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Key Lime Pie Protein Shake
Was told to go to Chiropractor by a good friend. The healthiest protein shakes for dieters are ones high in protein and amino acids but low in calories. Our family loves the Powell protein pancakes as a nice Saturday morning breakfast treat! Bananas, Vanilla Protein powder, Coconut, Dark chocolate chips, Applesauce unsweetened, oatmeal instant, pb2 peanut butter or almond butter. For fitness professionals, it is important to drink at least protein drinks a day to refuel and repair the muscles for maximum health and maximum muscle gains. I love making Protein Packed Ice Cream with powder and greek yogurt, take non-fat plain Greek yogurt vanilla if you want added sweetness. Unfortunately, protein is under consumed across the board.

What Are Protein Powders?

Do You Need Protein Powders?

With pomegranate, niacinimide, and biotin, this vegan protein shake will make you feel beautiful inside and out. Dietary Concerns All products are vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. Natural Zero artificial sweeteners. Weight Management Helpful for maintaining a healthy weight. What's the difference between Daily Shake and Cleanse Shake? Is the Daily Shake safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Angela, 3rd time clean customer. Angelo, 1st Time Clean customer. Per ball and lots of good healthy fat and protein. Found it floating around on Pinterest. Our favorite in our house is the Peanut Butter power Bars! I cut them small because they are gone in about days! We make them at least 1 time a week! I love the greek yogurt idea! I am going to have to try that! I also love the pancake idea as well!

There are so many! Its one of your buddy Drews protein shakes. Taste like a butterfinger! I would love to find a replacement! I have not tried this kind, but love Chris and Heidi!! Even my kids love it!! You can add a tablespoon of Nutella to make it a little more moist.

Play with your toppings. That butterfinger recipe sounded great! I usually do choc protein with pb powder and banana and strwberries. I love my protein shakes with spinach and any kind if frozen fruit for a wonderful healthy shake.

Look forward to making the pancakes! Mis well and cook over medium heat. One of my fav flavors is pina colada I use the Total Soy Protein meal Replacement Shake with vitamin and minerals in vanilla to make my own flavors.

Combine in mason jar, shake, let sit in fridge overnight. I had never thought of using the protein powder in a recipe! But I love them with frozen banana and a Tbls of peanut butter.

Mix together well…add strawberries last and it tastes just like strawberry cheesecake…. And so much protein for a ridiculously amazing snack! I have a black bean brownie recipe that uses protein powder. A great little healthy snack with a boost of protein to keep me full! Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Oatmeal: Cook the oatmeal to your liking and add in the scoop of protein powder and then put in fridge to cool.

Once oatmeal is cooled, scoop yogurt on top of oatmeal and sprinkle chocolate chips on top and enjoy. A butterfinger shake is my favorite.

I used Beverly international UMP when I was training for competition and the chocolate makes great pudding, all you had to do was add water. I like to make homemade protein bars made with oatmeal, honey, natural peanut butter cocoa powder unsweetened and protein powder.

Thanks to all other posting recipes. Delicious way to start the day! Any frozen berry works here. I took it one step ahead — bought a plastic popsicle maker thing at the dollar store — poured this mixture inside liquidy froze and Wa-lah! Green dream protein pops! The best part is the above recipe 1 serving made 4 popsicles! Talk about a snack! My fav is frozen bananas, 1 T PB2, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, and enough unsweetened vanilla almond milk to cover the bananas.

Blend it and suck it down! The pancakes look good and gluten free too. I am allergic to egg whites, what could be used as a substitute? Looking at all these recipes is really helpful.

Gonna try some new things. I love a portable, power-packed breakfast I where I can switch up the tastes according to the day, my activities and even the weather. Then I often add berries, a banana, or other fruit in season. I use Herbalife meal replacement. My fav is apple pie protein shake! Scoop of vanilla protein powder, almond milk, half of a diced apple or sugar free all natural applesauce a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, ice and blend… yum!

Since I am just now exploring meal replacement protein powders, but those pancake sure look incredibly tasty to me! I really like the idea of the convenience of putting it in my oatmeal too. Almond milk Mixed fruit — strawberries, raspberries, blueberries Protein powder.

My favorite recipe is as follows 2 cups oatmeal 1cup of honey 1 cup protein powder 1cup flaxseed powder 1 cup dried fruit no added sugar 1 cup organic peanut or any other nut butter. This is to help prevent spam and ads that people often post. I keep the Bode Shake simple…. I am 47 have Hashimoto Disease and hormonal imbalance with migraine headaches. Any help would be appreciated.

I want to healthy first, then lose 25 pounds. I make a protein smoothie for breakfast everyday. It makes about 32 ounces and is delicious! Protein balls, peanut butter or Nutella. I love these made with Nutella, almost like chocolate fudge! These pancakes are my new favorite recipe, love the idea of making pancakes with protein powder!! I always put some vanilla in my smoithies with some frozen banana, pineapple, mango and spinach.

Occasionally I add a bit of coconut extract for a pub a colada effect. Love reading all the other ideas and am looking forward to trying some out! I used the chocolate powder and add 8 oz milk, one banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter and blend it before going to the gym. They are so good topped with natural honey roasted peanut butter. Im not familiar with protein powder and not sure where i can buy good products here in Canada.

Those recipes look really good!!! I recently just made banana French toast with sprouted grain bread. In the egg mixture, I used almond milk, eggs, egg whites, cinnamon and protein powder! I love to use protein powder! My most recent favourite is Vanilla Protein Crepes! Protein shake breakfast bars. Any flavor , 1 cup quick oats and 2 C. Mix in the dry ingredients now. Put in fridge for an hour. Cut into 8 portions.

