Why choose a protein powder without artificial sweeteners?

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To see the difference for yourself check here: Life-Changing Foods, Medical Medium: So please tell me any diet plan to get enough protein naturally.. Although the ingredients in the supplement are mainly protein and amino acids, I would suggest speaking to your doctor or healthcare professional before consumption. I had to pee every few minutes and it burns sometimes.


Whey Protein Side Effects

But since protein powder is stripped of fats, that particular benefit is limited. You can find it online at GNC and other widely popular sites. Thank you so very much for this article as it came at the right time. I am a health coach and I wanted to partner with a company to sell protein powders to my clients. I enjoy the protein benefits and the versatility of having a whole smoothie as a meal replacement and I know they do as well. I have been looking into Arbonne and speaking with a rep but now, my gut is telling me no.

I love your articles! Helps clear through all the confusion. I have a protein shake for breakfast every morning. I blend the why protein isolate with flax seed and an apple. I use the shake because it is quick and simple and the only other breakfast I can eat on the run is toast — which I try to avoid. I thought I was doing a good thing. But now I wonder if, due to the insulinogenic properties that you mention, is one of the factors that is causing me to slowly gain weight?

Only excess calories will do that. Hi there, I have recently come across a hemp based protein powder, but no very little about it.

I do currently use a protein isolate blend pre and post workout, this seems to suit my digestive system, but I am concerned about the artificial sweeteners in the product.

I would be interested to know what you think? How much protein does a person need. I am vegetarian and I am active and work out daily. Just wondering how much protein I actually need and when is the best tinge to eat them. Hey Missy, this link might help you — How Much Protein. Total bodyweight x 15 is total daily calories. Divide by 6 for calories per meal. You will redo your math every 2 weeks to match your new lower weight.

I had been using protein powder as a meal replacement for breakfast because it was low in calories, quick, and filled me up. I am not a breakfast eater at all and the shakes were incredibly handy to fill me up til lunchtime.

What are my options as far as protein meal replacement? Is this a bad choice? I use them as supplements. Mix some fruit in there, or put some in a bowl of oatmeal. Hey Coach, and Good Morning! I drank my protein shakeds twice a day, one first thing in the a. I ate meals per day consisting mainly of protein and green veggies, and lost 75 lbs.

I never counted calories, but limited my carb intake. Is this an unhealthy way, in your opinion, to have lost the weight? I have no insulin issues all! Thanks, and have a Great rest of ur day! But as to your situation, that depends on what you mean by protein and veggies.

You still need to be eating essential fatty acids. They are an essential nutrient that could be lacking as part of a low fat diet.

Nothing wrong with limiting carbs, but make sure you are getting in enough healthy fats to make up some of the calorie deficit. The veggies are always good to have. Fish oil, nuts, grass-fed beef, omega-3 eggs, and seeds are all sources of EFAs. You could also supplement with fish oil or flax oil. I use the fish oil mentioned in the article. I use carb cycling it is so efective if done correctly. As far as proteins go i use whey twice a day. A after sleeping to stop catabolism and a whey and milk protein mix post work out for rapid uptake to start healing process and longevity of drip feeding through the casein.

Othe times i use milk and egg protein, including prior to bed to again minimise catabolism. I know you did — hence the winky face. As I said in the article, focus less on brands and more on the type of protein.

You have the guidelines you need to follow to pick a good protein, now go do some shopping. Start researching the products, and then pick the cheapest one that fits the guidelines single ingredient. If I can whey in…. I disagree with the fact that blends tend to be more expensive…this can be true, but if you compate whey isolate to concentrate and added fillers , the isolate is usually more expensive because the protein content is higher….

Please could you give me your opinion on this one http: I am curious to what you think of shakeology. My personal opinion is it is very expensive. Should cost less than a third of that. All that extra stuff is nice, but you should be getting that from whole foods.

In addition, it has stevia in it. Read the patent for yourself here and make your own decision. Can you please tell us more about the MLM protien powered drinks??

Are they really as good as they say? What makes them so great? Please help me understand what the hype is all about! Any hyped protein powder is usually overpriced IMO. So the Whey is ok to use? Sorry, depending on my memory because I dont have the book in front of me! Only one way to find out if you have a problem with whey — try it yourself. Because whey is derived from dairy, some people have an intolerance to either the lactose less than a gram for an isolate or the whey.

And how would that affect fat loss vs muscle loss? Insulinogenic means insulin producing. Ingesting straight whey protein can cause an insulin spike and then a following drop in blood sugar. Thanks for your reply! So does this mean it would not be a good idea for someone with diabetes to use the whey protein shakes?

Oh and one more question…in this case would it then be better to use a different form of protein shakes, other than the whey because of the insulinogenic effect? I will say that anything that impacts blood glucose and insulin levels can cause issues with diabetes.

If I had diabetes I would personally try to stick to whole food protein sources whenever possible. Can you shed some light on this for me?

No protein powder in and of itself is going to make you gain or lose weight. Only calories will influence that. If you eat in an energy deficit and also use whey protein you will lose weight.

Hey Isabelle, I used to use Optimum Nutrition for years. However, it does have artificial sweeteners, and these days, I avoid them like the plague. Coach please help me understand why ViSalus and Advocare and Amway say that their protein shake are the best shake to drink, they claim you will lose weight.

Can that weight lost be sustained? I lost it by eating clean and very healthy, weight training 3 days and week and interval training the other 3 days a week. Are you expected to drink 2 shakes a day for the rest of your life? I eat clean and workout as a way of life its just part of my day.

Thank you for the help! Use protein powder as a supplement or as a convenience option. Everyone wants to buy the best protein. No protein in and of itself is going to help you lose weight.

You have to have a calorie deficit for that. Any brand that claims weight loss with their protein is being manipulative. It takes a lot of work and marketing to get your product on the shelves of physical stores. The multi level marketing powders rely heavily on an army of people to push powders. After all, so many people need to get a cut of the profits to make the system work.

Is is best to rest for a few days or should I keep training? And is there any multi-vitamin that you recommend I should be taking while training or are they necessary? Your body needs the available energy to get better instead of using it to rebuild unnecessary exercise-induced muscle trauma. I think a walk outside can help some people feel better when sick, me included. Nothing wrong with multi-vitamins.

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More commonly used to treat and improve.. Named after its chemical structure,methoxyisoflavone is a compound to help with protein synthesis. It is often shortened to the acronym Methoxy. It belongs to the flavone family derived from plants The primary ingredient of Gold Standard Percent Whey Protein is a protein blend consisting of whey protein isolates, whey protein concentration and whey peptides.

Whey is derived from milk and contains lactose. If you are lactose-intolerant, drinking beverages made from the powder may cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, bloating, and gas.

Individuals who are allergic to the milk protein casein may develop hives, skin rashes, facial swelling and trouble breathing. Video of the Day. Gold Standard Whey Protein Nutrition. What Is in Nutrilite Protein Powder? Side Effects of Muscle Juice How to Use Weight Gainer The Best Whey for Weight Loss.

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