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Furthermore, they will be greatly harmed if they remain dry for even relatively short periods of time. Another lesser-known species, the fossa Cryptoprocta ferox , is regarded as a viverrid but retains characteristics of cats as well. April 25, at 4: If our hands smell like rodents, birds, or even other reptiles remember: Normally cooked veggies, chicken, chopped meat etc. Just like people, Growafrogs froglets form faster, more friendly relationships when they are properly introduced.

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Do Ball Pythons Bite?

If she survives, she may do this several times in one summer. When they're not looking for blood, both the males and females feed on a wide variety of plants, though each species has its preferences. Even in the high Arctic, mosquitoes have been observed feeding on floral nectar from the flower Dryas integrifolia, [a small white Arctic flower]" according to Encyclopedia of Entomology by John L. It's a good reference book to find in the library, but probably not one you'd want to buy!

The same author describes how mosquitoes digest the nectar. After they draw it in through their long proboscis, they store it in a sack-like crop connected to the fore-gut. The fore-gut is divided into two parts, a front section that digests sugars and a rear section that digests blood.

The front mid-gut secretes enzymes which digest the nectar into a liquid and it passes from the crop into the front mid-gut. When the female mosquito feeds on blood, the blood goes directly to the rear midgut, which can digest the protein. The rear midgut can also expand as the mosquito draws in the blood, so she can hold a full meal at once. In some species of mosquitoes, the fertilized females hibernate over the winter, while the males die off when cold weather comes. To survive without food while they're hibernating, the females need to eat extra sugars to double their weight in the fall, so they don't need to feed again until spring.

Late in the season, they stop looking for animals to bite and instead seek rotting fruit or nectar. Two entomologists recently discovered what makes these mosquitoes change their diet in time to fatten up for winter. It all depends on day length. A news release about the discovery explains how it occurs: Female mosquitoes have a long, thin proboscis, or mouthpiece, that is similar to male mosquitoes', but more efficient for extracting blood.

After landing on a potential victim, she probes the skin and injects saliva. The saliva has chemicals in it which thin the blood, making it easier for her to suck up, and which numb the skin, making the victim less apt to notice what's happening, and which lubricate the area so she can insert the proboscis. The lingering effects of the saliva are also what make mosquito bites itch afterwards.

If she thinks she's found a blood-filled capillary close to the surface, she inserts her proboscis and draws up the blood until her gut is full, or until she's frightened away. Mosquitoes don't spread disease by transferring blood from one victim to another. Instead, the disease is passed in the injected saliva. That's why only certain diseases can be spread, such as malaria or yellow fever, since they have evolved to live inside the mosquito and spread in her saliva.

Mosquitoes also eat before they become adults. The larvae live in water and feed on microscopic organic particles which they filter from the water through brush-like structures around their mouth. This is kind of like powered juice so the dogs can digest it well. Good stuff for your dog. So glad I found your site! I just adopted a little yorkie mix who seems t be a very picky eater.

After about three days, and many dog food samples, I tried cooking her some chicken, carrots, and brown rice which she devoured. Glad to have your suggestions about the supplements, and I have tow questions: Is it advisable to substitute chicken for beef, and is white rice preferable? I switch my dogs back and forth between beef and chicken and they do great. White rice is always preferable because dogs digest it well and struggle with brown rice.

I have been feeding my 2 labs a raw chicken diet for several months now. I am wondering, though, if you think there is enough meat on these bones for the amount of protein they would need.

I also give them cooked potato and sweet potato and raw cabbage which they LOVE. I have tried using the Dinovite with my one lab who still has horrible licking and itching problems, even with the raw food diet. I gave it religiously for 2 months but did not see an improvement. I have resigned her and myself to using a padded collar to keep her from licking and scratching. Yes, it sounds like your dog may be struggling with yeast over growth.

Try the yeast starvation diet at least with him. Click here to view this dog food. You could substitute the necks and backs for the ground beef. Dinovite should help with this diet because of the live microbials. Ed…can dogs get salmonella and other diseases from raw chicken like humans can? Also, do you have to cut the chicken legs up? What about raw beef bones from the butcher…are they better than the sterilized raw Red Barn bones I buy?

