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Liver: nature’s most potent superfood
All my joints are stronger than when I was a kid. I am aware that one study found the conversion of beta-carotene to retinol in raw carrots to be as high as Sign up now for the good stuff. Perhaps that is what it shows to you but I limit animal protein to a very minimum quantity about once a month. I have never been happier or healthier. It assumes a My skin and hair have totally changed.


Changing Your Diet: Choosing Nutrient-rich Foods

After reading the post, I plan to eat much more regularly. However, I am still troubling for high cholesterol these organs have, even though they are rich with many other vitamins and minerals.

Is it really essential? Not everyone has access to such meat, and not everyone who does can afford it. There are also those living abroad who may not have access to grass fed. Yes, I was wondering this too.

Is non grass fed organ meat acceptable or is it essential to avoid this? I raise rabbits — is there somewhere I can find the values for rabbit livers? You need a very small amount of liver. It truly is a superfood. Liver is one of the best things for the teeth you can consume. Pure, organic, raw liver of course. Breed them yourself to ensure quality.

No smell is nice. Grab some old aquarium that leaks for nothing and use that. Feed them quality leftovers from you eating. Very grateful for all you do. I am looking at this plate of liver and onions being served with avocado.

I read recently, that you were not suppose to eat good fats with protein. Where did you read that good fat is bad with protein? We eat liver quite often. Individuals with higher preformed vitamin A intake have been shown to be at higher risk for fracture. Not saying any liver consumption is bad but you definitely need to take this into account when advising individuals to consume liver on any regular basis. They say that fracture rates are higher in northern Europe that in the rest of Europe and attribute it to higher vitamin a intake.

I am sorry, but I could not even report my food intake of today with any meaningful accuracy accurately enough that I would be comfortable to use the data in a study , let alone my food intake of last week. This is not something I have read a lot about, but given that A, D and K2 seem to have a synergistic relationship, I would much prefer to read a paper which investigates the effect of vitamin A or D on fracture rates without completely ignoring the existence of the other one.

The most recent article I read was that Magnesium was the bone builder! I have Spondylolisthesis and it is really important for me to protect my bones, but all these conflicting articles as to what REALLY builds bones, has my head spinning.

Is there anyone with the expertise and knowledge that can clear this up for me? Seems we get plenty of Phosphorous. Short version of long story: Admitting this meant she was dying. I rushed over and found her collapsed on her bed—she was rushed to hospital, unconscious. In hospital a mix of electrolytes are usually quickly administered.

She took the ambulance to hospital three more times that year. In the meantime I was searching out second hand books stores university student reading any health book I could find that mentioned potassium and discovered the info on the first four of the above mentioned minerals. I got my mum the strongest magnesium tablets I could find and she lived twenty more years until being assessed in a hospital apartment for independent living.

She could not bring her own medications or supplements with her and within three days went into cardiac arrest and died, due I am most sure, of a magnesium deficiency.

The body fights to keep the exact level constant. It will use up every last nano particle of magnesium to do this and when it runs out, the lights go out. There is no wiggle room in this scenario. Magnesium and vitamin C are stored in the lining of the intestines.

They fight for room. It is best to take both throughout the day. And since both are stored in the same room, less of each can be stored if both are taken in. Back to your question: Bones are really light stuff. It is the blood and fat in bones that make them heavy. Regardless, you must must have certain minerals in them for strength.

Remember, Magnesium is the Great Regulator sorry, but this is such an important fact, friend. It regulates entry and exit of calcium and other minerals in the dance between the needs of the bones and storage and for use in the body. The bones are sort of the emergency supplier. Magnesium balances the calcium and shortages stress the dance.

Google the following to find an excellent way of making and taking magnesium water so you will never have a shortage problem: There are a variety of different sites that offer the same recipe but have extra info on this topic.

