21 Homemade Granola Recipes That Slash Sugar

Pumpkin Maple Pecan Granola

Keto Paleo Low Carb Granola Cereal Recipe – Sugar Free
Heat the butter and honey together in a small saucepan over low heat. Easy to make, very tasty, inexpensive compared to store-bought. If you do this, you should be able to store your no carb granola for quite some time. If I was to use Truvia an erythritol and steviol based sweetener , would I still use 6 tbsp? I make it about every week because cereal bars are my breakfast of choice. She did a sailing course in the Caribbean.

Orange & Almond Granola

Peanut Butter-Pecan Chocolate Chip-Granola Cookies

You will not be subscribed to our email newsletter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Kate, I have been an evangelist of your granola for years, so when I see you post a new riff, I am all in!

Seriously though, this one is amazing. I used evoo, and loved the slightly grassy note that it brought. Thank you, Charlotte for your kind words. Saw this recipe and marched right into the kitchen to make it. I roughly chopped the whole raw almonds and used half barley flakes and half thick rolled oaks. It took a full half hour in the oven to get toasty. It cooled to a perfect crunch.

Diced dried apricots finished it off. I love your granola and have been making a batch weekly and have shared your recipe and blog with several friends. I noticed the amount of vanilla for this version is much more than your standard recipe. Is this correct or could it be a mistake? I also have your cookbook and love it! No, that is not a mistake: I really like how the extra vanilla and orange work together. Just want to give you a general shout out for completely rockin it — I love your blog and have been making many recipes from your cookbook too and each time my mind is blown.

Looking forward to see what brings! You have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us! Wow, this looks like the real thing. I love cinnamon-y granola, but a punch of citrus sounds like the perfect way to switch things up. The orange is so good! Let me know what you think when you try it!

Very easy to make. The vibrant orange flavour makes this granola very special. Lovely with fruit and Greek yogurt.

It really benefits the flavor when it is cooked. However, if you need to cut back then do it: This granola is amazing. I had some with a bowl of plain Greek yogurt this morning and have been sneaking into the kitchen to snack on it. So easy to make and so darn good. Thank you for the recipe! If you would want to leave a star review since you liked it so much, I would appreciate it!

My partner makes granola for us every week. I saw this one and sent it to him right away to make this week. He always uses maple syrup because we find honey makes the granola stickier than we like. The vanilla and orange is such a nice change from the usual cinnamon flavour. Thank you, Isobel for trying it!

If you would want to leave a start review since you liked it so much, I would appreciate it! I thought your Favorite Granola recipe would always be my favorite, but I have to say, this one has it beat! The orange flavor is just an incredible combination with the crunchy almonds and golden raisins!

Love the sugar trick to infuse every bite with the orange flavor. I appreciate the review! I made the granola with my daughter and it is fabulous! Thank you for another great recipe. My daughters loved tasting the citrus sugar bowl.

It was very fragrant and easy to make. Also, it was important not to bake too long as that could lead to a loss of the citrus aroma as it could easily burn. It really clumps when you bake it and then let it cool fully. Thanks for your comment and review!

Your favorite creamy chia pudding is a favorite of mine as well. So fresh and light. I make your recipe for cashew milk and use only 3 cups in the pudding so it is nice and creamy.

A wonderful, vegan orange creamsicle. The orange flavor is strong and so refreshing on this grey winter day. What a delicious and easy- to- make granola! Our go to granola recipe since the day it was posted.

I think this is my 5th time making it. It is the best granola, thank you! I mail packages to my daughter. The infusion of orange is brilliant. I love how Kate gives you options to use what you have in your pantry I used both honey and maple syrup. Thanks Kate for another fantastic recipe! I altered this recipe a little bit but I absolutely LOVE it and put it in a bowl with banana slices and some organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it was the best.

