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That's what's so great about Nintendo. When these components are reduced to nano-size particles and mixed together, they form super-thermite, a highly energetic and explosive form of Thermite. Improv Class Performance. That game was Donkey Kong, in which Mario had to rescue Pauline from the title character. While I had no interest in meeting Frau Marek afterwards, I have been told through our mutual acquaintance that she is always very interested to know where I am. It's a fantastic fighting game and is good single player and with parties.

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CNN, however, has never shown any real interest in discussing the physical evidence of When, for example, a CNN team came to Schaumburg, Illinois, in January , to interview me as an independent journalist writing about , they showed absolutely no interest in discussing the evidence of explosives and steel-melting thermite in the destruction of the World Trade Center, although this was the key element of the research I had been writing about for the previous year or more. Rather than discuss the evidence of demolition, CNN seemed determined to frame me as an anti-Semite.

I was repeatedly asked, "So, who did it? After I told CNN very clearly that I was not an anti-Semite, the video editors spliced in a clip of a woman from the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith a secret organization of Jewish Freemasons taken in another city at another time, that made it appear that she was responding to my comments. Fortunately, we had recorded the entire interview with CNN and were able to show how CNN was not at all interested in the evidence from but wanted only to smear me as an anti-Semite.

Why would CNN even have such an agenda to attack a truth seeker of ? Now, two years later, we have a scientific peer-reviewed paper that presents physical evidence of super-thermite i. This is a crucial discovery because this is evidence of the extremely sophisticated and powerful explosive that pulverized the twin towers on CNN, however, has yet to even report on this key discovery, which was published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal in March Why is CNN avoiding discussion of such crucial evidence of the explosives found in the dust of the destroyed twin towers?

Is the scientific evidence explaining how the towers were destroyed of no importance to CNN? How can CNN ignore the scientific evidence of large amounts of nano-thermite, or super-thermite, found in the pulverized rubble of the World Trade Center? Jones of Provo, Utah, has proven the existence of a highly-explosive thermitic material, "characterized as nano-thermite or super-thermite," in five different samples of dust from the collapsed towers of the World Trade Center.

This paper, published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, is an historic breakthrough in the scientific investigation of the explosive collapses of the twin towers, yet CNN has not even mentioned it. This scientific discovery reveals that sophisticated demolition explosives had been placed in the twin towers before the two planes struck them on So, who put super-thermite in the WTC?

This is the first time we have solid evidence of the unusual explosives involved in the demolition of the three collapsed towers. One would think that CNN would find such a development to be newsworthy. CNN's refusal to discuss the crucial evidence of explosives in the World Trade Center reveals that CNN is both controlled and opposed to discussing the evidence of what really happened on Signed, Christopher Bollyn www.

We now have a scientific peer-reviewed paper that presents physical evidence of super-thermite i. This paper, published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, is an historic breakthrough in the scientific investigation of the explosive collapses of the twin towers.

I would expect that this discovery would be of great interest to members of Congress. This evidence disproves the official version of events and indicates that the nation has been lied to about what really happened on Please inform me by email of your actions on this matter. WTC 6 was evidently damaged before either tower fell and had an unexplained crater that went to the lowest basement level.

The basement of the building appears to have experienced an explosion at the exact moment the South Tower was hit by a plane.

In this photo the rubble of the North Tower is on the left and the remains of WTC 7 are on the lower right. The destruction of WTC 6 is one of the many unexplained questions of This 8-story building suffered a huge crater in its center which went all the way down to sub-basement levels. What caused the huge crater in the middle of WTC 6?

This infrared image shows the large and deep crater in the center of WTC 6 lower left. There is no explanation for the deep crater that goes into the sublevels of the 8-story building. In , I asked CNN about the timing of the explosion indicated by the light plume rising in the lower left hand corner of the photo below and was told that it occurred at 9: Although the archivist had no reason to lie, it seems that the CNN footage was taken as the South Tower collapsed. The footage can be seen in its complete context at: The mystery plume seen rising over WTC 6 evidently occured as the second tower began collapsing.

It appears to be a sandy-colored plume rising from the area of the crater seen in WTC 6. The plume appears to be rising from the exact area of the huge crater. The same explosion probably caused the secondary light plume seen in the second photo by the late Bill Biggart, seen below.

The fact that the WTC 6 building was severely damaged before the first tower collapsed can be seen in photos taken by Bill Biggart, a photographer who was killed on when the North Tower collapsed. His digital photos were salvaged from his camera. This photo was taken as the South Tower was demolished with super-thermite, which caused the super-pulverization of the concrete. Whatever caused the scorched damage to WTC 6 clearly happened before the first tower collapsed.

Both of these plumes are light and sandy in color and appear to be of another composition than the concrete dust clouds of the pulverized tower. This plume is clearly rising from below the street and is not part of the pyroclastic cloud coming from the demolished WTC 2. It is rising from below the street and obstructing the Quebec-New York. The following articles are my early articles about the WTC 6 mystery.

Please note that these articles were written in Video Evidence of Unexplained Explosion in WTC 6 July 2, Images of unidentified aircraft and missiles photographed during the attack on the World Trade Center suggest that was the "highly planned, covert, special-operation," which some astute observers have claimed from the beginning.

The awful moment when United Airlines Flight smashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center is an event captured on film and videotape from many angles.

