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In places where you would use "I", use "Shawn and I" e. Personal Life and Family: She isn't a teeny bopper!! Anonymous Anonymous to Anonymous Aug 14 We never felt as if we missed out on anything because our parents were a little older. My daughter is 45 and expecting twins in Jan. Shawn has admitted she has had a hard time finding love, andworries about her foibles.

QVC’s Shawn Killinger Adopts Baby

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Congratulations Shawn on your beautiful baby girl she is your heaven sent bundle of joy so happy for u and joe but really miss u on the qvc but enjoy every minute of that baby girl.

To you and your husband. And to all your family! A beautiful baby girl I am so happy for you. All the best for your Family. Congrats Shawn n Joe!!!! Sure miss seeing you on the Q.. Enjoy your time off for they grow SO quickly….. I miss you, and hope all is well!! I now you are much happier now!!

I turn her off immediately. And what kind of name is Jagger Jude?? How blessed this little girl will be to have a Mom and Dad like you and Joe. Motherhood is the best.

Congratulations , Shawn and Joe on your little girl. You are special people and this bundle of joy is so lucky to have loving parents like you. Bless you and let us who love you know how you are doing with you new little daughter. Why do people do this?

This child is going to be called Mick her whole life. I cannot believe some of these mean, angry, ridiculous comments. Shawn has gone through something awful. Keep your rotten comments to yourself. Jagger Jude is adorable and lucky to have two wonderful, loving parents. That poor child is going to be bullied and made fun of all her life.

Joe must be just as brainless to have agreed to such a ridiculous moniker. She just has this attitude, and interrupts these professionals while their talking.

Any St ran does the same thing. Just sell the product!! The problem I have with Shawn is the way she mangles the English language. Uber, goober, duber ways of speaking really should go.

She uses ridiculous Words to describe an item she is selling. For the love of God You people with the ugly comments are truly pathetic on every level!

What makes YOU so special! This ugliness starts at the home front or hanging around awful friends that bad mouth people! Shawn you rock and your outfits set you apart from the boring rest! God bless you and your family. Everybody rocks on QVC! Shawn is a bragger!! Enough about her world. Acts like she is the bomb. Stupid hair and attitude! Read her real bio. Reality show consistent contestant.

Her dress is too much. I miss Lisa Robertson!! Shawn you are awesome!!!! Your shows are the best!!!! How wonderful Shawn that you have a baby girl! Now I feel I have been able to get to know you through the television. Your kindness and warmth of spirit comes through the shoes and clothes every once in awhile and it has become evident you are a nice person and I now Iove watching your shows.

Would love to see Baby Jagger soon! God bless you, Linda. I am so happy for Shawn. To be a mom and love a child is a blessing and the greatest of responsibilities in life. I am not at all a fan of Shawn,, her dramatic attitude is rather ridiculous, tiring and annoying.

Everyone has right to their own thoughts maybe Ms. I am so glad to see you back. Give that precious baby a big hugand a kiss every chance you can. They grow so fast. Best wishes to you all. Shawn bought her husband, her baby and she is so full of herself and so insecure, poor thing, Fix the hair, get of those stupid shoes and outfits and she is a total namedropper.

I have two adopted sons, grown men now. They have been the joy of my life, and a blessing every day. At 33, and they continue to be. A special plaque was given to me that I cherished.

Blessings to you 3! Shawn and Joe congratulations on the birth of your daughter. A baby can change everything that you feel about life and open our eyes to what a special miracle of love they bring to life. I have not been blessed to be a grandmother yet but hold out hope that day is in my future.

Your daughter is so blessed to share all the love the two of you can give. I hope you continue to enjoy each moment of your journey and feel special as you make memories and watch your little girl grow up.

Thank you for your willingness to share your pictures with the viewers. You are making me smile everytime I tune in to watch. I also was wondering what happened to You.. You are one of my favorite hosts, I love your funny and witty self.. Congratulations on you and Joes bundle of joy. And you are by no means too old to have a child.. My daughter is 45 and expecting twins in Jan.

