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Each homeroom selected a representative who collected the money. What is the significant of the picture, the climbing up and down the mountains and the title of the book? All rights are reserved. Why is she no longer afraid? Explore the exciting world of stonework, and learn how simple materials and layout choices can help your natural stone landscape features go beyond function to express the essence of the landscape. Although the book is about events in the 30s, it was written in the 70s. Is it too heavy handed?

Fall 2018 Course Descriptions and Schedule Information

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There are 4 consecutive Reiki courses , which can only be taught by a Reiki Master. In Reiki-1 , we will harmonize your body on 4 different levels to receive the Reiki healing energy. In this course, you will learn how to connect to this wonderful Reiki energy, how to treat yourself and how to pass it on to others. We will also teach you one symbol to call on this great healing power like clicking an icon on your computer to start a new program.

The course fee includes the Training Manual, the Certificate, free treatment s , refreshments and lunch. You will learn how to focus and work on traumas, frustrations and pains from present or past experiences.

You will also be taught how to treat positive goals for your future well being. Lastly, we include a special Craneo-Sacral treatment technique, which involves a non-manipulative spinal alignment treatment. We teach this course during the same week as the Reiki Reiki 1 and 2 are taught together during an intensive 6 day training which includes several practice days to help you build up your confidence.

During further training, you can receive Reiki Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki In these classes you will receive: The Usui Master attunement which strengthens your Reiki energy 2. The Usui Master symbol, which increases the effectiveness of the other symbols and can be used for healing 3. Reiki meditation to strengthen the mind and expand consciousness 4.

Advanced techniques to achieve goals and resolve life lessons 5. The use of crystals and other stones with Reiki and how to make a Reiki grid to continuously send Reiki to yourself and others 6. Reiki Aura clearing to assist in removing negative psychic energy. This course will take 3 to 4 days and usually requires a waiting period of several months after Reiki-2 during which time the student should have practiced Reiki treatments diligently at least hours after the Reiki-2 attunement.

You will receive the complete Reiki Usui and Tibetan Master Attunement as well as instruction on giving all attunements, including Reiki Master and the Healing Attunements.

You will learn the Usui Master Symbol and two Tibetan symbols for a total of six symbols to assist you in your Reiki healing work. This will open you even more intensely for the Universal Life Energy You will learn additional healing techniques as well as how to teach Reiki courses and how to harmonise students.

Last, but certainly not least, you will learn how to teach Reiki to children. Powerful healing experiences often take place during this class. Students practice giving attunements to volunteers and to each other, so each student receives many attunements. Our Training Manual will give you detailed steps for giving all attunements. While the contents of this class will allow anyone to pass Reiki on to others and to teach, many students actually take this training for their own use with family and friends.

This Master-Teacher Training will take at least 7 days but I prefer to spread this training over several weeks, thereby allowing the student to get used to these new energies and to provide ample time for further practice. I usually give this training in very small classes. The Reiki-4 Master Teacher Degree tuition fee includes the Training Manual, the Certificate, free treatment s , lunches vegetarian food and refreshments.

We teach in English, French, Dutch or Thai. What Reiki does is giving you a deep relaxation and well being which will re-start your own self-healing powers. We do not teach Reiki via internet which would technically be possible because we believe that this direct hands-on transmission is important. This energetic transfer happens through teaching the form of treatments, initiations, passing on the principles, telling the history, answering questions, and truly being with the students in the class.

In this way, the Reiki Master communicates the essence and the integrity of the System. Reiki training fees are based on a minimum donation.

We want to keep the cost low to encourage participants but these donations also contribute substantially to our charity activities Contact us here to obtain the list of scheduled classes only from Monday through Saturday and to receive confirmation about the current course fees. This scientific treatment is a combination of several oriental holistic healing techniques that are all non-invasive and require no machines for diagnoses and no drugs or herbs for treatment.

These techniques take at least two months to learn. They combine the following alternative healing systems:. Full teaching and practice time takes about 2 months depending on the students' dilligence and performance. Our selection criteria for the students are: The final decision to accept or refuse a student's application, will be ours.

In case of our refusal before the beginning of the course, your downpayment will be fully reimbursed. Courses are both educational and practical with about 30 hours of clinical practice During the training, you will be given ample time to practice what you have learned and to receive free treatment s.

You will have additional practice sessions at the elderly homes, hospitals and rehab centers where we donate every week at least one day for charity treatments. These observation and clinical practice hours will be included in your Certificate. The ABET trainings are given only twice a year over a period of approx. This is a tough training but also very rewarding. It will help you to diagnose health problems in yourself and others and make the appropriate recommendations for minor life style change to achieve major life quality improvements.

For best results, a course should be preceded and followed by a period of Bio-Energetic treatment observations. We recommend strongly that you do not to take any other classes at the same time, because our classes are very intensive and you will need time to study and assimilate the information.

We give out notes of the more difficult lessons and of course a Certificate upon completion. You can bring a tape recorder if you feel more comfortable with it.

Usually, we teach 5 days a week. For a more detailed Course Syllabus, please click here. The selection criteria for the students are: I personally had to observe Dr Than Van Le during 3 months of practice because I was obviously not ready at that time smile.. If some days last longer, we will provide free lunch. This training also includes some video teachings by Dr Le himself and another 30 hours of practice, which are a vital part of it.

You will often receive free diagnostics and free treatments depending on your body's needs and our availability. We do however, provide question time at the start and end of each day.

