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Ketogenic Diet Food List
When we eat carbohydrates, insulin is released as a reaction to elevated blood glucose an increase in sugar circulating in our blood and insulin levels rise. All day at work for the past few days I feel like I can easily fall asleep. Having better brain clarity and energy is a great goal! Researchers believe that the ketogenic diet can also help patients with schizophrenia to normalize the pathophysiological processes that are causing symptoms like delusions, hallucinations, lack of restraint and unpredictable behavior. In closing, we do not accept money, gifts or samples from pet food companies in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of our reviews. Annu Rev Public Health.

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The Ketogenic Diet Beginner’s Guide, Including the Keto Diet Food List

Molecular biologist Marion Nestle argues that "knowledge of the relative proportions of animal and plant foods in the diets of early humans is circumstantial, incomplete, and debatable and that there are insufficient data to identify the composition of a genetically determined optimal diet. The evidence related to Paleolithic diets is best interpreted as supporting the idea that diets based largely on plant foods promote health and longevity, at least under conditions of food abundance and physical activity.

The data for Cordain's book only came from six contemporary hunter-gatherer groups, mainly living in marginal habitats. Kung , whose diet was recorded for a single month, and one was on the Inuit. For example, wild almonds produce potentially fatal levels of cyanide , but this trait has been bred out of domesticated varieties using artificial selection.

Many vegetables, such as broccoli , did not exist in the Paleolithic period; broccoli, cabbage , cauliflower , and kale are modern cultivars of the ancient species Brassica oleracea. Researchers have proposed that cooked starches met the energy demands of an increasing brain size, based on variations in the copy number of genes encoding for amylase. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a modern-day diet. Life timeline and Nature timeline.

Anthropology portal Evolutionary biology portal Food portal Health portal. Retrieved 25 December Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases. Journal of Human Evolution.

Annu Rev Public Health. Am J Clin Nutr. Curr Gastroenterol Rep Review. Retrieved 17 March J Acad Nutr Diet. Retrieved 24 November The paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, was Google's most searched-for weight loss method in Fad diets and "miracle" diet supplements promise to help us lose weight effortlessly.

Different diet gurus offer a bewildering array of diets that promise to keep us healthy and make us live longer: The New York Times. Retrieved February 5, The evidence for the Palaeolithic diet". Furthermore, the practicality of maintaining these interventions over long periods of time is doubtful. Nutrition in Clinical Practice 25 6: The western diet and lifestyle and diseases of civilization.

Research Reports in Clinical Cardiology. Current Treatment Options in Cardiovascular Medicine. Current Applications, Future Prospects. Dietary change was a driving force in human evolution". Retrieved 20 January Annual Review of Anthropology. Retrieved 12 September Population and Development Review. American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Dietary change was a driving force in human evolution" PDF.

In Ungar, Peter S. Its Origins and Evolution. Ungar; Mark Franklyn Teaford 1 January Its Origin and Evolution. National Museums of Canada Boyd; Shostak, Marjorie; Konner, M.

Is erythritol OK on Virgin Diet? I know she mentions a sugar alcohol, but it is not this exact name. I drink a green tea with it everyday but it is calorie and carb free. I am about to begin and want to be careful but also hope to retain somethings that I like. The only sugar alcohol she mentions as being okay is xylitol. Xylitol specifically has some benefits not seen in other sugar alcohols. It slows down stomach emptying and suppresses ghrelin, a hormone that triggers hunger.

It is amazing stuff! It is a nutritive sweetener, if you can imagine that, making it my favorite to recommend. How many calories does one serving of the virgin shake have? Thanks in advance Penny. How much fruit and fiber are you adding to your shake? Perhaps you could increase those ingredients to extend the filling quality of the shake. Anita, I found that I needed a little extra fat to the shakes, such as the flax seeds, chia seeds, or avocado. With the right combo of protein, fat, and carbs fruit , it will easily sustain me for hours.

Otherwise JJ says the stomach enzymes do not have sufficient time to process the nutrients into the body. Getting all the variables right are key I found. I am in love with the Virgin Diet and have introduced my daughter to it also.