Dogs by design are scavengers. Dogs are designed to eat bacteria laden foods with little consequence. Their short digestive tract and powerful stomach acids prevent them from getting sick like humans. Raw beef bones from the butcher are good. Too cut or not to cut? Or to grind or not to grind? Dogs come in so many shapes and sizes. So this makes this hard to answer.

Toy dogs can physically crunch the bone and some dogs swallow them whole. My dog Charlie is an example of the latter. He once swallowed a beef rib bone whole! Charlie has been fed raw meat based dog food his entire life so he just digested it. Charlie is a Boston terrier. That said I always think feeding a nutrient dense food is the best support for any ailing dog.

I am wondering what would be a good amount to feed them a day. But when I put out the home made no one was getting it but them! I heard in your video where you feed 1 cup a day, am I over feeding with 2 cups than? My homemade dog food recipes are nutrient dense. So just watch your dogs weight.

If they start to gain weight cut back a little. Hello Ed- just came upon your site, and very anxious to give it a try. Thanks for your help…Lori. I have a Boston terrier his name is Charlie. You should see his coat and skin, beautiful! All my dogs love the raw dog food. It looks like you are making a meat loaf. Is it OK to start raw when his digestive system is already compromised? Thank you for your time! It has been my experience dog digest raw meat based dog food well.

A wild dog would follow herds that fed over many miles, different vegetation and nutrient density. Wild plants are generally more nutrient dense than the commercial varieties. A dog would also eat whole animals. Here is an example how nutrient content can change by the way an animal is raised. Cattle we consume are finished in feed lots where they are fed corn and grains.

This makes the meat taste the same and the cattle gain more weight so they can be sold for more money. This beef has a high omega 6 content and no omega 3 fatty acids. In contrast cattle that are grass fed up to processing have omega three fatty acids in their meat. Eggs also vary in nutrient density by the way they are raised and fed.

Sorry — forgot a question! I do give him 5 mg of pepcid occasionally when he is having difficulty. He seems to feel best if his stomach is not empty for an extended period of time. It is best to let the digestive tract empty of the kibble. You can try waiting 8 hours and then feed tiny portions to limit digestive upset. Hi, I just adopted a Shiloh Shepard that is only 58 lbs. He is grossly underweight. I am confused as the proper amount of protein vs.

I would like to start him on the correct amount of nutritional food that will be optimal for growth he will experience from eating regularly. Since large dogs do have hip issues, I want to make sure he gets enough calcium to protect his hips and enough protein to help build healthy muscle.

Both dog food recipes are good starting points. Get yourself accustomed to preparing homemade dog food before you bog yourself down with complicated recipes. I will be posting intermediate and advanced dog food recipes in the future. Click here to view the raw recipe or click here to view the cooked recipe. Ed, I am not sure if I am opposed to the raw food, I had no idea you could feed raw meat to dogs. We just found out he also has heart worms, in the first stage, so now he will be getting a cardiogram and possible injections, depending on the results.

I wish I had a scale to see if he was gaining weight. He has been in my home about 10 days. He is coming around with his personality. I am going to try the cook version for now. My concern is fasting him. The excitement he has through eating regularly is intense. She is still eating but not as much and is getting to skinny what can i feed her to help put some weight back on her quick. It sounds like she is grieving for her lost friend.

Animals have a great capacity for emotion. It is sad to see but good to know they are not little robots. Try feeding her a tasty dog food. If she likes the flavor she may start to gradually eat more. Dogs love the easy cooked dog food recipe, click here to view. The dehydrated raw diets have been fine, but for a greyhound, they loose too much weight, asking how to increase their weight from the companies who made those brands, they told me to add a cup of kibble!

One deleted my inquiry post from Facebook! Not exactly a good endorsement for their products. The only time Mo Problem does well with any food now is when I cook for her. At her age and in spite of it all, she looks beautiful, switching to a raw food diet, my intuition tells me is asking for trouble…. What would be your daily feeding amount recommendation for a greyhound, being lean dogs with little body fat??