It makes about a months worth of magnesium for little cost. A portion is diluted in a litre size carry bottle of water to be taken throughout the day. Borax is converted to Boron and is crucial for your bone and teeth health aka, strength. Fortunately it is mined in California and Turkey so it will probably not be banned in North America. You will learn why certain areas of the world have very little arthritis. Boron, stomach acids make it from the Borax, strengthens bones and teeth and may have some antibacterial properties.

It is a mineral similar in texture to calcium. The burnt smell from drilled teeth is the boron. It is integral to bone strength, assisting other minerals in bones and teeth. Only a smidgen needs be used. Walter explains it brilliantly. Salt is twice as deadly—in trials on mice? But you only need a smidgen, a pinch, a touch of the finger to effectively strengthen bones and teeth. Sadly our soils are deleted of this mineral and processing does even more damage to its availability to the body.

Vitamin D is best got from sunbathing. As a burner, I speak from experience. And I do like to scare the neighbours in my bathing suit. The Magnesium and the borax conversion to boron may be the answer you are looking for, or at least be a big part of the picture.

Also check out Xylitol, a natural sugar substitute with only sixty per cent the calories of sugar. It also strengthens bones and teeth and clears up sinus problems and prevents cavities.

Brush your teeth with it. Read up on the bowel irregularity you will encounter when taking too much to begin with. I believe both Dr Kessler and Ms G hum the same tune. Janelgo, I wish you the best of health in your journey to knowledge to understand your body and its care. Namaste and Care, Michael.

Thank you for the post Chris. Very informative as usual. Just chopped some grass fed liver and added some to my slow cooker beef stew. Your suggestion to blend it into other meat dishes is great. I know I should have listened to my mother about eating liver. She was so right. I just started back eating red meat after about 20 years, but even when I was orginally eating red meat Liver and onions was the enemy.

I was happy to find a place in NoCal that sold grassfed dessicated liver pills so that I can add them to my diet without trying to force feed myself liver. I also see a lot of people dessicating liver themsleves or doing the freeze method. I have a question. So no one can recommend a good brand for me. I would love suggestions! Liver is very high in copper, way out of balance with iron and zinc.

Is raw liver safe? Freezing it will kill all the bacteria? What are my chances of getting sick from eating it? Carlene, I eat raw liver but I make sure it is from a butcher and I show up on delivery day. See my previous post on MMS. I think that should take care of bacteria and pathogens. Look up the story of Jim Humble and his findings. I soak all my meats in cold water and MMS and my home made Iodine for about five minutes and then pat it dry with clothes I have for that purpose.

Freezing is often recommended but it must be in a deep freeze for 20? Even before using my MMS I never got ill. I then quickly light fried the outside of the pieces leaving it raw in the middle. Please never eat any liver from a supermarket.

The whole livers are processed cut up at the factory. The livers are tossed on a belt and travel up automatic cutter blades to be sliced. Many different livers are stuffed into large bags, automatically—with no visual inspection. The bags are visually examined, when they arrive down the belt, for cancerous bits and other anomalies. Suspect bags are sent to rendering for dog food. Who knows if there are cysts in the middle of any bag.

Do hunt down a proper butcher and find out the delivery day. I have come to love raw beef and lamb. Liver took a little time getting used to but I worked down from lightly flash fried liver pre cut into thin strips in coconut oil or beef fat.

The end result was lightly cooked outer shell and inside succulently raw. A little oyster sauce, drop of sesame oil, as sprinkle of salt and pepper and shadows of nirvana flash across the subconscious. Well, maybe a little extreme but I do love the flavour of raw meat and was truly moved to prayer to thank the givers of their lives for my benefit.

Not even a thanksgiving pray in church has ever been so hear-felt and definitely not as spiritually moving. Our ancient ancestors must have eaten meat in its raw form and cooked over some fire got by lightning. The flavour of cooked meat is divine but so is the flavour of raw but the understatement of warm raw meat and the light, invigorating flavour of animal fat just as intoxicating, in a mellower manner. But signs are good and I will take them as they come. My bowels and the results of their labours are as they were in my twenties now.