I have lost 10 pounds and am in my 6 week and have now stabilized. Not interested in adding gluten or dairy. This is an amazing lifetime plan. I am sure I have a definite sensitivity to soy and can not find a soy free seasoning sauce that also excludes gluten. I find coconut aminos fairly weak compared with other seasoning sauces — you have to use a lot of it to get the same intensity you would get with soy sauce.

You could also try fish sauce — look for it in the ethnic foods section of your supermarket or at Asian stores. Ingredients are usually anchovies or other oily fish, sugar, and salt — these are fermented. Fish sauce is, however, a bit of an acquired taste for some, and can be a bit smelly. Not sure if you found the answer to your question or not, but I ordered mine on Amazon.

Thank you Penny, this site has very good informaion. You could use it to reintroduce wheat in cycle 2, and if you reintroduce wheat successfully in cycle 2 you can eat it in cycle 3. Honey is considered a sugar in this diet. You should avoid it in cycle 1 and cycle 2, and you can have it very occasionally in cycle 3. How is it possible to eliminate corn and soy when it is fed to your poultry that you eat?

The other thing is the jj virgin shake directions say 2 scoops- those scoops are quite large. It seems like it should only be one scoop?

Or, if you have a local Whole Foods or other natural food store, try there. I cleaned refridge and cabinets! I have only followed 2 days-woke up feeling refreshed and no achey joints. Dont know about weightloss yet—will wait 7 days. This way of eating feels really great already. Thanks for instruction and direction!!!!!

My daughter wanted to try your diet to lose a few pounds before her wedding. When she substituted coconut milk for regular milk or fruit juices in your smoothies she found that she strongly dislikes the taste of the coconut milk and gags on it. Is there another substitute she could try. I know her grandmother is allergic to coconut milk. Could her gagging reflex to the taste be an allergic reaction albeit in a mild way? The Virgin Shake recipe p. I just started the diet to figure out some food intolerances in addition to being G-Free for a year.

I live on an island so getting the shakes is not feasible. This powder has corn bran in it. I know eliminating corn is one of 7 foods and I am not sure I can have the corn bran. Or ideas to add to Smoothie in the morning? Could I get away with not adding the protein to the smoothie? The book says no corn, so corn bran is out. See if you can find rice protein or hemp protein make sure hemp protein is combined with another protein. One major problem; I live in the sticks of MO.

I am lucky to find frozen berries, none organic. The only organic fruit I have access to is red delicious apples, occasionally gala apples, oranges, and bananas.

I have been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. Both my cortisol and DHEA are low. I am also showing some signs of glucose resistance. I am not a diabetic; just had my labwork checked. I am unable to lose weight from my waist. And if you have issues with insulin resistance or high triglycerides, you should only have one fruit per day or maybe even none. It sounds like you should probably have low or no fruit. I am reading this article while I eat my perfect breakfast of 2 eggs on toast and peanut butter and jam on toast with a cup of tea with milk and stevia.

OH OH something has to change. I have been on the diet for 11 days and have lost 10 lbs. My doctor had a paplet for them and told me she allowed the meals on the diet. You can also search on Amazon or another online retailer for pea rice protein. You can also ask at your local healthfood or vitamin supplements store.

Vega also makes a shake that appears to adhere to all of the Virgin diet rules. I am vegan and was using the Vega shakes previously. You can find info on them here — http: I am on day 5 of cycle 1 and have been following the diet religiously. I have the shake for breakfast and lunch, and lean protein fish or chicken for dinner, with fresh veggies and either baked sweet potato or butternut squash. I am following the water guidelines. In fact, I am very bloated, somewhat constipated, and achy.

Can someone give me some words of wisdom as to what I might be doing wrong? Would it be better to use that or something by a company called Planet fusion that lists fructose as an ingredient? Thorne VegaLite says it is low sugar, not no sugar. This is what JJ says to look for in shake powders p. No artificial sweeteners 5 grams or less of sugar No whey, dairy, milk solids, egg or soy Soy lecithin is okay. Here are some thoughts about the product with fructose listed as an ingredient: Many people are starting to consider refined fructose to be the worst type of sugar — for example Robert H.

What can be substituted for MAYO? I love to eat broccoli everyday…but I love my teaspoon of mayo on it! Thanks for the suggestions Penny…. I will post if I find a no egg no soy mayonnaise.

If you mix mustard with a little bit of vinegar, and then oil, little at a time, with a fork, you get a thick vinaigrette that looks like mayonnaise. Hi all — Found a mayo that meets the requirements…link: Here is a recipe I found.