Taste just like cheesecake filling. Put in some Enjoy Life Chocolate chips for a little extra deliciousness! I actually never ever tried a protein powder but I want to try some. I just recently start following you and Chris and you are beautiful and amazing. Me and my husband started our healthy journey in October and toguether we have lost 50 pounds.

I am still trying to figure out all that stuff. What to have and not to have. I have been mixing protein shakes with various different brands for years now and adding them to cereal occasionally as well.

However, my absolute favorite protein powder to date is the Peanut Butter Power Fudge!! I have to remind myself not to eat the entire pan when I make it!

Thank you for the contest! Tastes like cookie dough! I like mixing chocolate protein powder with little bit of water I usually add about TB per scoop …mix to make a pancake like batter. I call it my peanut butter protein cookie. I love your blog! My favorite way to get my protein is vanilla protein powder blended with a banana, some peanut butter, some unsweetened vanilla almond milk and ice!

I love to mix the chocolate Vemma powder with banana and peanut butter! I also like to mix the vanilla with a drop or 2 of peppermint extract!

So delicious, low calorie, and full of protien! Unsweetened cranberry juice with frozen cranberries, Greek yogurt and vanilla protein powder ….

I also use unsweetened vanilla almond milk and I looove cinnamon in mine! I cant wait to try this pancake recipe- my husband loves pancakes so this way I can enjoy them too!!! I like to add my protein powder to my smoothies ….. Would love to try Powell Perfect protein! One of my favorite recipes to use my protein powder in, is to make protein no bake power balls! I like chocolate protein powder with natural pb and banana, almond milk, water and ice.

Cook like pancakes or waffles sooo yummy! Mix all ingredients well spoon is better than whisk. Spray the inside of a mug with cooking spray. Pour mix into the mug. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. I love my protein powder! I use vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, banana, almond milk and ice. I also almond milk, protein powder, and chia seeds to make a yummy pudding. I use vanilla of whatever is in sale each week.

Helps me make great smoothies to start my day and an awesome mid afternoon snack. I call it the chunky monkey! Skim milk or almond milk One scoop peanut butter protein powder One whole banana One tablespoon peanut butter. My favorite protein powder recipe is a Pumpkin protein bar.

It uses canned pumpkin, oatmeal flour, egg whites, spices, honey, protein powder and nuts…. I love the Powell peanut butter chocolate fudge! Our kids love it! Thanks Heidi and Chris!! I love making homemade protien bars with the chocolate fudge protein powder. I would love to win some of yours so I can use it in my protein bars.

Vanilla powder, almond milk, pb2, and frozen bananas! I take vanilla protein powder, 1 cup milk and add 5 frozen strawberries so I have a strawberry version. Sometimes I add some freshly squeezed oj too. Thank you for being such positive role models from family to fitness.

You guys are such an inspiration! I am fairly new to the world of protein powders and it has been a task to find high quality protein with no added chemicals. I like to add some vanilla protein powder to all my smoothies. I agree with Chris, I love the vanilla. Using the vanilla allows me to change up the flavor easier.

It reminds me of my favorite peanut butter shake from the local drive-in. I know the peanut butter adds extra calories and fat, but I like to eat a bigger breakfast. Great way to get protein and veggies. I have just started on the journey of protein powder and the wonders that more protein in a diet can do, so I do not have a favorite recipe since I am just starting.

I would love to win this giveaway so that I can try the Vemma protein powder to make shakes and different foods for myself and my family. I have tried the BODE drinks and loved them and would love to try the protein powder! It is so simple to make and so tasty! My husband and kids love it too! Protein powder is a great protein source! I add it to a cup of almond milk in a container that I can shake and take my fav whole grain cereal with it.

Then for a meal on the go just shake, add cereal, and enjoy. Also try a scoop in your coffee in place of artificial sweeteners or sugar laced creamers! Add everything to a blender and smooth it out! Perfect for on the go! Slowly add ice to blender and process until creamy. Top with cacao nibs, if desired.

If you desire a bit of a sweeter shake, stir in drops stevia extract. Nutrition Information Serving size: Did you make one of my recipes?? I hope your ankle continues to heal quickly: This is the perfect solution! On a side note, ankle pain is the worst!

Want to heal your ankle, go and get it adjusted by a chiropractor. I had a bad ankle that would roll with the faintest of breezes. Was told to go to Chiropractor by a good friend.

After one adjustment, that took 5 seconds, my ankle has not rolled once. This has been over 3 years since going. Hope this helps and thanks for the shake idea.

Pearl is seriously the cutest!!!! My husband will love this shake- anything with coffee! This sounds delicious and I no longer mind cold drinks in the winter! More protein milkshakes should help ;. I knew I would love this from the second I read the blog title. I made these for my boyfriend and I as a a post-workout little treat yesterday afternoon.

Thanks for the recipe! I will certainly be including it in my shake rotation. Why have I never thought of adding coffee to my protein shakes? A day without coffee is a bad bad day!

I use coffee ice cubes for a little extra kick. This has become my favorite breakfast smoothie. Thanks so much for sharing this! I subbed the vanilla protein powder for chocolate and I have died and gone to chocolaty coffee heaven. Good bye morning coffee…hello heaven in a cup.

Let’s call this babe, Coffee Lovers Protein Shake.