Among the archive of photographic and video evidence are distinct images of unidentified aircraft and missiles that appear to have played significant roles in the attack. The fact that the leading federal agencies involved in the criminal investigation of deny any knowledge of these photographs lends credence to those who maintain the attack was "a domestic, covert, special operation. While viewers' attention was focused on the crash and subsequent fireball, few noticed the missile streaking toward 6 and WTC 7 at the edge of the screen.

The blurred streak that appeared from behind the smoking north tower disappeared in the wink of an eye into the lower right hand corner of the screen. Frame-by-frame analysis of that video shows what appears to be an incredibly fast streaking missile, headed toward 6 or WTC 7, at the precise moment the plane exploded in the south tower. Six WTC was an 8-story building, which was left with a huge unexplained crater at its center while WTC 7 burned and collapsed late in the afternoon on , for no apparent reason.

Fire engineers are baffled as to what caused the story building, built by Larry Silverstein in , to collapse. But that would not explain steel members in the debris pile that appear to have been partly evaporated in extraordinarily high temperatures, Dr. While one tank held 6, gallons of fuel to power the mayor's command bunker on the 23rd floor, another set of four tanks held as much as 36, gallons just below ground level on the building's southwest side for emergency generators. But he added, "The tanks may have accelerated the collapse, but did not cause the collapse.

Jackson said that about an hour before the building's collapse, heavy black smoke, consistent with a fuel fire of some sort, was coming from that part of the building.

The streaking missile seen in the video could have pierced the heavy masonry that protected the diesel storage tanks. The missile is obviously traveling extremely fast, at an estimated 5, feet per second 3, mph.

No other military is known to have such a missile. Although a video might not capture an image of the missile, experts say the rapidly dissipating exhaust of a LOSAT can be captured on film if the lighting, angle and background conditions are suitable.

Although numerous images of unidentified aircraft and missiles are accessible in the public archive of WTC video footage and have been scrutinized frame-by-frame by Internet sleuths, federal investigators and the mainstream media pretend to be completely ignorant of their existence.

Spokesmen for the federal agencies engaged in the investigation all feigned ignorance of the aforementioned video images when contacted by this reporter on July 1, Denial of the existence of these photographs by the federal agencies at the forefront of the criminal investigation is troubling because it indicates an inability to respond to evidence that has been in the public domain since September It is incredulous that the FBI and FAA are denying knowledge of photographic evidence, which has been openly published and discussed in the Japanese mass media.

Before either tower had collapsed, LaRouche said: Instead he blamed "people who want the U. People who have the ability to play that kind of game inside the United States. This is a covert, strategic, special-operations operation, which has characteristic similarities to the militia operation against the Oklahoma City center some years ago.

It could not have happened otherwise. July 10, Before the smoke had cleared from around the stricken South Tower, a mysterious explosion shot feet into the air above the U.

Customs House at 6 World Trade Center. This unexplained blast at the Customs House has never been investigated or reported in the mainstream media. Despite the fact that the horrible events of September 11 occurred in broad daylight and were widely photographed, significant aspects of the attacks have been completely suppressed by a media blackout.

Customs House, although no national newspaper or media outlet has said a word about it. Because it not broadcast as it happened there has been some confusion about when it actually occurred.

The large amount of smoke seen cascading around the South Tower in the video led some observers to mistake the blast for a dust cloud from the subsequent collapse of the tower.

CNN's Public Affairs Department confirmed that the explosion shown in the footage occurred immediately after the second plane had crashed into the South Tower. When asked if the footage was taken at 9: Customs House building, also known as WTC 6. The building primarily housed the offices of some employees of the Customs Service, a department of the U. A spokesman for the Export-Import Bank of the U. One private company, Eastco Building Services, Inc.

Some workers from WTC 6 were safely evacuated within 12 minutes of the first plane hitting the North Tower at about 8: The Barr piece is the only known article published about WTC 6, however, Barr failed to mention the explosion that apparently devastated the building just minutes after the workers had escaped with their lives.

Regarding the investigation of WTC 4, 5, and 6, FEMA's "Building Performance" report says, "WTC 5 was the only building accessible for observation," but it adds, "The observations, findings, and recommendations are assumed to be applicable to all three buildings.

Gene Corley, one of the engineers who led the investigation, told me that concerns about loose gold bullion and cash prevented investigators from entering WTC 4.

The crater in WTC 6 went into the sub-basement levels. The damage to WTC 6 occurred before the first tower collapsed and does not appear to have been caused by falling debris. Corley said he had not seen the photos before and said, "These are interesting photos. A spokesman for the Customs Service said, "It did not blow up. When the tower collapsed it caved in. He noted that parts of the plane's landing gear and an engine passed through the South Tower, and landed several blocks away.

These objects, however, had a distinctly different trajectory from the streaking missile-like object. Jonathan Barnett, another investigator that I spoke to, said, "The debris from Tower 2 hit Building 5, not 6. July 12, There has been some confusion about when the CNN video showing the mysterious explosion of was filmed. The most senior archivist available, who could only reveal his first name, Andy, said that the footage showing the mysterious explosion had been shot as the second plane crashed into the South Tower, about 9: There has been some doubt about the large amount of smoke seen around the south tower in the background.

Most television viewers did not see the debris and smoke that fell around the South Tower after the plane crashed because tall buildings were in the way. A series of photos by Carmen Taylor, however, show that the amount of smoke and debris, and the way that if fell, match the image from CNN, which is taken from the opposite side of the towers.

