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The "antioxidant hypothesis" has drawn attention to the role of micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables like vitamins C and E , as well as a number of other natural protective substances. I was only given credit for one box. You can buy healthier foods and go to your friends and family for support. Don't order NurtiSystem unless you have a lot of money to waste. Simple carbohydrates sometimes called simple sugars are found for example in table sugar, fruits, sweets, jams, soft drinks, fruit juices, honey, jellies and syrups.

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Had to bring my 87 yr. Then when I returned to my GA apt. I then return the box to nutrisystem. I really don't know about all that other than I am a 5-yr breast cancer survior with many other physical alments and under much stress that is in my life due to family and economic problems. She will live with my sisters in Pgh for the summer or as soon as they can cope with her.

My nephew's killer has not been found yet, keeps my sister under a lot of stress and my other sister was in a terrible car accident and has 4 children, it is hard for her to take care of my mom at this time. How much longer are we going to be subjected to the commercial featuring the dizzy broad gushing about fitting into a size 2?

We would have bought and tried the product but the commercial is a total turn-off. The nutrition comes from all the extras you buy at the grocery store. I sent it back and of course I had to pay. Make sure if sending anything back you call them right away with the tracking number, and make sure you check your account.

This company seems to have all the answers about why my account was never credited along with many others. The wait time on the phone they say is due to the high volume of calls for their product I would have to believe it's because there are so many calls about getting nasty food and people not getting their money back.

This would have to be the worst company I have ever dealt with and definitely would not recommend this program to anyone. Get a real job and have some pride in what you do for a living. I could go on and on but this company has already wasted enough of my time.

Our food arrived, packaged as we chose. We were excited to begin. The food is flavorful, not salty. Some of the products are not to my liking, so I will not order them again, i. Toaster pastries and blueberry muffins.

In two weeks my husband has lost 10 pounds and I have lost 5. We find it an easy program to stick to and have NO complaints. I just wanted to write to say I am a happy customer who hopes to lose a lot more weight in the next few months. I tried to cancel my second order, but the food arrived anyway. I returned the orders for both my husband and myself, but was only credited for my husband's order.

When I followed up, was told that I sent back ONE day after the thirty days, even though I spoke to a counselor who told me that the order would be considered refused and that I would receive a refund. Now they say that I have to dispute with the credit card company. Like everyone else on here, I chose to place a custom order where I picked the foods I wanted.

I spent about 30 minutes carefully making my selections based on what I thought I would eat. I received my order within a few days after placing it, in which I was very excited about.

When I first opened the box, there was my packing slip and a letter. Because of this, we may have had to substitute some items which you ordered that have been discontinued, with other comparable items There were several things that I did not order included in the box, such as vegetarian sloppy joes I hate sloppy joes , turkey hot dog, 2 southwestern chicken dinners which I specifically did not order because I get bad acid reflux when I eat spicy foods , among others that I did not select.

I didn't mind too much when I was unpacking and organizing all of it. On day 1, I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast and the chicken noodle soup for lunch both were pretty good. For dinner I had chicken pizzaiola, which was average. Day 2, I ate bluberry muffins for breakfast, which tasted like cardboard.

I had to take a drink of milk with each bite, because they were so stale and hard, not to mention no real taste of blueberries. I also ate a carmel chocolate dessert bar, which was ok. For lunch, chicken and veges, and dinner homestyle chicken noodles with gravy. I ended up choking down my day 2 meals. I expected that the food wasn't going to be wonderful; you can't expect too much when you're ordering pre-packaged food.

However, I was not impressed by any means. Here is the worst part and somewhat embarrasing. The last two days, I have had to 'number 2' several times each day like, 5 or 6 times , and my stomach has hurt. I normally eat fruits, veges, and salad, so I know it is not from that stuff. Something about the NutriSystem food does not agree with me at all.

I called today and selected the option to get a refund. I was immediately connected to Sandy, who told me how to return my order and that I would get the full amount refunded back to my credit card within 10 days after they received my order. She then transferred me to Christina, a counselor, who cancelled my account so I would not be charged anymore. Neither asked why I was cancelling, but that's ok with me because they wouldn't be able to talk me into keeping it.

