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The plasma concentrations of active renin Fig. By no strange coincidence, the pineal gland is located in the very center of the brain at the junction of the main ventricle through which cerebral spinal fluid flows throughout the brain and, in particular, which surrounds its nearest neighbor, the thalamus, which is the central juncture for all incoming and outgoing cranial signals see the Seat of Consciousness section. Oral tolerance is the process by which the immune system is prevented from responding to antigen derived from food products, as peptides from food may pass into the bloodstream via the gut, which would in theory lead to an immune response. The kidney reuses urea by recirculation in the intra-renal urea recycling circuit: This is one of the first examples of a scientifically verified veridical experience. A freshly passes urine sample is examined with a combined quantitative stick test. Poni tu stesso una domanda.

Galactogogues – Boosting Your Milk Supply and Production

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) mechanism of action. A video animation

Consciousness may also inhabit life there as it does here, though it may be non-local or hive based. Life there, however, would not involve combustion. If there is life in the Pleroma, it is most likely not based on combustion, heat or any kind of radiant energy. It is a world almost impossible for us to conceive.

Water, too, holds a mystery of great proportion, it is the essence of our existence in unison with light and carbon. We may someday learn how to fold space and navigate the infinite levels of holographic reality with our consciousness, who knows? For further information on the Universal Holographic Theory visit: Consciousness resonance may be the ultimate mode of travel, perhaps Dada is right: Consciousness is the Final Frontier. Yes, it is "seeing", but not in the way the human eye sees.

Hence this pineal "eye" is of a different construction and operation when compared to an optical eye. The theory embraces several steps beginning with the antenna: Most waves bend at a consistent angle when they enter a new medium, hence the science of optics. Multirefringent describes a multiple angle refraction. The theory is that certain layered combinations of planar calcite molecules can perform unique functions. Thus, we have a scenario in which a planar holographic, nonlocal wave pattern can be translated into a physical, local detectable point source with no outward energy loss.

This is the first step in the pineal gland pathway. It is important to remember that single p hoton emissions are extremely weak, about as bright as a candle at 15 miles 24 km distance. Not only is the pineal gland located in the center the brain for maximum protection and for the proximity of the thalamus, it is also quite possibly the darkest location in the body.

Perhaps it will be discovered that there is light-absorbing pigmentation surrounding the gland that supports this theory. The pineal has a dual role: Opening the Doors of Perception. Could this crystalline structure imagery be a reflection of the brain sand geometric mechanism itself? This would verify the pinealocyte connection to the visual cortex via the superior ganglion and the superchiasmatic nucleus. Secondly, does a photomultiplier sensor placed in the vicinity of the pineal gland detect any photon emissions in the pineal gland when DMT is present and do they vary for different brainwave states, particularly gamma and lambda states?

Also as a test for the demodulation properties of brain sand: Video of typical brain sand spacing in pineal matrix: Does such a polyhedron exist? What would happen at the center of the polyhedron where all the scalars intersect? Or perhaps the boundaries of dark matter form some other geometric shape. This concept is discussed by A. Dolginov of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: The large scale geometry observed on the north pole of Saturn comes to mind.

What would be the ideal "antenna" sensitive to scalar holographic reality? Is there some form of attuning crystal lattice capable of converting scalar non-local waves into local perturbations? Body-consciousness shift could be traced to the spinal cervical ganglion connection with the pineal gland.

So far, research in this area, if it has been done, is not yet available to the public. As for a DNA perspective, Dr. One such series of stacked fields are the 3,,, base pairs of human DNA. This long, very long, molecule is crystalline in nature and as such has been found to be able to produce scalar coherent laser, or biophotonic, light as discovered by Russian scientist Alexander Gurwitsch, developed by Italian and Australian researchers and then fully documented by Dr.

Fritz-Albert Popp of Germany. Not only do the DNA ladder rungs define parallel equally spaced planes, but they also rotate. Warm to the Touch. Before we leave the topic of holographic reality. It might prove worthwhile to dwell on the subject of radiative reality vs. In holographic reality nothing is warm to the touch, or cold to the touch for that matter.

There is life, intelligence, emotion, joy, pain and ecstasy on the other side of the wall, but there is no photosynthesis, no combustion, no heat, no fusion; a non-thermal reality. It tends to make one think of zero degrees. There are no degrees in holographic reality, at least degrees of heat. The Pineal Gland and the Emergence of Consciousness. If this program is interrupted due to irregularities in the embryo or the mother or exposure to endocrine inhibitors such a bisphenol, the resulting child may end up being sexually conflicted.

In the same way the pineal gland may usher consciousness into the embryo in a series of discrete stages during gestation. In this gradual process, the pineal gland provides the pathway and template for consciousness expansion. This process of consciousness growth may occur in all sentient beings to different degrees with the highest level being self-awareness. Self-awareness is determined by the "mirror test" developed by Dr.

