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Supreme Court Set To Hear Online Travel Case Back in , 17 counties filed suit against certain internet travel companies, including Expedia and Orbitz, seeking a determination of whether the online companies should remit taxes on what they pay directly to hotels to buy Workplace Awards Recognition for what we do and how we do it. FAC has a number of resources to assist counties impacted by the damaging effects of the storm. A Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account FSA is a tax-advantage reimbursement account that allows you to set aside money for eligible expenses on a pre-tax basis. This Week in the Legislature - Transportation As is customary during the interim committee weeks, various state agencies have been making presentations before House and Senate Committees. Your annual Dependent Care FSA contribution amount will be split evenly between the number of pay periods you have each calendar year.

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Members can cancel their Monthly Pass through their WeightWatchers. Note that we cannot process cancellation requests at meeting locations. Except in special refund circumstances, there are no refunds for the current subscription month. If a special refund circumstance exists, the member will be refunded for the entire month, as refunds are based on subscription months and are not prorated.

A full set of rules surrounding Monthly Pass cancellations and refunds can be found on the Weight Watchers website. No, all University of Rochester employee Monthly Pass members, regardless of how they purchased their Monthly Pass are welcome to attend the At-Work meeting.

However, if you want to obtain the special University of Rochester pricing and reimbursement, you must cancel your current subscription and sign up for a new subscription with the special University of Rochester discount code.

If you wish to do this, you can contact Weight Watchers directly and have them transfer your existing account history to your new account so you will not lose previously recorded data. Your Monthly Pass automatically renews each month at the special University of Rochester price until you cancel.

Your credit card will be charged up to 15 days prior to the end of your first month, and then each month on that date thereafter, to ensure you receive your new Monthly Pass on time. At Weight Watchers, weight management is a partnership that combines our knowledge and experience with your efforts.

We teach you about good nutrition, activity, and healthy behavior. Upon joining, you are weighed and choose an initial weight goal and ultimate goal. If your ultimate goal is within the Weight Watchers healthy weight ranges chart which is based on Body Mass Index or has been prescribed by your doctor, you will be eligible for Lifetime Membership when you achieve it and complete the maintenance phase of the Program.

The Weight Watchers two food plans The Flex Plan and the Core Plan are explained, and you choose the one that suits you best initially. Members are taught the 8 Good Health Guidelines and the four pillars of the Weight Watchers program, which include eating healthy, being active, optimizing healthy behaviors, and the importance of a supportive environment.

Please visit the Weight Watchers site to find local meeting locations. Once you have registered for and purchased a Weight Watchers Online subscription, you may access it via WeightWatchers. Help is available in the upper right-hand corner of every page on WeightWatchers. The typical response time is within 24 hours. The Become a Runner program starts out with a mix of walking and running and very slowly progresses to all running.

By the end of the program you will run 3. At the beginning, expect to walk 1 minute, run 1 minute or as much as you can for 20 minutes total. Register through the YMCA website- http: You will find additional enrollment information on the Well-U, Become a Runner page. You must attend 7 of the 9 in-person training sessions to receive the refund.

Enter your employee ID number correctly and you will receive your refund loaded into your paycheck within 2 pay periods of program completion. This is your chance to meet the coach, look over the training plan, and ask any and all questions you have before committing to the program. Refunds for participants dropping from the program will not be issued. Running in the rain is fun! Unless weather conditions are extreme, we will be running outside. Parking costs are based on the program location for each session.

Listed below are the parking options for each location:. Parking is available in the visitor lot at Saunders Research Building for a fee. Well-U will not cover the cost of parking. This is about a minute walk to Saunders Research Building. Champions are responsible for promoting wellness programs and events to their coworkers and communicating the needs and wants of their department back to Well-U. At the beginning of each year we require Champions to reenroll in order to affirm their commitment to being a Champion and allow new people to sign up if the previous Champion is no longer interested in being a Champion.

Along with the title, Well-U also holds quarterly events, exclusively for our Champions, to thank you all for your dedication to health and wellness in our UR community. The majority of classes are held once a week for 8-week sessions, and you must sign up again after the 8-week session is over if you would like to continue attending.

Session begin and end dates are listed on the Well-U fitness class page. Certain classes are held on a monthly basis. Participants enrolled in classes that are held monthly must still re-sign up at the end of every session. If someone is no longer able to attend, we immediately notify the next person on the waitlist. As a waitlist member, you may be notified to join the class early on, or you may never get into the class.

