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Together, we have worked on millions of square feet of transactions throughout the United States, and we are all available to ensure the best outcome for your business. Glenn Blumenfeld is one of three principals of Tactix. Since joining Tactix in , Glenn has managed or co-managed many of the largest and most complex real estate transactions in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley region including representing the anchor tenants at the only two speculative office towers in Center City Philadelphia in the past 20 years: Glenn has also represented many other corporations, law and professional service firms and institutions.

Prior to joining Tactix, Glenn practiced law at Dechert, L. Having worked with many large, national brokerage firms as a client and attorney, I came to realize that the traditional brokerage model was fundamentally flawed in many ways that worked against client interests. I left my partnership at Dechert because I saw a real opportunity to create something special at Tactix and provide more value to brokerage clients.

I'm extremely proud that we have eliminated conflicts of interest and artificial revenue quotas, hired extraordinary real estate professionals with unique legal and financial backgrounds and created a truly collaborative model. I know we could not have achieved the results we have for our clients under any other platform or with any other professionals. Jud Wambold co-founded Tactix in Jud has produced value for his clients in the Delaware Valley and throughout the country, including:.

Jud has also completed hundreds of office lease renewals and move deals for smaller tenants. He believes that no tenant, regardless of size, should overpay on their rent.

During my legal practice I specialized in negotiating leases for tenants. My clients loved me, but I was frustrated because I could not deliver maximum value for them since I was coming into the transaction at such a late stage.

Too often when I asked about why a transaction had not been structured more creatively, neither my client nor their broker had an answer. When I left the practice of law I was met with offers from all of the major brokerage firms. But none of those platforms could deliver the service level I thought a tenant deserved. I wanted a brokerage firm that had no business entanglements with landlords so that my advice to a tenant could be conflict free.

I wanted to assemble a group of smart and creative professionals with diverse legal and financial backgrounds who could deliver creative and economically aggressive transactions for tenants. Philadelphia didn't need just another broker, it needed a new breed of broker and that's why I started Tactix.

Doug Simon is one of three principals of Tactix Real Estate Advisors, the largest commercial brokerage company in the Greater Philadelphia Area devoted exclusively to tenant representation.

Doug also currently serves as Co-Chair of Exis Global, an international affiliation of independent tenant representatives, comprised of twenty-five offices and providing real estate services throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Doug brings to every transaction a wealth of leasing experience as well as legal training and analysis from his years of legal practice. As a result of his unique skill sets, expertise, and zealous representation of his clients, Doug has consistently been recognized as one of the top tenant brokers in the region. While with the full-service firm, Doug experienced firsthand the challenges that arise when a brokerage firm represents both landlords and tenants in the same market. While he obtained valuable insights into the landlord side of the business, he determined that, to effectively advocate for tenants and eliminate conflicts of interest, he needed to once again be aligned with a firm whose sole focus in the market was driving down rents.

The better question for me personally is why I chose to return to Tactix after 5-years of working as an Executive Managing Director with a large international brokerage firm. As an exclusive tenant representation firm, Tactix clearly separates itself from the vast majority of firms by consistently aligning itself with one side of a transaction and avoiding the conflicts of interest inherent to a firm that also represents landlords. But, after my time away, I came to understand that this was only the beginning of the way in which Tactix distinguishes itself from the pack.

In addition to its conflict-free approach, Tactix has also kept its focus on maintaining quality control of its single most important asset: Put simply, I returned to Tactix because, after seeing the grass on the other side of the fence, I determined that the Tactix grass truly was greener. Sal Ambrosio, a founding principal of Tactix, has practiced as a trusted advisor, advocate, broker and consultant to commercial real estate tenants since Representing only the users of the space, neither he nor Tactix represents owners or landlords.

Sal analyzed budgets, developed policy papers, conducted government-wide financial and macro-economic analyses, developed information systems and drafted and negotiated substantive and appropriations legislation. He co-founded Tactix with Jud Wambold in and continues to work tirelessly on behalf of tenant-clients throughout the United States. Sal specializes in commercial leasing including lease restructurings and renewals, operating leases, acquisition strategies, build-to-suit transactions and sale leaseback transactions.

State University of New York, B. Again, loyalty and ethics were the pillars — now coupled with very demanding analytical standards. After 4 years it was time to move to the private sector. In I joined a large, national tenant representation firm in Washington, D. In I moved to Philadelphia to open an office for that company.

I built and led an outstanding group of brokers and the practice flourished across the region. However, I grew to understand that there are inherent flaws in the traditional brokerage business model. These flaws primarily the compensation model prevent brokers from devoting their entire energy and focus to vigorous tenant advocacy. At the same time, I continued to grow in admiration for the analytical expertise and ethical standards of law firms and accounting firms. The professional service firm model rewards substantive expertise, collaborative effort and client advocacy.

Better to be a member of a team of trusted advisors than a silo or solo broker in pursuit of an annual sales quota. I founded Tactix in with the express purpose of applying the professional service business model to a tenant advocacy practice in commercial real estate. The market responded with overwhelming support. We had obviously found an unmet need. We were adding value and the results were compounded over time. Over the years, our clients have responded again and again by honoring us with repeat and referral business.

We owe our clients a deep debt of gratitude for trusting us to guide them through the often treacherous world of commercial real estate decision making.

We never aspired to be the largest tenant advocacy firm—but simply the most collaborative, analytical and trusted group of advisors in the industry. It continues to be an interesting and rewarding journey. Lisa Berger Baskin joined the Tactix team in with over 30 years of diverse commercial real estate experience.

