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Walmart to remove Cosmopolitan magazine from its checkout lines
Those who blame the real culprits support Sanders. The Queen makes even me nervous, says Prince Harry: As Batgirl and Robin made their way to the park on the lifts and rescued an officer who was held hostage, Joker fired an RPG at them and sacrificed several of his henchmen in the process. When Maggie and Oliver arrive, he sees them as a fresh audience, quickly and easily provoked to outrage. And often pollution too. Joker was later confronted by Deathstroke about his hiring of at least one other assassin besides himself, but Joker dismissed him, said that he had his chance, and that the night was still young.

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The Joker (Arkhamverse)

One of the protesters, expecting to be imprisoned, said she has no regrets. The UK should repeal its "aggravated trespass" law. Israel has demolished Palestinians' homes in In the twisted language of the Bahraini regime, criticizing injustice constitutes "inciting hatred". Real antisemitism was widespread in the UK in the past, and it may still exist today, but the criticism of Israel's occupation policies as "antisemitism" is a falsehood.

I wish this practice were limited to Russia. A group of volunteers work to catch the criminals. I do not approve of releasing tuna from a fish farm, which they did once before, but that is a side issue. At least one of the Hong Kong publishers was apparently taken from Thailand. It appears that Thailand is basically unsafe for anyone that China wants to grab. This resembles what the US did, kidnaping a man in Italy and sending him to Egypt to be tortured.

One former CIA agent is going to be extradited to Italy for trial for this. New York Times correction Everyone: This excuse is even more ludicrous than it seems, because printing a web page to show a person who can't see it on the net is probably fair use. I hope this can work. But given the way the non-Islamist rebels are closely allied with al-Nusra, I am not sure the distinction is practical.

Perhaps it should be called Whole Cloth, as in "made up out of". That's effectively a confession that the TTIP is a form of corruption.

The article argues against the idea that we have to praise evil people merely because they are dead. Those who blame the real culprits support Sanders. Those distracted with scapegoats support Trump. Ending the Prison to Poverty Pipeline.

As described here, the posters seem to be factual and accurate. Israel and its supporters take offense at this contradiction of the one-sided official picture, so they describe the posters as "vandalism" and even pretend that they threaten violence. It is not clear whether sea level rose faster 2, years ago, or we simply don't know how fast it rose then. This study forecasts only 1. In any case, sea level will continue rising, and over centuries the rise could amount to 25 meters.

Many of the world's major cities will be inundated. The evil of the Guantanamo prison is imprisonment without trial. Moving it to the US would not reduce the evil, only smash the last barrier against making it standard US practice. Justice requires that each prisoner be tried or released. So did President Kennedy, President Truman, and various other elected officials. I think this sort of unpredictable liability is the wrong way to decide what kinds of guns may be sold.

That policy should published explicitly in advance, and companies that follow it should not be liable. Thus, I advocate prohibiting large magazines, but not suing the companies that made them lawfully. So says another person who spent years in solitary confinement. I advocate a mixture of capitalism allow private businesses and socialism regulate them tightly, tax them a lot, and keep them small.

Appoint progressive to Supreme Court US citizens: The White House comments line is Withdraw demand to break security US citizens: Investigate Exxon's lies US citizens: Call on state attorneys general to investigate Exxon's climate lies.

Cutting emissions to avoid global heating disaster could save almost , Americans from death from respiratory diseases by The suggestion at the end to put US money into rural development is, however, easier to say than to do. The US has scattered lots of cash for this, and often it only fed corruption. Require warrants to use Stingrays US citizens: It is promoting secrecy and reducing accountability to the public.

There is a real dispute here, between male-to-female transsexuals who want to use toilets for females, and other females who feel uncomfortable with people in their toilets that are rather similar to males. Both of them have good reasons, and I don't see how to satisfy them both. I don't have a solution to offer, but these laws clearly only do harm.

The mainstream media are spinning this as "Clinton won". Michael Moore's latest film shows what's missing in the US political establishment including the mainstream media: There's a place for schools for gifted children. Just don't judge ordinary public schools against them.

Reject HR US citizens: It would be wrong to do this even if it were easy. Toxins were contributed by the garbage that they burned, as well as remains from Saddam Hussein's former chemical weapons programs.

