26 Fitness Trackers Ranked from Worst to First

Een activity tracker controleert je lichaam

26 Fitness Trackers Ranked from Worst to First
The system is capable of tracking many items, even including walking the dog. Weighing a mere 8 grams, the tracker sports more options and better syncing than alternatives four times its weight. The Fitbit Zip provides a nice lightweight option, but its bigger brother—the Fitbit One—offers much more for a small increase in cost and weight. Bekijk hoeveel stappen jij zet op een dag tijdens je wandeling in de lunchpauze of naar de lokale supermarkt. I really feel it is accurate! Overall, pleased with what it will do and how it works, but it could stand a little tweaking in communicating information from the monitor to the phone app.

Van stappenteller tot sport tracker

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