We encourage all employees to pay attention to the registration opening date and enroll as early as you can. Sign up for the Weekly Wellness newsletter to receive information about fitness class registration dates. As per the Enrollment Policy, employees may only enroll in 1 class per session. However, if a class still has open spaces in it after the first class, you may sign up for a second class.

If you cannot make it to a class, please notify your instructor at least 24 hours in advance when possible so that we can notify the next person on the waitlist. Log on to Securian Life's website, www. Pays the policy benefit and any accumulated cash value if the insured person dies during the term of coverage. Allows you to set aside money that can be used during your lifetime for longer term financial needs such as paying for college, buying a new home or building retirement funds.

Often used to cover a specific need such as covering medical bills and burial or paying off a home mortgage. You may continue all of your GUL coverage until age if you terminate, retire from the University of Rochester or become ineligible for the plan. You may continue your GOTL coverage, within limits, until age 70 if you terminate, retire from the University of Rochester or become ineligible for the plan.

Service completed at any higher educational institution, teaching hospital, not-for-profit research foundation, or not-for-profit support organization for higher educational institutions, as well as service at a member of the controlled group of the University, will count towards the two-year service requirement. To receive this service credit, you must complete a Retirement Service Credit Form. Complete the form within 90 days of your appointment date to receive University Contributions retroactively.

Thompson Health System, Inc. All employees are eligible to make Voluntary Contributions; except you are not allowed to participate if you are a student whose employment is incidental to your education at the University. In addition, eligible employees will be automatically enrolled explained below to make Voluntary Contributions. Effective July 1, , newly hired or rehired eligible faculty and staff will be automatically enrolled to make their own contributions, unless you affirmatively elect a different percentage or affirmatively decline to make contributions within 60 days of becoming eligible to participate in the Plan.

If you opt out within 60 days of becoming eligible, no contributions will be withheld from your paycheck. Once automatic Voluntary Contributions start, you may elect to change or stop Voluntary Contributions at any time.

You may elect to make Voluntary Contributions as soon as you are hired, and you may increase, decrease or begin making Voluntary Contributions any time during the year. Complete your election online at TIAA. For the Plan Year during which you satisfy the eligibility requirements, Direct Contributions will be made on base salary paid for full payroll periods after you satisfy the eligibility requirements i.

The University Direct Contribution is calculated each pay period based on your eligible gross earnings, using your accumulated earnings throughout the plan year July 1, June 30, and follows the formula below:. No, the University of Rochester Retirement Program is not a matching plan. For the Plan Year during which you satisfy the eligibility requirements, Direct Contributions will be made for base salary paid for full payroll periods after you satisfy the eligibility requirement, regardless of your Voluntary Contributions.

To review your contributions, log into your TIAA account online tiaa. You are not required to take action to begin receiving University Direct Contributions; however, you can complete your enrollment, elect your investment allocations, and designate your beneficiaries online at tiaa. You will receive your first contribution on earnings from the first full pay period in which you are eligible. If you become eligible in the middle of a pay period, you will receive your first contribution with the next pay period's earnings.

Your combined pre-tax and Roth after-tax Voluntary Contributions to the Retirement Program may be made in any amount up to the limits imposed by the Internal Revenue Code.

Maximum annual Voluntary Contribution limits for Calendar Year You may be able to 'roll' a distribution from another unrelated employer's plan and certain IRAs to the Retirement Program, provided that the distributing plan or IRA was qualified and the following requirements are met:.

If you have any questions about rollover contributions or would like to initiate a rollover into the Retirement Program, contact the record keeper, TIAA, at You may choose from wide range of mutual funds and annuity options from well-known financial providers. View the Investment Menu for more information.

Additional information on these funds, including performance, can be found at tiaa. TIAA can help you to understand, enroll, and manage your participation in the University of Rochester Retirement Program at no additional cost. Call , or schedule an individual advice session, with a local TIAA financial consultant. To schedule a session, go to TIAA. When you sever from employment from the University and members of its controlled group, you have four options with your accounts:.

The b Retirement Program allows eligible employees the opportunity to save for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis and provides a direct contribution toward retirement savings. Detailed eligibility information can be found here. The Deferred Compensation b Plan allows eligible participants to accumulate tax-deferred savings for retirement or other financial needs beyond the limits of the University of Rochester b Retirement Program.