Does this mean such a diet will work for everyone? A bloods do seem to prefer carbs and abhor fat. However, a very good friend at the time had been adopted and all other family members are O blood types. She was A and yet relished liver like the carnivore I am.

Still, we disliked and liked opposite foods, in the vegetable family in particular, and eating out was fun and more filling as we scoffed the veggies the other held disinterest. Gary Taubes is a little younger than I, looks to be in better shape than I yet his specs he published are not as good as mine, by a long shot, actually.

Maybe Mr Taubes needs a little less fat and some extra carbs in his diet? Very well said mhikl, I totally agree with you! Being an O type myself, I know the non-guilty pleasures of raw meats and the benefits to my health! Harbinger 62 You are only partially correct, toxins are filtered in the liver but not stored.

Toxins are mostly stored in the fat tissues of the body. I soak my sliced raw meat in a cup of good water for four or five minutes I use a Natural Action Water Unit and add 8 drops of homemade iodine and 10 drops of MMS.

Then pat it dry with cloth. This way I am hoping any pathogens etc. I use it three times a day along with iodine so I think I am safe from illness. But, as O bloods, we do have very strong stomach acids. Beef heart and pork fat for rendering lard comes from a Chinese SuperMarket and they cut all their own meat fresh and they too, as a culture, are particular on fresh.

I am fortunate to get my Beef fat for free from our local grocery store. I freeze it for ten days, hoping for the best. I store three days supply in the fridge with added MMS, cut up. Then I just swallow a few chunks at each of my daily two meals. I really like them cooked so when I make my Vietnamese styled soup I do add beef bone and tendon broth from my crockpot.

I tore my hip while working in Sarawak in my very early thirties and since I have taken up the both and especially the raw tendons my hip is mostly pain free.

The same goes for my thirteen year old Corgi. She no longer needs help up or down the stairs. She bolts to them now. We live in wonderful times. The internet, used wisely, is such an amazing resource from health to understanding the Electric Universe Thunderbolts Project and our connectivity to every living being on our planet and possibly beyond?

Check out Rupert Sheldrake and morphic resonance on youtube. In France, I was raised eating organ meat once a week. It took us some times to realize that it was because they thought we were looking for cheap stuff to feed pets. Now, the liver price at the farmers market has raised crazy and I sometimes selfishly regret the days when Americans were disgusted by organ meat…!

I think it is important to mention that the liver is where waste products and toxins from the animal are filtered through. I would buy only organic, grass fed, not grain fed liver. Thank you for all you do to help us to improve our health and well being! Turkey liver is higher in Vitamin A than beef liver about 27, IU compared to about 17, IU , but it is not higher in B12 about 20 mcg compared to 60 mcg. Beef liver has about 1.

That said, the distribution of nutrients is significantly better in turkey liver when it comes to vitamins and minerals but not when it comes to amino acids, where both are close to perfect. Both are pretty damn nutrient dense. And even beef liver has like 5. I am lucky enough to have grown up in Italy, in a food culture that considered feeding liver and brains to your kids a staple diet, not pizza and hotdogs. I have many liver and heart recipes on my blog The Nourished Caveman, if it can help anybody get some love for them as good food!!

I grew up eating liver as a kid, but now I have a hard time stomaching it. So I obtain a frozen grass fed liver and dice it up and swallow it whole. It gives me lots of energy! For those who hate the taste of liver. It is quite palatable. Tastes like carrot juice, the liver is not noticeable to any significant degree.

But goat, lamb and sheep meat is widely available. Those are very healthy meats, Sahil. When dining out and wanting food from the East, I prefer Pakistani food.

A Hindu friend told me Indian food was mostly vegetarian and so they do not have the preparation experience of their more carnivorous neighbours to the north.