The Carmen Taylor photos. Carmen Taylor of Lavaca, Ark. Taylor was vacationing in New York when she spotted an airplane flying toward the World Trade Center, which had been struck by another plane minutes earlier. Taylor was just about to board the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty when the first explosion happened. She turned her camera on, and started shooting.

As she did, she caught the explosions after the first plane struck. Then, she captured the second plane just before it hit the tower. Hello, I was just reading your article about building 6, and saw that you have a caption of the plume over wtc6 and it says that this occurred just as the second plane impacted. I found the original clip on youtube. The plume occurred just after the south tower collapsed not just after the second impact. It seems to be the pyroclastic dust cloud from the collapse of the South Tower.

His comments from June 22 about WTC 7 and WTC 6 and how inconvenient witnesses like himself have been silenced are extremely important to understand how so many people who know or saw something have been effectively silenced in a nation that claims to promote honesty and free speech. Among other things at the WTC, Sonnenfeld saw that the huge vault beneath WTC 6 had been emptied, most likely during the previous night. This information is essential to understand the crater that was found in the U.

It appears to have been a tremendous blast that originated in the sublevel vault of WTC 6. Probably to hide the fact that the vault had been cleaned out the night before. Sonnenfeld is currently living in exile in Argentina, like me, a victim of malicious prosecution. Sonnenfeld is "an inconvenient witness" -- an honest man who saw and knows too much. This is another major breakthrough in the struggle to find the truth about what really happened on Sonnenfeld filming the evidence at the demolished World Trade Center.

Sonnenfeld's book tells the history of his persecution at the hands of U. To read more about Sonnenfeld's book, see: Read the exclusive interview with Sonnenfeld at: What happened with Building 7 is incredibly suspicious.

I have video that shows how curiously small the rubble pile was, and how the buildings to either side were untouched by Building Seven when it collapsed. It had not been hit by an airplane; it had suffered only minor injuries when the Twin Towers collapsed, and there were only small fires on a couple of floors.

Yet the collapse of Building 7 was hardly mentioned by the mainstream media and suspiciously ignored by the Commission. Reportedly, the underground levels of WTC7 contained sensitive and undoubtedly compromising archival material. Did you come across any of it? Other federal agencies had offices there as well. After September 11, it was discovered that concealed within Building Seven was the largest clandestine domestic station of the Central Intelligence Agency outside of Washington DC, a base of operations from which to spy on diplomats of the United Nations and to conduct counterterrorism and counterintelligence missions.

There was no underground parking level at Seven World Trade Center. And there was no underground vault. Instead, the federal agencies at Building Seven stored their vehicles, documents and evidence in the building of their associates across the street. This was where the various government services parked their bomb-proofed cars and armored limousines, counterfeit taxi cabs and telephone company trucks used for undercover surveillance and covert operations, specialized vans and other vehicles.

Also within that secured parking area was access to the sub-level vault of Building 6. Sonnenfeld approaching the entrance to the sub-level areas of Building 6. Much of the underground levels beneath it were also destroyed.

But there were voids. And it was into one of those voids, recently uncovered, that I descended with a special Task Force to investigate. It was there we found the security antechamber to the vault, badly damaged. At the far end of the security office was the wide steel door to the vault, a combination code keypad in the cinderblock wall beside it. But the wall was cracked and partially crumbled, and the door was sprung partially open.

So we checked inside with our flashlights. Except for several rows of empty shelves, there was nothing in the vault but dust and debris. It had been emptied. Why was it empty? And when could it have been emptied? Is this what set alarm bells ringing for you? Yes, but not immediately.

With so much chaos, it was difficult to think. Building Six was evacuated within twelve minutes after the first airplane struck the North Tower. The streets were immediately clogged with fire trucks, police cars and blocked traffic, and the vault was large enough, 15 meters by 15 meters by my estimate, to necessitate at least a big truck to carry out its contents.

And after the towers fell and destroyed most of the parking level, a mission to recover the contents of the vault would have been impossible. The vault had to have been emptied before the attack.

After the existence of their clandestine office in Building Seven was discovered, an agency spokesman told the newspapers that a special team had been dispatched to scour the rubble in search of secret documents and intelligence reports, though there were millions, if not billions of pages floating in the streets. Nevertheless, the spokesman was confident. The exploded remains of the destroyed U. Customs House WTC 6. And Customs at first claimed that everything was destroyed.

That the heat was so intense that everything in the evidence safe had been baked to ash. But some months later, they announced that they had broken up a huge Colombian narco-trafficking and money-laundering ring after miraculously recovering crucial evidence from the safe, including surveillance photos and heat-sensitive cassette tapes of monitored calls.

Stubblebine on what hit the Pentagon. A video clip has surfaced of Major General Albert N. Asked what hit the Pentagon, Stubblebine says, "I don't know, but I do know…it was not an airplane. Stubblebine is a graduate of West Point, '52 who served in the U. Army for 32 years.

He now works with his wife on issues of public health and has a website at healthfreedom. Stubblebine's comments are important because they come from a very high-ranking military commander.

He points out the fact that there is no photographic evidence that a large Boeing with two engines penetrated the building. Photographs of the Pentagon taken shortly after the impact show that the hole is too small for a Boeing and there is no sign of any debris on the lawn.

The massive fraud of is being exposed more every day. The Pentagon shortly after being struck; no evidence can be seen that a Boeing hit the building. If a Boeing flew into the Pentagon at "grade level" it would have struck these large spools. There would also be two large holes in the wall where the engines penetrated. The spectacular explosions that accompanied the impact of the planes provide evidence of having been created by Thermate containing barium nitrate which produced the light orange flame and white smoke.