Specifically, The FBI already has all of the suspects' communications records — who they talked to and how — as these are stored by service providers, not on the phone itself. The FBI has received comprehensive backups of all the suspects' data until just 6 weeks before the crime. Copies of the suspects' contacts with co-workers — the FBI claimed interest — are available in duplicate from those co-workers' phones. The phone in controversy is a government-issued work phone, subjected to consent-to-monitoring, not a secret terrorist communications device.

The "operational" phones believed to be hiding incriminating information, recovered by the FBI during a search, were physically destroyed, not "shielded by Apple. Apple's current defense of one aspect of user's privacy would be admirable if it were the whole story.

In fact, it is the exception among a long string of abuses. The article mentions one of the malicious functionalities of the iPhone and the iBad: This means they do not allow the user to run an operating system that wasn't signed by Apple. This gives Apple total power over the user. Schneier says that "either everyone gets security, or no one does. No user of an iThing has security against Apple, because Apple can do any nasty thing whatsoever in the next "upgrade".

It is infamous for mistreating its own users. In general, no user of proprietary software has any security against the program's developer. Even in , some in the Pentagon knew that the Syrian rebels were mainly Islamists. That doesn't mean Obama and his advisers knew this — but if not, they should have. That is hardly an excuse. It believes that they attack these facilities intentionally.

This article describes the UK. New York City has done it too, for instance in Zucotti Park. These laws have avoided dozens of alcohol-related injuries each year, but maybe it is possible to keep the venues open and reduce how much alcohol people can drink in them. The Australian law that punishes personnel who report this or other abuse of prisoners is a state-sanctioned coverup of systematic crime.

Protect sea floor habitats US citizens: Protect forage fish US citizens: Stop merger US citizens: Support clean power plan US citizens: There is no vaccine against the common cold — or against the flu in general.

Honduras still suffers from the effects of that coup. Clinton's policy towards Latin America: The thug did not intend to shoot Gurley, but did nothing to save him. They are concerned lest the state send the baby back to the prison in Nauru, where the baby was burned. He turned the constitution upside down to permit Republican voter suppression. The article itself uses self-defeating terminology such as "digital locks" and "digital rights management" , but the infographic itself does not use them.

This January set a record for the smallest amount of Arctic sea ice in winter. Global heating will make the groundwater shortage worse in parts of the US. Florida is passing a bill to make a list of organizations that support boycott, divestment or sanctions directed at the occupation of Palestine, and specifically cut funding to them.

These are not local initiatives. It is an extension to the US of the campaign to prohibit dissent in Israel. Global climate mayhem has happened before , and it causes entire ecosystems to collapse and disappear. Trump stated his admiration for an atrocity perhaps mythical attributed to US General Pershing in the colonized Philippines,. I've read though not in detail that the US's suppression of the Philippines in , when it had kicked out Spanish rule, was quite brutal.

Sanders now leads Clinton in a national poll. Clinton's strategy of trying to prevent voters from learning about Sanders, by having few debates and obscure ones, was cunning, and it almost worked. Maybe now it will fail. A company hires actors to pretend to be "concerned citizens", reading from scripts.

Documents show additional Volkswagen lies about the overpolluting cars. Some US states long ago banned paying low wages to employees and telling them to make it up with tips. I tip waiters in restaurants, because I know they depend on it, but I would rather get rid of the practice and require employers to pay them an adequate wage.

To reduce inequality, we need to change the rules that the super-rich have set up to grab most of the wealth that we produce. Exxon is still lobbying and spreading misinformation about global heating , trying to stop society from protecting itself from the likes of Exxon. Prisoner Albert Woodfox, who has been in solitary confinement for 43 years after bogus trials, was released from prison. Connecticut has arranged housing for all its homeless veterans.

Ocean heating is harming some marine species. An experiment shows shoppers on Ebay act in a sexist way. For most products, they offer a higher bid if the seller is male. Sexism has been demonstrated in other areas; for instance, evaluation of the merit of scientific work is affected by sexism.