My first dining on goat is a memory still alive in my salivary glands. If your going to eat liver eat organic liver. If its not organic all the antibiotics and steroids they give livestock is in it. In addition meat is bad for you and it will never be a better source of protein vitamins and minerals than vegetables.

Combine the creamy pink texture of pinto beans with a whole grain such as brown rice and you have a virtually fat-free high quality protein meal. A Beatle wife and a main member died of cancers from vegan diets.

Sadly, we wait to see how Paul fares. A famous Japanese microbiologist had cancer but seemed to recover though neither his wife nor daughter were so fortunate. Many are moved by their hearts and beliefs to the detriment of clear thinking and longer lives. They like to twist the truth by comparing their life styes to the general diet of their culture, claiming meat to be the evil difference. Dreams alone do not save the body or soul. SO Even though carrots may have vitamin A.

Carrots have beta carotene type vitamin A. Liver has retinol type vitamin A. Too much retinol would lead to headaches, vomiting and skin rashes…peeling. I eat beef liver several times a week to keep my chronic bronchitis under control and no signs of overdosing yet. All forms of vitamin a convert to retinol, liver is the most pure form of retinol that we can assimilate immediately. It is the ultimate source of vitamin a. I have a 10 yr old boy and an 8 yr old girl.

They take cod liver oil, one pill a day. How much liver and how often do you recommend for them? How much is recommended for kids? Here in Taiwan where I live locals eat liver…. I also get my liver fix from imported cans of pork liver at the French owned supermarkets here. This combined with lots of green vegetables….. I do make use of their national health insurance and this includes Chinese herbal medicine…. I know liver is fatty…. I eat grams of raw liver for breakfast.

I make it into a pate with garlic, coconut cream, tahini and lime juice… blend it in a magic bullet blender. Abbey… You used to offer food preparation classes in my area. You are still on Gold Coast, Australia?? Would love to attend one of your classes and learn to make and taste your ways of making such foods palatable.

Would you kindly advise on nutrition facts for Kidney and heart cow or goat. I always have kidney after a heavy day of drinking and it does amazing things with a hangover. Soak the liver in milk before cooking, it takes away the aftertaste, smell. Im pregnant and borderline anemic. I really feel better when I eat liver. I sauteed onions and tomato in ghee added liver cubes and some bombay spices.

You should cook liver nomore than few seconds. Also fried livers are so delicious. If you want you can have same size patatoe cubes. Alright, so I grew up hating everything about the taste of liver. That all changed this past December. I have been water fasting regularly for years. Did 23 days just water several times but have always desired to do a real 40 water fast. So I prepared all last year to end the year with a forty day water fast. My preparations included gaining 45 lbs to sustain me for 40 days.

Thought gaining weight would be quick. Took almost 6 months of fast food twice daily to hit lbs from my start weight of Process was not near as enjoyable as anticipated. I got to experience my joints all loosen up. Acid reflux, got sick, headaches, tired sore and pissed off.

Felt my body degenerate fast. Dec 21 I started my 40 day water fast. At the end my eyes were opened as to why anyone would subject them selves to this level of self denial. The 37th night my eyes were fully opened for several hours to the divine. Anyways I spent those 47 days took over a week longer to turn my digestion back on.

Was forced into 47 days and not 40 designing my new feed program for when I was to start eating again. Fasted and choose it for my first solid meal and loved it. I felt led to easy it raw. New nothing about eating raw meat at all. After a week of eating nothing but raw organ meat I finally googled eating raw meat, and the benefits of eating raw liver. Since December I cut out all fruit and veggies except for one day a week as more of an intestinal sweep. I cut out all fiber. My feeding since then has consisted of only gras feed lamb liver, grass feed beef heart, wild caught fish with the skin, bone broth, pastured eggs, chicken with the skin on, lots of coconut oil by the spoon full, lots of butter, home made yogurt and lots of clean water.

