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It is always good to check with your primary physician for clearance on exercise routines. I personally coach all that signs up with me. When somebody purchases a product through one of our Amazon links, Amazon pays us a 4. Need more instruction how to use the product. This is a private online e-Manual and audios.

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This is the exact method I teach in our Day Transformation Program, The Fit Dad Blueprint , and you'll get a step-by-step exercise and nutrition plan to help you shed some of that body and belly fat.

There is no reason to spend the rest of your life feeling fat, cursed by the metabolism Gods, or resigned to being called "big boned". You can make huge changes starting right now and some day you may look in the mirror and see a lean, muscular mesomorph staring back at you.. This is me, I can definitely see that I am an endomorph. I do know that I need to control carbs and have been getting better at that. I have been getting more and more active and that does help. I will stick to getting out of bed at 5: Gyms make me feel worse about myself, and people there hate rookies.

First off, you absolutely do not need a gym membership to get fit, regardless of your body type. Second, if you have the time to run 5 miles, you clearly have the time to train. Also, using a gym as an expense you cannot afford is weak. I have had clients who were petrified of gyms for fear of criticism. But like I said, there is no need to go to a gym and with a few inexpensive pieces of equipment, you can train at home and get great results.

Go to a local park, do push ups, pushups off the benches, crunches and v ups on the grass, pull ups on the monkey bars, tricep dips on the benches again, sprint in between sets, jump squats, hold a bag of sand and squat, etc. People will disagree with me but here is the thing…if you are already unmotivated looking for ways to workout outside or in your house is going to make it worse.

There are too many distractions. Make a plan and get to the gym. Just getting in the door will be the greatest accomplishment. This is not a product endorsement. I used to belong to a county recreation center with a gym, pool, etc. The open hours were not convenient.

Im 58, , and now can do chin-ups with their off-set machine. Every day schlubbs, like me, go there! Nothing wrong with going to Planet Fitness. Trust me, for decades I had fear of the gym. Fear that all eyes were on me back when I was a short, skinny twink and 25 years later as a short, dumpy 45 year old.

After I had a mild MI in my mid 40s I no longer cared if people were staring at me at the gym…my two eyes were on me…my goal, my fitness, my health. My suggestion is forego the trepidation and just do it.

I just turned 50 and cannot imagine not going to the gym. Little late to the party but I found this during one of my training articles. You absolutely need a gym membership. I tried doing it at home. A good show comes on and done.

I was on the couch bowl of chips and all progress lost. I told myself I had to go no matter wHat. Now I weigh between depending on. I deadlift for reps, bench , and if I could use my left arm fully could squat around was more before I hurt my shoulder I do cardio 5 days a week for 25 minutes and I lift for 60 min. I was that scared fat guy at the gym. Now I'm close to the scary guy at the gym. If I can get it done, so can you.

Right I have major health problem broken spine and damaged with been fixed up with replacement bits lower mid and neck part time wheelchair user and mostly crutches for getting about also left with lots of internal muscle wastage in constant movement pain, Damage hormone system no longer make testosterone went untreated for many years left with muscle wasting. But I want to get my body back I was. Lean fit and toned before accident I am fed up of fat dad look so come stop having a go and help me get in shape get muscles.

Well good luck Keith. You appear to have a few issues that are far more important than worrying about pre-workouts. I hope you are able to begin the journey back to health, man.. There are a TON of resources, plenty of them free, that will give you a step by step meal plan. People do love to complicate things for a number of reasons but it really is simple. Find an approach that works for you and stuck with it. Hi, first of all: I wonder how endomorphs can manage a vegan diet.

I went vegan one year ago and have to say that I felt great until noticed that I actually gained fat. I focused my diet on fresh foods and nothing like meat replacement and I am doing CrossFit.

So I was really shocked to see that I am actually gaining weight even though I feel better than before. I find it really confusing what to eat as a vegan in terms of too much fruits, not enough fruits, too much carbs, not enough carbs etc. I wonder if you have any experiences with that. There is no need to eat a ton of protein but rather aiming for 0.

And start eating plenty of eggs, beans, quinoa, lentils, soy, and tofu. I was always slim even after child birth 8 years ago, a car and second job in the Chinese takeaway for extra income has made me balloon to 4 stone heavier than I should be. My issue is I have big appetite even as a size 8 and 9 stone I ate what I wanted no problem, so now its hard to diet.

Also I cant run but I enjoy walking. I have joined gym discounted by my employer and can go Monday to Friday at lunch for 40 mins. My issue is my pelvic floor and core is now somehow very weakened does anyone have any tips or advice how to strengthen this area?

This is more important to me than even weight. Do things like replace rice with grated cauliflower and zucchini spirals instead of pasta with your bolgnese dinner. Sugar and carbs are what you want to avoid. I am fat dad of 3 kids and 2 foster kids. It has been a life long process of denial, lack of self control, excuse making interspersed with periodic trips to the gym. I know have knee problems and struggle some days to even walk to breakfast. What is one thing I can do to get going in the right direction?