Understanding how Thermite works sheds new light on the photographic evidence of The discovery of Thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center is solid scientific proof that this steel-melting and steel-vaporizing explosive was used to demolish the twin towers on The peer-reviewed scientific paper , Niels Harrit, Steven E. Jones, et al that presents the evidence of Super-Thermite nano-sized Thermite compounds in the dust of the twin towers is the result of years of investigation.

The white smoke and molten iron seen in this photo are evidence of Thermite causing the collapse of the tower. Understanding the importance of this discovery and the evidence of the use of Thermite in the spectacles that unfolded on is central to understanding how the towers were demolished, a heinous crime in which some three thousand people lost their lives.

This is why, I believe, Dr. Jones and I were both attacked in August-September During the spring and summer of , Jones and I had worked closely on interpreting the evidence that pointed to the use of Thermite.

I was attacked in the middle of August at my home by a team of unidentified thugs, which had been prowling around my house and who turned out to be an undercover police tactical unit connected to the Dept. It was no coincidence that two researchers who were investigating the use of Thermite were both attacked within three weeks. Because Jones' research was focused primarily on the use of Thermite at the World Trade Center and because I had worked closely with him, it certainly appears that a decision had been made during the summer of by the culprits of to attack, vilify, and discredit both of us.

The fact that the three people who led the attack on Jones were all Zionist Jews clearly reveals the nature of the group that was being protected. Jones discuss the evidence of Thermite in the spring of Thomas Cahill, who had studied the particles in the smoke that rose from the pile of rubble at Ground Zero.

The Davis DRUM, which measured the quantities and sizes of the particles from the smoke, found an extraordinarily large amount of extremely small particles and nano-size particles of many metals in the bluish smoke that rose from the pile.

This hazy smoke rose from the pile until the fires burned themselves out in late December Such particles, Cahill said, could only be produced in fires hotter than the boiling point of the metals.

This was scientific proof that beneath the rubble of the twin towers were extreme hot spots in which iron boiled for more than 15 weeks. That is a most unusual fire. Given the fact that these super-intense fires were raging in oxygen-starved conditions, it became clear that an aluminothermic reaction like Thermite was creating these hot spots.

The bluish smoke that rose from the pile contained large amounts of nanosized particles of metals created only in fires hotter than the boiling point of the metal. Neither the lack of air nor the continuous dousing with water affected these incredibly intense hot spots.

This is evidence of thermite, which can be used underwater, cooking under the pile. This survey contained several photos of tiny balls of iron found in the dust. These spheres were solid evidence that large amounts of molten iron accompanied the destruction of the World Trade Center.

This iron sphere in the dust of the WTC was a tiny drop of molten iron that solidified as it fell. These spheroids of iron are one of the products of a Thermite reaction. When Thermite, a compound of aluminum and iron oxide, reacts, the products are aluminum oxide, a white smoke, and molten iron. The exothermic reaction releases a great deal of heat as well. The addition of a small amount of sulfur 2 percent increases the effectiveness of the steel melting or steel vaporizing process eutectic while barium nitrate creates a light orange flame.

The thermite compound with sulfur or barium nitrate is known as Thermate, an incendiary pyrotechnic composition that generates short bursts of exceedingly high temperatures. It should be noted that steel beams and columns were found to have been melted and vaporized in the remains of the three collapsed towers.

The FEMA report about the collapsed twin towers noted the vaporized steel beams Barnett and said that the areas where this had occurred showed signs of sulfidation.

None of this could be explained and the FEMA report presented evidence of steel that had been affected by Thermate without using the word. Barnett examined two pieces of melted steel: About the first piece, Barnett wrote: Barnett found the same sulfidation in the piece of melted steel from the TwinTowers. The oxidation and sulfidation of the steel requires the oxygen and sulfur being "intimately in contact with the metal at high temperature," Jones said.

Super-Thermite is a form of Thermite composed of nano-size particles which makes the reaction explosive. The evidence is now clear. The photo shows a core column that has been cut with Thermite. The steel walls of the core columns were 4 inches thick at the base of the towers.

Thermate with barium nitrate was used as an "incendiary pyrotechnic" during the first explosions that accompanied the planes hitting the buildings, while nano-sized Super-Thermite was exploded during the demolition to pulverize the concrete in the floor pans of the twin towers. Thermite cutting charges were also used to cut the core columns to initiate the collapses.

The people who engineered the demolition of the World Trade Center clearly did not like the fact that their Thermite secret was being revealed in and decided to stifle the voices of those who were discussing the evidence. The people who reacted are connected to the people who placed the Thermite in the towers. When one understands how Thermite and Thermate work, and that these violent reactions produce intense heat, white smoke, and molten iron, the visible evidence of thermitic reactions in the photographs and videos of becomes quite obvious.

The evidence of flowing molten metal preceded by pressure pulses of white smoke are clearly indicative of thermitic reactions, and can be seen in many videos and photos of the towers.

A large flow of molten iron could be seen falling from the 81st floor of WTC 2 five minutes before it collapsed. The light yellow color of the metal indicates that is is well over 1, degrees C.

If this were aluminum, as some would argue, it would have melted at about degrees C. Molten aluminum appears silverish in daylight. Aluminum processing, Micron Infrared Inc. The chips of Super-Thermite and balls of previously molten iron in the dust and rubble are solid evidence of the use of Thermite. The three towers did not fall due to airplane crashes caused by Islamic terrorists; they were demolished by Zionists working with the owners and lease-holders of the towers: Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy.