I consume all my food in one meal at 6pm. Daily feeding is the same everyday. One dozen egg yolks. About a lb of beef heart, quart of raw yogurt, several big spoons of coconut oil and either 5 or six pieces of pastured chicken with the skin or trout with the skin. All that in one meal over the course of about an hour and a half of steady feeding.

Pure protein and tons and tons of saturated fats. Results……lost 55 lbs during the fast. Have gained over twenty pounds of lean muscle since then.

All my joints are stronger than when I was a kid. No acid reflux at all. At 37 I suddenly naturally became a morning person with no alarm. I require very little sleep now.

Friends say I look 25 all of the sudden. I have veins, muscles and a six pack for the first time in my life. My digestion system works perfectly. I can Beatty all my old pt scores from when I was infantry at My skin and hair have totally changed. Farting and burbing are signs of improper digestion.

I have quit using deodorant completely since fasting as my sweat no longer has any odor. I feel like I have a brand new body. Anyways if you hate the taste, it might be time for a pyridine shift in your thinking. Instead of eating to satisfy your mouth and stomach only, how about a shift to feeding your body instead. Be your own science project. Instead of being your very own victim! I get all I eat from 1 butcher shop. Is there any way you can tell us more about your diet and transformation?

Does this post still describe your daily diet? Paul Jaminet advises people to eat what we are….. It seems like sage advice to me. But how would a smelly, colorless, flammable, liquid organic base pyridine shift in my thinking help me? Or maybe you meant to say something else? Hi, I really enjoyed reading your information about liver. I too, have eaten liver ever since I was a small child. I quit cooking it in butter awhile ago, now I use canolla oil.

I do have one question though, I see it lists carrots as not having any Vitamin A in them… What happened to that saying about eating carrots so your eyes will be healthy? Is that not true… Because I love eating honey carrots with liver.

Try soaking your liver in salted water for about 20 minutes. I bread mine in sprouted spelt flour with a little more salt and pepper,garlic powder. Then cook it in a little butter. Canola oil is not a healthy oil. You should go back to butter or use ghee or coconut oil. You should throw your canola oil right in the trash and never eat that stuff ever again.

I was wondering if those stats you listed for the grams were grass-fed liver? My family is from France so I grew up eating pate and rillettes and not thinking much of it. But once those trips to France stopped I sort of forgot about it. Just a question — is the Vitamin C in liver destroyed in cooking? Should I just rely on other foods to get C?

Chicken liver is a good option since it has more moderate amounts of vit A and B12 than beef liver. I have been following the paleo lifestyle for many months now and feel amasing. Now does anyone have a reason as to why this is the case comming from the paleo view-point? Type in your symptom and magnesium. Apparently your rheumatoid is stress related and alcohol relaxes you… at the time!! If you can drink Epsom salts half teaspoon in glass of water, its pretty amazing stuff. This article omits the plethora of evidence that demonstrates negative health impacts associated with red and processed meat consumption.

Nothing that I can see being said here outweighs this large body of research, which is not only epidemiological, but also mechanistic and experimental in origin. On discovering the Atkins diet, my health, stamina and strength improved beyond recognition.

No acid-reflux and no food cravings. Where do you get you Vitamin B12? Thanks for that recommendation for the liquid iron.

I am searching for how to improve my iron. The require for iron, however, varies greatly in the coursework of the life cycle. Because iron is contained in blood, iron deficiency is more likely when people lose blood. Thus females who are losing blood in the coursework of their every month periods are more likely than other adults to create iron deficiency. This kind of iron is disposed of more easily than synthetic iron.

This is especially important for men. Chris, what do you think of Liver Tablets Supplements? Thanx for your prompt reply Chris.

I do take both D and K How many times per week would anyone recommend to eat liver? When growing up my parents would get half cows and freeze them, things like liver and hamburger sat in the freezer the longest. Needless to say, I hated liver when I was growing up. It took some persuading, but a friend finally got me to try liver that was fresh and not cooked to death. Buy it and fry it the same day, just a bit pink in the middle. Very tender and not at all strong flavored.