Try feeding around two cups per day. You can start off with the easy cooked dog food recipe and see how she does. If she does well you can try the easy raw dog food recipe. Most dogs do well on both. Great info on nutrition. The only thing I notice is that she had such flaky skin. So I switched back to dry purina puppy chow and wet food and added salmon oil to dry food and her skin was less flaky but she is always itchy.

Again, keep up he great job on this website! Cece, Try feeding here the yeast starvation dog food recipe. This dog food recipe helps dogs with itchy skin.

Hi — My 3 year old dog is having seizures. Vet says no apparent medical reasons. Do you think homemade diet would help? Thanks for your time. If the seizures are cause by the junk and chemical additives in kibble then a homemade dog food should help. I always think it makes sense to eat healthy. But i am on dis. So I am considering making own dog food and I like all the information here. What are your thoughts in organic vs. We only eat organic due to the chemicals, GMOs in feed, antibiotics, etc.

Buying cheap meat for our dog would certainly end up with these in his food. As a family we eat very natural and try to buy organic. Our health is great. I believe this is true for dogs as well. That said, any fresh meats, eggs and nutrient rich supplements are going to be far better than kibble. Sometimes you can get overwhelmed and make things much harder than necessary and never start.

I have just stopped feeding my dog, dog food. He seems to have a lot more energy now but sometimes get allergies. What is the best rice to mix his meat and vegetables with. How do I get his calcium in him and are there any pure organic vitamins you might recommend? Thanks you for what you do.

Try feeding your dog either the easy cooked or easy raw dog food recipe both are great! We have two labs we feed the raw diet. She is likely about 5lbs now and will be maybe lbs full grown. We have made food for our last dog, an english bulldog- it was a blend of ground beef, cooked barley, cooked beets, string beans, yellow squash, sweet potatoes, and canola oil.

He thrived and all the allergies cleared up— what is your opinion to this recipe? I use to have patterdales they are full of it. Your recipe looks heavy on veggies and no calcium. Lickochops has both sources. My guess is you puppy will start off at about a half cup and work her way up to one and a half cups per day.

So I just found your website and its incredibly insightful. I was just wondering what you would substiure for my dog since shes allergic to eggs and gluten. She has really sensitive skin and allergic to alot of things outside. The store dog food thats gluten free isnt cutting it have any recipes I could use?? She was pretty severly allergic to them but I havent given her anything with eggs for months but I assume her allergy level is still the same.

I like to use eggs they are packed with good stuff. Maybe you can get away with using the shell for calcium. If not you will have to feed raw bones. I just stumbled upon your site and though I would ask a question here. I have a 12 year old Cocker Spaniel, and I was wondering about Senior food. Try feeding him the easy cooked dog food recipe it is nutritious and tasty. What a wonderful site!! I have 2 7 year old American Eskimo females. As with most white dogs they develop brown tear stains.

I have tried every over the counter treatments to try to correct this problem, to no avil. I want very much to start my girls on a good diet. My question is with the rice. I would feed the yeast starvation dog food recipe.

Make sure you give it time to work because it can be a long process. This dog food recipe will change your dogs system to one that is hostile to the yeast. I love your advice.. I try to give my dogs what I can.

But I never used lick chops or anything extra like that. I am 26 and a lot of my budget goes to my 4 amazing pups. I thought I was already spoiling them by cooking them beef and chicken. So would it be all that bad not to give them lick chops?. I spent most of my life working with reptiles, birds and dogs. Dealing with nutritional deficiencies of one sort or another. So, I would look for nutrient dense whole foods and try to incorporate them into the animals daily diet. I always stay away from synthetic vitamins because their use can lead to toxicity issues.

They work very well. Try the easy cooked dog food recipe or the chicken and rice dog food recipe. Dogs do well on either dog food recipe. He does not care for the taste. Is there a less expensive than UPS for shipping.

After I had filled out the order I found that the shipping was going to cost more than the product. Did I not fill out things correctly?

That seemed a little excessive. I enjoy your site and it has been a great help with his diet. I love ordering products through the internet it is fast and easy. In fact I rarely shop in stores.

