ANDI Food Scores: Rating the Nutrient Density of Foods

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Mini Lasagna Cups
Putting resilience and resilience surveys under the microscope. Anything for a Fast Wheelchair? Definitely adding these to my regular rotation!!!!! Sonya gets to the club early to practice and sees Benny arguing with Chaney. Looks delish and great for my family of seven! Bijoux the Pony Girl Maid.

What’s Your Resilience Score?

PervCity Alanah Rae Anal and Oral Overdose

Whilst these effects have been noted in studies, they are not yet proven. However, they may be added to the list in the future and I anticipate that we might see further classifications of DCS in the following years as further research is conducted. We can see that the severity and type of DCS diagnosed is related to the frequency quantity , location and, most importantly, size of the bubbles that occur in the body.

However, DCS is only diagnosed if it conforms with the symptoms known for the types listed above; and if it reaches a level of severity that provokes the victim to seek medical attention. DCS is not an all-or-nothing ailment. It is a scale of severity. On that scale, there is a point below which the victim is not at risk of immediate physical harm.

Bubbles occur in our bodies on the ascent from most scuba dives, but those bubbles have to reach a sufficient size before they cause enough immediate harm to present symptoms that allow a diagnosis and treatment of DCS.

These bubbles may remain subclinically small in size but may occur in large numbers. They may also, in sufficiently large numbers, still have a noticeable if not immediately harmful impact upon us.

It has been proposed that post-dive unnatural fatigue, malaise, reduced vitality and drowsiness are symptoms of the increased frequency of non-symptomatic micro-bubbles. Historically, it has been considered harmless. It is therefore hardly surprising that there can be a poorly defined boundary between wellness and mild DCI following diving. However, enter the iceberg principle.

The Trouble With Bubbles. UK Diving in Depth. A quantity of these bubbles will persist during the surface decompression phase; determined by the effectiveness of in-water decompression. However, these micro-bubbles also known as silent bubbles are insufficiently large to cause us significant, immediate physical harm. The frequency number of those bubbles is determined by the effectiveness of off-gassing nitrogen on the ascent. Decompression models used in dive tables and computers assign a maximum value m-value to ascent supersaturation in order to prevent those micro-bubbles from growing to a size that causes clinically diagnoseable harm symptomatic decompression sickness.

Nonetheless, all modern decompression models are concerned with preventing bubbles growing to a harmful size, but not concerned about limiting the frequency of smaller bubbles for the sake of their impact on post-dive vitality and long-term health.

Decompression calculations are always a trade-off between safety and time. Until diving medicine can prove any long-term health implications of decompression stress, that is likely to continue. Factors known to influence off-gassing efficiency and micro-bubble elimination include; ascent speed, ascent stops, dive profile, repetitive dives, bounce dives and ascent gas selection. The ascent speed dictates the relationship between tissue super-saturation and the rate at which nitrogen can be eliminated by the body.

Excessive speed causes nitrogen to form bubbles which can grow to a DCS symptomatic size. Insufficient speed limits off-gassing efficiency by lowering the pressure gradient between saturated nitrogen and the surrounding atmosphere the difference between the partial pressure of nitrogen absorbed within the body and that within the gas we are breathing.

Pausing on ascent at specific depths allows nitrogen to be eliminated from the body; both saturated nitrogen from the tissues and by shrinking or eliminating nitrogen micro-bubbles. Other factors, such as, depth and bottom time influenced the efficiency of safety stops. The profile of individual dives or repetitive or multi-day diving routines is an important factor in determining bubble formation. Saw-tooth dive profiles create more bubbles with each rise in depth.

This cumulative effect leads to a much higher bubble score by the time the final ascent is completed. This is common behaviour on diving focused vacations or for novice divers with weak buoyancy control who struggle to maintain consistent depth on shallow dives.

Utilizing an appropriate ascent gas breathing mix reduces tissue tension across the surface of micro-bubbles, helping to maintain a negative pressure gradient that promotes effective off-gassing and bubble elimination. The higher the percentage oxygen, the more efficient pressure gradient to shrink bubbles and remove nitrogen from the body. Adhering to a proper ascent speed, multiple shallow safety stops and ideal ascent gasses are not taught within the curriculum of many recreational diving agencies.

In short, currently taught recreational diving practices may not offer sufficient minimization of decompression stress, especially when repetitive and multi-day shallow diving occurs.

The additional, but often not educated, benefit of nitrox is that the reduced partial pressure of nitrogen, coupled with an increased partial pressure of oxygen, serves to increase the gas differential between tissues, lungs and ambient pressure. This increased gas differential accelerates the rate of nitrogen release from our bodies on the ascent, compared to air, without allowing bubbles to grow.

Simply put, we off-gas more efficiently as nitrogen partial pressure decreases. There are a great many divers who claim to feel noticeably better after diving if they use nitrox rather than air.

The anecdotal belief that nitrox, through some inherent property of the increased oxygen partial pressure in the body, reduced post-dive fatigue prompted several scientific studies. Air, Nitrox and Fatigue. Measurement of fatigue following 18 msw dry chamber dives breathing air or enriched air nitrox. To date, research has indicated that there is no difference in fatigue levels between air and EAN36 dives. Brueggeman P, Pollock NW, eds. Diving for Science If there was no decompression stress, then nitrox had no impact upon reducing fatigue that may result from it.