The pineal gland at the seat of consciousness. The pineal gland can be seen resting on top of the midbrain tucked in the fold between the two lobes at the rear of the thalamus. The thalamus and the pineal gland are surrounded by cerebral spinal fluid. The pineal gland is the round circle in the center nesting between the two lobes of the thalamus. All the cavities in this area of the brain are filled with cerebral spinal fluid and are known collectively as the third ventricle.

In his previously mentioned book, Dr. Pim Van Lommel states that several areas of the brain must be functioning in order for waking consciousness to occur: The thalamus which consists of two brazil nut-sized lobes is of essential importance because it is the messenger hub of the brain.

All incoming stimuli from the body, the eyes, and the ears are processed and distributed to the cortex while, simultaneously, all messages sent from the cortex destined to be distributed throughout the body are also being processed.

The thalamus is the command center of the brain. It is also known to regulate the level of awareness and is suspected to be the seat of consciousness working in conjunction with the cortex. If the thalamus is compromised to any degree , the patient becomes comatose and if the thalamus remains inoperable , the patient will never return to an awakened state. The Science News special article on consciousness details conditions in the brain that result in the disruption of consciousness, quote: Recent research also points to the claustrum nerve complex in the brain to be the "orchestra conductor" of consciousness - a theory proposed by Francis Crick shortly before his death as well as the insula cortex, see: Another factor that may contribute to consciousness is the presence of spindle neurons - which are only found in humans, large apes, elephants and cetaceans, see: There is also the recent discovery of rosehip neurons that work in conjunction with the pyramidial neurons found predominantly in the neocortex, see: This concept is gaining ground due to recent research conducted by the Heart-Math Institute: By comparing the descriptions and statistics of several hundred near death experiences in Dr.

Research has also begun to verify that the pineal gland is the most likely source of endogenous DMT or METAtonin, in the brain, and, not surprisingly, the pineal gland neighbors the thalamus which is most likely the orchestrator of consciousness. The pineal gland secretes both melatonin and METAtonin, both modify the state of consciousness and the two most likely mediums for delivery of these hormones to the thalamus are blood flow and the cerebral spinal fluid.

It is quite possible that the melatonin is transferred by blood flow. The pineal gland exhibits profuse blood flow characteristics; these two organs neighbor each other and the melatonin transfer occurs at a gradual pace, furthermore, there is no melatonin scavenger in the blood as there is in the case of METAtonin monoamine oxidase -MAO. When it comes to near-death out-of-body consciousness, the situation is different.

Van Lommel noted that all of the surgery patients who experienced vivid and accurate near-death experiences reported these incidents beginning at a point in time during surgery when the patient was undergoing a cardiac arrest. That is, the out-of-body events were experienced when blood flow in the brain had ceased. When an NDE occurs at this time, the only possible medium of exchange between the pineal gland the source of endogenous DMT and the thalamus, the seat of consciousness, could only be the cerebral spinal fluid.

These two glands are adjacent and possibly touch each other; the endogenous DMT must permeate from one gland to the other almost instantaneously, for there is a narrow window of time. If the patients are revived within 37 seconds, the EEG returns to normal although the patient remains unconscious. If there is an NDE incident, it is reported much later upon waking and verified with the surgery room record. In most cases, it has been verified that the NDE initially occurs when the brain is flat-lined and blood flow is non-existent.

Is the memory of the incident witnessed then stored somewhere else and then downloaded into the brain when functionality returns as Goswami suggests or is METAtonin delivered to the thalamus via the third ventricle cerebral spinal fluid all the way to the Foramen of Monro thus immediately saturating the thalamus and modifying the state of consciousness in preparation for transition?

Though the brain may be flatlined, the pineal and thalamus glands may be designed to function for an extended period after blood flow ceases and it is during this period that the Out of Body Consciousness is initiated.

When will it be possible to verify that the human pineal gland also secretes endogenous DMT? Is it delivered to the surrounding area via the cerebral spinal fluid or the blood? How does METAtonin modify the activity of the thalamus to create out-of-body consciousness? Can light excitation of the pineal gland be detected and imaged by the visual cortex? Glial Cells Hosting and Shielding Consciousness. There are three basic classes of glial cells: We have already discussed astrocytes, which may help orchestrate the hosting of consciousness: In many ways, consciousness defines itself by the parameters and intensity of its many forms of input.

One of the most important functions of the brain is to modulate sensory input to an acceptable level. As infants grow they gradually develop workable levels of buffering for all the senses.

Two major contributors to this process are GABA a neuroactive amino acid inhibition and microglial activity. The microglia are sometimes known as neuron pruners, they circulate throughout the brain removing inactive and diminishing neural connections, thus eliminating background static and unproductive sensitivity. If this process is not kept in proper balance, mental instability such as autism or schizophrenia may result.