Having been a broker in Pennsylvania and California, Lisa has represented developers, medical institutions, national retailers, financial institutions, as well as, local businesses in site selection, project development, leasing, zoning and licensing issues. In additional to her experience as a broker, Lisa is an owner and general partner in commercial real estate projects.

On behalf of the ownership Lisa successfully negotiated the following: I came to Tactix to give my clients more. In commercial real estate information and service is key. Having followed the Tactix team for years, I was always impressed by the testimonials of their clients and the level of service they were able to provide.

The deals that Tactix successfully accomplished is unmatched by anyone else in the tristate market. I believed that my 30 years of commercial real estate experience including ownership, development and brokerage would be a unique perspective and an asset for Tactix to have. Martin Bond joined Tactix in after 20 years as a commercial real estate lawyer.

Client he has worked with include:. As a real estate lawyer, most of my time was spent documenting complex transactions, protecting my clients from risk. A small part of my practice — but the most satisfying by far — was structuring deals to help clients save money.

When I had the chance to join Tactix, I jumped at the opportunity. I'd known the people at Tactix for many years, and knew them to be smart, well trained, ethical and hard working. Importantly, they seemed to be having a lot more fun than they'd had as lawyers, largely because they were adding tremendous value for their clients. It also seemed to me that Tactix had created a better mousetrap.

The firm operated much like a law firm, with a high degree of collaboration, a focus on client service, a relentless dedication to getting each client the best deal possible, and an insistence on being free of conflicts of interest.

They couldn't have been more different from a traditional commercial real estate brokerage firms. After I joined Tactix, I found that all of my perceptions were right. And I discovered for myself that putting money in a client's pocket is far more satisfying than anything I ever did as a lawyer. Rob Cellucci has a strong foundation in all facets of commercial real estate leasing and build-to-suit development. Prior to joining Tactix in , Rob worked in the Global Corporate Services division of an international brokerage firm.

Rob assisted corporate clients in the management of office, retail, and industrial transactions, ranging from 3, to , SF. In this role, Rob developed a high level of proficiency while managing each stage of the process, including corporate strategizing, market and financial analysis, site selection, and letter of intent and lease negotiations.

Over the course of his career, Rob has successfully managed over 2. Clients that Rob has had the opportunity to work extensively with include the following organizations among others:. James Madison University, B. Economic and Social Policy of the European Union.

Before deciding to leave my relationship with a large, international brokerage firm, I thoroughly vetted several other global brokerage firms in the Philadelphia area. Frankly, something was missing. Some mentors of mine recommended that, before making a decision, I explore an opportunity with Tactix because of their strong reputation and unique business platform. In an industry sometimes ridden with questionable salesmanship, I perceived Tactix to be a unique organization that strongly promoted the concept of honest and unbiased real estate advisory.

Finally, I found that the strict tenant representation model, supported by a collaboration of professionals with storied financial and legal sagacity would allow me to provide my clients with the highest quality service.

It was the right choice. Ryan Conner has been a broker with Tactix since His passion for all things real estate started during his days as a Special Projects Coordinator for the Riverfront Development Corporation of Delaware, a state chartered public corporation established to rehabilitate and revitalize Wilmington, Delaware's major waterway — the Christiana Riverfront.

Since joining Tactix he has worked on some of the most significant, exciting tenant representation projects in the region:. Ryan also remains connected to his roots in land development representing institutions and individuals in the disposition of land with development opportunity.

University of Delaware, B. When I decided to leave Preferred Unlimited over four years ago, I considered almost every national, full service brokerage firm in the region.

But after meeting with the principals of Tactix the decision was an easy one. The Tactix platform was different than any I had seen. No other firm offered a genuine tenant advocacy model staffed with real estate professionals not salespeople with deep legal and financial backgrounds and no other firm offered me regular, direct access to the owners of the firm. Further, the values of the firm aligned with mine. I continue to be a staunch believer in our unique approach to real estate brokerage and look forward to contributing to the limitless potential of this company.

Tim joined Tactix in , continuing a year career in commercial real estate. Throughout his career, he advised public companies, institutional owners and private companies in site selection, new leases, lease restructurings, development and financing.

When I started in the real estate industry over 25 years ago, each firm had its own database of information. It was a closely guarded secret of availabilities, market rates and sales prices.

However, over the past several years, information has become commoditized. It is easily accessible, and the various platforms that provide this information to the brokerage industry make it available equally to all. I selected Tactix for several reasons. They uncompromisingly work for the users of real estate. Their clients can be certain that there is no conflict of interest when they are at the negotiation table.

Most of the members of Tactix have advanced degrees representing a range of interests from law to the advanced sciences. It gives the members of the team the confidence that when walking into a meeting there is no real estate problem that may arise that cannot be solved for our clients.

Scott Crumley has been a broker with Tactix since At Drinker, he was a member of the commercial real estate group where he specialized in complex leasing transactions and earned the distinction of being named a Pennsylvania Rising Star by Law and Politics magazine.

In addition to leasing transactions, his legal experience included acquisitions, dispositions and financings of numerous commercial properties as well as the preparation negotiation of construction and design contracts.

Since joining Tactix he has worked on many significant, exciting tenant representation projects for clients including:. University of Richmond School of Law, J.

During my time as a practicing lawyer I had professional interactions with many brokers and saw that the quality of those brokers varied widely, sometimes to the detriment of their clients.

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