The following series of photographs of the explosions in the South Tower were take by Todd Rengel. Rengel is standing N. In the first photo a great deal of white smoke and cascading molten metal can be seen in front of the exploding fuel fire. The falling molten metal is clearly producing white smoke. The area through which the molten metal fell is now full of white smoke, which disperses in the following photos. Series of photos by Todd Rengel.

Sources and Recommended Reading: Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Gourley, and Bradley R. The discovery of chips of highly-explosive super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center is an essential key to unraveling the entire hoax.

Understanding the lies about reveals in turn the mass deception behind the wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq and the utterly fraudulent "War on Terror. We should have lost our memories as well as our voices, were it as easy to forget as to be silent. A recent photo of Barack Obama. The thesis of my book, Solving The Deception that Changed the World, is that a small gang of high-level Zionist extremists carried out This group centers around the senior Israeli terrorist, Shimon Peres, who is currently president of Israel.

This group includes other Israeli leaders, such as the former Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, and the current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

It also includes the Israeli minister of defense, Ehud Barak, and other less well known members of Israel's military intelligence establishment. Former Mossad officers, especially people like Arnon Milchan, who have been involved in building Israel's nuclear weapons arsenal with Shimon Peres, are also included. Israel is run by a network of Zionist criminals like Ehud Olmert seen here , Shimon Peres, and others. Olmert made a secret visit to New York City on September 10, All the security men in the world will be unable to protect Olmert and Peres when the evidence proves that was a Zionist false-flag attack against the United States of America.

The crime of is still very much at the center of the political stage. It is the real reason why the Zionist-controlled Barack Obama is president of the United States and why the year-old Shimon Peres is president of Israel. The lie has to be defended to protect the real criminals. Shimon Peres, the father of Israel's nuclear arsenal, and the Zionist criminals who helped him build nuclear weapons in the Negev Desert are at the very center of the false-flag terrorism and deception of This is not merely coincidence.

These Zionist criminals are ruthless but they are not stupid. The most obvious questions are: Why did they do it? How did they think they could get away with it? The main reason for was to change the military equation in the Middle East and bring the United States and NATO into the region on a permanent basis to wage war against the foes of Israel. But how could they possibly think they would get away with such an audacious and heinous crime of false-flag terrorism?

As my book describes, the Zionists controlled every nodal point of the cover-up. Michael Chertoff, an Israeli and the son of a Mossad agent, controlled the non-investigation and oversaw the destruction of the crucial evidence.

A devoted supporter of Israel, Alvin K. Hellerstein, has controlled all of the litigation that concerns the victims of Lastly, Zionist agents control the White House and U.

The Israelis figured that they had all the bases covered. Having staged many similar terror attacks in Israel, they figured they could get away with the big job in New York City on They knew that most Americans would never suspect Israel of being behind such an outrageous crime.

What they didn't expect is that a few Americans would dig into the evidence and uncover every stone to find the real culprits. They certainly didn't expect that a careful and independent scientific analysis of the dust would reveal that a nano-composite form of super-thermite was used to pulverize the World Trade Center. We know that Osama Bin Laden did not have super-thermite, so who put tens of tons of the powerful nano-tech explosive in the Twin Towers?

That is the crucial question that will reveal the true culprits of The discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the pulverized Twin Towers exposes the hoax of Whoever made this advanced nano-tech explosive film had access to the most advanced nano-technology in the world.

It certainly was not a gang of Moslem terrorists. Israel's secret and super-secure nuclear lab is where the extremely powerful super-thermite of was designed. The chief scientists involved in the manufacturing of the nano-composite used to pulverize the World Trade Center on will be named in a forthcoming article in this space. This is the extremely powerful nano-composite used to pulverize the World Trade Center on This is a form of super-thermite that was applied as a highly energetic film to the interior surfaces of the Twin Towers.

The pyroclastic dust clouds of looked very much like a nuclear blast. The super-thermite that pulverized the Twin Towers was designed at Israel's super-secret complex that manufactures nuclear weapons.

There are several important aspects of the demolitions of that are proven by these videos. The first is the incredible amount of pulverization of the concrete in WTC 7, which can be seen in the billowing pyroclastic clouds of dust rolling down the streets during its unexplained collapse at 5: Pyroclastic clouds are usually associated with volcanoes and are composed chiefly of rock fragments of explosive origin. The pyroclastic clouds of dust were primarily composed of the concrete floors of the towers - and everything on them.

This dust was not caused by a collapse but by a layer of super-thermite that had been applied directly to the floors, most likely on their undersides that were hidden from view - on the steel pans that held the lightweight concrete. The floor pans were exploded on with most of the force of the blast directed downwards. There was no collapse. If the towers had collapsed or pancaked as the official report claims, there should have been a stack of floor pans in the rubble, yet none were to be seen.

The dust clouds seen flowing down the street following the collapse of the story Salomon Building, built and owned by Larry Silverstein, are identical to the pyroclastic clouds that accompanied the demolition and collapses of the Twin Towers, WTC 1 and 2. These dust clouds were caused by a super-explosive, a nano-composite form of thermite, fragments of which were found in the dust and identified by Dr.

Jones of Brigham Young University and others. Chips of the super-thermite that pulverized the World Trade Center.