My father's second wife was a painter. When she was young, she signed her paintings with a name that could be take for masculine, to avert sexism. Her paintings sold better that way. Increased CO2 in the water may not directly wipe out coral, but makes coral deformed and more more vulnerable to viruses.

Young coral organisms have special difficulty, so a reef might not recover after events that kill part of it. If you want to stop Trump in November, vote for Sanders now. The EPA will investigate how pesticides, including Roundup, affect endangered species.

Israel is planning a law to provide an excuse to kick elected Arabs out of Parliament. PISSI is using children of 12 as suicide bombers, as well as teenagers. Evidence from Australia substantiates the theory that lead poisoning controls society's overall crime rate.

Uganda's main opposition presidential candidate has been arrested. The FBI boasts of "disrupting" lots of supposed terrorist threats or plans, but won't explain concretely what "disrupting" means. It also isn't clear whether these were real terrorist plans, or fantasy plans that wont go anywhere unless facilitated by the FBI.

Nauru has tightened security against exposure of how it treats the prisoners it imprisons for Australia by restricting visits by Australians. Nauru is Australia's equivalent of Guantanamo, except used for people not even accused of terrorism and even less accountable. The EU is proposing to reduce regulations on clinical trials of drugs.

The biggest problem with clinical trials today is that they are run by the drug companies that make the drugs. This is a form of corruption. One specific aspect of this problem is that many trials go unpublished. Indeed, it could make things worse. What we need is specific additional regulation. This article gives too little information to judge the change, and that itself is a cause for suspicion.

They accuse Microsoft of dumping. The main wrong in the Microsoft deal is not an issue of competition, but that it is trying to impose dependence on user-subjugating software on the country. Obama and his top staff must know this. What I don't see is what they hope to achieve.

Convert part of al-Qa'ida into a US ally? It might not be a ridiculous idea, given that nearly all sides in Syria have committed great crimes the exception being the Kurds. But if we can forgive al-Qa'ida its crimes, why not Assad too? It's the result of fracking. Stand up for net neutrality US citizens: I agree with the opposition to anti-semitism; however, the claim that comparing Israel's occupation with apartheid constitutes "anti-semitism" makes me concerned that their definition of "anti-semitism" is too broad and that this is being used as an excuse to repress criticism of Israel.

Boycotts Are Vital to Democracy. The Tories are attacking democracy in the UK on a wide range of fronts, including voter suppression , gerrymandering , and attacks on Labour party funding. This adds up to a plan to quash democracy and seize permanent power while pretending not to.

The Israeli Labor party proposes permanent apartheid in the West Bank, and terror bombing of civilians in Gaza. Terrorism means making war on civilians. It doesn't become any more legitimate when the bombs are fired from planes instead of carried by suiciders. We know that the US has not adopted the necessary reforms to prevent the banks from causing another crisis.

The banksters did not allow sufficient reforms. It is interesting to see a member of the financial structure say so. As part of this campaign, protesters disrupted a US auction of oil and gas leases. Clinton is less electable , and her vaunted "experience" consists of supporting hawks and plutocrats. I have nothing against hiring Mexicans; I object to mistreating workers in any country or paying them so little. I say "suspect", because legally that's what's pertinent; but there is little doubt that this suspect, now deceased, was guilty of murder.

I do not object to this in principle, because it is part of investigating one suspect and doesn't imply snooping on everyone. Tear down Yellowstone dam US citizens: Net neutrality US citizens: It appears that microcephaly can be detected at 22 weeks. That's not too late for an abortion a fetus with a grave birth defect. Fair use in the US is not an explicit right, just a defense available to those accused of copyright infringement.

Thus, even if you are pretty sure from precedents that you're going to win the case on grounds of fair use, you're still in a perilous position. The Catholic Church should remove itself from operating hospitals rather than impose its dogma on patients. The emergency powers don't seem to have done much good so far, except for the fossil fuel companies by crushing rallies during the Paris climate meeting. Subsidizing fossil fuel puts the whole world in danger.

It has been clear for years that the Tories aimed to destroy the NHS but were unwilling to say so. Hindu fanaticism has been a dangerous force in India since before India was founded. Shortly after that, a Hindu fanatic assassinated Gandhi. As for charges of "sedition", any state that charges a person with "sedition" under whatever name convicts itself of oppression.

