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Dear Health-Conscious Dessert Lover,

Pour into 8 silicone molds, or mini parchment wrappers, or a small baking dish lined with parchment for easy removal. Staying on a healthy track does not mean sacrifice. Thank you for the recipe! March 13, at 9: March 24, at These desserts had to be truly healthy.

It’s Time to Put Dessert Back on the Menu – Guilt Free!

Do you happen to know how many net carbs per serving? My Mom asked me to buy the sweetener and mold for her on Amazon so she can make them too. Can anyone post them here for me please?

Calorie information I ended up putting in a bit more salt just so you know it could be more or less for you. I just made these with my grandkids. They were so easy and yummy. I used liquid Splenda to replace the Stevie and also added some maple extract.

Thank you for the recipe! Where do you get cashew butter? Can you use something else? Notify me of new posts by email. Unbelievably easy to make with just 5 simple ingredients. These caramels are keto, vegan and Paleo friendly! Can you believe how EASY, and healthy caramels could be?! If you make these, be sure to tag me on Insta PrettyPies I wanna see your creations!! Amazingly simple, deliciously dairy-free, and full of vanilla caramel flavor--without the sugar!

Mix all ingredients together and whisk smooth. Taste and adjust for sweetness. Pour into 8 silicone molds, or mini parchment wrappers, or a small baking dish lined with parchment for easy removal. Freeze until solid, about min to 1 hour. March 12, at 6: I will plan on doing that soon! March 12, at 8: March 12, at 9: March 12, at March 13, at 9: I am not a fan of it..

March 24, at March 17, at 5: March 17, at 7: March 27, at March 19, at March 22, at March 22, at 7: March 27, at 2: March 27, at 4: March 27, at 6: So glad you liked them! Thanks for sharing too. March 31, at 3: May 5, at 4: May 5, at 2: And for those of us who enjoy baking at home, the options were just as limited. There were simply no recipes or guidebooks for creating divinely delicious desserts with all-natural, low glycemic ingredients.

But you can feel good about making and enjoying these sweet treats. Because not only do they come without the sugar, carbs and consequences you wish to avoid… but they have health benefits to boot! You can also enjoy the toasty, fluffy and flaky goodness of breads… crackers… pizza crust… biscuits… bagels and more… without the carbs and health-harming effects of grains! For more than 10 years, Healing Gourmet has provided life-saving education to our readers about the benefits of a natural diet… and the proven power of foods and nutrients to promote health and protect against disease.

And we have received hundreds of positive testimonials like this one from Deborah in Scottsdale, AZ who says:. You have been very helpful for me in making healthy choices. Best of all, I have lost about 50 pounds! These desserts had to be truly healthy. And we refused to settle for anything less than extraordinary taste. We began our mission by collecting dozens of the most decadent dessert recipes we could find, including all the favorites… from brownies to pumpkin pie… carrot cake, custards and soufflés… ice cream… cookies, macaroons and more!

The first step was to remove every ingredient from these recipes that was unnatural or refined, as well as anything that would spike your blood sugar or cause your body to store fat.

Then we substituted these items with proteins, healthy fats and fiber. They promote the feeling of fullness. And for the last several years, we have been firing up the ovens in our test kitchen, testing dozens of these all-natural ingredients in over 50 different dessert recipes. We constantly tweaked the ingredients and proportions until we had replaced the sugar and flour in these classic desserts.

We gave each one a total health makeover, while keeping all the moisture, taste and decadent sweetness! Please allow me to introduce…. Just imagine biting into a luxuriously rich, sweet chocolate cake that serving for serving provides more fiber than whole grain cereal, more protein than chicken, less sugar than an apple and fewer calories than a serving of yogurt.

Or how would you like to promote lean, sexy muscle growth… as you snack on a Lemon-Ricotta Soufflé with 10 grams protein and only 1 gram of sugar! Here is just a small sample of the desserts you can easily create in just minutes with your copy of Guilt-Free Desserts…. Or how about these gourmet delights…. And of course, each recipe also comes with time-saving tips, nutritional information and your estimated preparation time.

You will be delighted by just how delicious and healthy these recipes can be and how easy they are to make, but…. Guilt-Free Desserts includes everything you need to know about the latest baking ingredients and how to use these inexpensive and readily-available products in your own kitchen. It can also add bulk and moisture. It helps caramelize desserts. And it can also provide a crisp texture or crunch factor. And grains also contain gluten — an allergenic protein that causes health issues for many people.

Fats provide moisture and texture to baked goods. They give rich mouth feel to soufflés, silky finesse to mousse and golden, flaky goodness to pie crust. While some fats clearly promote weight gain and increase your risk for disease… other fats actually promote fat burning and are vital to your wellness.

Staying on a healthy track does not mean sacrifice. It means getting smart about the ingredients you use. And from Healing Gourmet, you can always expect valuable health information and helpful tips. Do you love crisp Thin Mints , gooey caramel Samoas and rich, chocolate Tagalongs? Learn how to create these delicious Girl Scout cookies using wholesome ingredients… right in your own kitchen.

Sugalight Ice Cream