Jones et al, Besides reducing these concrete layers to pyroclastic dust, this super-thermite also destroyed everything on each floor and blew everything to smithereens and propelled the huge dust clouds of pulverized debris down the streets of lower Manhattan. The floors of the Twin Towers were exploded in a way that indicates that the super-thermite must have been in direct contact with the four-inch thick concrete floors or the metal pans the concrete was poured into.

This is fairly obvious because these structures were primarily steel and glass towers with concrete floors. The only other surfaces would have been the temporary dry wall constructions on each floor, the suspended ceilings, plumbing, and elevator shafts. There was not much else in the way of surfaces that could have been applied with super-thermite. This is why the newly-released video of the demolition of the North Tower is so important.

It clearly shows that the floors and exterior walls were exploded first and that the crucial weight-bearing core columns of the tower were still standing!

NIST, please explain that and the absence of floor pans stacked up in the rubble. How did steel floor pans disappear? This is crucial evidence that helps explain how the towers were demolished. The floors and structures around the core were evidently exploded first - and then the core columns were cut with steel-cutting thermite charges, explosions that were shrouded by the dust and noise of the exploding floors.

This is quite unlike the logical progression of a normal collapse even in the case of demolition. This is to say that the 47 weight-bearing core columns were not cut first leading to the collapses. The destruction of the Twin Towers were not really collapses although the demolition of WTC 7 resulted in a collapse that resembled a normal controlled demolition.

The floors of each tower were simply exploded before, blowing downwards and away from the cores in a way that was designed to look like a collapse. There was one problem: This was the first solid piece of evidence that the towers had been demolished with explosives. The "collapses" occurred faster than the laws of physics allow -- because they were not natural collapses.

If they had been natural collapses there would have been layers of concrete pancaked on top of each other in the rubble pile, which is what often happens to multi-level buildings in strong earthquakes. We would expect to find slabs of concrete and their steel pans stacked on top of each other, yet there is no evidence that any of these floor pans were found in the rubble, much less of them stacked up.

Where did these steel floor pans go? How could they have simply disappeared? The fact that they were not found stacked up in the rubble clearly disproves the official version NIST of the "collapses" of the Twin Towers. Many tons of steel from the Twin Towers were melted instantly by the super-thermite bi-layered explosive material found by Dr.

Jones in the dust. This is proven by the iron spheres found in the dust, as this image from the USGS survey clearly shows. This sphere is a solidified droplet of molten iron, the product of a thermitic reaction. This is evidently what happened to the steel floor pans. In the wink of an eye they were melted by the detonation of the layer of super-thermite, which had probably been sprayed on their undersides, and then pulverized by the layer of organic material which had been added to the nano-thermite to create the gas pressure and explosive effect.

As we know there were no such solid remains of floor pans or the concrete floors of the Twin Towers -- absolutely everything was reduced to dust, except for the structural steel that remained, although some of that was also vaporized. This is what the super-thermite did on It exploded the concrete floors and everything on them. There was no so-called pancake collapse.

This is certainly obvious to anyone who views these videos. Why have NIST and the media lied to the public that the demolitions were collapses caused by steel structures weakened by fire? This is pure rubbish. Why is this video footage of the demolition of the North Tower so important? Because it suggests that the pulverizing super-thermite a sol gel energetic bi-layer film was applied directly to the acre-sized concrete floors surrounding the 47 core columns.

That is to say that the super-thermite layer was evidently in direct contact with the floors in areas occupied by tenants, and not in the core area, which we can see remained standing for several seconds after the floors around it had been exploded away.

So, how was this thermitic material applied to the floors? Was it sprayed to the undersides of the floor pans or was it applied to the floors themselves, perhaps disguised as a floor covering or as a layer beneath the floor covering? Perhaps it was applied to the floors in several ways. One reader wrote to me after the show with Kevin Barrett with this interesting comment: During the interview, you speculated that the nano thermite may have been sprayed on the floor during the asbestos abatement process while removing linoleum.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the asbestos abatement process would be removing the fireproofing from the floor trusses by accessing the trusses through the suspended ceiling located below. In other words, the sol jell could have been sprayed on the floor pans which is ga steel decking supported by the trusses that the concrete is poured in and hidden by the ceiling tiles in the same day.

Other areas of sol jell application would include the core columns located within the elevator shafts Ace Elevator was working on. If you think about it, as energetic as nano thermite is, relatively little sol jell would be needed for the exterior columns, and it would explain the shearing occurring at convenient truck size lengths.

It seems most likely that the undersides of the steel floor pans is where the super-thermite was applied. If the pans were sprayed with a layer of super-thermite disguised as a coating of rust-proofing for example, the force of the blast would be directed downwards.

The steel pan and the concrete of the floor would be pulverized but the direction of the explosions would be downwards and outwards, which is what we see in the video. As each floor was detonated, the blast would be forced downwards by the steel and concrete above it. The blast would hit the floor below it and hasten the collapse. This is what seems to have occurred judging by the video evidence. One of the possible disguises for applying the thin layer of super-thermite could have been as a coating sprayed during asbestos abatement work in the towers, as the reader said in the comment above.

As I wrote in this article: We do know that a million-dollar contract for asbestos abatement in the twin towers had been put up for bids by contractors in the fall of , exactly one year before Kevin Barrett asked me how I can say that the super-thermite was produced by the Zionists who I allege are behind ?