Meanwhile, the country is plagued by hunger and disease. A plutocratic state regards the people as its prey. This way, they avoid the embarrassment that would result if the rest of us saw their bullshit. Sharmeen Obaid was shot by her father for choosing who to marry. By a freak accident, she survived to tell the tale. The killer got off without punishment after she was pressured to "forgive" him.

Until state punishes these killers, private revenge is justified. Feminists in Pakistan would be justified in organizing to kill these killers. The government, finding this embarrassing, is shutting it down. The CIA officially tells agents to make false reports, which supposedly will be corrected by other reports. But sometimes the false reports are passed on to Congress and the corrections are not.

In most countries, "anti-terrorism" measures are a far bigger danger to the people than terrorism itself. Labeling of dissent as "terrorism" is a world-wide tendency, found also in the US. I think it is ridiculous to demand that either men or women go without sex for years, when a better solution is available.

There is no solid proof that Zika causes microencephaly, but evidence is accumulating. There's enough evidence to base practical decisions on the likelihood. Life decisions cannot always wait for scientific certainty, which can take many years to achieve. It is plausible for an insecticide to cause birth defects, but implausible that the insecticide alone could explain the big increase in microencephaly between and in Brazil.

Perhaps the microencephaly results from the combination of Zika and a pesticide. Or maybe this idea can be ruled out, if some of the cases occurred in cities and the pesticide is used only on farms. As global heating advances and causes additional mayhem, we will have to choose what to protect. The only way we can save everything — at least, everything that will only become threatened at later stages of heating — is to keep the fossil fuels in the ground. This is why spending money on mitigation instead of emissions reduction is total folly.

Cut nuclear weapons spending US citizens: Thank Kamala Harris Everyone: Thank Kamala Harris for investigating Exxon's climate lies.

Tongass National Forest US citizens: It formerly appeared that natural gas produced less greenhouse effect than other fossil fuels, but that was based on failing to take account of the methane leaks.

New Rate Survey of U. Of course — they need to make a profit somewhere. I suspect, however, that this does not take account of the way house costs and rents have ballooned. Repeal the military draft US citizens: Supreme Court US citizens: This seems to imply a system of massive surveillance, far more dangerous than occasional fights. People could be jailed for months on mere suspicion. One part of the proposal is legitimate: Vineyards will have to move to Tasmania, to the land where the old growth forests are burning down.

Non-corruption condition for aid US citizens: I expect that some companies or countries will try to use trade treaties to make the US repeal this law, as they have done with other important laws to protect something important.

Is it right to agree to violate someone's rights in order to get a worse violator to stop? And if you do, should you break the deal? It is a difficult question. Pass a Shareholders United act US citizens: Call on your state legislature to pass a Shareholders United act to limit corporations' political spending. Arrest Governor Snyder Everyone: Call for the arrest of Governor Snyder for recklessly poisoning the children of Flint, Michigan.

Vote on replacement for Scalia US citizens: Some twenty years ago, Massachusetts passed a law to boycott companies that did business in Burma.

At the time, the US had not yet adopted strong trade sanctions against Burma. Other countries called this a "non-tariff barrier to trade" and said it violated the World Trade Organization rules.

Congress passed, and President Clinton signed, a law that prohibited states from adopting such boycotts: This is one of the many plutocratist actions I condemn Bill Clinton for. Hillary Clinton appears to be basically the same in her support for plutocracy , which is why I will not vote for her for president.

I think the plan is a good idea, if it can be prevented from leading to a war between Turkey and Russia. Turkey accuses Russia of intentionally attacking civilians to send them fleeing. I would not put this past Putin. That doesn't prove it is an intentional plan. Maybe sending so many people fleeing is just a byproduct.

If so, Putin clearly does not mind. This is not only an injustice, it will help Boko Haram too. They can tell their captives, "If you escape, your family will hate you. Your only future now is with us. The torture-killing of Giulio Regeni called attention to what Egyptians suffer every day. Facebook apologized for deleting Viz magazine's page , but the point is that publications should have to depend on Facebook to act responsibility.