I got some detox greens and put them in a smoothie. Sugar cravings were so real for me. If not detox greens, start with apple cider. About 2 TBSP diluted in water daily. It also helps kill cravings. Be brutally mindful and honest. Wait 20 minutes, or better yet, half a day.. But ONLY after waiting. For me if I tell myself I can never have something, it makes it hard.

Remember that you can have your cravings at some point, but it has to be reigned in right now. Now is the time to issue self control. Then increase to 2. Ice, protein powder, almond milk, flax seed. Flax seed is a healthy fat that will help you feel fuller. Add handfuls of kale or spinach. If its too green for you, add honey. It really is satisfying and you will find yourself amazed at how much you want more of it. MOVE every single day. The next day, shave off 10 seconds.

By the end of the week, shave off 30 seconds. It becomes a game. Find out what rewards work in your mind.

Even maps out your route, down to elevation, calories, etc. Take note of the good things. You must notice the non scale victories.

I started feeling really great about using self control, and my insides feeling cleaner from the good choices. Loved trying new healthy foods. Can endos have ripped six packs? It all comes down to getting rid of enough fat to see them but the issue then becomes, do you really want to do what it takes every day to maintain them?

Hi What if your Target Daily Caloric Intake is calories for fatloss, and you workout cals a day. Fat Loss macro Carbs: Will you burn muscle cause of the high cal burn? Or are you safe because you meet the macro rules? Hi, for all the guys who so kindly, honestly, and radly shared their personal gym experiences — how did you learn to use the machines and free weights?

Did you learn in weight room in high school? Did you just ask the salesperson or watch YouTube videos to learn the machines one at a time? Or did you go with a couple of personal or group training sessions to start? But I think there are more safety concerns and education needed for weight machines and free weights than a treadmill or elliptical.

That said, it is possible to follow this routine on your own, as long as you follow the specific advice outlined below. Therefore, it is essential to understand how much weight you can expect to lose on this diet and what kinds of foods you are allowed to eat. Setting up a proper meal plan is very important in this diet and will be key to your long-term success.

For example, one study took a look at a variety of weight-loss protocols and found that a restrictive PSMF diet naturally increases your metabolism and makes it easier for you to lose weight. For example, one study took a look at a variety of different individuals and used a protein-sparing modified fast to help them lose weight. These individuals were considered obese by a variety of health standards and had an average BMI of about This problem was a significant one because a high BMI is tied to a lot of common health problems.

For example, people with high BMI ratings can expect a higher risk of cardiovascular health issues. A heavier decrease in weight is more beneficial than a smaller one, according to most studies. During this period of the study, it was found that the average individual on PSMF had decreased their weight by about pounds. So those on the lower end pounds dropped to pounds while those on the higher end pounds were potentially dropping as low as pounds.

That kind of significant weight loss was very beneficial for their overall health, mainly since it occurred in a matter of weeks. The average person in the study dropped to a BMI of about 49 percent. While this is still higher than usual, it is a quick and healthy improvement.

These types of losses are pretty typical for those who are on a PSMF diet, though you can achieve higher losses if you stay on a diet for a more extended period. Each of these stages has a specific amount of calories that can be calculated using my PSMF Calculator. For those who have never heard of them, macronutrients are the primary building blocks of your body and the main ingredients for a healthy life.

However, the uniquely-intense nature of the PSMF diet means that you will eat almost no carbs or fat. So if you are 81 kilograms or pounds, you would eat just Your carbs are limited to less than 20 grams per day or about two slices of bread , and your fat is limited to whatever you get from the lean protein. As a result, you are going to drop a significant amount of water weight in your first week or two of PSMF. However, you can anticipate a loss of between 1. This does increase the potential foods that you can eat in a day but can minimize your enjoyment.

For example, the intensive phase will mostly limit you to lean meats, egg whites, poultry, and fish and seafood.

You can also eat low-carbohydrate veggies , such as asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, lettuce, mushrooms, and zucchini. Anyone who is on a PSMF diet needs to make sure that they find high-quality and tasty snacks that keep them from getting too bored. Thankfully, it is possible to tweak a variety of different recipes to create dishes that keep you excited and entertained by PSMF.

That change in its focus was due to the fact that PSMF has a substantial impact on the nitrogen retention in your body. A healthy PSMF routine has been shown to improve your nitrogen balance in your muscles, which makes it easier for you to avoid muscle loss when fasting. Just as importantly, this benefit helps those with diabetes by reducing their weight and decreasing the severity of their symptoms. Beyond this study, there has been a large number of other examinations that have helped to expand the range of PSMF and increase our understanding of its benefits.

However, there are even more studies that you should understand to help increase your overall grasp of the ways that PSMF affects your body. The many research studies that have gone into examining PSMF have focused heavily on a multitude of concepts.

In fact, they noted that it had become the standard method for treating obesity at the Cleveland Clinic, a facility that will be discussed in more depth later. They also found that it caused a variety of short-term changes beneficial for a multitude of health issues. These included improved cholesterol and a range of other benefits.

