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Homemade Dairy-Free Coffee Creamer (No Sugar Added, Paleo)
Teri P — July 17, 8: The recipes are very forgiving. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Crystal — July 25, Starcygnus March 17, at 4: Look for this banner for recommended activities.

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Scary stuff, for sure! Can't wait to try these recipes, they sound soooo good! I'm currently dairy-free, so this will be great. Can't wait to buy some canned coconut milk and try it. Regarding So Delicious coconut milk I've tried it in my coffee and although it seems thick enough, it's actually really thin and doesn't flavor the coffee much. It's basically like adding water, at least in my opinion. I think the canned will work much better.

I agree, that's exactly why I chose the Thai Kitchen coconut milk. Gotta have thick "cream" for your coffee, right? I just adore these combinations of ingredients! Thank you so much. I recently found out I was intolerant to the dairy protein Casein and have been struggling to make my coffee satisfying using rice or soy milks. I am going to try all of these!! Do I see a line of dairy free "deliciously organic" coffee creamers lining our super market shelves in our future?

Hmmm, I think so! I am going to make the Almond Joy coffee creamer this weekend! Is anyone concerned about BPA in the canned products like the coconut milk? Have you tried date syrup?

It's so nice and smooth and would be perfect for this! I just read over the recipes again and see that you have fresh dates listed for the date paste I don't know if I can get fresh dates around here I have some dried, organic medjool dates I thought I'd try but don't want to waste them if that won't work.

Would it be sweeter than using fresh dates? I used medjool dates to test these recipes. I changed the ingredients to read "medjool dates" instead of fresh, so there isn't any confusion. Thanks for bringing this up! I'm new to non-dairy creamer as well. It's good to see some more people interested in this. I'm working on a flavor inspired by my husband - Hot White Nuts.

Just a couple squirts always does me fine. I always liked to put a little fudge paste in my creamer. The more runny it is the better! It is good to have a little chunkines to it as well Adding a little corn to the fudge makes for a unique flavor. Just curious, are these truly sugar free? Yes, they are truly sugar free if you use the right ingredients. There could be coconut milk out there that contains sugar and I know that there are processed vanilla extracts that contain sugar, but as long as you buy pure vanilla extract and a good coconut milk then it will be sugar free.

By the way, I live in a very remote location and I use Amazon Prime for a lot of my shopping needs. I've found it's saved me hours upon hours of driving and it's cheaper than filling up my car with gas!

Love the date paste additions and directions. I will for sure give that a try! I use heavy cream and coconut milk combos in mine too, depending on te flavor and what I have. The organic coconut milk is more budget friendly that grass fed cream and are both delish. Oh I just might have to take up coffee drinking regularly!

Most non-dairy creamers from the store still contain milk derivatives, so I don't use them not to mention all the other junk in there! I used my reuseable coffee filter screen to push the creamer through. I think I am going to use the paste that was filtered and left behind in my oatmeal tomorrow.

It has so much sweetness and cinnamon left from the recipe. Lots of great fiber too! Do you have any recipes for powder creamer with out all of the additives? Hi Connie, I don't use powdered creamer because it is a processed food.

I know there are lots of creamer recipes out there using powdered creamer. You could Goggle it and I'm sure you'll find lots of options! In response to Stacey's question above, and perhaps others' wonderings as well which I had been really struggling with as well, I found this evidence that the Native Forest brand of coconut milk is the only one that it is BPA free!

I am thankful for it, as I've missed using coconut milk! Now, my question is, using your traditional base, regular dairy and sugar version would it work to use the hazelnut and vanilla proportions to make hazelnut syrup?

Or do you have a more "from scratch" way to get hazelnut flavor? LOVE This whole concept by the way, as I boycott Nestle, and their creamer seems to be a major issue in friends not joining me! Now if only you could come up with a substitute for the silly Quik drink. My husband refuses to give it up, or let me try to recreate it! You can use a hazelnut extract to make hazelnut creamer, just substitute it for the vanilla extract in the French Vanilla recipe.

I also tried it by steeping hazelnuts, but it's a bit too cost prohibitive. The silly quick drink. Now there's a challenge! Not sure if I can recreate that one, but I'll do some brainstorming! Would the replacement for quick have to be powdered? If not I've been making my own chocolate syrup like Hershey's for our chocolate milk, its very good and we can make it more or less chocolaty or sweet.

To find the recipe I just did a google search. Boil first 3 ingredients for a couple mins then add salt and vanilla at end when removing from heat.

Why do you have to heat it up and then strain it? I've made mine with stevia right into the jar The sweetener used in these creamers is date paste, and you might have tiny little bits of dates floating in the creamer.

I direct the cook to strain the creamer so that it's completely smooth. Cream is made from the layer of fat that rises to the top of milk before it is homogenized. While cream is high in fat, when consumed in small doses it possess health benefits. Whole milk is a rich source of protein that also contains fats, carbohydrates, vitamin D, B, and the minerals calcium, potassium and selenium.

Michigan State University notes that there are various elements found in milk fat, milk proteins, and other components of milk that have the ability to promote and maintain health and reduce the risk of chronic disease. For those who want a creamier flavor than whole milk offers, but less calories and fat than pure cream, half-and-half, which consists of half cream and half milk, is a good option.

Video of the Day. Nutrition Information of Milk Vs. Lactose Free Diet Benefits. Avoid cowpeas, lima beans, navy beans, pinto beans and red kidney beans, and all soy products except for soy oil and soy lecithin. Rhubarb also contains high levels of iodine.

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