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They said another car bomb in Amil killed 3 people and wounded Which of these beloved comedy pairings consists of two animated characters and not two real-life people? Mr Blair added the answer to Britain's problems was not to have less migration. Just wanted to say that I remember watching Richard as the dastardly Laurence Bingham in the 'Doctor' series. A person wearing specialized Capezio shoes is most likely engaging in which of these activities? UGG, a trendy brand that specializes in sheepskin boots, originated in what country?

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I was just telling a friend yesterday how to make them low carb.. We dunked them in the ice cream mix, then the dry mix and laid them out to dry somewhat and then we repeated those steps again Then they sat in the frig until someone ordered them and into the frier they went..

Leaving them to sit out for a little bit before they go in the frier keeps the breading intact. This comment has been removed by the author. What low carb ice cream mix would you recommend?

I'm wondering if you could use an egg and heavy cream mixture with maybe a bit of arrowroot as a thickener, instead of the ice cream mix?

Tried this recipe tonight and they were surprisingly good! Will make again, thanks: Can anyone help me find out if there is a way to print these recipes?? Is there an email or contact number that i can ask?? If you can help me my email is ruarc comcast. I just tried to make these I was so looking forward to oninon rings. Maybe if you added heavy cream to the egg wash they would stick??? Thanks for visiting, I love hearing from you, however it still always surprises me how many mean and rotten comments I receive, so please remember that I post what I eat merely as a suggestion of ideas for others.

Low carbing is not cut and dry. What works for me may or may not work for you. Also, I live exclusively low carb, but I don't live my life counting them so I don't often include the net carb counts on recipes. Happy low carbing ya'll! So my youngest son was playing with his pretend kitchen set and was "cooking" me all this food to eat and he brings me a fake onion ring. Now, prior to my low carb life I was never like a HUGE fan of onion rings, but when they were in front of me I ate them For some reason though when he handed me that plastic onion ring, a deep craving immediately set in and I literally jumped up from my chair to get to the kitchen and find a way to make some low carb onion rings.

I didn't even bother looking through Pinterest or Google, because I went straight to my favorite low carb "breading" alternative From there I just winged it and the result was amazing! These are oh so simple and I can't even imagine a non low carber turning these babies down Pork rinds orginal or flavored- your choice. When I seen him on screen he was so gorgeous, cheeky and very funny, who wouldn't want to look after a man like that. Get him a nice caring woman and get him out of the nursing home and back to the swing of life!!!!

Cant wait to hear the theme tune again! Hello Richard Hope you are getting on well, watched your shows back in the 70s and 80s as a nipper, you were a good comic actor, not many people have the talent to make others laugh, but you did. Am not such a nipper now, but have fond memories of you, your legacy lives on, all the best. I never tire of watching Man About The House.

Richard you have done some good TV over the years. Dr Bingham was another fave. My mate Bonnie loved me and my Girl Shaun. Hi, no news from me I'm afraid, I just read on a forum that Richard reads this page, so I thought I'd say hi. As a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's, I have very fond memories of your work. I particularly remember 'Me and My Girl' as my whole family used to watch it religiously. I remember when it was first advertised, my mum saying that it would definitely be a good programme because you were in it, and she was right I think she had a bit of a crush on you I have recently been watching reruns of 'Me and My Girl' and I must say it has aged incredibly well.

This is something that is not true of most sitcoms, and is a testament to your acting ability and comic timing. Anyway, I hope you recover soon, and maybe even consider coming back to our screens?

There are at least three generations of people who would love to see you again He seemed to be in excellent health, and was very warm and friendly. He approached me and told me that I had 'cool tattoos'. Being told that I was cool by Boba Fett is probably the best compliment I have ever received!

Rupert, my partner asked Richard the same thing a year or two ago, but as others have already mentioned he is extremely private and always has been, so it's unlikely I think.