Only companies — not people, of course. A review of Kissinger's atrocities and crimes against humanity. He's not the source from which the president of the US should seek advice. Clinton has done little to distance herself from Kissinger's crimes. Food Recovery Act US citizens: Supreme Court nominees US citizens: No religion-based discrimination In the US: Clean energy US citizens: Stop net neutrality violation US citizens: In practice, the effect of the pledge is nil.

These workers are paid so little they can hardly get by. The low pay for these workers, and workers in general around the world, is the intended result of "free trade" treaties. That's why we must replace them with a different global system of trade, one that keeps wages up. I suppose the idea of convicting a thug was too shocking.

Remember, Facebook does not have users, it has useds. Facebook does this through Like buttons. The FBI has ever more ways to snoop on everyone even despite the use of encryption. Part of the blame falls on companies that want to surveil people through advertising.

This increasing snooping is dangerous for democracy. Several Tory ministers secretly agreed to give fracking priority over protecting national parts and sites of scientific interest. Saudi Arabia has investigated its own war crimes in Yemen and found itself innocent.

Australian censorship, specifically the criminalization of "hate speech", interferes with the debate about whether to legalize same-sex marriage. Stating opposition is likely to lead to prosecution. I support same-sex marriage, but I also support freedom of speech, and this includes the freedom to offend, insult, condemn or mock any person, belief, practice, institution, or group. That includes gays, and that includes straights.

The Mosul Dam is in danger of collapsing and killing up to half a million people. Without taxing the rich properly, support for refugees will in the short term fall on the poor. In a longer term, the refugees will contribute to the economy if there are jobs for them; but there may be no housing for them. New York thugs want the power in effect to declare anyone a felon on their own say-so.

Bahrain arrested American journalists who were covering a protest. The government accuses them of participating in the protest, and of doing journalism without permission. By doing so it confesses disrespect for human rights. What the article does not mention is that human population growth is the other jaw of the vice.

To stabilize fish populations won't be enough unless we stabilize the human population too. Russian air power is supporting the Kurds to advance in Syria. I suppose this is because Russia regards Turkey as the regional enemy, and the Kurds are the enemy of Russia's enemy.

It would be a very good thing if the Kurds captured that strip. However, Turkey's recent shelling of Kurdish fighters suggests that it is on the verge of starting a broader war against Syrian Kurds. If that happens, the Kurds might lose greatly unless they get more support. A giant bank bullied the UK government into weakening regulations by threatening to leave.

The courageous response, what the world needs, is to tell the banks to jump in the lake. But I won't say that the Tories were cowardly. I doubt they ever wished to deny such a powerful company what it wanted.

Tens of thousands protested in North Carolina against voter suppression laws. Plain, unexaggerated truth from Trump! Right-wing nuts insisting on Dubya 's lies instead!

Dubya and Cheney repeated those lies over and over, even after the facts were established; it was evil, but very effective at building a movement disconnected from reality. TTIP of the Iceberg: In Russia, official censorship is surrounded by a cloud of intimidation. A few days before Uganda's presidential election, the state has jailed an opposition candidate. India arrested a student at Jawaharlal Nehru University for "sedition", leading to a strike which has received support from other campuses.

Puerto Rico is turning itself into a tax shelter for billionaires to parasitize the US. Still, the competition to bow down to billionaires will hurt all of us, except the billionaires. We must put an end to it. Settlement of refugees Everyone: Call on Tennessee not to oppose settlement of refugees.

Dodd-Frank provisions US citizens: What they propose would be a step in the right direction, but it does not go far enough. For democracy's sake, we must stop considering this kind of "solution" as a real solution. Regardless of what entity collects the data, it is Big Brother's use of the data that threatens democracy. ISPs should be forbidden to keep any records of a user's internet contacts, except when ordered by a specific warrant.

What else would you expect from a Tory? We have the same problem in the US. It's effective for promoting pregnancy and diseases among teenagers, but no one can point to any good results. Obama has not much record of standing firm, but this would be an outrageous surrender. Cancel nuclear weapons upgrades US citizens: Beyond contributing to the possible defeat of PISSI , they will also help the struggle against the general patriarchal cruelty of Arab society.

