

Sorry this is a long post and not very positive but I thought I'd give you my experiences. I have never been diagnosed with endometriosis but it wouldn't surprise me. I had wicked heavy periods for about three years after my cycle returned following the birth of my daughter. They were so bad I had to stay home the first day, most months out of the year.

This lasted three years because I had no health insurance and was terrified of what Planned Parenthood might find. One of the symptoms was this weird twingy cramping on my left side that would occur a day or two before the festivities began.

I've had lower GI complaints on that same side from time to time so that's what makes me think "endo"--maybe there's some rogue lining there causing problems. I'm not infertile from it, I've had two children, but the symptoms aren't fun.

But here's the thing? Vitamin A really helped. I have a normal life again no matter what time of the month it is. I'm still not at a 28 day cycle, but 35 days is better than what it was. And I can tell when I haven't had enough A because the twingy cramping comes back. I get mine from CLO or in a "natural" form derived from fish liver oil. Haven't convinced my palate to try liver again yet, though I'd like to get to that point. I suspect I have some autoimmune stuff going on, but it's intermittent and seems to respond to carb intake, especially gluten.

It's tough to get this stuff diagnosed even by a good doctor, and mine seems kind of absent-minded and I'm not addicted enough to going to the doctor to want to do a lot of hopping around.

Still, even if endo isn't an autoimmune thing, I bet it happens more often in women with autoimmune issues since that all ties in to poor health in general. That was my favorite outcome of going paleo! View 1 Comment Add Comment.

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