He's a lovely bloke though. I know he is aware of his ongoing popularity and is very happy that people still enjoy his acting. Richard Big Sorry, I did not realise that it was your birthday on the 7th. If it's not too late, many happy returns. From a big fan to a very talented and special person. Richard was the King and will always be in my books. He was a bit shaky but I am honoured to have held his wine glass while he signed autographs. I asked him about whether he would write his autobiography - someone else has asked the same thing on this site.

He said, "Who would be interested in me? He should read this site and see how much he is appreciated. Pauline, Norman Wisdom was staying at Richard's nursing home but they couldn't cope with him so his family had to take him away! He is in a home in the Isle of Man now I believe. Often think of you especially as Paula Wilcox in now in Emmerdale. Hope you are feeling well and I believe that Norman Wisdom is in the same Home as yourself, so you have got someone to make you laugh.

Never tire of watching Robin's Nest re-runs. Richard looks like a better looking version of Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen. My daughters love the show and we even have a teddy bear named Mr Tripp. O Richard I was u huuuuuuuuge fan of yours and could daydream about u for hours when I was a young girl living in Holland. Wishing U only the best!! Richard o Sullivan lives in Brinsworth house in Twickenham in a retired actors home when I last heared of home.

I understand that Richard is living in a retirement home, I would just like to thank him for all his wonderful acting series. You are a truly brilliant person.

Richard o'sullivan in robins nest is the double of lawrence llewellyn bowen. Hi Richard , dont know if you read these, but i wanted to tell you how much I enjoy man about the house and that now my young children watch it with me!!!

Wishing you well always. I'd just like to say after like many others googling richard after watching a great man about the house episode. So glad hes still going strong.

All the best richard. I am watching Dick Turpin as I type this. I am 33 and remember vividly, dressing as Dick Turpin and watching the original runs of the series when I was much younger. They were great times, and watching them again now brings great joy! Thank you Richard for being an inspiration.

He is now living in Brinsworth House Entertainment retirement home after suffering a stroke. I have just found this website and would like to add something.

I went to school with Richard at the Corona Academy. He is two years younger than me and we all had a crush on him, he was so sweet, cute and nice. I believe he is living in Middlesex now and I wish him every happiness. I'd like to thank him for all the laughter he has brought into many lives over the years. Well done Richard, I have fond memories of you. All the best to you. I don't have anything to add except that I also loved Richard O'Sullivan's seventies shows.

She was such a beautiful woman - looked like George Harrison's Pattie Boyd to me! We all have many troubles in our lives, but we must keep a breast of things. I hope that we may-be come better for it. I have found to my cost that you must fight the good fight, keep your chin up you nutter ha ha luv Debsxx.

I was speaking to someone connected with Richard a few weeks ago and he is in good health and is happy. He does get offers of work now and then but he is happy enough to live his life out of the public eye nowadays which is understandable. He did say he is happy that people still enjoy watching his old shows. All the best mate! I have just been watching a programme about Youtha Joyce and it brought back some memories. There was losts of stars sending tributes to her so i then started to wonder about Richard and rememembered that i had not seen him on TV for such along time.

He was so funny Richard has always adapted to the times we live in and trouble is that the t. I want all of you 2 know he is making the troops in iraq and other areas of arenas of conflict laugh in a mist trouble a genious with a gift never fades away.

We would welcome richard back on t. Have a merry christmas richard to all of those actors actresses who have made the world laugh and smile for a few moments in time our time and beyond. I'm afraid I don't have any other info, but like everyone else on here, I was a massive fan and loved him to bits.

Thank you to Pat I think it was for posting a link to a photo taken last year. He does, indeed, look very well in it. I, too, would love to see him act again, but more than that, I hope that he is well and happy. He has given me many hours of enjoyment, both at the time, on reruns and on dvd.

I agree about the knighthood too! Lots of love and best wishes to him. I recently got sky and since then i have bought every series of Man About The House, Robin's Nest has just started being released on dvd.