White Wine Vinegar 2 tsp. I have read most of the comments on this site and not too many are pleasant.

I have to try something because I am in pain everyday. I am just starting this diet. I purchased sprouted brown rice protein but now I see it has fermented soy. Is that ok, or do I need to get a different protein? I have done some research on fermented soy and can not really tell if it would be ok or not. I see where soy lecithin is ok. If anyone knows I would appreciate it. I have been gluten free for a couple of years now and that has improved things for me.

I have cut Soy where ever I can find it…that has been sad since I love ranch-style dressings. I use Agave sweeteners when I need to, but that is not often these days. I also feel better for cutting soy out. I discovered corn is not my friend just last month. Sad, but I can live without it. But I am a lover of one yummy dairy…. I need to switch the yogurts up, but to what? Any options that make good smoothies?

Thanks for the help in advance. For the creaminess — try some ground seeds or nuts, such as flaxseed meal or even soaked chia seeds, which I think are fun but would have a different mouthfeel.

For the sweetness — learn to love the natural sweetness in fruit. For the tanginess… any ideas, anyone? What other fruit can we eat in addition to berries and apples? And can we have oatmeal during the first week? With the shake or separately? Here are the general fruit guidelines, listed above: Low-glycemic index fruits — favor these — blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, elderberries, gooseberries, loganberries, raspberries, strawberries Moderate-glycemic fruits — eat in moderation — apples, apricots, cherries, grapefruit, kiwi, lemons, limes, melons, nectarines, oranges, passion fruit, peaches, pear, persimmons, plums, pomegranates, tangerines If you have issues with insulin resistance or high triglycerides, you should only have one fruit per day or maybe even none.

However, oatmeal is often made in places where they also process grains that do contain gluten, and there is a great deal of cross-contamination. And that oatmeal is about times the price. I tried this diet for three weeks and lost about 1 pound. My doctor says its a repackaging of a diet from the 80s and there is no such thing as leaky gut syndrome.

He is adamant about this and he is a respected Houston physician with a very high patient and community rating. Pretty much all diets have a certain amount of repackaging from past diets. This diet also looks to address other possible intolerances including soy, dairy, eggs, corn, and peanuts, also sugar and sweeteners — and then asks you to reintroduce foods to see if you have a reaction to them.

If your doctor has other recommendations, feel free to follow them. After a life-threatening illness last year, I made the decision to severely alter my dietary intake. It proved very effective. I was focused on healthy eating. I had no idea about the gluten or the eggs until I tried to re-introduce them.

I am in the medical field and physicians are no different than anyone else. They have their own beliefs and philosophies and may not be up-to-date on current research literature. This new way of eating has become very natural to me now and when I do accidentally or by choice eat something that my body has an intolerance to I react very quickly to it.

I have been trying to follow the basic principles of this diet, not the hard-core book version. My body feels better, and I have lost 4 lbs. You can get this online or at the health food store. My main objective is to pinpoint what is triggering my IBS.

I am only in week one, so I will check back in a couple of weeks. Good luck with this! My nutritionist had me doing a shake for breakfast and one for lunch, then the recommended dinner. Therefore, I stopped the shakes as of 2 days ago. JJ has a cookbook coming out at the beginning of next year that includes alternate shake ideas — see http: Sorry to hear about your bad reaction.

Are you using a premade shake or making it from scratch? If premade, try making your own to see if you have any better luck. Great synopsis of the book, I am going to use it as a guideline to start this diet. I understand the principles of elimination, reintroduction and life cycles. In one gram fats 9, carbohydrates 4, protein 4.

What do you think? Looking at reviews on Amazon, it might not be as sweet as you expect. Also note that chicory root is a prebiotic, but may cause gas in some people. Hi, Maybe you can clarify something for me. My husband and I have been on the Virgin diet since april. We have succeeded to lose 50lbs and 33lbs.

His sugar levels are normal, the doctor lowered his dose of diabetes pills. Recently, we saw the Dr. Oz show about supplements. Dr Oz said that supplements and vitamins with magnesium stearate should be avoided because it stops the nutrients from being absorbed. I buy our supplements in an all natural organic shop, but there is magnesium stearate in several of them. I believe its used as filler.. Are we defeating our own purpose taking the supplements with this added?