Cilia and neural communication. Another factor that may contribute to brain function are neural cilia, these are small hairlike whiskers that grow from the surface of neurons. Cilia that appear on nostril nerves aid in detecting smells, cochlear cilia detect sound and cilia on photoreceptors enhance photosensitivity. It has been speculated that ciliar communication may play a role in brain development and possibly learning and memory. Lack of proper cilia development may play a role in obesity and possibly depression.

The Second Visual Platform. As mentioned earlier, the pineal gland may prove to have a visual function also. The pineal glands of lower vertebrates do indeed have photoreceptor cells similar to those found in the retina. For information on this research visit: These pineal receptors may be sensitive to a specific spectrum of light or electromagnetic stimulus and if this is so, what is the source of stimulation?

It could be coherent biophotonic light produced by our own cells as discovered by Dr. It could be luminous piezoelectric calcite crystals, or octonia , that are found to be present in the pineal gland, see: These crystals are birefringent meaning that the have dual refractive indices, thus, according to Dr.

Another possible source of photons is crystalline DMT, which is reported to be piezoluminescent by David Wilcox. As far as anatomy reveals, there is an indirect neural pathway between the pineal gland and the optic nerve via the hypothalamus and the superior cervical ganglion which is classically considered the pathway by which the pineal is informed as to when it should step up melatonin production.

The closest thing to the brain that we know is the computer, so it is natural to presume that the brain and the visual process in some way resemble the computer: That's the way computers work, not brains. Any one individual part of the brain contains access to all the information in the brain; the same, it appears, goes for the universe itself.

The term ecsomatic derived from the Latin: He wrote the book: Locale I — are local ecsomatic experiences where one travels about the physical plane not too far from the body which can be seen below bi-location and observes the environment usually from above. Most mild NDE Near Death experiences and most ecsomatic experiences launched from a waking state, such as a METAtonin episode, tend to hover near the body and the general surroundings.

It is possible to interact with these astral beings and to be guided or misled by them. All the while, one is in a lucid, seemingly fully conscious, self-knowing and self-directed state, that is, the lucid dream state.

In this state, one can become aware of their second astral body also known as the subtle body or etheric double. One is a visitor here; one can travel about at will, but cannot change the definition of the environment and in many cases must make many return visits to learn how to navigate themselves to preferred destinations.

South American shamans, ayahuasceros and tabaqueros who use highly concentrated amazonian tobacco must receive extensive life-long training and guidance to learn how to navigate the realm of natural primal archetypal levels in order to obtain information on specific herbal healing combinations.

Entheonauts who smoke synthetic DMT sometimes end up in parallel intelligent realms — extensive futuristic geometric cities peopled by alien beings who have highly advanced technology and who are eager to communicate with us. People who have accompanied an ayahuasca guide into the herbal realm can verify their shared Locale III experience with their guide. As mentioned earlier, author Anthony Peake after an exhaustive investigation has, to his surprise and disappointment, concluded that the ecsomatic Locale I experience is not actually a perception of true physical reality.

This could be a disappointment to those of us who have had very meaningful life-changing ecsomatic experiences. Peake to this conclusion. Swann is remote-viewing an object feet from his body that he is trying to verbally describe. What is the exact nature of the connection by which consciousness transfers visual information to the secondary visual platform of the physical brain through space, be it feet or light years away?

This cord could be a multi-stranded mini-wormhole phantom DNA field that folds space via quantum entanglement as detected by Dr.

Whatever the connection is, the question remains: This is simply a matter of bandwidth, most likely the image definition sent to the second visual platform of the brain is of poorer resolution.

Furthermore, since the temporary remote viewing DMT-defined neural pathways are not as resilient as established mainstream pathways, they may be more vulnerable and subject to peripheral neural interference. This is even more of a challenge. Based on what we know about optic transmission, this remote viewing individualized self-consciousness which has no detectable physical presence should also feature some kind of focusing apparatus consisting of a NonMaterialPhysicalReality lens and an NMPR cornea or similar data receiver that converts a focused image into a signal.

Of course, there may be some alternative image processing phenomenon at work here as well, such as the previously mentioned Pineal Rosetta theory. If so, how does the subtle brain download to the physical brain? A remote viewer has to be very discerning in eliminating unwelcome mental imagery that may have been added the physical plane image information. These visual image pathways may exist, and if they do, it would be most likely that once one had opened their ecsomatic visual channel, it could require a considerable learning process to become familiar with the operation of it.

This could require a great deal of practice, concentration and trial and error; just as it does with newborns when they first learn to navigate their new primary visual apparatus; just as it took Robert Monroe several years to become familiar with his gift. Michael Talbot on pg. Charles Tart has published an article in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research documenting the progress in training a subject to enter out-of-body consciousness to the point where she is able to read a 5 digit number during an "OOB" session and report it after waking.