That said, shipping companies still move through space and time. Gas prices keep rising. Often shipping 1 item or ten items is about the same price.

Buying one tube of Lickochops is the most expensive way to purchase the product. If you purchased more items it spreads the shipping over more items. Seems good to me. Hi Ed , I have a 5 yr old rotty and he has been thru every commercial dog food both dry and canned on the market he has always been a picky eater. The gradual switch was to prevent what happened to your dog. The best thing to do now is fast him for 24 hours and follow the introductory method: I have 4 small dogs, yorkie-pom-maltese mixes and a chihuaha mix.

One of the yorkie mix, 10 years old, has just been diagnosed with kidney failure and I read that protein should be limited for him at this point. Here is a link to a great article on low protein dog foods and kidney failure. I am at an impass. While at boarding he developed diarrhea and they put him on rice until we picked him up. What I have noticed is that in the few days of not eating much at all he obviously has no gas, but his eyes which are always red are no longer red.

Do you think that he could benefit from the raw diet or at least the cooked. What are your thoughts? I feed either cooked or raw dog food with good results. I just posted a chicken and rice dog food recipe that dogs love.

We are going to get a 8 week old Great Dane female in a couple weeks. I have been reading about how imperative good diet is for their digestion and bones especially in the first two years and I am concerned about what and how much I should be feeding my dog.

Try feeding your Great Dane the chicken and rice dog food recipe. This dog food recipe is nutritious and dogs love it. I could use some help… we have a 6 year old Italian Miniature Greyhound mix who is diabetic. We feed her a low carb, high fiber diet and she receives insulin 2x per day. She is an active dog, but always seems to be hungry and never satisfied after she eats. She has approximately 7 bowel movements a day. I am searching for a homemade food, that will help with her hunger and digestion.

Anything you can suggest would be helpful. Do I have to do the fasting if I go between the cooked and the raw recipes? The dogs are on the cooked now. Still pretty loose bowels however. Kind of want to try them with the raw recipe. I am so happy to have found your website!

After the death of my chinese shar pei Peanut from a host of ailments unfortunately fed mainly kibble I read your website and started my lhasa apso and my other 12 yr old shar pei Daisy on raw chicken and an egg.

They both inhaled the food like it was the best thing ever! I will try to dismember the chicken leg for the lhasa Tashi as he had only eaten a bit of the bone when I gave it to him. Or do you think that he will get used to the whole piece.. Anyway, so glad I started this way of feeding.

My wife and I are going to be getting a Pug Puppy this weekend. I was curious to how often we should feed him and the amount of food per meal. What would you recommend at his age 2 months and going forward? I feed puppies twice per day around the same time each day. A strong schedule will help with housebreaking. We are told that the reason raw is best for our dogs is because ….

Well, That was meat and bone, most likely. I have never taken vitamins in my life, I grew up with the knowledge that the only vitamins your body can absorb comes from food sources. Buying vitamins in bottles or tubes in this case is a big waste of money.

I think you are referring to synthetic vitamins. The ingredients in the dinovite supplements are known concentrated sources of many different nutrients.

You can buy the different ingredients separately and supply the nutrients yourself. The separate ingredients are on the label in the ingredient list. One example is kelp meal. Kelp meal supplies 60 plus trace minerals. Alfalfa nutrient concentrate is another that supplies many phytonutrients, beta carotene and vitamin K. My guess, is by following herds that covered great distances and ate a super wide variety of vegetation. Sounds like you have bought into the medical industries mantra that the only thing supplements do is give you expensive urine.

Too bad because it is bologna. There are countless studies on how supplements benefit livestock, you just have to read them. I think one of the earliest was done on pigs with vitamin A.

Cattle, horses, pigs, poultry, fish, dogs, cats, you name it you can read studies on the effects of different nutrients and their deficiencies. First her vet suggested to feed her low protein diet due to liver problem.

Then she had pancreatitis, so now she is suggested to have low protein and low fat diet. She had another pancreatitis symptom few weeks ago, so I started to feed her home made food, but periodically she still vomits and has loose stool, so I need to improve my home made food for her.