Thanks for your reply in advance, Carol and Rocco. I concentrate on the food part of diets, not supplements or exercise or any other part. You could try contacting JJ and her team with your question — http: Is rice milk ok or no? Have you tried coconut milk? Just breath air and drink water — everything else is garbage. Live your life, enjoy by following her book and then die. What she did not say that coconut is full of saturated fat. People know for last million years peanuts are good.

She is saying bad. I am sure JJ will find something negative if it is not in her book. Well check with your doctor before you try what she is suggesting. Is she Medical Doctor? She is just trying to sell books. Can I drink water from the tap or have to buy organic water?? Give me a break. Actually, Splenda is really bad for you. Coconuts have other amazing benefits. But artificial sweeteners ARE bad for you.

I am eating quenoa and coffe almond milk for breakfast and a berry shake one hour after breakfast. I am not a bif eater before the virgin diet all i had was peanut butter and jelly for breakfast some times eggs.

I feel excellent, I am wearing clothes i was not able to wear due to the bloating inflamation on my stomach, i go to the bathroom twice a day something i had problem before. I feel great, If I cheat is only on cheese cake which i love, then i go back to the regular diet. Again because I was not a big eater these three foods have done the trick for me. I feel light sharp and no more bloating. I hope some one can benefit from my testimony.

It sounds like you eat a lot of quinoa — that may be working for you in the short run but it may be a good idea for you to branch out into other foods. For you, as you were eating a lot of peanuts and bread before, those could have been the foods you were intolerant to and gave you the bloating. I am in my 89th year have very good health but after reading about the JJ Virgin Diet I have started on a journey to get my body in optimum condition. I am into the second week of the diet but only lost three pounds after the first seven days.

I am five feet tall, small boned with a starting weight of That is not a problem for me because I only hoped to lose about nine pounds overall. I have a bit of osteoarthritis, particularly in my knees.

I have had orthoscopic surgery on both and recently started a series of shots of joint fluid therapy and getting good results. I am hoping that the diet change will help with that condition. I play golf twice week and walk two miles the days I am not playing golf. I am hoping this diet will give me better brain clarity and energy. Any suggestions for a women of my advanced age? Having better brain clarity and energy is a great goal!

Many people find that foods in the nightshade family trigger their osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. You could try excluding them to see if that helps — these foods are listed with stars above. Bell peppers, eggplant, jalapeño peppers, tomatoes; also other peppers, pepper spices paprika, cayenne pepper, chili sauce, etc.

And potatoes which you should be avoiding anyway on this diet. Hi Penny, Have you tried travelling much on the diet? Have you come across any alternative breakfast options? Has anyone traveled on the diet, do you have any suggestions? I have been on the diet for almost two weeks. What I find remarkable is all my what seemed like daily joint pain in legs and arms disappeared. I have lost 5 pounds so far, too I only need to lose 10 pounds total to reach my ideal weight. It is like my digestive system is at peace!

I am trying to follow the diet exactly…. A couple of questions:. It is my understanding that 2 scoops of powder and 1 cup of liquid make only 1 serving….

Can we use her shake mix during Cycle 1? Yes, this is a contradiction, and 5 grams of sugar is about a teaspoon. When creating the shake mix they wanted to make sure it tasted good, and they tried several formulations — this was the best liked.

A teaspoon 5 grams of sugar will not be a problem for most people. The All-in-One shakes also contain several nutrients including magnesium and chromium that enhance blood sugar levels. Put it into perspective: And JJ points out in her blog that the Virgin Diet is a low-glycemic diet, not a no-sugar diet.

I have been putting berries such as,raspberries and blueberries and strawberries and spinach all together at one time plus rawmilk protein shake powder with unsweetened almond milk…. I have seen to be careful how much fruit to eat..

You have said one fruit???.. I have been doing this elimination diet for month and a half and have lost 25 lbs.. I am 63 yrs old and feeling better than ever.. Dr says degenereted bone disease and beginning osterporisis.. I need to still lose 40 more lbs..

I will continue this lifestyle for rest of my life.. To me this was my miracle answer,.. Thank you all soo much for input…Bonnie in calif.. If you have issues with insulin resistance or high triglycerides — she says 1 serving of fruit a day or even none.