This is one of the first examples of a scientifically verified veridical experience. Tart recorded brain wave activity during the session. Thus the Locale I visual experience could almost be considered a handicapped or easily misconstrued form of vision, and it should not be surprising to find anomalies and aberrations in reported images in test cases. It is possible that there are several types of DMT-activated neural pathways that may result in both intrasomatic within the realm of the body and ecsomatic beyond the confines of the body visual phenomena or a combination of the two.

There is one OBE incident I heard of that did involve remote-viewing the real-time physical world as a means of survival. It happened several years ago to a friend of mine, Laura C. At the time she was putting up with her "second, soon-to-be ex -husband, but it wasn't easy. He had a habit of beating her. In the middle of a bad session, she was laying on her side with her head covered as he was raining blows down on her.

She thought she was about to die. All of a sudden she found herself up in the corner of the ceiling looking down on the situation. She looked about desperately and suddenly she saw what it was that she was looking for. It was something solid, something nearby she could grab on to that she could do damage with, like a hammer or a flashlight. She immediately returned to her body, reached out for the object defended herself and made it to safety.

To this day she doesn't remember what it was that she grabbed, but it saved her life. This is an example of how setting and mindset can determine the nature and goal of a transcendent out-of-body experience.

The DMT-based neurohormone that her pineal secreted had a specific directive: There is no doubt that many a battle-hardened soldier and many a victim of torture has had such an experience as well. In addition, glutamate production can further modify the outcome. It may also be discovered that out-of-body consciousness is not just limited to a modification of the brain circuitry; it may involve several centers in the body.

Another possibility is the shifting of consciousness from the left hemisphere of the brain to the right or the two functioning in unison. Martin Ball who uses it for his therapy. These wormholes create a segue to the Zero Point Field. The Zero Point Field is a thermally null energy field where entropic realities cease to exist, where space and time as defined by entropy have no meaning.

Since there is no space, there is no distance and since distance is required to measure velocity and acceleration, there is no time. How can a phenomenon that requires absolute zero conditions take place in the warm moist environment of the brain? The answer is that it takes place at a quantum level in the micro trabecular lattice of microtubules. This lattice is made up of dipoles that are 7 to 9 nanometers in diameter.

Herbert Frolich discovered that these nanoscopic dipoles could achieve a Zero Point coherence at temperatures way above absolute zero known as " Frohlich coherence". A full explanation of this theory is in Mr. Further information is available at the website of Dr. Walter Schempp and is based on this phenomenon. Setting, and the three phases of Mindset. Perhaps someday the same experiment can be launched from a proper supportive setting, it would be interesting to see if the tone and texture of the DMT experiences become more stabilized and focused.

James Oroc in his book Tryptamine Palace also supports the theory that even with the DMT experience in this case 5-MeO-DMT which is essentially an out of body experience, setting is still a relevant concern. The body left behind needs to be attended to, especially in the event that there are signs of anxiety.

Also, proper setting also buffers the return to the realm of normalcy. This is not an endorsement for people to experiment with consciousness-altering substances, but it is a fact that psychoactive drugs, preferably called entheogens, can help open the mind to new levels of awareness and mental function.

When used wisely and respectfully, one can experience heightened levels of visual, auditory, intuitive, creative, mental and empathetic sensitivity resulting in a shift in consciousness. In the wrong hands or with the wrong intention in mind, these drugs can be viciously destructive — and in a great majority of situations, they are. Like any other very powerful tool, psychoactive drugs need to be handled and used very carefully preferably in the company of a guide or loving protector in a secure, stable environment.

Furthermore, some of these other realities are intelligent, interactive and not necessarily human. Having originally experienced these altered mental states brought on by external chemical stimuli, many consciousness adventurers have sought natural, traditional methods of mental and physical discipline that would result in the same or similar state of heightened awareness.

Thus came many sages west. In most cases, one must willingly yield control, in order to enter into a state of helplessness, before new ground appears. If the transition is not embraced, it can quickly degrade into panic and paranoia.

Those who wish to experiment might take some advice from Dr. If one is going to psycho-launch their mind into an uncharted territory with DMT, ayahuasca or some DMT derivative, it would behoove them to create in their mind an actual destination: The more destination-focused one is, the greater the chance of success.

The question is how can one determine a destination when entering a realm that one has never been to? One of the most obvious destinations could be Heaven. Heaven, the Beyond, too, is a vast reality peopled with tens of thousands of tribes and localities — many of which have been described by artists, mystics and fantasy and science fiction writers throughout the ages.

The question remains, where does one choose to go? Waldo Vieira who is mentioned later in this article. The concept is quite simple: This can happen to eternal beings locked into a temporary timescape, or to those who have struggled with being out of place all their lives and suddenly find themselves at home, like Nina Simone in Liberia.