However, they were also quick to point out that the long-term efficacy of this method of weight loss was less certain than its immediate effects.

In another study, the benefits of PSMF on the preoperative health of obese patients were carefully studied. This study was small scale, however, and further examinations of its results or replication of them have yet to be examined. In one study, it was found that a short-term intervention routine of 10 weeks of PSMF was beneficial as a way of helping obese children manage their excessive weight.

However, the study concluded by stating that long-term treatment with it could not be recommended because of a lack of studies on the subject.

Another study took a look at how protein broke down in people on a complete fast versus those on a protein-sparing modified fast. They found that a person on a total fast had a decreased balance of protein in her body and skeleton. This problem could result in muscle and even bone-density loss.

By contrast, they found that those on a PSMF routine experienced no loss of protein or only a minimal decrease. As a result, they believed it was a better method for obesity control than a total fast. A common theme that popped up throughout these studies was a concern over the lack of knowledge on long-term results.

As a result, it is critical to know what kind of individual should try out the PSMF routine and who should pass on trying it out. The difficulty of maintaining a PSMF diet means that it should only be done if you fall under certain headings. For example, people who are trying to lose a few extra pounds might not find this is the best diet for them.

While it would likely burn a few pounds off of your body, there are other less severe ways to lose weight. In fact, most facilities that perform a PSMF diet only do it as part of a prescribed weight-loss method.

Individuals who are dangerously obese and who need to lose weight often go to a clinic to go through this type of treatment or get at-home dietary suggestions from experts like the Cleveland Clinic. That said, the use of a PSMF diet is incredibly beneficial for those who have problems like type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, arthritis problems, fatty liver disease, or high blood pressure.

People who are sedentary or who have a hard time moving due to obesity often get excellent results from this particular diet. In fact, fatty liver disease is particularly important to manage when it occurs.

As a result, the many benefits that PSMF provides in treating this disease make it something to consider seriously. As always, though, it is essential to talk to your doctor before assuming that PSMF is safe for you.

Anybody going on a fasting diet knows that it can be a difficult-to-maintain dietary proposition. Even worse, there are many types of side effects and even adverse reactions that you have to take into account when going on this type of diet.

For example, you are going to go through a period of adjustment when you start that will throw your body into a loop. In almost every case, these side effects are temporary and go away after your body adjusts to the diet. As a result, it was often more comfortable for individuals to maintain this routine than they had initially anticipated.

That said, others were likely to suffer from hunger pangs, sudden cravings for carbohydrates, and even lightheadedness.

This problem may cause a complication in your symptoms or cause other side effects, such as stunted growth, problems with your teeth, and more.

In this situation, a person is likely to feel hungry all the time and may struggle to control their appetite. They may also experience complications with their pump, including operation failure and even infection around the pumping site. Just as importantly, they are easily outweighed by the possible advantages of this treatment method.

In fact, those who are dangerously obese or who are suffering through type 2 diabetes easily get more benefits than they do downsides when trying out this weight loss method. This type of diet focuses on severe caloric restriction and focusing your food intake on just a handful of macronutrients such as, in this case, protein. So if you are interested in a protein-sparing modified fast diet, it is essential to examine its many benefits in greater detail.

The following section will discuss each of the most beneficial elements of this diet and explore why they are so important. Each will also include a link to a study that showcases why these benefits are so crucial for your overall health. The same is true of PSMF. However, it is more beneficial than other types of extreme diets because it provides you with the protein you need to avoid muscle loss. Even worse, is the fact that many low-calorie diets often cause a person to suffer from some type of undernourishment.

Thankfully, the protein content of PSMF ensures that you are happy and healthy and that your muscles remain strong. Usually, people on a high-carbohydrate diet have higher levels that make them antsy, edgy, and emotionally difficult.

Thankfully, a PSMF routine can decrease your blood sugar and keep you more balanced and free of anxiety. This benefit ensures that your diet is more effective by eliminating the fat-burning restrictions imposed on your body by insulin. People who eat heavy amounts of carbohydrates often suffer from what is known as insulin resistance. Just as importantly, it will decrease the amount of insulin in your body, thereby making it easier for you to burn fat and lose weight quickly.

This diet will naturally promote better cholesterol and improve your heart health. In this way, you can minimize your risk of serious heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular dangers.

High blood pressure is a serious problem that can affect a large number of people and seriously deteriorate their health. It does this by not only helping you lose weight but by breaking apart the plaque buildup in your blood vessels that increases your blood pressure and which put increased stress on your heart and your overall cardiovascular system.

The long-term use of PSMF requires the use of a variety of supplements. It is true that you can take these supplements while on a short-term routine. The following sections will provide you with the insight you need into choosing the best supplements for your needs. For now, just know that these supplements are necessary whenever you are in the intensive period of a PSMF routine. As you are greatly restricting the kinds of foods that you can eat, you need to make sure that you take a multivitamin supplement.

It should just be high enough to ensure that you get your daily mineral and vitamin requirements.

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