Richard quit shobiz in the mid 90's, he apparently still did voice overs and things for a time. He currently resides at Brinsworth House, a residential and nursing home for retired members of the entertainment profession in Middlesex, he's lived there since Hello Richard, I am a fan of yours and and grateful for your smile that cheers us even now.

I owe this message to my mother whom I was caring for full time for 8 years after she had a heart attack and mini-strokes. That is the power of you smile and the ability to light up lives. She passed away 2 years ago. I thank you Richard for that and would love to see you in person or on TV soon.

Richard - if you read this I want you to know that I think you were and are a brilliant actor and you always cheer me up when I feel down by watching your comedy show which I have on video. I wish you well. I will kep an eye on this site, you never know, Richard may read it: Thanks for all the laughs. I just wanted to say something, as a huge fan of Richard O'Sullivan and child of the 70's and 80's like so many on this forum. For some reason it is not available and it really should be.

It was a great and funny show with Richard and the wonderful Tim Brook Taylor. You can see the opening credits and hear the beautiful Peter Skellern theme tune on Youtube. Lets rally round and get it released guys! Lots of love to Richard and those fabulous, now unseen but never forgotten, entertainers of the past who put the celebrity culture of today to shame. Richard like so many of your life-long fans I was really saddened to learn of your current illness - get better soon old mate. Kindest Regards Bobby Peel.

Hi Richard,just found this site! Hope you are well. Just been watching Robins Nest and just had to try and find out where you had gone. Hope life is treating you well. By the way,my Mom said she still fancies you after all these years!!!!! I wish Mr O'Sullivan good health and happiness during his retirement days. Thank you for all the hours of laughter you've given me. You were at a time which could rightly be called the Golden Era of British Humour. Sorry you are unwell. Hope you are doing good.

Now, just get better. Would like to see you on the telly again. If that's not possible, huge thanks for the joy that you gave. I am loving watching all these shows again and again on TV! Just want to say 'Thankyou' to Richard for many a happy hour watching him on tv.

His was a great actor and is very much missed by lots of people. We have no one on tv today that can bring the laughs and fun that Richard did. Please give him my fondest regards and would love to meet him one day.

I Attended Corona at the same time as Richard although a few years ahead. He was always such a nice little boy and yes very talented. My mother used to chaperone him and drive him to jobs when we met many years later all working in Yarmouth he said yes I remember your mum and with a big smile added I used to be sick in her car.

I think the last time she chaperoned him and Francesca Annis was on a film that was made on the Isle Of sky about oct My mother had to leave suddenly due to her own Sons illness in Aden, but she always had a soft spot for Richard. If I remember correctly, he played a Harrier pilot who was having a very bad day. It was nice to see his face again. And if you're reading this, Richard, thanks for all the good times.

Just watched Carry on Teacher. Richard plays a schoolboy in it, must have been about 10 or so. A wonderful British actor. Eye Sea, Richard was said to have suffered a stroke in , but apart from a few small problems, including some memory loss, he is fine and happy. He is well looked after and seems happy to keep a relatively low profile these days. Nice to look back on his old shows. We returned to England in for my wife to have an operation for breast cancer.

Richard invited us to spend a day with him, which was my wife's first outing after the op. So typical of Richard and it was a great confidence booster for my wife. I last contacted him about 18 months ago at Brinsworth House and received a polite note from the Matron, but saying that Richard was unable to reply.

Just hope he is OK. What is this mysterious illness Richard O'Sullivan had that no one dares mention? I'd like to know what was wrong with him. I am a great fan of Richards. I wrote to him some time ago when I heard he was in a nursing home.

I didn't get a reply but I wish you all the best Richard. Your Man about the House cd's still give me hours of pleasure. I would love to meet you one day. Hi, I am in New Zealand and I was watching TV one day and happen see one of Richard O'Sullivan's TV shows,Man about the House witch I haven't seen in a long long time so I thought I would go on line to find out what happened to Richard and I am very shocked to find out that he is now in a nursing home and very sick and I just hope that he gets better as I remember when I was younger I use to love watching him on TV.

