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I still lost weight! No more searching through pages of posts to find the coupon or the deal. I think I can really meet that initial goal that I set for myself. Notify me of new comments via email. My favorite things are the muffins; I always tried to stay away from them before Nutrisystem, but now I can eat a Nutrisystem muffin without any guilt:

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Just like with their traditional plans, you will be eating 6 portion-controlled meals over the course of the day with the Nutrisystem My Way Plans. What makes them different, however, is that you will be preparing your own healthy meal at dinner. Get your day going in a positive direction with a delicious Nutrisystem breakfast option — they have a lot to choose from, like oatmeal, cereal, bagels, and breakfast bars just to name a few.

They have a lot of different snack options, but I like to drink a NutriCrush or Turbo Shake in the mornings. They offer a bunch of great-tasting options, that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of pallets. Yep, just as you start to feel those hunger pains kicking in you get to reach for some fresh fruit, a yogurt, something healthy and sensible.

Enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal with family or friends. The great part about preparing dinner for yourself. Same goes with eating out — they also have a guide for eating out, including a food guide for some of the most popular restaurants out there. With their Weekend Plan, Nutrisystem is going to be supplying you with 5 days worth of snacks and meals, and you will be free to eat and prepare healthy food on the weekends.

The flexibility with this plan comes on the weekends, so enjoy a meal out with friends or family, or cook delicious and healthy home-cooked meals. The choice is yours! So suddenly the high cost per item with a la carte is not quite so bad.

Yes, there are the subscription fees, but if you plan to order quite a bit of food, it could still be worth it. I think that this is probably going to most applicable to people placing fairly large orders who are picky or specific eaters.

The service allows them free shipping and the discount no matter how many items they order and they can do this again and again. Previously, the shipping costs and the higher cost per meal kept some people from trying some of the foods. For some, this offer will prevent that. For others, a package is still going to be the best deal. If it helps, here is the latest nutrisystem coupon: This entry was posted on Sunday, July 8th, at 5: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

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