I do have to pay for return shipping. The customer service was good and fast. I was on and off the phone within 15 minutes. Maybe they have changed some policies in the last few months to better service customers. But, one thing is for sure, they have not made any improvements in the taste of their food.

If they have, I would hate to have tasted it before! They have always shipped to my home st. I live on a small island in SE Alaska and things can be slow, but they sent it regular mail. That means it will come by barge from Washington and take weeks and they have already charged my card. I checked with the post office on delivery time. I tired to cancel, but if I refuse the order and send it back that will be another weeks plus what ever time they fix my credit card.

I have not had good results with them on this delivery and now I find they are selling the product in stores. Yes I am uspset as some of the food isn't that great and they have not lived up to their promise.

Since I have ordered my plan I have found several people who have had problems getting the correct food. Some of the problems are: During the second order they sent me the same items that I had already sent back, and I have to pay the shipping to send it back.

I felt strongly that their product would have helped me; however, I have just started and the problems are many. As of now I am disappointed in the company and I will tell people to stay away from the company. Now they try to cover it by saying only a refund of returned food which they even try to cheat you here by estimating refund instead of crediting individual items! Bad experience all the way around and to try to talk to them you must sit through incessant repeats of their false promises on recordings over and over for minutes.

Wish I would have read this site before ordering! The fact of the matter is, I've really enjoyed Nutrisysem. The food that was described as salty and terrible tasting I find quite delicious considering that it is prepackaged food. I have had some substitute meals but they have been good about replacing them. We need to have advocates that reveal the flaws in things but it's irresponsible to say that you are giving people the Truth. I agree and experienced the same problems as others, but mainly the food is simply inetible.

One of my daily routines became comparing the actual prepared food next to the picture on the package. Except for the dry cereal, none of the dishes even closely resembled the pictures either on the packages, the commercials or the website. One example is the meatball sandwich.

I counted no less than 17 meatballs spilling out of a bun on the picture. This lunch entre was the equivilent of a catsup sandwich. The dehydrated hamburger becomes meat mush when prepared. Tuna and chicken salad are puree. The chocolates are like eating sawdust. I finally cancelled despite my resolve to stick to it when I opened a dinner entre tuna casserole and actually found the smell so revolting I threw it away. I cringe everytime I see one of the NutriSystems commercials and hear the testimonial of delicious food.

I cannot believe that anyone could even call this food acceptable much less delicious. When I called to complain I was told that I was not losing weight because I was not eating all of my food and my body had gone into starvation mode so I would not loose weight unless I ate every bite of this swill.

But the price was too steep to continue after the first month Since I was set up on the auto-ship they sent me the second order before I cancelled. I figured I would have my money credited back within a few days, but soon learned that it would be two weeks for them to process the return and even more before it would be posted on my bank account.

I called them after the two weeks to check the status figuring it would be back in the account the next day. The guy told me that the return wasn't even submitted. He did it there or so he said and it would be in my account in days again so he said As of this writing it has been 5 days and I still do not have my money back Oh and by the way, not only is it a hassle to return product with NS, but the food wasn't that great. Some was edible at best but a lot of it was gross The chicken entrees taste like cardboard, I started making my own food cause i got sick of the fake chicken, I began to dread dinner with the NS food.

It has been 5 weeks since my returned order was signed for by Nutrisystem via UPS and I still do not have credit back on my credit card after trying several times and several phone calls with several different customer service reps. I keep getting the run around. I order on line and pay extra for the privilage of ordering the meals I want, rather than doing the automatic ship where they choose the meals.

For two 2 of the three 3 months, I have ordered, they have shipped me Substitute items, and I Quote here from the letter that arrives with my order, "Due to unusually high demand for our weight loss program, we are experiencing temporary shortages of some of our food products. Because of this, we may have had to substitute some items which you ordered that were out of stock with others of comparable value.

We apologize for this temporary inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding in this matter. It is unconscionable to me that they would arbitrarily opt to substitute almost a 3rd of my entire order.

I can't think of any other business that would presume to ship a third of an order with items of comparable value of their choosing. I spoke with a very pleasant young man, Denaro sp? We went through a list of current in stock items, and ordered replacements for most of the substitution.

When the items had not arrived by the following Tuesday Oct. I called in to cancel as there is no way to do this online.