Can I just Drink Filtered Water from my tap? Iam in my second week of your diet. And I am having problems with constipation I am following it as directed. I wondered what I could add. Or increase or delete. To have better illumination Thanks. Your ultimate goal is to work up to 50 grams of fiber a day. Use fiber to bulk up your stools: Eat 50 or more grams of fiber each day — work your way up by adding 5 grams more each day. Drink plenty of water. There are also other suggestions in the book, including supplementation, exercise, and herbs.

In my first week and enjoying the food choices and lost 5 pounds. I have a headache every afternoon. Will those stop or should I check for something specific in what I am eating? You could be detoxing but it would be unusual for the headaches to be so time-of-the-day-specific, and a week is a long time — usually headaches from detox only last for a few days. I was reading the book last night and it said to daily track what you eat and how you feel on a Tracker that is available on the website.

I looked for it to run off and even Googled it but cannot locate it. For vegetarians she recommends a good blend of nuts, seeds, grains and legumes, especially lentils, which are the highest in protein. Is there anything that you can make with the ingredients for the shake that is not a liquid, smoothie-type drink? Has anyone come up with something like a muffin we could make from the shake ingredients plus other permitted ingredients?

Several other diets want you to have liquid meals because they say it helps the body digest better or eliminate toxins e. Clean by Alejandro Junger or because it will accelerate weight loss e. But it looks like this book suggests shakes as an easy, high-protein alternative that people like. You could also try changing the consistency of the shake — add more liquid, or less fiber.

Some other suggestions from the FAQs — Add a tablespoon of almond butter; try different berries; vary the milks try coconut or unsweetened almond milk ; add unsweetened cocoa powder; make the shakes warm warm the liquid before adding the other ingredients. Hi — I am on day 2 of the Virgin Diet and have found your website to be extremely helpful; thank you so much! I have a question.. Do you know which soups are acceptable? Thank you so much!

Okay, I had a look around for you — I can find the Resources section but nothing about soups. Hope that helps — and if anyone else knows which soup brands and types to use, please let us know.

Hi Penny…another question for you. Any idea what this is from? It is after having the two shakes — I have the JJ Virgin Chai mix and make the recipe that is in the book. I have alopecia and generally bloated after eating and fuzzy brained and would like to try and fix these, especially the autoimmune disease. I just bought the book and trying to plan out meals. Is tinned tuna okay for protein? Cause thats what I was going to have as a snack with avocado or tomato: Get most of your protein from chicken, turkey, lower-mercury fish, and Virgin Diet Shakes.

You should never eat the same foods every day, as that can cause food intolerances. The shakes are an exception as they are low-reactive.

The rice thins sound tasty. Brown rice is allowed. I am curious about soybean oil. While on this diet I have been diligent about reading labels.

I have not purchased these items to be on the safe side, but it made me curious. I did some research and found that the FDA does not consider highly refined soybean oil to be an allergen. This being the case, I am wondering how careful I need to be about products that contain soybean oil. Any thoughts or insights? Oh, and thanks for this summary! In many cases, people with allergies to a protein are advised that they can eat an oil from the same source because the process of highly refining oils removes pretty much all the protein.

I have just completed my three week elimination phase. I started with a vegetarian protein powder I found at a health food store and then switched to another that seemed closer to what was in the JJ powder. I finally broke down and ordered the JJ powder and like that I can easily make a breakfast and lunch shake.

Only trouble is that when I make a shake with it I feel bloated and really uncomfortable. Would something in her shake be a problem?

Also, I have lost at least 10 pounds and want to continue the elimination phase, is that a bad idea? The elimination phase gets rid of the foods that your body is intolerant to, and lets the body heal.

You could test these foods and then go back to the guidelines in the first phase to help you continue to lose weight, if that works for you. I have lost 10 or more pounds on this diet. I am enjoying planning and preparing more healthy balanced meals. It appears that I have stopped losing weight. Thanks for all your help. I have been on this diet play for over 4 weeks now and have lost around 13 pounds. I use a Pea powder in my shakes now and recently added Spriulina to the shake.

She addressed to focus on the types of foods, timing and water consumption during the day rather than calories. I use apples and approved nuts as snacks between my shakes and meals as they are easy to consume during my 10 hour work days.