The UR has established criteria in determining retirement eligibility. We use several key factors to determine eligibility and appropriate retirement grandparent level:. There are additional factors that are detailed in our Retiree Benefits Summaries. We encourage employees to read through the summaries, attend a Retiree Session and meet with a Retiree HR Representative. A comprehensive list of retiree health benefits is located here.

These forms should only be completed once you have met with a Retiree HR Representative and have selected your retirement date. Your cost for retiree health plan benefits are determined by the UR health plan that you are enrolled in, your retirement grandparent level and the contribution from UR.

Retiree health plan costs are located here. Covered spouses and domestic partners will be included on billing statements. The billing statement will include amount due, where to send payment and date payment is due by. If you enrolled in a University of Rochester Medicare Advantage plan, coverage will begin first of the month following your retirement date. You retire January 20th, your coverage will start February 1st.

Generally, Medicare Part A covers hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, nursing home care, hospice, home health services. Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage. There are two ways to get prescription drug coverage — enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that has Part D coverage or purchase drug coverage through Medicare Private Fee-for-Service plans and Medical Savings Account plans.

There are several ways to sign up for Medicare Part A and B. You may be eligible for active employee health benefits and will become ineligible for retiree health benefits. You may ask for a replacement Medicare card using your online my Social Security account, call Social Security at or contact your local Social Security office. Power of Attorney POA documents should be emailed to retireebenefits ur.

HIICAP provides free, accurate and objective information, counseling and assistance on Medicare and other related health insurance information or coverage plans.

No, but you need to be a new homeowner in a qualifying City of Rochester neighborhood Current city homeowners are not eligible. You can use either your UR medical plan or your VSP vision coverage for a specific service or purchase. New hires and newly eligible faculty and staff have 30 days to enroll. You can also enroll in VSP when you have a qualifying event or on an annual basis during Open Enrollment. You will not receive a VSP card in the mail.

When you go to your provider, you will let them know you have VSP and they will be able to apply the discounts. If you wish to print a member ID card, you can do so by registering and logging into www. For registration instructions, see question: You can also print a Member Vision Card to keep in your wallet. Click on the link in the left toolbar called Member Vision Card. Contact Corestream at or customerservice corestream.

You can also enroll in the legal plan during open enrollment. Yes, Hyatt Legal Plans will mail you a letter upon your enrollment, which will include your Hyatt-generated membership number.

Simply log into www. You can also contact Corestream at or customerservice corestream. Proof of completion e. Yes, as long as, the non-credit courses are taken at a college or university and meet the criteria of being directly job-related, having at least 15 contact hours, having outside readings and assignments, and having a formal evaluation based on a final exam.

No, only full-time service can be counted towards service requirement for the year Dependent Children Tuition Waiver Benefit. This service requirement may be met by full-time service at another college or university that offered a tuition benefit plan for dependent children for which the faculty or staff member was eligible.

To receive credit for full-time service completed at another college or university, please complete a Tuition Benefits Service Credit Form and submit it to the Office of Total Rewards for review within 30 days from the start of the course s.

All benefit eligible and non-benefit eligible faculty and staff may apply for LTC. In addition, family members of faculty and staff are eligible to apply. All applicants must complete a Statement of Health and be approved by the insurance carrier before a policy will be issued. FAQs regarding leave, disability, and vacation can be found on the Leave Administration website. Please consider downloading the latest version of Internet Explorer to experience this site as intended. Long-Term Disability Plan 90 Days: Platforms for enrolling in benefits vary depending on the benefit you are looking to enroll in: Once your initial eligibility period is over you may enroll in or change your benefit elections for the following benefits during the yearly, 2-week Open Enrollment timeframe early November: Most other benefits may be enrolled in or changed anytime throughout the year.

You must submit a manual request for reimbursement for your FSA administrator. You only have access to the funds currently in your account, not the full annual election. Employee is not covered by any other health plan, including spousal health insurance, except for that the IRS permits. Employee cannot be enrolled in any part of Medicare, Tricare, Medicaid or state health care programs. Only preventative, dental and vision is permitted.

There are three ways you can use your HSA funds: Swipe your card at the point of service to pay for qualified medical expenses. Use online bill payment to pay your provider directly from your HSA. Pay for a qualified medical expense out-of-pocket, then reimburse yourself from your HSA.