When I expressed my dissatisfaction with their service, I was hung up on. This company exhibited no respect for me as a person in any way. I received no apology or offer for replacement or reduction in price. I never even opened the box. This is all per UPS tracking system. When I called NS customer service had to actually look up the tracking number because they didn't even know it was receive keep in mind this is almost one month after they received it to ask why I have not received credit they told me it can take up to TWO billing cycles to receive credit but they will put in a request and I should see a credit in 3 to 7 business days.

My second complaint is the fact that their food is like eating straight salt. I emailed customer service asking if they offer or were planning to offer lower salt foods but of course, received no response.

How can you lose weight when you are retaining water from eating so much salt? This program is junk!! I have been on Weight Watchers for one year and was trying Nutrisystem to get over a plateau but would NOT recommend it. I'm continuing with WW and they are wonderful! Most people do not order items they don't like, so if they substitute with items not on your list, it is likely you do not like that item which is the case with me.

In my last order, I received 16 replacement items I do not like, out of the items I ordered. I've battled my weight for nearly 8 years and done almost everything. Nutrisystem was one of the last things I'd thought I'd try.

I checked out their web site and tried to read through every piece of infomration they published to make sure I understood the program. I ordered my food, with my own food choices based upon their descriptions of the food.

I was completely stunned by how horrible the majority of the food was. I also encountered several issues with the cooking directions. No matter how many times I followed the directions exactly, some products never came out at all. I wasted a lot of food. The other food that did cook ok was barely edible at best. I've only lost a few pounds on this program and I have followed it to the letter. I understand that each person is different, but this program claims anyone can benefit from it.

Just beware that you are better off learning the nutrional value of foods and understanding portion control. That partnered with exercise is the best way to lose weight.

Don't shell out the money for this program I signed up for the over program, I thought. I tried to customize my foods since I am a vegetarian and I tried to avoid unwanted foods. When the order arrived, it was full of all sorts of items I did not order nor want. I called them and explained the problem. A young man explained I had probably signed up the wrong program. He gave me a credit for the next order and told me to send back the unwanted items with a list of new foods to replace.

I was still waiting for the replacement package when a box arrived. I called after receiving the box. Spoke with Jackie who told me I was signed up for automatic delivery. I told them not to send me the regular monthly because of the items I did not want in it.

She said she would have it picked up since I cancelled it but made no mention of sending me the replacements items from the first delivery, bot to mention what the charges will be to my credit card.

Now she tells me she cannot place the pick up order because the compuets are not working and will not let her to it in. I need to call her back later when the computers are back up.

How should I know when her computer will be fixed! I fear she is just putting me off. I need to get someone in there who will listen and resolve this mess. I do not want ANY of their food ever again. It tastes awful too. I was dealing with all this when my husband died so that I could not call them as often or as timely as I normally would have. I do not like having to beg for decent customer service. Besides, I paid the full price and never received the replacement foods.

I would rather get credit on my card then fight with them about getting replacement foods now. Customer services from them gets a bad grade as far as I can see. I do not need the financial hastle as well as the aggravation when I am trying to pay for a funeral.

I know about the bad food as a former client but there is no reason to substitute food causes it's from a warehouse. I got about half of my order. Problem being that 1- the company advertises the Pay as you go Program. But what they do not tell you is that first the total gets charged to your card and then-if you are approved- the separate entity lender pays it back to your card and then you pay the lender some monthly fee plus some HUGE percentage of monthly interest!

I was actually swelling up from Sodium intake! I was referred by a friend. I have to say, most of the food is not anything I would buy. I am not a big eater, nor do I use a lot of salt. The salt MG are high, too high if you ask me.

It's based on a 2, calorie diet and I don't eat that much at all in one day. They substitued some items for things I didn't pick or want. I am a vegetarian and picked the veg diet, but do not like certain flavors, such as smoke or sausage and they sent me 4 boxes of pasta with vegetarian sausage. I will not eat it. I love the scrambled eggs and think the ravioli's and lasagna are good.

The one thing that I have noticed is I can eat this stuff and feel full. I do not crave sweets as I once did and in a week I've lost 2 pounds. But if you ask me do you think you should buy it. I will say no, go to Weight Watchers and buy your own food at the grocery store, it works just as good. I was forgiving the 1st and 2nd time but the 3rd time, it was getting old AND I am getting billed for each of these missing orders!!!