Perhaps you have seen an illustration of a place that you felt extremely familiar with, such as a painting by Maxfield Parrish or have met someone that you immediately resonated with effortlessly at a very deep level, keep these impressions of place and personality in mind and cultivate them for they will help you construct the concept of your very own Extraphysical Homeground , Campo Spiritual, or Place of Eternal Origin. It may be a destination that has been experienced in a lucid dream.

For visual inspiration there hundreds of heavenly and fantasy landscape images and meditation videos available. If you seek inspirational thought imagery, you can read The Final Frontiers section p.

Perhaps someday someone will publish a book portraying various spiritual homegrounds or perhaps Waldo Vieira's academy IAC already has. Just as an athlete must repeatedly practice to perfect physical performance, the entheonaut must develop a mental over-coach who observes the play of mental activity and moderates the intensity of the thought process while remaining anchored in hyperphysical awareness.

For when one moves above the physical plane they enter the mental plane where conscious thoughts have the power to mold reality. We are not born with the overseer, we have to consciously make the effort to claim it — and it may be one of the most important challenges of a lifetime.

The exercise is not complicated — yet it lasts a lifetime. The exercise is deceptively simple: How long can you stop a new thought from entering your mind? Welcome to the seemingly ridiculous practice of meditation. Why would anyone want to step outside their thought process? Why would anyone want to control the flow?

And how is it done? However, it can be done and it has been practiced for thousands of years and is actually the keystone of the Buddhist practice of meditation. There is a way to do it and many methods available.

One can read about meditation, even conceptualize it, but this is worthless; basically, it just has to be done and then it begins to work. The result is that one gently removes the thought process from center stage.

Thinking is a natural brain process; it really can't be stopped, but central focus can be realigned by developing visceral space awareness: Meditation sessions usually last 35 to 55 minutes while sitting with a straight back, hips rolled forward. Within 15 minutes the experienced practitioner begins to experience a vertical energy field that is centered in the third eye area and extends upward and downward. This is not a visual or auditory sense; it is an entirely new and different sense: In a way space becomes visceral and one becomes part of that solidity that is bonded in stillness.

Meditation is the palace of manifest silence and space. As Jack Kerouac describes it: Where every object becomes a mirror of the entire Universe,. And Every now is filled with Eternity. Visceral space is tactile. The organ that actually perceives it is consciousness itself. This is the beginning of the process where consciousness begins to define it s placement. The pillar resists movement. Consciousness stilled in the core of the mind gently anchors it to the holographic background.

The experience of visceral space awareness cannot be detected on the physical level, only consciousness can experience it in a way that may seem physical, but this is a physicality rooted in holographic vectors.

From the central core, visceral space expands outward to envelop the surrounding environment, and space becomes manifest to infinity. And yet when the other 5 senses fade, it remains. It is our anchor, it is the canvas that the other five senses fill. It is the core of meditation. It is the space consciousness and timeless transcendent presence that Hospice workers refer to when dealing with the destiny of death: Gen Kelsang Nyema in her Youtube presentation: Happiness is all in your mind https: The goal is to bring the profound centered stillness developed in monastery discipline into daily motion through a series of steps.

Entering the world of time while embracing space. Following is a suggested program: Assume a straight-backed sitting posture so the spine can assume a rested, balanced state. The in-breath stimulates the back of the upper nasal cavity and energizes the brain, the pineal gland and the spinal cord. The out-breath, expelled through nose is an uplifting thrust that raises the body gently upward.

While breathing, exercise the thought displacement process. Strengthen the column and slowly let the spatial core expand — it can fill the whole room and more…. Slowly embrace movement; space is centered and movement has begun. Breathe steady, slowly rise to standing, as in Zen walking meditation, and slowly walk around the room three times with small steps in cadence with the breath. Then walk out of the room Contrary to conventional thought, space is not empty.

The FedEx motto is: From the quantum perspective, space is absolutely full zero point field or ZPF. Space is like the ocean and physical reality is a wave that travels on it. When a wave is moving across the ocean surface, nothing is really moving, the water molecules are not moving forward or backward, they just momentarily rise and fall back to their original state — the wave is a temporary perturbation and then it is gone. Space is the background ocean and physical reality is the foreground that ripples on it.

This concept is extremely hard to grasp and yet it is one of the fundamental cornerstones of quantum theory that is being brought to the forefront by writers such as Ervin Laszlo, Bernard Haisch, and many others, for further information visit http: The grounding in space that meditation promotes is what provides grounding for our consciousness - a consciousness of consciousness.

Before the big bang, or big deconstruction, every potential future was present; after the big bang, only primal matter and energy remained to recombine again down the tube of time.

This raw material is destined to evolve through time into the many futures that were fully present before the big subtraction. These futures are being molded by the unfolding of the ever-pervasive field of universal life intelligence rippling through space — which some might call God or universal consciousness restricted to linear time. The concept of the universal field of life consciousness intelligence is being promoted by Robert Lanza his book, Biocentrism http: The big subtraction is a concept promoted by Dr.