As I said in the interview, at this point I cannot say with absolute certainty that the nano-composite was made by Israeli scientists in the nuclear bomb factory near Dimona, but I suspect it was. It is a deduction I have made in the same way one solves an algebra problem. If we know the result of the equation and all of the factors except one we can determine the missing factor. This is what I have done. Every other aspect of this false-flag terror atrocity was done by Israelis or Zionists committed to Israel so I would conclude that Israelis were involved in the manufacture and application of the super-thermite in the World Trade Center towers that were demolished on , all three of them.

What we really need to find at this point is the names of the people who were responsible for placing the super-thermite in the towers and how it was done. When we have that information we will be able to determine who made the material and provided it. Then we will have the true culprits of We can safely say that no Muslim or Arab state or entity was responsible for loading the Twin Towers and WTC 7 with this advanced form of super-thermite. The government and media interpretation of is, therefore, nothing but a pack of lies.

This means that the war in Afghanistan has nothing whatsoever to do with -- except that it is being done on behalf of those who carried out the false-flag terror attacks.

We must remember that we really have nothing to fear but fear itself. The ones who are truly afraid are those who carried out and those who have assisted in this massive hoax and cover-up. They, the real terrorists of , are trembling with fear and unable to sleep. We need to be dedicated, determined, and tenacious in finding the guilty parties and exposing them. Eight years after , the American people and the U.

The media version of events, accepted by most Americans, is based on a completely false understanding of the terror atrocity that changed America — and the world. This is, however, no accident. This is how Israeli false-flag terrorism is designed to work.

The terror attacks of were planned and carried out by Zionist extremists with the intention that the blame would be assigned to Islamic terrorists based in Afghanistan.

Israeli military leaders and the Zionist-controlled media were well prepared to interpret the attacks so that public opinion would blame Muslims and Arabs for the atrocity. Changing public opinion is the primary mission of the architects of false-flag terrorism.

The evidence, however, indicates that the terror atrocity of was not carried out by Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaida, the Taliban, or any Muslim entity. The discovery of chips of nano-thermite in the dust of the demolished World Trade Center has fully exposed the official version, promoted by the controlled media for eight years, as nothing but a pack of lies. Whoever applied tons of super-thermite to the Twin Towers had unrestricted access to every floor of the buildings - and state of the art nano-technology explosives.

This was certainly not Osama Bin Laden and his gang of twenty. Thousands of American, Afghani, and Iraqi lives have been lost as a result of the false understanding of , and the map of the Middle East has been redrawn. This is intentional, of course, and the Zionist-controlled media has been the most important supporter of the lies that surround The lies about were prepared in advance to kick-start a U.

This is what is called the "War on Terror," which has been the Israeli plan since the mids, as articulated by Israel's current prime minister from the far-right Likud party, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu. This extreme Zionist strategy became U. It was planned that way, of course. The invasion of Afghanistan, the response of President George W. Bush to , has been called "Obama's war" because of President Barack Obama's escalation of the nearly eight-year-old war of occupation.

Despite the discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center, Obama continues to push the war in Afghanistan as a response to The war in Afghanistan, begun on 7 October , cannot rightly be called Obama's war. It can, however, be called "Barak's war" if we mean Ehud Barak, the current Israeli defense minister and former prime minister.

Barak was the first person to call for a U. By being the first to interpret the attacks and articulate the desired response, Barak revealed his role as a chief architect of The false-flag terrorist troika: The Israeli leaders Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak were among the very first people to blame Osama Bin Laden for and call for military action against the Taliban-led regime in Afghanistan. The false-flag attacks were designed and then used by these Israeli leaders to start their long-planned "War on Terror," an Israeli military strategy pushed by Netanyahu for many years.

It needs to be understood that Israel is, unlike any Western nation, a state that is run by the military. It is often said in Israel that while some of the Zionists wanted Athens, they got Sparta. Seven of Israel's sixteen defense ministers, for example, were also serving as prime ministers. This is essential to understanding Ehud Barak's key role in Ehud Barak, the current defense minister, was both prime minister and defense minister of Israel from until March As defense minister, Barak led the criminal aggression known as Operation Cast Lead against the civilian population of Gaza from December through January Although Israeli forces under Barak's command committed egregious war crimes in Gaza, neither Israel nor Ehud Barak has been held accountable by the international community.

The Israeli military, for example, flagrantly used banned white phosphorous bombs on the civilian population and intentionally bombed an American-run school and U. The Israeli assault killed some 1, civilians. Just this week, defense minister Barak approved the building of some housing units on illegally occupied Palestinian land without a word of protest from the administration of Barack Obama, which has openly demanded an end to illegal Zionist construction in the occupied territories.

The position taken by the Obama administration is, however, merely a false front meant to placate Arab states and public concerns about Israeli crimes in Palestine. In the same way, president-elect Obama said he would have plenty to say about Israeli war crimes committed in Gaza after he was inaugurated. He has, however, been completely silent about Israeli war crimes. As Israel's highest military strategist in political office, his role in the false-flag terror attacks of was at the highest architectural level.

As the Israeli prime minister and defense minister from through March , Barak was at the top of Israel's political and military establishment when the false-flag terror attack was being prepared. Although Barak was replaced as prime minister by Ariel Sharon six months before , the project had been planned and was set to go before Barak left office. Barak was given a high-paying position with Electronic Data Systems, an American company, only hours before the attacks. Israeli crimes like and the murder of President John F.

Kennedy are planned well in advance and compartmentalized for operation security. Outside observers were surprised when the extremely hawkish right-wing Likud prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu took Barak, head of the Labor party, as his defense minister. The key fact to be considered in this relationship is that Barak was Netanyahu's commanding officer when they were both active in Israel's elite commando force, the Sayeret Matkal.