About half-way thru the course, we will give you a longer weekend of 2 or 3 days. The duration will depend on your dilligence and understanding. If you study well, we can keep our schedule and give you a long weekend to relax. Generally speaking, ABET training is a challenge on the educational, physical, emotional and spiritual level but the results are most wonderful… smile and they will change your life for ever! You will first learn how to take care of yourself and activate your own healing powers.

After that, you will learn how to take care of others. When I discovered this scientific healing therapy over 14 years ago, I was managing a pharmaceutical company in Bangkok and I did not believe in all this stuff… but, then I saw that it somehow helped people even if I did not understand then, how or why…. Before taking the Asian Bio-Energetics Course , we always recommend to have a diagnostic and treatment session to enable you to experience this wonderful energy.

You first learn how to take care of yourself and activate your own healing powers. We want to keep the fees low because we do not want to limit participants but this donation contributes substantially to our charity activities. They cover a training period of approx. Accommodation is not included in this donation. Contact us here to obtain the list of scheduled classes and to receive confirmation about the current course material and fees.

We have been using essential oils for over 25 years, just for our comfort and well-being. As we are growing quite some herbs ourselves, totally organically, we started to make our own essential oils Growing and separating Moxa for Aromatherapy. We have been growing Moxa Artemisia A. The next step was logically to actually transform this very useful herb into essential oils.

Over the past years, we made over 60 distillations and we are delighted with the results. As we make only small quantities of essential oils for our personal use, we do not sell them but we are happy to show you how to make your own in a 5-day workshop which includes. This is a great example of one of our formulas. For more info, please contact us. The selection of the herbs used for these distillations will depend on the seasons but we should be able to make at least three distillations in each workshop.

The selected herbs are: Torch Ginger for its wonderful Hydrolate - Soursop leaves: Hydrolates We do not sell our essential oils, but share them with our students as part of a training hand-out. We do however, sell the hydrolates of all our products.

Hydrolates are also known as Hydrosols, or Herbal and Floral or Flower waters, They are gentle, water-based plant extracts that expand the healing, cosmetic, and culinary applications of aromatherapy. A hydrolate is the condensate water that is left over after extracting essential oils by water or steam distillation.

This aromatic water contains the very essence of everything that was in the plant when it was still alive and growing, including some essential oil. Some of the aromatic and healing parts held within the plant are not captured by the essential oils.

This steam condenses back into water, and contains small quantities of essential oil plus many of the water-soluble hydrophilic parts of the plant. Supercharged with more active principles than the essential oil, this ready to use product offers a safe and convenient way to deliver many therapeutic and cosmetic benefits.

We offer one year free to customers who purchase their machine from us. Each session covers something different about the operation of your Bernina. Learn what all the icons are for, how to do a button hole, how to free motion, and sew much more! Bring that problem child embroidery project and get some help on how to fix it next time. We all learn through each others' challenges. Bring your favorites to share too!

Using multiple hoopings, even a small hoop can make a decoration that makes a big impact. The club will meet for seven months. As a result, I utilize multiple teaching strategies, from lecture to a small-group critical thinking activity.

In addition, I set and communicate high expectations and teach students how to successfully reach these goals. Bob Remedi Instructor, biology Learn more about biology. One learns more by doing than by hearing. Jeanne Simondsen Instructor, chemistry Learn more about chemistry. For example, there are real-time weather discussions in my meteorology classes, where students see how the course material applies directly to the weather that affects their lives.

Eric Priest Instructor, earth science Learn more about earth science. Xiaoming Zhai Instructor, geology Learn more about earth science. Jeffrey Andrews Instructor, mathematics Learn more about mathematics.

Kimberly Boyke Instructor, mathematics Learn more about mathematics. In my classes, we ask and seek answers questions like, 'What does this mean? Donna Carlson Instructor, mathematics Learn more about mathematics. Writing on a tablet instead of the chalkboard or whiteboard allows me to face my class, so I can see their reactions and more easily promote discussion. Amy Curry Instructor, mathematics Learn more about mathematics. Help them move forward. Tracey Hoy Instructor, mathematics Learn more about mathematics.

Scott Reed Instructor, mathematics Learn more about mathematics. Octavio Cavazos Instructor, automotive collision repair Learn more about automotive collision repair. I want to understand their needs and help them to get the most out of their time here. Lance David Instructor, automotive technology Learn more about automotive technology. When we make decisions related to purchases, or when we make choices about what we will do with our time and resources, it relates to the field of economics.

Tonitta White Instructor, economics Learn more about economics. David Groeninger Instructor, history Learn more about history. CLC offers many opportunities for faculty and students to travel widely in the world. My travels in Jordan, the Netherlands and in several other countries have broadened my experience and helped me to be a better teacher.

Josie Faulk Instructor, history Learn more about history. Students flourish when working together toward a common goal and when they realize that they can rely on their peers and professors for support and information. Nora Benjamin Instructor, psychology Learn more about psychology. Consequently, my teaching objective is not just to disseminate information, which students can get from a variety of sources, but rather to assist students in applying this information in real-world situations.

Martha Lally Instructor, psychology Learn more about psychology. Perhaps most important, the field has the potential to help people live better. Evan Finer Instructor, psychology Learn more about psychology. Frederic Hutchinson Instructor, sociology Learn more about sociology. To achieve this goal, I often provide a range of different examples and activities. Sonia Oliva Instructor, sociology Learn more about sociology. At the end of the semester, I hope they leave with the belief that they can change the world!

Suzanne Pryga Instructor, sociology Learn more about sociology. John Tenuto Instructor, sociology Learn more about sociology. College of Lake County W.

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