I was checking your site and I would like to try your recipe, but I wanted to get your opinion about her need: Thank you so much for your time and knowledge to help me and help my dog.

You could try the chicken and rice dog food recipe but strain of the excess chicken fat. Add some organic coconut oil because it does nut aggravate the pancreas. The Supromega fish oil also helps the pancreas. My dog was just diagnose with laryngeal paralysis. He just went through the surgery and now he can only eat can food which I have to make into a meatball the size of a quarter.

What is the best to make him? Try the easy raw or cooked dog food recipe. I would recommend blending the eggs in the blender to pulverize the egg shells. Dogs actually have salmonella in their systems naturally. Dogs are scavengers by design and have very strong stomach acids that keep them from getting sick with germs on food. Hey, is it okay for a dog to consume chicken bones? Hi Ed, First of all thank you for all of your posts.

I have been researching switching my 6 year old Chihuahua mix from Blue Buffalo to a homemade dog food and found your site most helpful. In any efforts to do what I can to help his situation I would like to start him on homemade cooked food and hopefully ease into raw.

Do you foresee any dangers of feeding raw with his condition? Also, when going from cooked to raw is it still standard to do the 24 hr fast you suggest? Switching between cooked and raw homemade dog food does not require the fast. Ed, I have two chihuahuas that I have been trying to switch over to a raw diet. They love chicken but they are getting a little bored. So, I tried feeding a frozen beef commercially made raw food, and one of my Chis became very sick with an allergic reaction.

Do you find some dogs are allergic to beef? My vet said this was a pretty severe reaction and to not try beef again with this particular Chi. Can I try other meats? This commercially made raw food was made in my local area and sold at a small business pet store. I talked extensively with her and she was surprised to hear of his allergy to beef. I want to keep feeding them raw and will use your chicken and rice recipe when I receive the supplements in the mail.

I think you will like feeding the chicken and rice dog food recipe. There may have been an additive in the commercial diet that your dog had a reaction to and it may not have been the beef. Hi, I went on Dinovite website, but they do not have the little squeezable tubes you used in your video. What do you suggest I use for her she is a 10lb Pomeranian. I would use the Dinovite powder instead. It is easy to use and works great. So glad I found this site. These brands are all on a an anti-filler kick, which is mainly against corn and grains.

But the anti-filler alternatives have whole grain brown rice or potatoes instead. The expensive food I bought also includes beets, blueberries, etc. Do dogs even eat fruit?? I asked a blue buffalo representative about the ingredients and he wasnt able to answer any questions, only tell me that blueberries are great for kidneys, potatoes are as good for dogs as they are for humans, brown rice is very nutritious, you want to feed your dog the best.

Your questions are beyond the scope of this page. Try one of the dog food recipes on this site and see how well your dog does. He will love you for it. Can you elaborate on why the use of rice in your recipes?

My dog also has a tendency to eat very fast and then vomit up his food before its digested often still in whole pieces of kibble. Because of this, I am considering making his own food. Look forward to your thoughts in these. The inclusion of rice in some of the recipes is there to reduce the cost of the recipe and to ease the transition from kibble to homemade dog food. You can simple omit it if you like or swap out sweet potato for the rice.

You will be pleased with feeding homemade dog food and your dog will thank you. I started cooking for them right away chicken and rice when I realized that they were not too keen on the Science Diet they came with…nor the Kibbles and Bits I sprinkled on top … not to mention all the recalls and bad press lately.

A few days later I discovered your website — have read almost everything— and ordered the Dinovite liquid, Supramega, LickOChops, Essential Oils shampoo, and some freeze dried beef treats last weekend! In the meantime, I have added the boiled eggs with shells to the Chicken and Rice, and finished making a batch of the chicken bone gravy early this morning. I might add that the little boy came with straw-like hair, and it is already starting to look better just being on a better diet!

My question is if I start her on this diet, can the introductory period be adjusted as I am fearful that she might get sick again from lack of eating? Thanks for your advice, Tina Clark. I received my supplements order yesterday and am so pleased! He did eventually eat it all after I put another spoonfull of the plain chicken rice on top.