Their RUDE cust service rep told me that they don't send notifications that things will be replaced nor do they let the customerknow there are things missing To me, that is a dishonest way of doing things and tehre is no telling how many people don't check their packages!

I just got my next order. Well, needless to say, there was a replacement no big deal but again, there were items completely missing with no replacements and no courtesy letter advising to call in for replacements! I e-mailed the customer service supervisor letting her know that I am going to the BBB again and that I am very disappointed!

Also called in to customer service and my missing products are being shipped to me now. They put a hold on the money three weeks ahead of time without notifying you and create Overdraft Fees in your account. I was just charged My product doesn't ship until the This has caused a tremendous hardship on my budget.

The first entree tasted like spam with some sort of wierd seasoning, so I immediately cancelled future orders and returned the product. I finally got through and got my return code. I returned the order and it was received by Nutrisystem on Jan I called a week ago and was told that nobody put in for the refund, but it would be processed immediately.

Its now May 4th and I haven't received my money back. I think 4 months is long enough. I ate Burundy sauce and Beef with Rice and got food poisoning. QVC has a 30 day return guarantee. You have to pay to ship stuff back, but even if you've sampled a bit and determined it's not to your liking, you can return it for a full refund including the shipping charges you paid for QVC to ship the order to you.

If Nutrisystem "acts up" or doesn't send what it said it would, it will deal with QVC and not you. Since this company represents thousands of buyers, it will have to give good service or lose its contract. You can pick smaller time frames including one week of "Italian Dinners" or "two weeks of desserts. Usually the addition of some frozen peas to a dinner entree fixes it up just fine. My complaint would be that there is too much sauce in the entrees.

I don't know whether they need it as a preservative or whether it's just "make weight. I do find selling packages of cold cereal and breakfast bars rather much. My complaint with the system as such is their making cheap choices in the name of "variety. I must agree that sometimes they blow the setup. They had a deal a year or so ago with "hamburgers" and "hotdogs" as well as "buns" which left much to be desired. If on the QVC website you find something to your liking, it's worth the risk to order it.

I've used it for emergency rations. I discovered that my local Albertson's stocks the snacks, many of which such as the soy chips are quite tasty. Nutrisystem remains a mixed bag. While there are some products of Nutrisystem that are edible.

The bulk of them are just plain awful. So after the first month, I decided to customize my order to select things I felt were edible. I placed a call to them and was advised that their policy is to substitute and they are not required to advise the customer. When I advised them that I was going to file a complaint with consumer affairs. I would strongly advise against dealing with this company.

No one needs this type of hassle on a month to month basis. I was promised a free week of food which I did not receive even after several complaints to customer service.

I finally received the free week of food but it was awful. Everything in it was whatever no one else would eat. The food in general is absolutely horrible, it's inedible, that's why you lose weight. You're so sick from whatever they put in the food that you can't eat.

If it wasn't for the fact that you get to add a piece of fruit and a yogurt everyday I would not have gotten through even one week. Calling customer service is a joke. I finally gave up. Everytime I received an order it was wrong. Then to add insult to injury I had to send it back at my expense! I finally demanded a refund then they ran me around for 4 weeks saying they never received my return package and asking me to send them shipping info.

Having a home gym is great, it is. There are a couple of points you should maintain in mind before you purchase one. You have to ensure you are buying from a reputable company. Total Gym is one of these and has been around for many, many years helping people to get into top fit shape. There are many advantages in having your very own home gym. Having the gym in your home saves you money and time. Having the exercise equipment in your home makes this easier.

The 30 Day Special Trial lets you try the Total Gym in the convenience of your home for 30 days with a preliminary solitary payment. Select program customers must return least one week of non-frozen food only. Simply repackage the products in the original box and bring the box into any FedEx pick up location, or you can have FedEx pick up at your home.

Nutrisystem Meals are Structured. A day of the diet food would include breakfast, protein shake, lunch, dinner, and dessert plus snacks for ultimate satisfaction. The foods are portioned just right and very easy to follow meal plans to help you learn what, when and how to eat. This is a real simple diet that will help you to eat mire healthier.

You also get the delicious ready to go menu items that are specially packaged for portability. Hurry Offer can change at any time.