However, that benefit has to be balanced against the potential harm caused by the chemicals found in factory-farmed meat. Have you tried EatWild. They have listings of grass-fed meat suppliers in various locations. Also, you might also check the Weston A. Price Foundation for a local chapter in your area.

They will be able to tell you where to buy grass-fed meat locally. Read this and this for a thorough explanation. Hi Chris, The two links to articles about vitamin A toxicity do not work. I take a small slice 15 gram of beef liver every two days to enjoy the nutriënt density but to avoid vitamin A overload.

What a great website, put it on my favorites list. As for me, I eat mostly as a carnivore and feel great. I do not use any sweeteners, so when I eat liver- bloody and rare-nothing on it, it tastes sweet and yummy, I also really love chicken livers, even higher in iron than beef liver.

Now, if only I could find a good source of duck eggs. If we were designed to eat meat then why would we need to cook it? The base nutritional content of Liver in comparison to raw vegetables bares no relevence in regards to the benefit it holds once digested by the human body.

But the nutrients in liver are not only significantly more numerous than they are in fruits and vegetables, they are more assimilable. One can understand that much disease e. This is a myth. The homeostatic mechanisms controlling the pH of your blood are incredibly robust and tightly regulated. Saliva is not used by the body to get rid of excess acid or base.

Many studies have shown that eating whole grains instead of refined grains lowers the risk of disease. The Harvard School of Public Health says that whole grains can help with weight management and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. With many varieties to satisfy individual preferences, whole grains are both nutrient-rich and delicious. Often called a super-fruit for their nutritional benefits, berries are a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients.

These bright and vibrant colored fruits come in many varieties and textures. Berry varieties include currants, acai berries, raspberries, blueberries, wild blueberries and strawberries. They have an abundance of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and phytochemicals, which help protect against disease.

Some of the richest nutrients found in berries include vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Most berry varieties have low calories and range from tart to sweet in flavor. Video of the Day. The Top Four Roles of Nutrients. Because there are no standards defining good sources of a combination of nutrients-per-kilocalories, the FDA threshold was used for this purpose.

The 4 low-nutrient-dense items were classified as non-PFV. To validate the classification scheme, the Spearman correlation between nutrient density scores and powerhouse group was examined. The robustness of the scheme with respect to nutrients beneficial in chronic disease risk also was examined by comparing foods classified as PFV with those separately classified as such based on densities of 8 nutrients protective against cancer and heart disease ie, fiber, folate, zinc, and vitamins B 6 , B 12 , C, D, and E 2,4.

Of 47 foods studied, all but 6 raspberry, tangerine, cranberry, garlic, onion, and blueberry satisfied the powerhouse criterion Table 2. Nutrient density scores ranged from The proposed classification scheme is offered in response to the call to better define PFV and may aid in strengthening the powerhouse message to the public.

Messages might specify PFV to help consumers know what they are and choose them as part of their overall fruit and vegetable intake. As numeric descriptors of the amount of beneficial nutrients PFV contain relative to the energy they provide, the scores can serve as a platform for educating people on the concept of nutrient density.

Expressing the nutrient desirability of foods in terms of the energy they provide may help focus consumers on their daily energy needs and getting the most nutrients from their foods. The rankings provide clarity on the nutrient quality of the different foods and may aid in the selection of more nutrient-dense items within the powerhouse group. Foods within particular groups were studied; thus, other nutrient-dense items may have been overlooked. Because it was not possible to include phytochemical data in the calculation of nutrient density scores, the scores do not reflect all of the constituents that may confer health benefits.

Warranting study is the utility of approaches defining PFV based on the presence regardless of amount of nutrients and phytochemicals. Although nutrient density differences by powerhouse group were examined, a true validation of the classification scheme is needed.

15 Nutrient Dense Plant-Based Foods You Should Eat Every Day