So, this morning I tried another of your suggestions: I will just take it gradually with adding the supplements and I am sure they will be fine with them! Since starting the supplement she has had zero energy and seems sick. Your staff assured me that she is simply detoxing and should feel better soon.

I am patiently waiting for her system to rebuild as she has been on steroids, antibiotics and allergy shots for 2 yrs. My husband does not want to feed her the raw beef recipe on your website because of the cost, so I am exploring a few low cost options. Here is my question:. It sounds like your dog has been through the wringer, steroids, antibiotics and allergy shots for 2 years, wow!

I would suggest the yeast starvation dog food recipe on this site or a slightly modified one. The eggs are nutritious but you say your dog is allergic to them. How allergic to eggs is your dog? Has she been tested positive for an allergy to eggs? If it is mild you may want to try and introduce the eggs down the road. I would not add any carbohydrates for at least 6 months.

This vinegar still has the live component called the mother and will help the whole process. Thank you so much for responding! My vet tested her and she had a low positive on eggs, soybeans, venison, and carrots. She was a high positive for milk. I will definitely add the apple cider vinegar to her food. I can already tell she has improved, seeing as I bathed her tonight and she barely shed at all.

I will begin the yeast starvation diet with chicken, ASAP! When would you suggest adding in the eggs? I want to make sure she gets plenty on protein. Some dogs will eat the Dinovite out of the bowl when mixed with a little Lickochops or Supromega.

I assume I could feed her whole chicken thighs and just mix the dinovite, super omega, and vinegar with the eggs. Hi Ed, I have a Pit Bull mix that has become overweight over the past few years as I have battled illness. He has suffered from illness from the day I found him I the sidewalk dying from parvo. He has allergies, hypothyroidism and has suffered seizures due to low blood sugar. I have tried everything possible to lower his weight but we seem to Yo-Yo.

After trying every helth food on the market I have decided to start making his food. I know I need to go grain free, we are a gluten free household. Harley needs low protein, lots of fruits and vegetables and no grains. I will be adding chicken and lamb.

As this will be the first time for me in making his food I want to make sure I get the proper measurements and supplements included in his food. My ingredients for his first batch are, chicken, carrots, green beans, grean peas, blue berries, pumpkin and eggs.

Can you help with a recipe? This recipe helps dogs shed unwanted fat. My dog is staying at the kennel for a week. Can I add dinovite and lick0chops to her food ahead of time? I am concerned that most rice is now GMO. Do you use organic rice or have you ever used oatmeal instead? What is a good substitute for the rice.

We are 2 weeks into the change and she is still developing itchy, scabby spots all over her body. Try adding some of the Supromega fish oil, the additional omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E can help your dogs itchy skin.

Plan on feeding indefinitely. You should start to see results in 90 days. Is there a preference to feeding the legs raw or cooked? Thanks for your help! Have a 3 year old, 57 lb german shorthaired pointer and he means the world to me. Currently using blue buffalo wilderness dog food and not hearing the best of things. Also, I believe he has developed an allergy to it. I believe I will be following the hard broiled egg, beef raw and cooked and white rice recipe.

What are the portion sizes? Any other things to follow? I am new to home made dog food. I have a 5 month old chocolate lab who I am starting to believe may just not have the stomach for commercial food. For starters he seems to get really itchy off and on, has gotten an upper respiratory infection and yeast infection in his ears, All of which he has been on antibiotics for each time.

That makes 5 times he has been on some sort of antibiotic since I got him at 9 weeks old, one of which he had to be hospitalized for two days.

This last time he tested positive for coccidia which I know causes diarrhea, but had never In the past tested positive for any parasites. So needless to say we are back to the chicken and rice or ground beef and rice. Sorry for the rant… but my question is which one of the recipes do you suggest I start him with first? Is any one better than another for sensitive stomachs?

Thank you so much for your time and help. When I was growing up. Feeding raw meat will help them get healthy not mean, no worries. I have a 7 yr old St Bernard short hair, she has always been thin, but recently she started loosing weight, the vet took xrays and found that her stomach was full of gas. My dog vomits or regurgitates completely undigested food. He has been on canned food for over 4 months since the vet said it would be easier on his stomach — but then I read somewhere that the canned food might be too rich?