I have just finished my 5th week and expected to lose more than I have so I wonder if it is the amount of food I eat daily. Hi Betty, Have a look at the meal assembly guide on page — fruits are included as high-fiber, low-glycemic carbs. Keep an eye on this for portion sizes. You should only be having one optional snack a day during the first 3 weeks p.

Hi Penny, Im vegetarian some days. Is it okay to have boiled chickpeas as protein in salads? I had canned mixed beans at home but they state sugar as an ingredient.

Are other beans allowed, black eyes peas etc? And yellow split peas for dhal? Most Indian cuisine contains milk ghee or yogurt , so you might have a tricky time during the elimination stage and may have to be inventive. Also, its been really hard to find organic chicken..

Factory-raised chicken may contain hormones and antibiotics, and may not be healthy birds. Sorry Penny one last email for now haha.. Being indian I eat a lot of food cooked in spice.

The rice we eat is called handpound parboiled rice from Asia and its reddish brown in colour. We boil it and take out the white or starchy stuff that rises to the top.

Cooking in coconut oil is fine. I went shopping last night to look for things and realised I had been having almond milk with a little bit of agave syrup! Should I not include the previous days and restart phase 1?

Ive bought unsweetened kind now. I saw gluten free oats but they had sunflower oil. My main goal is to heal my leaky gut-will that still happen if Im having rice, albeit brown, and sweet potato and some sugar in berries?

As always thanks for the support Penny. You could try making nut milks yourself using nuts and water — do a search for homemade almond milk or homemade coconut milk.

A bit of sunflower oil is allowed on the clean gut diet so im probably okay to buy the gluten free oats I saw which has some sunflower oil. I am interested in trying this diet to see if I can clear up some of my digestive issues. A good source od protien for me has been eggs. Can you tell me why eggs are not allowed? The author says that eggs provoke a lot of food sensitivities, and are inflammatory p. There could be other symptoms not listed here. This could be the eggs themselves, or resulting from the chickens being fed corn or soy.

I know corn is a no-no, but what about corn starch? It is an ingredient in a lot of foods. Hi Penny, Its day , and my bloating is still there but Im feeling so sleepy. All day at work for the past few days I feel like I can easily fall asleep. Am I on the right track? I had fresh coconut water and spinach and avocado on another day. One pea protein does ship here and just waiting for it to arrive. You can then go on to try eliminating other foods for your other symptoms, which is outside the scope of The Virgin Diet.

Are you eating a lot more fiber than you were before? That could lead to bloating. Rice protein powders are fine as an alternative to pea protein. I thought maybe the sleepiness was from me cutting out caffeinated tea and coffee. On Sunday my mum slow cooked some Faba beans in spices that she had soaked overnight.

So I had that for lunch and had the leftovers for Monday lunch.. To even it out I wont have lentils or dried beans for the rest of the week, maybe just steamed French beans. I am allergic to peas and brown rice among other things. Here is a complete list. One from testing done in and another in Have a look at Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger — it may help repair your gut which may help reduce food allergies.

Hi Penny, My sleepiness has gone, so I think it was maybe from not having tea for so many days after being used to having tea every morning. Also not having sweet potato or brown rice incase I do have leaky gut. Note that some people react to the bran on cereals such as rice, wheat, etc. It will be very easy for me because I have always been a health freak and I allready eat almost all of the things that JJ recommends, all I have to do is drop some and switch to a few others.

Would you know if a little maple syrup would be OK now and then in place of Xylitol? I am so excited about this 21 coming days, because I have always wanted to just create three of the healthiest meals to eat everyday for the rest of my life, this way I just fill my tank with the same three meals everyday and just run out and enjoy life. That means simple shopping and cooking and a lot more time to enjoy my goal to reach years, without any meds.

Only 23 more years to go. Hi Penny, Please help me with this question. Where can I buy wild Tilapia? Tilapia is listed as a low-mercury fish in the book p. It could be that tilapia slipped through the net no pun intended as they were putting together a list of low-mercury fish — and the same with catfish, which is also usually farmed. White rice always made me bloat which is why I switched to the handpound one.

I was on a stevia hunt last night and found 2 brands, both with other ingredients included so just wanted to check with you.. Where is the scientific evidence that shows cutting out food that you are sensitive to causes weight loss? It is just a gimmick so people buy the book. And let me tell you the only people that can afford all this expensive organic,all natural,grass fed stuff and expensive shake powders are the affluent.