Parbhu Manga New Zealand. I know that you have not been so well lately but I send my very best wishes for a speedy recovery. In case anyone reads this and by chance to see him pass this message on. Also there maybe someone out there who was in the same Panto's if so drop a line would be great to hear how and what you are doing. Thanks Pat you seem to know a lot about Richard O Sullivan i hope he is ok we don't hear a lot of new news recently. I have been looking for info on Richard for sometime now, and so relieved to find some at last.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who remembers what a wonderful actor he was, so happy to know that there are others out there like me who still appreciate his work. Sorry to hear about his ill health, but wish him well, and hope he realizes that he still has his fans and there are those that still wish to see him return to the screen.

Wishing you all the very best Richard Nik and Gary, Richard had to have some treatment for a health condition towards the end of last year but is recovering and doing ok. Kizzy, he did the commentary for Carry On Teacher last year. It is available on the recent box set release and I think you can buy it on its own. Other than that I can only think of the British Gas advert he did in the late 70's! It's Feb and we have no idea how upto date the last comments are on this site?

Hope the great Richard O'Sulliavn is still recovering well at the nursing home? Had a look at the photo and even though he's older and a bit tubbier there's still a twinkle in the eye!!

Lots of love and best wishes Nik and Gary xx. Scroll down to SOHO , and go to the 2nd picture. In case you don't recognize him, Richard is third from left with a cigarette in his hand! It's a nice idea, but I doubt Richard will ever do anything high profile again, even before he got sick he had more or less quit acting and become a recluse.

I don't think he'd ever write a book either as he seems very private and his profile is non-existent here now. At least he has lots of great shows we can look back on, although wish they'd repeat them more. I think Richard has yet to reach his full potential as an actor. His talent extends far beyond television and I hope , like so many others, that he gets more opportunities to practice his craft soon.

There are few artists who enthrall and entertain us so sweetly like Richard does. On another note wouldn't it be absolutely wonderful to be able to read about his life via his own words. I wonder if maybe this could be his next and greatest project. Millions of people all over the world would be delightfully receptive at the prospect. Nic, Richard is still very much with us. He did have a health problem which he's had for a few months, but he's slowly recovering thankfully.

To anyone who is interested, I have been in touch with Brinsworth House lately and Richard is recovering well after his recent health crisis, but it will take some time before he is back to his old self. I'm sure all his fans all over the world join me in sending him our very best wishes for a full recovery No information, just wanted to say I too grew up watching Richard here in New Zealand.

Felt like I knew him. He always came across and so personable and so very loveable. I have all the Man about the House series on tape and my three year old daughter absolutely loves to watch them with me from time to time.

I think she has a little crush on Richard and who could blame her! Get well soon Richard. No info just wanted to wish Richard all the best, always watched all his sitcoms and thought what a thoroughly nice chap he was and hope things work out for him in the new year. It's clear from all the messages of support left on this site that he is much loved and missed, all the best and good luck. I am 36 years old, and grew up watching all the shows with RO'S in.

I now live in Australia, but spent my childhood in north England. I remember travelling to Manchester Airport one day with my brother, I was about 8 or 9 years old. We stopped for a toilet break, pulled into a carpark, we didn't know what the place was, it looked like a pub. After coming out of the toilet, I bumped into Richard O'Sullivan, and nearly dropped from shock. He said "You can't stay in here, it's for adults". It was the public bar part of Granada TV studios.

I left straight away without even saying a word to him, I thought maybe I was in trouble. I will never forget it, having watched so many episodes, and then bumping into him like someone on the street. I read in the "Mail" last week that he was in the home after having some operation on his gums. It always upsets me because he reminds me of growing up in the 70's.