They are in the produce section the grocery store. HELP — Less than a couple of weeks ago you had some dessert recipes one was a chocolate chewy revel with oatmeal…. I made these tonight and let me just say…WOW!! I went a little overboard with the cheese but either way these were so delicious. Thanks to you and your recipes my family is convinced I can cook: I have made them for my family twice.

Left overs the next day warm up nicely for lunch. These are going to part of my dinner rotation. I just stumbled on your sight, and I have to say: This looks very similar to the Petit Lasagnas on Andi on canyoustayfordinner. They are so good! Made these for dinner tonight. And they were so easy to make.

Will def make these all the time! I am so thankful for your blog. Seriously, everything on here is so helpful, and your recipes never fail. Thanks for taking the time to post everything and share your talents…you have no idea how great it is to have a website like this to turn to for ideas. Did anyone try freezing these after they were assembled? I was thinking about trying them for my meal exchange group. This is the perfect lasagne snack! Definately going to give this a try!

I made these last night and they were so good! I cut down a little the amount of cheese and made them with very lean turkey and the calorie count went down to each for 3. I have two servings left over that I am going to have for lunch!

I would like to know if you have a cook book out or about to come out. Your recipes are to just die for. They were soooooo easy, perfect, and good!

Wonton wrappers just made my grocery list!!! I normally plug in my own info to get a more accurate count based on the brands that I use, but I just wanted to let you know. I made them for dinner and had some friends over, they were so impressed. Everyone wanted the receipe. Oh, what a great idea! I baked these this week and they were amazing!! Everyone, even the kids, had seconds and they were so easy to make and clean up!! These are so cool!

What a great idea for parties or game day! Just made these little babies tonight for dinner. They are a smashing hit! Thank you for sharing! As with any pasta dish, the sauce is a very important component, and this is also a great place to get creative with your ingredients.

Hi, my first time here: Discovered you through StumbleUpon. These mini lasagna cups look fantastic! Do you think using halved versions of cooked lasagne noodles would work instead of the wonton?

Or would they become to crisp in the oven? Thank you so much for this delicious recipe. I was on stumbleupon. Thank you and I will surely be back for more recipes just as fun and simple to make. Thanks for such a cute recipe idea! A friend sent me your website a few days ago and when I saw this recipe I just knew it was something I had to try, and I happened to have just bought some wonton wrappers last week and had plenty on hand.

I have to say they were a huge hit, everybody in my family really loved them, my little sister ate FOUR of them! I made these after my work out the other night so my boyfriend and myself and OMG they were incredible! Not only so easy, but completely filling. I just made these and I have to say they turned out great. So easy and simply delicious. I think I might experiment with the idea and turn it into a breakfast bite.

I am into photography and cooking and your blog have them both! I would love to see more of your blog in the future. I made this today and they were amazing! My boyfriend and I ate three each and we were stuffed! Your email address will not be published. Follow Me on Instagram! Preheat oven to degrees. Brown sausage and hamburger in a large skillet over medium high heat and drain.

Divide into 4 portions and reserve three for another night. Add spaghetti sauce to remaining meat mixture and stir to combine. In a large bowl, combine the ricotta the salt and pepper and stir to combine.

Coat a 12 cup muffin tin with cooking spray, and arrange a wonton wrapper in each cup. Top with half of the meat sauce, and sprinkle with shredded cheese. Place another wonton wrapper over the cheese, and repeat the layers by adding the remaining ricotta cheese, meat sauce, and top with shredded cheese. Bake at degrees for 10 to 15 minutes until the cheese is melted and the wonton wrappers are golden. Cool in the muffin tin for minutes before serving.

You May Also Like: Salsa Verde Chicken Pasta. What perfect little cups! I would bet I could eat one too many of these, yum!! Sasha Global Table Adventure.

I might have to eat a few more than one too many… ha! Messages might specify PFV to help consumers know what they are and choose them as part of their overall fruit and vegetable intake. As numeric descriptors of the amount of beneficial nutrients PFV contain relative to the energy they provide, the scores can serve as a platform for educating people on the concept of nutrient density. Expressing the nutrient desirability of foods in terms of the energy they provide may help focus consumers on their daily energy needs and getting the most nutrients from their foods.

The rankings provide clarity on the nutrient quality of the different foods and may aid in the selection of more nutrient-dense items within the powerhouse group. Foods within particular groups were studied; thus, other nutrient-dense items may have been overlooked.

Because it was not possible to include phytochemical data in the calculation of nutrient density scores, the scores do not reflect all of the constituents that may confer health benefits.

Warranting study is the utility of approaches defining PFV based on the presence regardless of amount of nutrients and phytochemicals. Although nutrient density differences by powerhouse group were examined, a true validation of the classification scheme is needed.

Future studies might identify healthful diets and examine correlations with PFV or look for correlations between intake of PFV and health outcomes 3. This study is an important step toward defining PFV and quantifying nutrient density differences among them.

On the basis of the qualifying nutrients, 41 PFV were identified. The included foods may aid in improving consumer understanding of PFV and the beneficial nutrients they provide. When a range of values was reported, the lowest value in the range was used as the weighting factor.

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