But, I am also wondering if I can exclusively feed the Easy Raw Food Diet with hamburger or if I am supposed to do it sometimes with chicken? Foods we have tried unsuccessfully include Blue and Avoderm.

This last time with Avoderm he went 8 days without vomiting. I have fasted him and started him on just kefir and a raw egg with colostrum supplement and Primal Defense Ultra. I would try the easy raw dog food recipe and see how he does, he may be fine, most dogs do quite well eating this diet. Also — do you have any idea how much this comes out to per cup?

I am trying to compare the cost to canned food. My pup is worth the world to me but money is a concern, of course. The canned food we have been getting is about 2 dollars a can plus now supplements we would continue like the Dinovite, etc. Right now Jack was eating two cans per day — he weighs 55 pounds black lab mix.

If you state the amount in your recipe please forgive me asking again! Hi Ed, Easy recipe! I have a puggle who weighs 50 lbs. I want her to be on a raw diet for her weight and her allergies. Do I just limit the quantity I feed her or do I not add rice and add veggies such as squash, carrots, sweet potato? Because everybody in the house takes turn feeding her I know that they are overfeeding.

So I am taking charge of her feeding and exercise. I want her to lose weight. The vet said she should only weigh like around 20 lbs. Yes, I would eliminate the carbs to help her lose weight and start using portion control. Let us know how she does. Hi Ed — Do you only feed chicken or beef to your pets? Are there other meats that you recommend.

I was thinking of doing a rotational diet. I do chicken, beef and venison on rare occasions. Other meat sources are fine. Pork is also a good choice. We just had our cow butchered and I saved the organs, including the tongue and heart.

What would you do? The pellets she eats are from Accana — http: Just some side info. She has been on a raw diet for quite some time that I buy pre packed but all of a sudden she has started to dislike it and does not eat so keenly.

This recipe seems to be a lot nicer so I thought would give it a try. In the mean time I bought the Acana pellets which she does seem to like. You must be logged in to post a comment. My name is Ed Lukacevic and I'm an incurable animal lover! I have spent my life working with birds, reptiles, horses and especially dogs.

Optimum nutrition for the animals in my care has been my passion. Do Feed Your Dog. March 6, at 3: Log in to Reply. March 6, at 4: June 8, at 1: June 12, at 4: Renee, Substitute the Supromega fish oil for the Lickochops. Fish oil does not aggregate pancreatitis. June 1, at 9: June 2, at 8: Kate, I have personally seen a Biotin deficiency induced by feeding raw eggs to Lizards.

I personally have added raw egg yolk to puppy formula with great results. December 21, at March 6, at March 7, at 3: March 11, at 1: March 12, at March 12, at 4: March 18, at 4: March 19, at 9: Charles, You are right dogs digest raw uncooked bones better than cooked bones. April 1, at April 1, at 1: April 17, at May 13, at 4: April 1, at 6: April 2, at 8: Danna, It sounds like she is doing fine. April 5, at April 6, at 8: Shelly, Instead of beans or vegetables add more eggs and white rice.

April 6, at 1: April 10, at Nursing toy yorkie, should I give her raw chicken and beef? April 10, at 1: Rachel, Can you be more clear? April 10, at 8: April 23, at 9: Rod, It sounds like the commercial food you are feeding is not good. Sorry for the questions, any help would be appreciated.

April 11, at 7: Geo, You are welcome. April 11, at 3: Ed, Thanks again… Any guidance on replacing rice with additional eggs? April 12, at 8: Geo, I think you could double the eggs without a problem. April 11, at April 12, at 7: Lauri, Raw meat, fat and bones are easier for a dog to digest.

April 15, at 2: Ed, Quick question on raw Chicken thighs and legs…. Still a newbie at this! April 16, at 7: Geo, I have fed the raw chicken leg thigh quarters both ways. Substitute the meats weight per weight. April 16, at 5: Jerry, I always advocate feeding a raw meat and bones dog food as the best diet to feed your dog. April 17, at 7: April 19, at 9:

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