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To return you to your natural shape that nature intended you to have, your true and unique natural beauty, so that you can be the light-bringer that you were meant to be on this world, and so that you can enjoy your amazing life to its fullest! Ancel keys at the end of the Second world war. You'll also access the Blog area where you can keep and read blogs about the 28 Day Raw Transition Program. As you go raw, your old stored toxins are released and with them the emotions that were "stuffed down" with the various foods you used to numb your emotions at the time. Our Low Calorie Recipe Box. When you eat the way nature intended, you return to the shape nature intended you to have!

Rat Health Food

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On average, rinsing with water will remove about one third of surface pesticides. Using soap, scrubbing, or peeling will further reduce the pesticide levels. Many pesticides, however, are absorbed by the plant or penetrate the surface of the fruit or vegetable. Where peeling is feasible, such as with apples and peaches, you end up throwing out some of the nutrients with the peel although rats tend not to eat the peel anyway. In the US, the produce with the most and most toxic pesticides are: Buy organic versions instead.

To avoid foreign cantaloupe and grapes, only buy these items from May-December when they are in season here in the US. If you are feeding your rats my homemade rat diet, in the winter and spring buy watermelon instead of cantaloupe, or give another type of fruit, and give raisins instead of grapes.

The produce with the least pesticides are: Fluoride can cause brain damage in rats. Instead give them bottled water, but investigate the quality of the brand you choose. Some bottled waters are nothing more than tap water and some contain fluoride! Chlorine is also toxic there is evidence that chlorinated water raises the risk of miscarriage in women in the first trimester! If your tap water is chlorinated, buy a filter that removes chlorine such as Britta or Pur and only give your rats filtered water.

Even if your tap water comes from a well, lead leaches into the water from some pipes and all faucets. Never use hot water from the tap for cooking or drinking because hot water contains more lead. Use a tiny brush or cotton swab to clean the sipper tube. You should also keep track of the level in the bottle so you can make sure your rats are getting water. Sometimes, the ball bearing in the sipper tube gets stuck and blocks the flow of water.

I like glass water bottles better than plastic ones because some plastics can leach into the water. Hard plastic bottles are better than soft ones. For certain health problems, notably congestive heart failure, a low sodium diet will be beneficial. The best low sodium diet is rat blocks. Check the label on frozen foods and only use those that do not list salt as an ingredient.

Give distilled water only. These foods help to prevent strokes! Recommended for older rats or those with a family history of strokes: These foods have some antibiotic properties: These foods may have some anti-virus properties: These foods have anti-inflammatory properties: Red palm oil has been shown to boost the immune system, reduces blood pressure and may help prevent cancer.

This is the most recent version of my homemade diet. Please note that there are some supplements that have been added since I first published it.

I worked hard to formulate this homemade diet, using a nutrition computer program, to make sure it meets the requirements set for rats by the National Research Council.

If you wish, you can also feed a mix of my homemade diet and blocks. All the foods in this diet contain valuable nutrients or cancer-prevention compounds, or both! Each rat has his or her own preferences, and not every rat will like every food in this diet at first. However, you must follow the diet closely for it to be balanced see menu note. Most rats will eventually come to like most foods if they are given enough time.

The beans and sweet potato must be cooked. Purple grapes have more cancer-prevention phytochemicals than green grapes. You might have to buy some of the ingredients for the molasses mix at a health food store.

You can use any type of cooked dry beans such as pinto beans in the diet canned is fine. Give a variety of different beans to take advantage of their different nutrients. My rats love garbanzo beans. You can use canned or fresh sweet potato yams cooked in the microwave. Then cut the liver into serving sizes and freeze individually. Or you can offer freeze-dried liver.

You can also freeze oysters spread on a cookie sheet, then store in a container. However, if you feel strongly that you want to feed your rats a vegetarian diet, you must add 5 mg of copper for example, as copper sulfate to the molasses mix for adults. For babies, you must add 10 mg of copper. The serving sizes listed are for a 1-lb. If your rat is smaller or larger, you should adjust the portions accordingly. This diet is for adult rats. For babies offer adult portions and let them eat as much as they want.

Babies need additional amounts of either liver or oysters, as they have a higher requirement for copper, and these are the main sources. Give them the liver or oysters four times a week until they are months old. Daily about 3 T molasses mix see recipe one serving of fruit see menu servings of vegetables see menu. Twice a week see menu 1 serving cooked beef liver organic is best or canned oysters. Recipe for Molasses Mix will last two rats about a week depending on size--for more than two rats, you can multiply the recipe mg calcium from chewable tablets or liquid calcium with vitamin D mcg chromium picolinate yes, mcg is correct, the dose is based on their metabolism, not their weight.

Soak the tablets in a tiny bit of water and when soft, crush. Coarsely crush the Total in a plastic bag. Mash the tofu in a bowl. Add all ingredients together with warm molasses and mix thoroughly.

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