I wish you all the happiness, it does go fast so enjoy every moment.. Tuned in tonight and was so glad to see that you are back. What great parents you and Joe will be! Sending my best wishes to you and yours. Congrats on my fave Q host , and her hubby. Take care of that sweet innocents your daughter, cant wait to see you on the Q best to all , take care mom! It is very unique. Anela, was born when I was 44 years old. She is 16 now and I am Age is a state of mind.

Children keep us on our toes, and feeling younger! I was wondering where you have been. I am so excited that you and Joe have adopted a baby girl. Baby Jagger will grow with 2 brothers a mom and dad that have so very much unconditional love for all of you. I hope you return to QVC, if for some reason you decide to stay home. Life goes by fast and baby Jagger will grow fast and you and Joe want to be there for first tooth, crawling, rolling, clapping her hands.

Potty training, Jaggers first words mama. My blessings are with your whole family. Cherish all you time. That woman sounded very lonely.

She needs to find happiness in her own self. Please let these people enjoy there wonderful bundle. Love to all of your family. But so happy for you and the adoption. Congratulations to you dear Shawn and Joe and the boys and Jagger! Very happy for you! I have missed seeing you but what a great thing that you get to be home with your baby…cherish your time. Baby Jagger is so lucky! God bless as you start your new family. I was worried about you not being on QVC. I miss your warmth and your silliness and you definitely know your products.

I am thrilled for you and Joe and Jager. Jager is one lucky baby girl to have you as a mom because I know how much you wanted the baby. I think I see a lot of envy coming from you and bitterness. Dont take it out on others. Its no ones fault if you cant have a child. Wishing others bad things does not help you. If its meant to be, it will happen, with or without money.

Congrats Shawnie Sue, I wish you and your family the best life has to offer. You are a natural. I can almost see her as your side kick on the Q. God Bless you, Joe, Jagger and your 2 other children. Looking forward to seeing you back on the Q with your new hair color.

I think they should remove Shawns name from the shows she would host. Stay home home as long as you are able. Your baby will grow up fast enough. Take a lifetime if you can. The shows will go on with or without you. As for QVC…life goes on. I know you are missed but how missed will you be if come back to the show while during her most informative years.

We never felt as if we missed out on anything because our parents were a little older. In fact, we benefited from the wisdom that comes with age and the fact they knew exactly what they wanted. They were ready to be devoted parents and we knew we were wanted and loved. Please do not judge people you know so little about. She struggled and she and her husband decided to adopt, not buy, a child. What a blessing for heir family! My mother was 35 when I was born in I learned that from her.

Great news, Everyone deserves the happiness you were able to achieve with your new baby. Lots of luck and hope to see you on air real soon. To anyone that has anything negative to say about Shawn adopting this baby it is a shame that you could be so cruel to her. They deserve this baby and she will be truly loved. Not fair for the awful comments some of you are posting.

Get a life and leave them alone. Dear Shawn, Joe, and baby Jagged, Congratulations to all 3 of you becoming a family. You and Joe are blessed with a beautiful daughter and you are truly blessed. Enjoy every moment because time goes by so quickly and in a blink of an eye your daughter will be starting school. My first born was born in and I still can rememer,as if it was yesterday, holding my little baby in awe that God created such a gift.

You and Joe are truly blessed and I know that Jagged will grow up with ubmnconditional love. Good for you Shawn, Joe and family. Happy for you and your new baby girl.

Enjoy the memories with the little Angel. You come in clear in Canada, where we love you too! How about a movie career? Dear Shawn snd Joe. Congratulations on your new baby girl.. I am very happy for you. You a great person with a big heart. The mother is not who give birth but who takes care of that baby snd gives the baby a loving and happy home. You both will be gteat, My prayers with you and family.

God bless you all. Dear Shawn, Joe, and new baby Jagger!! I was worried when I did not see you on the Q, but I am glad to hear you adopted a beautiful baby! Congrats to you and your husband. You are a warm, sweet , kind person and I am glad you have your new little one.

I was also happy to hear your Dad has done well. I have been going through the same circumstance sadly with both my parents. Life is hard so it is nice to hear some good news. I think sometimes people who write such negative things have not viewed life from our perspective.

God Bless your family and thanks for all the laughs when I really needed them! A baby is truly a blessing and love and care for all children should be a priority for all of us regardless of income, age,or social standing. Adoptive parents not only receive the love of a child but provide that child love and stability.

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