Bernard Haisch in his book The God Theory http: The inspiration for his conception may have evolved from a passage in the second book of the Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsch http: Further evidence or the benefits of meditation has been verified by British Scientist, Maxwell Cade http: Cade discovered that in addition to the four standard brainwave patterns there was what he called the "5th state" or awakened state of mind that synchronizes both sides of the brain.

This state of consciousness synchronicity can be attained through meditation. Recently, it was reported in the Scientific American Nov. The article also mentions that meditation increases the volume of gray matter in particular parts of the prefrontal cortices and decreases the volume of the amygdala, an area of the brain involved in fear processing.

A further benefit appears to be increased longevity; at the cellular level meditation tends to lengthen the telomere segment at the end of a DNA strand, thus increasing its ability to further replicate. The concept of the 5 th state refers to the classic designation of 4 brainwave states encountered during the normal waking state, in ascending order: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta; going from 0 to 32 cycles per second.

Gamma level spikes have also been detected in the brains of dying rodents: It is also important to note that brainwave activity may be detected in just one or several regions of the brain.

In the study involving two volunteers on ayahuasca, the gamma brainwave presence was global. Since consciousness itself is proving to be a fundamental building block of the universe and meditation is an exercise in focused clear consciousness, it may be that combined or synchronized meditation may prove to be a formative power in the development and evolution of our reality. This is beautifully described not by a Zen monk, but by brain anatomist Dr.

Jill Bolte Taylor who was forced to retreat to her right brain as her left brain died, slowly losing its blood supply due to a stroke. Luckily, she was able to survive and recover her language skills. Her testimony is most moving: Her book is My Stroke of Insight.

Perhaps there was a time when humans were not as adversarial as they are now, at least that is their presumption. Climates and ecosystems change and as they do, so does the diet of those who must survive. As the human race "evolved" from an arboreal fruitarian diet to a savannah grain-based meat-eating diet, it lost the endocrine support of flavonoids and beta carbolines provided by fruits.

According to Graham and Gynn the new diet accentuated the increase of testosterone and steroids that shortened the development time of the adolescent brain and altered the timing of melatonin secretion decay as well as the performance of the pineal gland. The ultimate result of this shift was the emergence of the dominant left brain. Their book provides a number of anthropological, biological and historical references to support their thesis as well as an in-depth investigation into the function of the two sides of our bicameral brain.

Perhaps researchers will be able to focus tCDS transcranial direct current stimulation and other therapies to temporarily calm the left half of the brain so that individuals can experience the normally recessive right brain consciousness. Perhaps this is a description of our shift into the kali yuga. As mentioned earlier, one method of meditation enhancement is to focus on the upper nasal cavity while meditating.

As cool fresh air enters the innermost cavity of the upper nasal cavity, there is a cooling sensation. Though the effect is cooling; it can also be felt as energizing — as in a gentle puff of air on an ember. As the air blows the ember glows. So how does one go about feeling consciousness? It is a slow process but not so difficult once one begins to try it. While meditating just concentrate on the body and search for the thinking process.

Where exactly are thoughts coming from in the body? In the head, of course, but go one step further — try to pinpoint the exact location in the brain as to where each next thought is emerging from.

It can be done. With practice, it will become easier to locate this exact point. Just below this locus of consciousness rests the pineal gland. There are further aids as well.

A drop of niacin or other enhancer placed on the third eye location will also help with stimulation. Virtual reality technology is also being explored as a venue as well, Dr. Deepak Chopra has begun with his first production, see: Quantum Aspects of Meditation. Meditation in its deepest state may depersonalize the meditator to such a degree that there is no longer an observer present.

As we know from quantum physics, it takes an observer to collapse probability waveforms into a particle. Without the observer, locality is null, non-locality begins to prevail and matter begins to dissolve into a waveform holographic field.

Consciousness, the final frontier https: The chant is the same except that closing off the mouth chamber with the back of the tongue as in saying "Ong" the sound becomes concentrated at the top of the nasal cavity. Remember who you are: Can the phenomenon of the Out-of-Body Consciousness be a contributing factor to the evolution of the human race? According to Brazilian researcher and writer Dr. The IIPC has over 74 research projects, over , members, several education centers and it has printed over 43 books and periodicals.

Among the many topics Dr. Most certainly our attitude towards death plays a major role in how we view the meaning of life. However, when one has experienced the continuity of consciousness and its indestructibility…. As more individuals become familiar with this knowledge and experience, it is Dr.

Consolidation of the Human Race may result from the challenge of facing a common enemy or, better yet, it may evolve collectively pursuing a common goal - such as the one suggested by this organization. It looks like Dr. Vieira is trying to change that definition and galvanize the direction of the human race. Why would such an endogenous neurochemical segue exist if there was not a higher consciousness to revert to? One must also consider the similar life after death insights reported in Near-Death-Experience studies.