China deserves this rebuke, and I hope it is adopted. Meanwhile, I wish the US would cease its practices of imprisonment without trial , extracting false confessions through torture , and imprisoning whistleblowers, so that it could be in a good moral position to rebuke other countries. It not only harms them economically and endangers their health, it also increases the birth rate, which endangers everyone. It's also a fundamental wrong.

The song is probably in the public domain, but there is no way to prove that. According to Wikipedia, Azaz was held by al-Nusra al-Qa'ida together with other Syrian rebels; the Kurds cooperated with Russia to take it.

I can't begin to figure out what this implies. US intervention is largely to blame for the rottenness, what with forcibly removing President Aristide and imposing the former president Martelly. These injuries range from suffocation to broken bones. The companies falsify records and deny the victims medical treatment. But hey, they have to make money, right?

To allow a privately run prison is to invite injustice. This practice must be abolished. More generally, no government function should be privatized unless that gives the public the benefit of a competitive market. Yet another reason why we should abolish patents. President Clinton's media law, bought by media companies' lobbyists , allowed them to merge and concentrate, increasing their power. The biggest victim is democracy itself.

No wonder they now support Clinton for president. I've read elsewhere that data brokers do reassociate these profiles with people's names, by correlating data from various sources.

I think that public funds should not be spent on fertility treatments. Public policy should aim for a lower birthrate, as long as the human population is too high and still rising. The US birth rate is low enough for population stability, if it were not for immigration; but since we do have immigration, and the US population is still rising, we should aim to reduce both causes of population increase. Some vultures are holding out for more. If they get as much as a cent, that will be a victory for evil.

The court should award those fund managers 10 years, not 10 dollars. Update overtime pay limit US citizens: Protect migrant minors US citizens: Restrict fossil fuel extraction US citizens: Proposal for curbing global heating US citizens: Support the Congressional Progressive Caucus proposal for curbing global heating. The tide itself comes on top of sea-level rise.

Tides are not likely to change much in the next few million years, but our greenhouse gases are pushing sea-level rise. In a few centuries, much of London will be permanently inundated. It's really Scilly to introduce non-native species. You can blame this on proprietary software. This prohibition is effective because the apps are proprietary software and can restrict what users can say. A state would find it a lot harder to restrict people through making demands on free software.

Hooray, and may this lead to the elimination of copyright from scientific publishing, as I called for 15 years ago. Or are they simply displaying their grasping nature? There is no need to investigate precisely how bad for-profit colleges are, because there is no good reason for them to exist at all.

The US government should stop offering aid to study in them. That would more or less get rid of them all. Traditional not-for-profit colleges would pick up the load. They are not allowed to go to the UK, but France does not seem to be trying to kick them out. If they can stay in France, isn't that good enough to escape the persecution of whichever country they are fleeing from? Stop relying on a navigation system , and get a map!

With her hawkish views, it is no surprise that Clinton is following his advice. The Clintons have had a close personal relationship with Kissinger for years. What this says to me is that if Clinton disapproves of anything Kissinger did, she does not take the matter very much to heart.

While Clinton has started saying things that are more progressive, I don't believe she means them sincerely, and I expect she would revert to plucratism if she got elected. We need a president and a congress that will give the banksters the opposite of what they want. We are using up groundwater as if there were an unlimited supply.

Let's stop increasing the world's population! Regulate untested chemicals US citizens: Stop prison abuse of immigrants US citizens: It is wrong to criminalize sex with animals if the animals are willing and not injured.

I've read about people that smear on their genitals something that dogs find tasty, to get the dogs to lick them. That is sex with an animal. The animal clearly chooses to do it. What part of that deserves punishment? I won't use AirBnB because I refuse to identify myself to internet services. I believe no one should be allowed to install a semipermanent remotely viewable camera a surveillance camera looking at a public place without a court order.

However, in this case, a security camera which makes local recordings with no remote viewing could have done the same job. I think that that use of the security camera is legitimate. A security camera serves to get information about any crimes visibly committed in a place, and that's what was done here.

However, it wouldn't hurt to require the state to get a warrant to set up an outdoor security camera to snoop on a particular person. This shows the importance of not keeping records about your users! However, other prison criminals are not being prosecuted.

