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Relationship Between Sleep Apnea & Obesity

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Losing weight is first and foremost an issue of eating the right amount of calories energy. This is why before starting a weight loss program, doctors and dietitians will always calculate your metabolic rate--the energy you expend throughout the day.

Without knowing the number of calories your body burns, there is no way you can know how much food you are allowed to eat each day in order to reach your weight loss goal. And so losing weight becomes a gambling game. Nutrisystem's first concern when you join their program is to estimate your metabolic rate. They do this by means of a questionnaire that let's them know your gender, age, height, weight, and your level of physical activity.

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Looking back 63 years!! Food has been an issue since I was a toddler. I think my natural off switch was broken. I was in counseling for an eating disorder for many years. I even attended the Duke University intensive program. Unlike most folks, I didn't try a lot of diets because I knew I was using food as a coping mechanism, like some use alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

Food per se wasn't the problem. I could chow down on salads as well as ice cream cake! December, my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and needed to lose weight. I was a junk food addicted vegetarian. Frankly with all the theories on nutrition, I had just given up, thrown in the towel, that is until this wake up call. In I had had a MI, now diabetes? Are you kidding me? Later that month, I decided to reread Dr. Fuhrman's books, Eat to Live and Eat for Health.

This time I was ready to hear what he had to say and slowly but surely worked my way towards super nutritious food. I lost weight 55 lbs to date with about 35 to go, 3 sizes , dropped many medications, looked and felt terrific.

My pre diabetes disappeared in a month! I am off cholesterol medication. Arthritis in my feet and throughout much of my body no longer bothers me. And my bra no longer looks like twin hats. During , I read and watched everything I could on this form of healthy eating.

Fuhrman says there is no ambiguity any more about what is healthy and what isn't. I am sticking with him, as food industries, especially the meat and dairy industry, do not have my best interests at heart!

In , I continued my life program but cravings for sugar continued. So many of us 'nutritarians' on Dr. Fuhrman's forum where able to eat a perfectly healthy menu without cravings. I was not one of them. The harder I tried, the harder things became. Still I lost weight. I even had to stop shopping at my favorite local, organic farm because I couldn't get past the bakery table.

I could name every food store I frequent and what I craved to eat. The food never made it home. I ate it fast and furious in the car.

Then an online friend mentioned Dilia Suriel's book. I popped over to Amazon and read all the amazing reviews. I bet I have 50 health books on my Ipad; I was mighty reticent to buy yet another one, but I did and it has been my life saver. This book isn't about food. It's about a box of tools that has helped me take advantage of neuroplasticity and begin rewiring my brain after decades of compulsive eating. Doige's book for more on neuroplasticity is this is a new concept for you.

I hated mindful eating on the first day. And I was being generous! No dopamine rush by gulping my meal? My inner child was pissed! Second meal, I reluctantly dragged out a place mat and set myself up on the deck so I could commune with nature. I was full before the food was finished! That never happened before! Miracle Before and after meals, I got busy getting my dopamine in healthy ways with hikes, playing with my dog, etc.

All the books, all the programs, years of counseling with an eating disorder specialist and it was Suriel who had found the key to my long term success of weight loss, health and longevity.

Another piece of the program: I pulled out some old tapes and CDs and began enjoying guided meditation, calming music and finally pure quiet mindfulness sessions. Breathe in, breathe out. Finally, I had a huge breakthrough with the sugar-fat monster. On Suriel's recommendation, I revisited the farm and dreaded bakery table.

I spent a lot of time contemplating the goods for my first Forbidden Fruit Exercise. I read all the labels, compared prices, tried to smell without being too weird.

After veg shopping I purchased one cookie and because I was not hungry, I didn't eat it in the parking lost. Miracle When I was hungry, I ate tiny pieces so mindfully I could taste every nuance of sugar and fat. It was good, but not all that amazing. I think a bowl of sugar soaked in water would have tasted about the same. I didn't need to repeat the exercise. I may eat another one. But that frickin' cookie doesn't own my brain anymore! Something just clicked So to say I am a fan of the Thin Woman's Brain would be a massive understatement.

This book, the APP and Suriel's help at online meetings have provided critical pieces to my becoming a 'normal' person who doesn't live with Toxic Brain Hunger all day.

I fully expect that by marrying the nutritional information I have learned from Dr. Fuhrman and the life style tools I have gained from Suriel, I will attain a healthy weight this year.

It has been life changing for me and I hope for you. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. My husband actually found this as an audio book, and we decided we needed a printed copy in order to reference the information better.

This is extremely helpful in order to re-learn how to think about food. We are a food-obsessed culture, and it's showing in our pants sizes.

Stop the addiction to food, and you stop the yo-yo dieting. It's a hard road, and we are only just beginning, but at the end I think we'll truly be free to live the lives we've always wanted and not worry about expanding waist-lines. This book had some good and interesting insights. I did like the quotes and those from the "naturally thin woman" as some of their behaviors were foreign to me but made sense. I really appreciated the bit where the author said that obesity is NOT a character flaw.

I liked that it got into the nitty-gritty of food addiction and how overcoming that isn't a matter of will power. However, there was just too much citing of external sources throughout, and the author repeated information excessively.

This book could've been half the length without all of the repetition. The repetition made it feel like a slow read. I would recommend this book, but with caveats and cautions. As a psychotherapist who has followed the trend toward integrating neurological knowledge with self-growth, I found the title of Dilia's book intriguing.

I had also been reading studies which proved that mediation actually changes brain structure. Having struggled with dieting followed by binge eating life long, I had read just about everything out there.

There are some good "non-diet"' approaches in other books which were helpful, particularly in addressing the ridiculousness of thinism in our culture. Most of these books in some chapter came down the the same question: At the moment one wants to eat when one is not physically hungry, how does one meet the real need?

Dilia's comprehensive program seems to offer all the tools many of us need to get there. Following her recommended protocols of good self care-- meditation, movement, mindful eating, awareness of when I need activities to enhance particular neurotransmitters, and understanding the neurobiology of handling that awful inner critic--have been life changing for me.

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Rewiring the Brain for Permanent Weight Loss.

Jeffrey S. Litwin, M.D., F.A.C.C.