Not surprisingly, the subjects who had the clearest memories were those between the ages of 3 and 8; see: It is believed that biblical scholars deliberately obliterated any reference to reincarnation, and especially ignored the writings of Greek philosopher Origen, due to political pressure from the church for obvious reasons.

Beginning with Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicea in AD any references to reincarnation were thoroughly expunged during the finalizing of the New Testament. Due to this bias, it is quite possible that acceptance of the implications of the higher functions of the pineal gland may meet with some resistance. Coming to terms with reincarnation is coming to terms with the ecology of spirit; nothing is wasted. Quite probably there are many future and past lifetimes awaiting us as well as parallel universes and the holographic space-time reality, but let us not forget how privileged we are to live here and now on this uniquely beautiful planet.

Each one of us is extremely precious as is all life; hopefully, each of us will someday learn to appreciate the special gift bestowed us each and learn how to express respect and gratitude for this planet and all the beauty we have been blessed with as well as the beauty of every passing moment.

We are precious beings in a precious reality: We are something, and we are nothing… but amoebas under a microscope. When a student of Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trungpa was discussing reincarnation and asked his teacher, what is it we bring with us when reincarnating into the next life? There is extensive Oriental literature on the subject as well including the Egyptian and Tibetan Book of the Dead 8th century that describe the death process and ascension into the afterlife in great detail.

With the emergence of entheogens in the s researchers such as Aldous Huxley and Dr. Richard Alpert considered the use of properly administered entheogens at the moment of death to ease and clarify the transition process.

But DMT is unique in that it is a natural byproduct of human biochemistry and found throughout the natural world. With microdosing administration, the DMT would be working at below perceptual levels but would still enhance the transition process especially if the pineal gland is compromised due to calcification from heavy exposure to public water supply fluoride or other pollutants.

The goal in mind is to remain conscious throughout the death process so that the experience becomes a graduation instead of a termination. It's interesting to note that one of the most widely recognized stages of the death process is the life review. The implications of the life review are discussed in The Eternal Journey by Dr.

Craig Lundahl and in great detail at the website: A partner who we journey with during this lifetime and with whom we are destined to fuse with at a later date. This is discussed as the "sense presence" of an accompanying guide as suggested by Anthony Peake in his Opening the Doors of Perception , the concept of the fravashis in Zoroastrianism, the concept of parakletos in Christianity, and the concept of the Mystery Monitor or Thought Adjuster in the Urantia Book. Gary Holz has written several books on the concept of personal guides.

These life-long silent partners lovingly and patiently accompany us during our lives. Furthermore, he suggests that if this guide is given permission, it can also channel healing energy to all those whom we meet throughout our lives. You definitely will, when you Do. And if you have and OBE before you Die.

Of what Death is. Endogenous DMT and the establishment of Religion. He recognizes, as most of us do, that the tendency to be religious is an innate human trait, but he takes this supposition one step further, he sees a reason behind it — a neurochemical reason.

Religious ecstasy, rapture, and religious revelation are part of the common vernacular, and sometimes the stated goal of many religious sects. This ubiquitous psychedelic or enthoegen is created in many organs and glands including the lungs, kidneys, the retina and, as is suggested in this paper and is being verified by recent research, the pineal gland. According to Johnathan Parajasingham http: In terms of neurotheologic activity; religions that perceive God-as-without tend to encourage their members to converse or appeal to God as an outside being, such as in the act of praying, are known as mildly neurotheologic institutions.

Newberg, and Eugen Drewermann have published books on neurotheology. The theoneurological perspective assumes that higher intelligence exists and may manifest in human experience in many ways, usually through enhanced neurologically induced states of consciousness, the DMT-activated state being one of the most probable ones since it is found in many organs throughout the body including the pineal gland, and is one of the few compounds that are welcome to transverse the blood brain barrier.

In the DMT survey he performed at the University of New Mexico, Strassman observed that at the peak of the short-lived DMT experience, most of his subjects encountered interactive intelligent beings who attempted to communicated or reveal information. This interactive encounter is one of many possible scenarios, but a predominant one, since DMT is one of the major endogenous entheogens produce by the human body, though there are others, such as ketamine. If DMT predominates, then there must be evidence of these inspired encounters, and there is plenty — in the writings and prophesies of religious mystics and savants.

Strassman chose the Old Testament as a focus of his investigation and found a great deal of evidence. A further investigation into the Jewish wisdom of the Talmud and the Kabbala by Rabbi Joel Bakst in his book The Jerusalem Stone of Consciousness reveals a pineal gland connection as well. Now that we've delved into the innate tendency for humans, particularly our less scientifically informed forebearers, to found and participate in religious organizations, it may be time for us to recognize some of the drawbacks of organized religion.