Instead of the sugar, I used raw organic Glory Bee honey. It mixed in just fine! Then I used roasted salted whole almonds. That toasty, orange goodness is wonderful. I love your recipes and your site! This granola is so fragrant and has the perfect texture. And that tablespoon of vanilla… yum! I made a batch June 6th. Burned my fingers trying to eat it before it was cool.

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I make without the sugar — just the honey. Thank you for the recipe. I accidentally left out the sugar, and they are plenty sweet I put in chocolate chips, dates, and raisins for sweets. In the future I will probably leave it out again. I made my adjustments based in my tastes but this was the best recipe. The bars came out soft, chewy, and just delicious!! I think the flavor is pretty good, but I only baked for 20 minutes and they are on the verge of being too burned to eat.

Also, they are crumbly and crunchy, not soft and chewy like I was hoping for. I did half a cup each of mixed nuts, choc chips, rice crispies, dried blueberries and dried cranberries. Delicious and very almost perfect. Made these today, thank you for the recipe! I made one batch with raisins, chocolate chips, flax and sunflower seeds Second batch was brown sugar, apple pieces, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a few mixed dried fruit — tastes like apple pie! Quick question — the first batch held together perfectly, but the second batch tastes great but really fell apart.

Anything I need to change next time for them to work better? Even after cooling in the pan 20 minutes sometimes they might still be a little too warm and not set enough yet. Since the recipe is so flexible it can take a little bit of experimentation to get things working right with specific additions. They tasted great and were chewy, but fell apart.

We made sure they were completely cool before cutting. These were absolutely delicious, thank you! Is there a substitute for peanut butter for people who are allergic to it? Any other nut or seed butter — almond, sunflower seed, etc. Let me know how it works, if you try something else! I am currently cooking these in my oven as we speak, I am so excited to try them. We used sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, dried apricots and walnuts. I also used maple syrup and coconut oil.

I have 4 littles sitting in front of the oven waiting for there afternoon snack to cook and cool. MMM thanks for sch a quick easy recupe that lets you substitue when and where you want! Lol so I tend to end up eating thm all!!

So people are having a problem with them being crumbly and I have a solution being a biochemistry major. Protein is what binds things together. Egg whites is the perfect protein for baking, so add one egg, but just the egg whites, and the crumbling problem went away for me.

Suggestions for next time?? Hi, I am planning on making a batch tonight but was wondering how you store them afterwards and for how long? Have you froze them before? Why do you have to ground up some of the oats? I ask because I forgot to do this and am sat here whilst they are in the oven wondering if I have made a fatal error that will ruin the whole batch.

Please someone reassure me quick. Can anyone tell me the nutritional values of this roughly? Want to use this recipe as one for my GCSE food tech exam, but need to know what is in them to comment on this to get good marks! I was having a sweet attack and just enough ingredients to make these. They came out amazing! I added some vanilla and used almond butter and coconut oil. I loved how flexible the ingredients were. Thanks for curbing my sweet tooth! I think the key to bars that hold form is boiling your wet ingredients long enough.

I Always use a large pot, no matter how small my ingredients look. Cook and let them boil up, they should quadruple in size, look like someone is blowing them full of bubbles. Let this go on for a few minutes, careful not to let burn I use a whisk then pour in dry. I really think the boiling process breaks down the ingredients into one sticky mass that when cooled hardens but not to much. These turned out great! Just made a batch with flaxseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds…mixture looked a little dry but got my fingers crossed they will come out nice: Well I followed all the ingredients and directions, my batch turned into baked granola.

It did not stay uniform. It tastes and smells delicious. Is there a way to make it into bar form? I also had a problem with crumbling when I cut them. The second time, and thereafter, I did not cut them. Any crumbles left in the pan I threw in a bowl and ate like cereal. Not sure what I did wrong. They came out incredibly oily and hold no shape. I think I will try half that amount next time and skip the water all together. I may try to salvage the mess I have by crumbling it all up, pressing with paper towel, then rebaking?

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