But looking for flaws in them is missing the point, because these flaws don't justify the killings. And Zika may cause an increase in miscarriages. When a patch is visibly offered by a woman, it has less chance of being accepted by the developers.

But when the developers don't know she is a woman, women's patches have a higher chance of being accepted. Apparently the women are more competent, on the average, and face prejudice. What he demands is a free hand abolishing human rights in Turkey, and perhaps attacking Kurds in Syria too. On the other hand, Turkey has a legitimate demand that other countries share in the cost of caring for the millions of Syrian refugees there. Of course, that's what the Tories are after.

That's why they created the crime of "aggravated trespass", i. Now that they have adopted Republican voter suppression techniques so they can't lose , they don't fear political opposition; an inconvenient protest is the only effective response to their abuses of power.

It is not clear Russia will stop bombing, and if it doesn't stop, the cease fire won't really take effect. When will we learn to keep American children, both poor and not, safe from lead? Sanders said he would entirely eliminate the restrictions on use of US funds to pay for abortions, if we elect a Congress that will support this. Please do not endorse their claim to be a "militia" ; that gives them dignity they are not entitled to.

More about how the FBI approached the matter. When this kills people in the car, the thugs hold its driver responsible. They say they will strike , and if that fails, quit. Someone seems to have falsely signed NHS officials names to a letter backing the imposition of a contract.

Half of them have said they reject the letter; some say the text was altered after they agreed. What else would you expect from Tories? Most students are not taught that human beings are causing it. The teachers are not very well educated about the issue. Even if a company has a firm policy about not mistreating its users unlikely , that is unlikely to bind whatever company acquires it.

It also won't bind crackers that steal the data, or Big Brother armed with a national security letter. The best thing is not to let the company get any data about you. I do my purchases anonymously. But when he felt pressured to compete with Trump to endorse torture, he did so by redefining torture so narrowly that not much would qualify.

Trump and Cruz are promoting the false assumption that torture is an effective way to get information from a suspect, as well as the immoral idea that it is justified.

This lumps rapists together with teenagers that sext which may be foolish but should not be a crime at all. Some states are thinking of converting sexting into a misdemeanor. While that might reduce the harm done by prosecuting them, it is not a real solution. It also occurs to me that if having a copy of your own nude photo becomes a felony when you reach 18 years of age, many will become felons without noticing.

Isn't it a shame that such a person gets invited to meet the US government? Isn't it a bigger shame that the US's own conduct does not provide a clear rebuke to Egypt? The decision they intend to appeal was to shut down a criminal investigation that might inculpate plutocratist Governor Walker.

I agree with this campaign as regards human rights. Ministers must respect them. However, I think there are some international agreements that every minister has a duty to stuff in the toilet — the business supremacy agreements. Here's the article by Michelle Alexander.

No more offshore drilling US citizens: Protect wildlife refuges US citizens: Hint, it's a three-letter treaty. The only way they will let any wealth trickle down to the rest of us is if we squeeze them. Sanders' conclusive victory demonstrates Clinton's electability problem. Internet-connected devices are already being used to snoop on people, by government agencies and by others. Bahrain has repressed protests cruelly.

The problems are that 1 the Tories who don't seriously intend to meet those targets have cancelled the funds for CCS and 2 it is experimental and might not work practically anyway. In fact, thugs use many methods to extract false confessions. The article refers to a video on Netflix. Please don't ever use Netflix.

Transcanada's lawsuit US citizens: Support the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act. Repeating that slogan is vital to inform Britons that they should blame the Tories, not themselves, for their difficulties. In some countries, female citizens have children who can't get citizenship in any country. For Putin, what approach to take towards Europe is purely a matter of expediency, and he might change it any day. He wants to hurt women and the non-rich much like other Republicans, only he is a little less crazy about it.

The US government is scurrying to set up a licensing system that would eliminate the requirements these prisons fail to meet.

In principle, I am in favor of wiping out Aedes aegypti and other mosquito species that transmit diseases to humans. They will be no great ecological loss. In principle, the loss of any species is a loss to the world, but sometimes it is justified. However, we had better be very careful not to make a mistake that would backfire. Meanwhile, we are wiping out thousands of other species unintentionally through carelessness and inattention.