Religion has been essential for the evolution of human society for the past five thousand plus years. In reality, religions are also political entities and are structured much like a corporation that market and sell a product- hopefully, to an expanding captive audience. Posing as a necessary intermediary between man and God, religions have found a firm footing. It may have come time for individuals to become less dependent on an organization and learn to develop a personal connection with God; perhaps understanding the segue of the pineal gland may help in this way.

It is also hoped that the existing religions now in conflict can calm their extremes and find common ground in healing our planet and people. Much the same can be said for previously mentioned Syrian Rue. This is a gift that our maker has endowed us with. Occasionally one of us will rise so high as to break the surface and behold the brilliance and clarity of the realm of air and light and the cloud of knowing — but only momentarily.

Most humans remain submerged in the ocean all their lives, but every once in a while, sometimes due to intention, sometimes not, one will break through to the surface. If this breakthrough occurs in the context of a religion then the breakthrough experience becomes a verification of that religion, whichever religion it is. In fact,there is a University program devoted to collecting reports of religious experiences: But experiences, especially ones that are out of the ordinary scope of normal existence, are very difficult, almost impossible, to transfer.

In some cases, the breakthrough experience will be slowly dismissed other times it may serve as an inspiration and in some cases, if the experience was powerful enough, it may result in the birth of a new religion.

Is it possible to attain a permanent state of connection with higher intelligence? Many of these beings were truly gifted with remarkable levels of continuously heightened awareness. A concerted effort is being made by researchers in the U.

The Cottonwood Research Foundation is playing a key role in this research. The foundation came into existence in and is presided over by Dr.

D and Andrew C. There appears a close association between the DMT synthesizing machinery and the sigma-1 receptor. The sigma-1 receptor may be involved in pain mechanisms as well as the psychedelic effects of ketamine and PCP. This means that it is a dormant gene whose expression is either responsive to environmental changes or a specific signal.

Shifting subsequent immunohistochemistry work in their lab revealed a pronounced but erratic presence of presence of INMT RNA in these tissues.

Thus the potential for pineal DMT production was verified. While not directly related to DMT pineal synthesis, such research advances our ability to assess DMT dynamics in the body overall, and will make the determination of pineal DMT synthesizing potential more effective. For example, it turns out that a major metabolite of DMT, the psychologically inert DMT-N-oxide is excreted in the urine at levels times greater than DMT itself after ayahuasca administration.

Similarly, N-oxide levels in blood were four times greater than DMT. This is the first time this metabolite has been reported in humans following DMT administration by any route.

Sampling pineal gland secretions in living subjects: The samples they gather will be sent to Dr. As previously mentioned, Dr. Barker is a member of the Cottonwood Research team.

Borjigin and Dr Barker. As stated on the Cottonwood Website: When this is accomplished it will be possible to monitor the environs of the pineal gland in real time. We will then be able to monitor the pineal gland when transcendent states are being experienced and possibly during the death process, as well as during gestation. In his podcast of February 1, Optimal Performance series Dr. Strassman mentions that the results of the latest research will soon be published.

These are important developments and your help is needed to continue this groundbreaking work to fruition. Please consider supporting Dr. You can donate directly to the Cottonwood Research Foundation by going to: Environmental assaults on the pineal gland. The pineal gland typically shows increased calcification with aging which can manifest as early as age 5 and slowly build up.

Pineal gland calcification has also been linked to a higher incidence of breast cancer, see: For research on the physical and chemical properties of pineal calcification: Melatonin production is important because recent discoveries have shown that melatonin is vital for the immune system, decreased levels of melatonin are associated with prostate and breast cancer www.

It also regulates blood sugar metabolism. Studies show that night-shift workers seem more likely to develop Type II diabetes than their day-shift counterparts. Seasonal Affect Disorder SAD is also linked to deficient levels of melatonin and serotonin, although the mechanism is not fully understood. Melatonin production has been implicated in a variety of health functions: If melatonin production is diminished at adolescence, premature puberty can result.

The actual cause of calcification has not been determined, however once it is present, it becomes a repository for fluoride. Several research papers report a correlation between the presence of fluoride and calcification.

There are also several websites devoted to pineal gland decalcification such as: While there is no doubt that the advice in these and similar articles may possibly inhibit further calcification, there appears to be no set protocol for measuring the level of calcification and there is no research available in pub med or google scholar that verifies that the pineal calcification can be reversed. Until the s, no research had ever been conducted to determine the impact of fluoride on the pineal gland.

Fluoride is a routinely and sometimes mandatory additive to almost all municipal drinking water, allegedly to prevent tooth decay. Its use has always been highly controversial and research on the side effects is often discouraged. Increase fluoride presence does not necessarily result in calcification. Melatonin, created in the pineal gland and other body tissues as well, not only helps regulate the onset of puberty but also helps protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals.

It is now known -- thanks to the meticulous research of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England -- that the pineal gland is the primary target of fluoride accumulation within the human body.

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