I thought he was wonderful and always watch the repeats on the Paramount Channel. I am a massive fan of Richard, as is most of my family. Having had one or two out myself recently I sympathise! Please pass on mine and my families good wishes.

I also loved his child actor films My best wishes to him and here's hoping he one day does return to TV. His fan's would love to see him again! I was born in , and it seemed that, for the next 15 years or so, I more or less grew up with the ever -present Richard on TV.

I'm sure all those of my generation feel the same. I fondly remember a pro-celeb snooker match he took part in too- I wanted him to win and I think he fluked a shot at one point - good stuff!! Richard's a great bloke, let's have him back on TV. All my best wishes. Just wanted to add my name to others wanting to wish Richard O'Sullivan well. If, as cited, he has been seen in Covent Garden, well, I work nearby and would love to buy him a drink.

If you go to Robert Ross's website www. He has been recording DVD commentaries and looks in very good shape. I recognised him immediately, and then looked up the series on IMDB.

I dont have any new information about Richard but just wanted to wish him all the very best for the future I have thoruoghly enjoyed watching him over the years and have just finished watching a re-run of Man about the house. I have no information about Mr O'sullivan,but im pleased to read he is ok,and sounding like he has his great sense of humour still.

It is not a surprise to read how many people are concerned how he is,a well loved person If you read this Mr O'sullivan,i for one would love to see you back on screen,your comic timing,and talent cannot be wasted. I shall copy what Barbara says about him and Italy. Indeed he's fondly remembered with great affection in Man about the house as he's one of the best comedy actors out there. I often laughed in tears seeing his show I'm extremely happy to know he's doing fine; I was just sad for a couple of days as I read he was ill A tought goes to John Ritter too He was good but there was no match with Richard.

Best of luck, Richard! I saw Father Dear Father on BBC2 the other week and it made me wonder what had happened to Richard O'Sullivan, after reading all your comments i now know, i remember his shows with great fondness and wish him well. I've bought his book, "Man about the kitchen", and I would like to have it autographed by him. Any suggestion on how to do that? Also, if someone is in touch with him, please let him know that even here, in Italy, he's fondly remembered and object of much affection.

On the subject of Richard spotting, did anyone see Father dear Father: Richard played the boyfriend of one of the daughters and he had me in tears of laughter! Hoping to see some more of his shows repeated on TV soon! Who would have imagined Richard was even heard of in Sri Lanka, yes not only heard but remembered as a great comedy star of many brit sitcoms aired here in the 70s and 80s.

I myself is an avid fan of brit sitcoms and have collected all series of 'man about the house' and many others. I too time to time check on the net the whereabouts of many of these stars who gave us many wonderful programs, memories of which we carry to this day. I am glad to hear Richard is retiered and doing well in a retirement home. Would love to visit you mate for a day, you made such an impression on us guys when we were growing up.

It isn't info i'm afraid. I wanted to ask Bernard McKenna if he could tell me where to visit Richard, does he have visitors? I did email Brinsworth House but I received no reply. This man has given me some of the best comedy moments in my whole life and I would just love to visit him and thank him in person. Having health problems sometimes makes me very blue and so I watch a lot of comedy, anything Richard is in makes me smile.

Could I come too Alan? Thanks for the info Bernard. Would love to meet him, sounds like a really nice bloke. Actually, what I'd really like is to do travel back in time 25 years and meet him as Dick Turpin! I wondered what hapened to Michael Deeks, he was a sweetie.

He als had an amazing talent and was probably the best child actor I ever worked with. Someone mentioned Jeremy Bullock, who was a fellow student, does anyone no where Jeremy is?

I live in Spain these days if anyone s in toouch with Richard, please let him know he is very welcome to stay with us in the sunshine.

Sincerely Alan Gunter E-mail: I have just watched six episodes from Series 1 on DVD. What great comedy Man About The House was! Richard O'Sullivan was just fantastic. Hope all goes well Richard. Kate - a big fan from Australia. I have been enjoying "Man About the House" again lately which prompted me to "google" Richard O'Sullivan to find out what had happened to him.