You will have a lower deductible, copay, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximum than tier 2 and tier 3 providers. Services provided at the tier 2 benefit level will be subject to higher deductibles, coinsurance, copays and out-of-pocket maximums than tier 1 providers, but lower than tier 3 providers.

Tier 3 — Out-Of-Network: Services provided at the tier 3 benefit level will be subject to higher deductibles, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums than tier 1 and 2 providers and will be capped at the reasonable and customary levels; you may be subject to balance billing. The coverage levels available to you for health care are: Below are qualifying events: The two dental plans differ in the following areas: The coverage levels available to you for dental are: Eligible individuals have access to the following Well-U programs via telehealth: Membership includes eTools and Internet weight-loss companion with interactive tools that you can access anytime to help keep you on track between meetings.

Weight Watchers Online subscription With an Online subscription you can follow the Weight Watchers plan step-by-step online, with interactive tools and resources like a weight tracker, progress charts, restaurant guides and much more.

It is available in two versions specifically designed for men and women with tailored content that speaks directly to each audience. The University is not privy to private employee information. To enroll, please follow these steps: Register for at-work meetings or the online subscription on the benefits program enrollment page. You may be eligible to receive these benefits after a week period of certified short term disability.

You have the option to buy an additional 10 percent of long-term disability. Achieving your personal financial goals is an important part of your life. To help, we provide financial education benefits, as well as a k plan to help you save for retirement. You may participate in the k plan immediately following your hire.

We match a portion of your contribution. You can invest your contributions among various options offered in the plan. You may be able to transfer roll over funds from another employer's qualified savings or pension plan to the k plan, even if you no longer contribute to the plan. You can purchase Aetna stock at a discount through a payroll deduction. In order to participate, eligible employees must enroll during the enrollment period announced by Aetna.

We encourage professional development. That's why we provide financial support for continuing education. This program covers a portion of tuition and registration fees for a college course. Provides matching student loan repayment assistance to employees who have eligible loans for completed degrees within certain guidelines.

Managing work, family and life in general isn't always easy. That's why we offer resources to help you balance your career and your personal life. Our employee wellness program offers services such as wellness campaigns, weight-management programs and educational seminars. We believe becoming "financially fit" is linked to good physical health. We offer free personal consultations with a certified financial planner or retirement education specialist. And small workshops educate employees on financial and benefits-related topics.

Also get online tools and videos to help reach your financial goals. Employees have access to fitness centers at more than 30 work locations.

The centers provide group exercise classes, personal training and weight-management programs. This incentive program is offered to all eligible employees. Family members can also earn incentives.

We believe in offering employees access to broader hospital coverage. The plan provides financial protection from out-of-pocket expenses associated with a medically necessary hospital admission.

You can purchase a wide range of legal advice and fully covered legal services for yourself and your eligible dependents. This plan pays cash benefits when you or a covered family member is diagnosed with a covered serious illness such as heart attack, stroke or cancer.

One of our values is to improve the quality of life in communities through employee volunteerism. And through financial support, such as our Matching Gifts program. Our Aetna Foundation, Inc. You can direct part of your pay, on a pretax basis, toward eligible work-related transportation expenses, such as mass transit and parking. At Aetna, we are pioneering a total approach to health and wellness and we need talented candidates like you to join our team.

Become a member of our talent community to be the first to know about career initiatives that match your skills and interests as they become available, in addition to details on upcoming events, networking opportunities, and news about Aetna. Sign up to receive information about job openings that are tailored to your skills and interests.

Plus, get the latest career news from Aetna. Areas of Interest What Interests You? Come visit us and learn about the wide range of career opportunities at Aetna— we are waiting to meet you.

Skip to main content. Match Jobs with your Linkedin Profile. Insider perspectives on working with us Brian G. Surfing, snowboarding and running. Serving as member of a mountain rescue team. Explore what we have to offer Health Benefits Life Insurance Paid time off and disability Financial Benefits Personal and family wellness Additional employee benefits Medical You can choose from three types of medical plans: Dental Choose between a dental maintenance organization plan and preferred provider organization plan.

Vision You can enroll in a separate vision plan. Enhanced Benefit Program A program designed to lower out-of-pocket medical costs and tuition for employees who qualify, based on their total household income and other criteria. All employees get term life insurance and business travel accident insurance at no added cost.