And not only that it kills your social life because there is no place anywhere around here that people eat like this. I feel great …I have had gluten free oatmeal two days for breakfast topped off with fresh blueberries. I have cooked spaghetti squash first time ever topped off with organic mariner sauce..

Lots of water …first time I have been this successful on ANY diet in many many years.. According to WebMD , food recommendations for gastritis include avoiding hot and spicy foods, and eliminating irritating foods from your diet such as lactose from dairy or gluten from wheat. So an elimination diet like The Virgin Diet, where you eliminate dairy and gluten, may be able to help you heal along with any recommendations from your doctor and digest food better so you stop losing weight.

Have been on this program for eight days with Hubby. He has lost 10 pounds. My net out is a gain of. Very disappointed with my results. I am the shake maker and hubby helps with dinner.

My energy level for the most part has been pretty good, but in the late afternoons I get a bit lethargic first days. We only have three meals-no snacks. My poohs are minimal and once a day. We are consuming a ton of water and I feel like we are doing everything right. We do need to incorporate more exercise. Should I increase fiber, decrease fiber, drink more water? I have even tried a T.

I like the diet so far, but wish I had better results. If not, you could try a different protein powder or shake mix. Exercise may get things moving…. We started with PlantFusion powder and I would add chia or flaxseed plus kale and berries mixed with water and coconut milk or coconut water. Hubby ordered LifeTime Life Basics plant protein mix pea, hemp, rice and chia and I add the same fruits and veggy and liquid.

Not adding additional fiber. It surprises me to hear people are disgruntled and that their social life is a mess. Went out to dinner last night and had lovely scallops sauteed in olive oil and white wine on a bed of spinach and side salad with vinegar and olive oil. Did feel bloated after that meal though…maybe due to spices not used to eating. Still love the plan. Unfortunately, most of the family meals included some dairy and as a child my colitis was attributed to anxiety.

I spent my whole childhood and much of my adulthood by not changing old habits with colitis. I feel awesome and look great. First week is soy. Are there other recipes that I can use? I realize there is soy in soy sauce. Can I just try to reintroduce them? To test it, you need to have 4 meals that contain soy. Maybe you could get some gluten-free veggie burgers check for other FI ingredients for a couple of meals and try edamame in the others.

It was terrible I drank as much as I could but that was about half!! I do not eat any legumes, thus avoiding peas. I have a rice based protein shake. I find it interesting that one is to avoid soy and peanuts legumes , but the one of the protein powders is pea based. If avoiding legumes works best for you, great, but the same may not be true for everybody. The reason soy and peanuts are excluded in the elimination part of the diet is that a lot of people have intolerances to them.

Peas and other legumes are eaten far less frequently, and intolerances to them are fairly rare. Net weight loss for me is 3 lbs. Hubby has lost 13!! Wish weight loss was more dramatic for me, but hey I am feeling better. Not feeling as bloated and eliminations are better. Was drinking right up until mealtime. Pretty good about after meal water consumption. Hopefully that will help with weight loss and better digestion.

Last night I ate red chile that I made before starting the plan hubby out of town. It is made with New Mexico red chilis, water, garlic, cumin and then I add ground beef. Well forgot that I use about 2 Tbls white flour to thicken about 4 qts. What have I done to myself?? How will that bit of gluten foul up things? I do not have any side effects bloating, cramping etc. Does this undo all of my hard work? We start reintroduction next Wed. I was having a lot of trouble with my stomach and had just completed all of the tests, endoscopy, colonoscopy, blood work I started watching JJ on PBS television describing the 7 things to eliminate from your diet.

I told my husband that since everything medical was normal, it must be what I am eating. That was on July 6th, 4 days before my 62nd birthday. I bought the book, we started the plan, and in 3 weeks I lost 14 pounds and my husband lost Immediately my stomach pain and bloating went away. I started sleeping like a baby for the first time in 30 years, I had more energy, my sugar cravings dissappeared the first day, and as of today I am 20 pounds lighter and went from a size 14 to a You can do anything for 3 weeks!

I just finished week 1 and I feel great. I am down 5 pounds have more to go and am not craving anything. I am still working on finding my perfect cup of coffee and missing half and half.

