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Dictionnaire des synonymes (argot, français populaire et français familier)
Dozens of municipalities belonging to these territories base their local flags on the Senyera as well. Also means "desk" in French. Within the United States Department of State a chargé is any officer left in charge of the mission in the absence of the titular chief of mission. Vignoble Bromont is where the vines grow their roots deep in the slate to give you genuine wines with a difference. Besides, amongst the ancient manuscripts preserved today in Poblet Monastery is found a carte plegada on son tots los Reys d'Arago e Comtes de Barchinona figurats , a genealogical roll of the Kings of Aragon and Counts of Barcelona commissioned between and by King Martin I of Aragon. According to a 14th-century legend , the flag dates back from the 9th century, when the four red bars were drawn, as an act of gratitude, on Wilfred I the Hairy 's Count of Barcelona golden shield by king Charles the Bald 's fingers drenched with blood from the Count's war wounds prior to Wilfred's death in during the siege of Barcelona by Lobo ibn Mohammed , the Moorish governor of Lleida. It means "in an unaltered way" and can be used either for people or things.

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