Let's put an end to that! This method is somewhat experimental, whereas burning oll is a time-tested method for frying our ecosphere. And it isn't even in London! They confessed to throwing rocks.

Never mind that there is no evidence that any rocks were actually thrown there and then, or that some of the boys were proved to be elsewhere at the time. Investigate death in jail US citizens: Tell Clinton to stop lying US citizens: Tell Clinton , stop lying about your vote for the war in Iraq.

This won't deter anyone from selling drugs, and won't avoid overdoses. It is just a way to look tough. Dangerous drugs are used all around the world. Perhaps the laws and medical systems of some other countries make overdoses less likely, or less likely to be fatal. Giving addicts a legal way to get a fix, with assured strength and no toxic additives, could really prevent these problems from happening. A better medical system might avoid deaths in some cases. Deaths from guns, cars and drugs are significant causes of death for US males, reducing life expectancy by a whole year, compared with some other countries.

I'd say this is because politicians have directed it into fights that are unjustified and foolish. Making things worse can be done working behind the scenes.

That's the way lobbyists work. But if you want to make things better, you can't do it with their methods. You must rouse people. You must demand justice, and full solutions to big problems. That doesn't mean it is easy to win. But at least that way you can make it a real fight. I think Clinton realizes this.

She is not interested in changing very much, so she can denigrate the methods by which that could be done. Here are 7 groups of Americans who have been beaten down. Government policy should be designed to help them. I regard this as good news. I hope this means Russian planes will not bomb them. In the mean time, he has been denied contact with his lawyer and his family.

The Afghan Army can't hold out alone. I'm worried this indicates a US decision to prop up the Afghan government ad infinitem. The obvious suspects are the thugs and the army. This ineffective initiative replaces the flight tax that the EU imposed, which was shot down by business-subservient states such as the US.

Of course, we can do so. We can even refuse to have a mobile phone, and that is what I do. But that is only a last recourse, and it shouldn't be necessary. The council voted to cease starting meetings with prayers. Bravo for the Satanic Temple. It is a clever hack. The trauma of living in detention could last forever. It turns out that adjustments to the latter, which compensate for changes in local conditions, do a good job of it.

This is part of a worldwide push for more censorship. People are entitled to the right to insult any person, any group, any practice, any institution, and any belief.

I support this goal, but I have doubts about the proposed bill. First of all, prosecuting false reports will only be possible when the author of the report can be identified. Aren't most of these reports anonymous? Second, the bill is much broader, and makes any false emergency report a crime. This year will be worse. This does not surprise me, because governments allocate to public health the least they can get away with under normal circumstances.

By the time they see a need for more, it takes too long to ramp up. New York, London, Cairo and Shanghai will all be submerged. Now they are in danger. The idea that talented people make the world a better place has no traction among plutocrats. They care only about their own children's future; most of the population is of no use to them any more and might as well die young. It is too bad that the article uses the incoherent term "intellectual property".

As usual, that term is a gratuitous overgeneralization , since in fact the law they try to do this with is copyright law. Writing "intellectual property" instead of "copyright" drags in several irrelevant legal issues including trademarks, patents, design patents, IC mask monopolies, trade secrets and publicity rights.

It can damage them permanently. This is too dangerous. A search in the US should always require approval of a US court, and likewise for every other country. It must be possible to speed up international assistance without removing crucial safeguards. They are getting some supplies there. Call on Governor Snyder to testify Everyone: Call on Governor Snyder to testify to Congress about Flint's water.

And nobody was jailed for this. I am disappointed that he endorses the idea that speech can be banned because it is "hate speech". In my humble opinion, stocking product and serving people in your retail stores should take precedence over internet sales.

Nobody who orders online expects the product in their hands immediately. Everyone who walks in the door to a retail shop is disappointed if they are turned away to leave without their product selection.

Tuesday, April 7, - 1: Tuesday, April 7, - 2: Browse and decide in the store then go home and order online? Now, after Steve Jobs fine tuned the retail experience and moved people from shopping online to brick and mortar shopping, Angela will destroy the experience. Tuesday, April 7, - 6: Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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