Was upset to hear he had been ill, but very glad to hear that he was recovering. He was, and still is hopefully, one of the funniest blokes on TV, and I wish I could jump on a plane to England and visit him. I wish him all the very best from Australia. Many thanks, Richard, for all the hundreds of hours of pleasure you gave to so many people - you have the magical gift of making people laugh - don't ever lose it.

As for all you "knockers" out there and I don't mean boobs , jealousy is a curse - lose it. Lots of love to you, Richard, from a huge fan I can tell you all that Richard is in good health and humour and loves to hear that so many people are still interested in him. To the sad people who have nothing better to say than made up nonsence or vicious personal judgements can I suggest you get yourself a life.

I just wanted to say that I wish Richard well for the future and hope his recovery is speedy. I was quite shocked to hear that he was ill. That's great to hear Bernard. I'm a big fan of the shows you worked on, I recognise your name having re-watched Robin's Nest recently.

I'm very surprised to hear that Richard didn't have a stroke though as I spoke to someone at Brinsworth House asking how he was recovering from it and they didn't say he hadn't had one in their reply, and it was widely reported that he had one in December ' Still I'm very pleased to hear that he hasn't, what caused the memory loss though?

Does it affect him badly? I'm guessing it's short term memory loss? How lovely that you caught up on old times, he must have been thrilled to see you. Great to hear he's so happy.

Thanks for taking the trouble to let us know Bernard. Hope we see some of your work on tv again soon. We were reminiscing and Richard's name came up, hence the research on the internet. We hope you are happy Richard. Look after him well Brimsworth! I visited Richard O' Sullivan yesterday 4th August and can tell you that apart from some memory loss he is in great shape. He's never had a stroke. I've known him since when I wrote Dr.

In Charge, At Large etc. We had a great time recalling those years and we laughed a lot. He was a joy to visit. I think this man is wonderful, if some people cant say anything nice about people then why dont they keep there big mouths shut. I lift my glass to you richard here's good health to you xxxxx. Hi I do hope Richard gets well soon. I love all the shows he has done especially me and my girl along with Tim Brooke Taylor. Also do you remember him in Summer Holiday with Cliff Richard.

I have heard Norman Wisdom will be spending time there soon also at the nursing home. That will cheer everyone up.

Take care to all. I have a strong suspicion that the villain 'edam hussain' is actually Richard sending himself up. I hope it is, because it it would indicate that he is still the same mischievous guy that we loved to watch on the telly in the 70's.

Don't forget his role in the Doctor series in the 60's and 70's? He was great in that and I loved those shows. Good luck and a speedy recovery so we can see you again on the TV! I was in touch with someone who works at Brinsworth House recently and they told me that Richard is doing well and is happy, he loves to know that people still enjoy watching his shows.

I also saw the Mail article yesterday, Richard obviously looks older and seems to have gained a bit of weight, but he looked happy enough. The article mentioned that Tessa Wyatt and their son visit him often. Alan 'Fluff' Freeman looked very ill though, hardly recognised him. Richard is living in Brinsworth House, Twickenham, which is dedicated to looking after old stars of radio and music hall.

A feature appeared in the Sunday Mail Sunday 16th July which indicates he is well looked after. I have been to Brinsworth House to visit one of our old stars several times, who unfortunately has since died. Ben Warris was also at Brinsworth House at this time. He's always been a favourite and I don't think I've missed a single series he was in. I did read a newspaper report that he had had a stroke a while ago but didn't have any more news until I found this page.

I hope he's doing well and look forward to hopefully seeing him on TV soon. Ooh-er - sooner than I thought - there he is now, sat in a rather short green robe, smoking a fag and talking to Jo: Was very shocked to hear about Richard's illness but the comments and sightings etc are very encouraging. I do beleive as well as "Nest" Richard also wrote and performed the theme to "Trouble in Mind", his last regular series. A very talented actor and musician.