Ehud Barak was Netanyahu's commanding officer in the Sayeret Matkal. Here they attend a June memorial ceremony for Netanyahu's brother who died in the Entebbe operation headed by Barak. Barak is known for heading the military response to the hijacking of a Sabena Airlines jet, which was forced by four terrorists to land at Israel's Lod Airport outside Tel Aviv.

Barak led a team of Sayeret commandos, dressed in mechanics' overalls, which approached the plane as if to refuel it and then stormed inside. Barak's commandos overpowered the hijackers and rescued the passengers. One of the men under Barak's command was Benjamin Netanyahu. He was good at that, but that does not make him an appropriate [person] to run the country. Netanyahu's brother, Yonatan, was killed in this raid. An Israeli school of terrorism was created in his name. The relationship between Barak, the commander, and Netanyahu, the soldier, is very close.

These men have worked as a team for decades. On the very day of the attacks Barak told Rupert Murdoch's Sky Television that Western governments needed to make a concerted effort to combat terrorism: We have to stand firm against such terrorism," Barak said.

Note Barak's use of the pronoun "our. It is time for action. The world is not going to be the same place as before," Barak said. It's time for action. Netanyahu and Barak are very close in planning top-secret operations. Benjamin Netanyahu, another former Israeli prime minister, actually told the New York Times that the terror attacks were "very good" for U. He also "called upon all democratic nations of the world to join an international coalition to crush the terrorist organizations and the regimes that sponsor them," according to the Jerusalem Post of 12 September This military response is the pre-planned Israeli strategy known as the "War on Terror," which Netanyahu has been pushing since in his books, articles, and speeches.

The Jerusalem Post of September 12, , reported: We should crush the terrorist infrastructure that threatens the entire free world. Barak was ready with an editorial entitled "Democratic unity is the only answer to terrorism," published in The Times of London on 13 September Terrorism has declared war on the free world and the free world must unite to fight back. This is the inevitable conclusion to be drawn from the horror of Tuesday's attack.

Just as the enlightened world mobilised in the past to combat challenges to its core values, so must such an international coalition be built today … Let there be no illusions. This attack is an attack on everything that Western civilisation holds dear -- freedom, the rule of law, the sanctity of human life. It is an attack on the open manner in which business is conducted between people and nations and on the very fabric of human interaction as we know it.

And we know who the attackers are. Whether Osama bin Laden was involved directly or not, or whether it was another grouping, the world's governments know exactly who the terrorists are and exactly which rogue states support and promote their activity. The lines of battle are clearly drawn. Ehud Barak certainly knows who "the attackers are.

As an architect of the terror atrocity of , Barak was well prepared to explain what happened to the Twin Towers. Unending population growth and increasing levels of consumption together are the root causes of the vast majority of our environmental problems, as is the case in many other countries.

An ecosystem is healthier when it has a wide variety of animal and plant species. Similarly, we see value in ethnic and cultural diversity. A nation with human diversity is better able to survive crises, and it benefits from the creativity that diversity inspires.

We are shocked and repulsed by the actions and statements of Neo-Nazis, xenophobes and racists of any kind. We repudiate any support from people who have racial motives for reducing immigration.

Racists and their offensive ideas and actions have no place in modern civilized society. This approach includes effective action for population stabilization in the United States. Currently Sierra Club policies call for stabilizing U. Our vision for environmentalism, however, does not stop at our nation's borders. It also includes educating women worldwide to achieve lower birth rates, lowering consumption levels in industrialized and developing nations, and protecting national parks and the world's remaining wild spaces from exploitation and development.

While we do not represent the views of the Sierra Club itself, a large proportion of Club members have voted for our past initiative proposals. Any other person claiming to represent or speak for SUSPS has no standing to present such information. This website and materials contained herein are not sponsored by, nor affiliated with, the Sierra Club. Website by Fred Elbel. Since , leaders of the Sierra Club have refused to admit that immigration driven, rapid U.

And they have refused to acknowledge the need to reduce U. Their refusal to do what common sense says is best for the environment was a mystery for nearly a decade. David Gelbaum, a super rich donor, had demanded this position from the Sierra Club in return for huge donations!

In and again in , the Club's leaders proved their loyalty to Gelbaum's position on immigration, first by enacting a policy of neutrality on immigration and then by aggressively opposing a referendum to overturn that policy. In and , the Club's top leaders and management showed their gratitude for the donations by stifling dissent and vehemently opposing member efforts to enact an immigration reduction policy. Gelbaum is entitled to restrict how his donations to the Sierra Club Foundation are spent.

But he should NOT be permitted to influence how other members' dues or donations are spent or to dictate policy choices via the threat of withholding contributions. That is completely inappropriate. Even worse, Sierra Club leaders accepted Gelbaum's conditions in secret and forced a modification of the Club's policy to conform to his wishes. Furthermore, Club leaders certainly shouldn't have misrepresented immigration reductionists as anti-immigrant or racist in order to guarantee Gelbaum's donations; there is nothing inherently racist or anti-immigrant about sustainable levels of immigration.

Worst of all, the U. Our forests continue to be clearcut to provide construction materials, our groundwater is depleted to provide water for our growing population, we grow more and more dependent on foreign sources of oil, and we are unable to reduce our output of greenhouse gases, all thanks to our burgeoning population.

We don't like it when the oil, timber, coal, and nuclear power industries oppose environmental reform, yet we understand why they do it:

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