Is Animal Pump bad? (Gym supplement)?

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Animal Fury Review
Please Select Cut Advanced Molecu.. Most of the ingredients are similar to other products in the same category, but there is an amino acid complex, performance complex, antioxidant complex and digestive enzyme complex. My body has a very bad reaction. Good bone health requires a good contribution from both ingredients. With the cost being higher than some customer want to spend, potential side effects and lawsuits against the company — some dieters might want to broaden their options. Built on the proven foundation of creatine, Animal Pump is no passing fancy. Im looking into this stuff after making my body imune to no explode.

Kidney Damage and Animal Pak


Granted the pills aren't as easy to take as a shot, but I like the option to tone down the stim. Keeping the stimulants in the red pill allow me to either toss it out save it for later , or open it up and shake some out. I work out at night, go home and go to bed afterwards.

Taking the entire red pill would keep me up, but taking half gives me adequate energy during my workout and still lets me sleep. The pump from this is insane IMO.

At that time i remember it was strong as hell to me, crazy pumps, and red pill was to much so i had to take it out. Now i take the red one and all the others but the effect is not so cool as i remmber back in time. Anyway its still nice effet and it gave me strenght, endurance and overal energy. One serving size is one pack with 9 pills it is a lot of pills but it works.

The pumps during my workouts were extreme and no other pre workout suppliment I have tried has even come close. Never upsets my stomach or gives me the caffeine jitters.

Just does what it says great energy and a really solid pump as long as you are pushing yourself. When we take all things into consideration, it is without any doubt that Universal Nutrition did an amazing job with their newest preworkout supplement that aims to insanely increase your pumps. Just a pack of Pump a day and you're good to go. How can it be any easier to make gains?

As a core or foundational preworkout supplement, take a single pack minutes before you lift, preferably on an empty stomach. As each pack also contains your full, daily dose of creatine, take Pump every day for optimal results.

On non-training days, you can take the pack around the same time as you would if you were training. You can remove the red capsule stims on off days, or if you train at night.

Warnings Exercis good judgement and keep this out of reach of children. To keep it as fresh as possible store this product in a cool dry place, away from heat, moisture, or sunlight.

You know the drill. Made in a GMP facility that uses milk, soy, egg, peanuts. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Customers who bougth these items also purchased Originally Posted by bomichaels. It makes my heart pump faster and it feels like it is coming out of my chest. I usually dont react to caffine, but running def.

It says take on an empty stomach.. How long after I eat should I take it? Originally Posted by blackhats. I just started taking AP for about 4 day's now. I really don't feel anything different. I was taking NO-Xplode before this and could def feel the difference. I also noticed that my heart rate screams when doing any sort of cardio. I'm going to eliminate the red pill before my workout this afternoon and see if there is a difference.

What are the benifits of stacking Torrent post workout with AP? Last edited by rjmlakota; at Anyone want to tell us about their results without the red pill? I'll be finishing my first can of Pump soon. Comparing against my ex- Pump product, I have noticed considerable gains in focus, intensity and strength. Overall AP is an excellent product, but I have isolated some strong side effects. I have much higher levels of negativity, aggression, decreased tolerance, slight depression and its harder to maintain self control among other psychological variables.

Made me crazy