If you're reading this, hope this message finds you well and happy. All the best to you Richard! Sorry to hear Richard has had a stroke. He's one of the nicest guys I've met. Its probably not widely known, but he has written some very good songs. I worked as a drummer on some his demo discs in the early sixties. Remember 'I'm walking' Richard? I still have the disc. I have no new information about Richard but am very glad indeed to hear that he has been seen out and about in London and is obviously so much better.

As long as he is reasonably happy with his life, that's the main thing. I send my regards to him. I loved Richard - I have been watching Man abouth the house, I thought he was great. I came on to this website to find out where he is now. I got a shock, I hope he gets better and back into acting. I was saddened to hear about Richard's health problems, Richard and myself were friends when we went to the same school Corona Acadamy stage school Chiswick west London, I remember the day Richard and myself went to buy an MG TF sports car, he had me in stiches, I hope you read this Richard just to let you know your old school mate wishes you all the best and look forward to seeing you on telly once more.

For whatever reason - maybe reviewing my past having turned 50 - Richard came to mind so figured I'd find out what he was upto. Saddened at the news of his illness. Recovery and good health Richard. You gave us all a laugh in my teens. He has had a stroke and gone blind. Wonder if he ever bumps in to Richard. I have heard from a very good source that Richard O'Sulivan is in good spirits and still in the nursing home and was visited at christmas by fellow cast members on MATH!!

If you are reading this Richard, we love you! I don't have any news about Richard this is why I'm on this site, to see what happened to him!. I'm surprised to read some of the remarks.

I,too,was a fan of Richards and I have missed him over the years. If he took ill last Christmas and is in a nursing home as stated by some then where has he been in the preceding years? He hasn't been seen for years on TV or in newspapers. Can anyone fill in the gaps? I was really shocked to hear about his illness, my husband and myself are huge Man About The House fans and since being ill at Christmas, my 15 year old son discovered the programme on Paramount and asked for the dvd's of the series' and the film for his birthday.

A legend through the ages obviously. We wish him well. It's great news that Richard is feeling a lot better after his stroke. I can still remember the catchy Robin's Nest theme tune, which I believe Richard wrote and performed himself! You keep getting better Richard, you have been missed. So sorry to hear that Richard has been unwell but it sounds very positive for the future. I remember as a boy playing cricket on Chiswick Common with him and his friend Jeremy Bullock, another child actor at the time.

Two nice lads who treated me well whilst in London over 45 years ago. Its good to see so much interest out there for Richard. My friends and I would be delighted to see him back at work. I wonder if, by any chance, he and Tessa Wyatt may work together once more.

Its interesting to see what's written here, apart from one entry from "Edum Hussein" and the dubious "sightings" at Richmond station and Bondi Beach,if Richard reads this site he should be encouraged to return to acting.. For my part I would love to see him back on the small screen and wish him well for a complete recovery. Just to say am sorry to hear that Richard O Sullivan is not in good health.

Have just started watching the reruns of Man About the House and although I remember my parents watching them, it's a whole new show to me! Can't believe some of the punchlines they got away with!! Anyway, my best wishes go to Richard and if you are reading this, love to see you on telly soon. Just to say I grew up with Man About the House. It is brilliant, now on Paramount and Richard O'sullivan is still brilliant in it. I do hope he will be well enough to work again. So if you are reading this Mr O'Sullivan, you gave me and others so much fun and joy.

I'm sending this back to you so you can have some fun too. I was watching Man about the house tonight and wondered what Richard was up to today and came across this from a google search. I was and still am a big fan of Richard and was shocked to hear about his stroke.

Is Richard still married to Tessa Wyatt.? They worked well together in the 80s and hope they are both doing well. I remember Richard when he filmed Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor, I was in love with him then and wrote to ask for his autograph which I still have in pride of place on a on his photograph.