Does anyone know if I can use 1 Coffee mate creamer? It is lactose free but does have an insignificant amount of sugar. Although , If that is my only cheat, I will consider myself way ahead. I really like this diet and can see incorporating smoothies as a permanent meal replacement. If you are looking for something healthy and easy, try the Virgin Diet. I am glad I did! They also have sodium caseinate, a milk product. You could try an unsweetened almond creamer or some other substitute instead.

I have been on the Virgin Diet for about 6 months and it is the first diet to ever make sense to me! I have lost 30 lbs. I have gone from a size 14 dress to a size 6! Like anything else, you have to plan what to eat but I have managed on a couple of trips away from home without gaining the weight back. I did buy a small blender that I travel with now!

This is the best thing to happen to me in a long time and I love the compliments I get plus love sharing when people ask how I lost the weight. Yes, I miss Pepsi sometimes but not enough to go back to the way I was before.

You get out of this diet what you put into it! Also, since I started this diet, I have a light heartburn, is this normal? I never had heartburn before… I used to eat yogurt before and i stopped it, wondering if that is the reason. If you had a lot, that may affect the elimination phase, in which case it may be better to start again. The only reason that stopping eating yogurt might cause symptoms would be that you had symptoms all along but the yogurt was masking them — but I think you would probably have noticed it before now.

What foods are you eating more of that may be a trigger? See a longer list in this description of Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook. I am also wondering if it is the bananas that is causing the heartburn — more to experiment. Thanks for the prompt reply! Hi Penny, We are in cycle 2 now and reintroducing gluten.

I was disheartened by the Ezekial breads which I though were go to for bread products. All of them have sprouted soybeans in them. I know JJ likes sprouted stuff, but she also says stay away from all soy except soy lecithin. We ate a sandwich with it yesterday. Today, Hubby is concerned about mild joint pain. Do you think this is gluten intolerance or from the soy?

I think we will stay away from the bread for the next two days and see how he feels. I would like to know if sprouted soybeans are an OK food. Your site is so much more informative. I think she needs to give you a financial reward for all of your help with her plan! She says bean sprouts are okay and preferable to beans , but nothing about soy sprouts specifically.

When seeds sprout, their constituents change — people with gluten intolerance can eat wheatgrass, but wheatgrass is a lot further along from the wheat grain than soy sprouts are from bean sprouts.

I lost 5 lbs in the first week now nothing more: Any suggestions to speed up the weight loss??? I have been on the diet for two weeks and I have lost 15 lbs. Can I stay on phase 1 for a few weeks longer to lose more weight? I use stevia in my morning shake every day and alternate 1 tbs of hemp seed, chia seed and flax meal. I read in one of your comments that you should not use stevia by itself so I will try to eliminate it. I am a home winemaker and can not wait to get to the point where I can start to have a glass of wine every day.

Sure, you can stay on phase 1 for longer — JJ says this is how she always eats. You might find that they seem to make you put on weight, or aggravate a health condition.

This diet asks you to eat 3 meals a day, including at least one shake, and snacks are optional. Many people combine more than one diet to create their own customized plan, so you could try that if you want, but be aware you may have different results than if you follow the suggested diet.

My stomach starts grawling about 2 hrs. I am using the JJ Virgin shake, chia seeds and flax meal along with a cup of blueberries. I feel very hungry and sometimes i have been eating a few spicy pumkin seeds to curve my appetitie.

Is there something you recommend? I have lost 10 lbs in 12 days. I do drink 2 cups of coffee in the a. Most of my weight came off during the first week and it slowed down to 1 lb. Do you usually get blood sugar peaks from sweet foods? You could also try having the shake for a different meal, breakfast if you usually have it for lunch or vice versa, to see if that works better for you.

I will try cutting the blueberries and try a little more protein. I go to the gym every other day so i might need more protein. I lost so much the first week I couldnt believe it. I knew it would slow down this week and my hungar pains have increased. Thanks for your advice. I take a number of vitamins daily; co-q, b, c, d, calcium, mag, zinc, e, should I continue to take all these with the 1st week of diet?

I look at the foods side of diets, not really an expert on vitamins or supplements — JJ talks about taking a good multivitamin and mineral formula to help balance blood sugar p.

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