My children love him too and watch all his past work on t. It is brilliant news about Mr. Through my own experiences, I thought Mr. O'Sullivan, would be no longer available to do everyday stuff. So it is great to hear he is on the mend, and I also hope to see him play a major part on television.

Just to say we both wish Richard all the very best and that he gets well soon. I like many others have watched hime on the telly since I was a kid and realy miss him!

Just to say I remember seeing Richard O'Sullivan in pantomime, I can't remember which one, but he was on stage with some other actors in front of some very large scenery when it started to sway forwards. He pushed the other people out of the way and when it had stabilised said "there was no need to bring the house down!

I also hope he returns to acting soon and wish him well for the future. We just want to say how sorry we are to read about Richard's illness and hope he will be better soon. Since we have been watching Robin's Nest and Man about the House on Paramount, we have seen what a great personality he has the shows would not have been the same without him and have often wondered what he is doing now.

Had hoped he was happy and enjoying life. Would be great to see him in something new, if any modern writer could come up with anything half as good. I keep checking here to find out the latest!.. Nice to hear from Jayne that he seems well. Can anyone from the nursing home say whether he will get well and work again? Best wishes to you Richard. Hope you are doing well and are looking forward to see you again someday on television or elsewhere.

Loved you in Man about the house. You are a statue of a generation, I truly believe. My husband installed some laundry equipment this week Aug 05 at the nursing home where Richard lives. He saw him several times and says he seemed well.

According to staff at the home, Richard is one of the nicest guys you could possibly meet. We were big fans and wish him well. Richard was a part of television history,I hope he's feeling better and is back on the telly soon.

Richard was a wonderful actor to work with. I wish him health and happiness. Any up to date info on how he is? So sorry to hear the news. My thoughts are with him. Juat to say that I wish Richard O'Sullivan the best of health and hope to see him work again soon. I have great memories of his work as a cheeky child actor and fantastic adult actor. I hope he has family and friends around him and is happy and content. Richard is still in a nursing home, but is doing well and is happy.

He would really appreciate all of your nice messages and as far as the rude ones are concerned he'd probably think you're a complete cock.

Richmond train station story is utter nonsence. It is true richard had a stroke just before last christmas. He is in a nurseing home where he has been since.

I am in regular contact with him and he is doing well and feeling a lot better,he hopes to work again in the future. If he's had a stroke then he's made one hell of a recovery because I saw him at Bondi Beach about 6 months. He did look a little pissed but other than that he seemed fine. I was looking up the man about the house actors, and was shocked by this news. I hope he gets well, though I doubt it very much after reading this news. I liked him as dick turpin, and as that man, about the house.

I recently worked at the nursing home where Mr O'sullivan is resting and i can tell you he seemed very positive and lively. I was really sad to hear about Richard's misfortunes.

I always liked watching him in Man About The House etc. I thought he was quite good-looking fancied him a bit.

I have no new information about him: I feel very sorry for him. I do hope he will recover. Very sad to hear of Richard's illness and miss seeing him on TV. Was totally in love with him in Dick Turpin, I was just 11 then. I'm 35 now and have just treated myself to DVD of entire first series We wish you well Richard. Lot's of love xxxx. I just was curious what happened with Richard O'Sullivan, because I liked his shows. I always had a good feeling watching it. After reading some things about his present, I still wonder what really happened with him.

Maybe someone can give a clear and true answer about this. We were very saddened to hear about Richard's illness and hope that he can read these messages of support because he is still being watched by many of his fans every day and is much loved. I too wonder what has happened to this wonderful actor. He is never seen on television for years. I just love the way he played robin tripp.

Maybe he is able to read all this stuff except the part that sickening edam hussain wrote, I think he is just a sorry and jealous somebody.

Richard if you ever read this we miss you on the telly and we hope you're oke. Ah, the legendary Dick Turpin by mr.

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