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If you can't find any tahini, substitute peanut butter. I have traveled to Thailand 30 some times, each trip is usually for a month plus a few weeks to Vietnam, urma, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, or Singapore. Healthy Pasta Dinners 18 Photos. Small bits of Japanese miso add worlds of flavor to every type of dish, from soups to stir-fries. Lightly spoon flours into dry measuring cups; level with a knife. Axe on Twitter 7 Dr. Set aside the amount used for the sauce, and put the rest into a serving bowl.

Tuna, Bean, and Escarole Salad

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This one-pan chicken dish will wow guests, but it's also fast enough to make your weeknight rotation. Lightly charring the lemon slices intensifies their flavor and creates a gorgeous look. Be sure to include any of the sweet, tangy liquid the lemons give off in the bowl; it adds incredible depth to the sauce. The lemon rind can be bitter for some people. One option is to gently shave off a few strips of the rind to reduce how much you eat in a bite.

You can also look for Meyer lemons which have a sweeter flavor that's closer to that of an orange than a traditional lemon. Chicken and rice is a classic weeknight staple. Whole grains like quinoa, bulgur, and farro are healthier alternatives to regular white rice. In this dish, nutty farro retains a pleasant chewiness as it absorbs the flavorful stock.

Porcini mushrooms and Parmesan cheese are two big sources of satisfying umami. If you have any leftover kale after you use it in this dish, make a simple kale salad side. Let it sit so the leaves soften while the chicken cooks. We like how the marinade really only needs 30 minutes to flavor the chicken, but if you want to speed up prep, you can marinate the chicken overnight in a zip-top plastic bag. Stuffed chicken may very well be the entertaining cook's best friend. It appears complicated and fussy, but really it's very simple to execute.

Your guests will never know that you didn't need to use complicated string to hold your chicken together; toothpicks are suited for the job. In this classic stuffed chicken recipe, turkey sausage doesn't overpower the chicken, and we really like it with the combination of fennel seeds and mild provolone cheese.

Guests will appreciate how flavorful it is; you'll appreciate that it's done in under 45 minutes. Fast, zingy Mexican flavors run bold in these quick shredded chicken tacos. Don't be fooled by the fruity salsa. The jalapeño packs a real punch of heat. It's easy to cut back though. We call for a tablespoon, so reduce it if you don't like the spicy salsa to leave your tongue tingling. Removing all the seeds before you mince the pepper will help reduce the kick, too. Look for crema, the Mexican version of sour cream, in Mexican markets or the international aisle of most supermarkets.

This fast chicken dinner, which is ready in just 30 minutes, is a great way to use ingredients you might have in your fridge and pantry.

Fresh avocado, cilantro, onion, and lime juice—often left after a taco night—come together to create this irresistible, Mexican-inspired spicy chicken dish. Because you'll mash up the avocado into a guacamole sauce, this is a good use for overripe avocados. They're often too mushy for anything other than guac or an avocado spread, so put them to good use here.

Serve the chicken over seasoned brown rice or on a bed of fluffy quinoa. Mexican pork chorizo is a smoky sausage that boosts the flavor of lean chicken breast. In this fast Mexican-inspired chicken dish, we add chorizo, quickly seared, to a fresh tomato salsa for a little extra heat. Chicken breast halves cook in the chorizo drippings for even more flavor. If you can't find chorizo, look for spicy turkey sausage instead. Queso fresco is a crumbly salty Mexican cheese that doesn't melt easily.

If you want stringy melted cheese instead, opt for Monterey Jack. Shred it on top of the chicken before serving. The quesadilla is a time-crunched cook's go-to. They're fast, easy, and almost effortless. They are also really handy for using up ingredients you might have on hand.

Combine a protein, cheese, and some veggies for many different combinations. In this lightener chicken quesadilla recipe, a gentle poach keeps the chicken breast moist and tender, so it's easy to pull apart before you arrange your quesadilla.

Poblano peppers have a warm bite to them. If you're brave, sprinkle in a teaspoon or two of minced jalapeño before cooking the quesadilla. The lime in the yogurt mixture will intensify over time—combine just before serving. Make your next family dinner a fiesta! These spicy tostadas are safe to serve to even the pickiest of eaters. If you've got young ones who can't handle the heat, leave the spice rub off their chicken breasts before cooking. Split the bean mixture before adding the adobo sauce, too.

It's flavorful but may be too warm for sensitive palates. One serving of this fast Mexican dinner is a hearty two tostadas, and the serving of jicama slaw on each tostada is gracious; serve with a side of grilled corn or a tomato-avocado stacked salad. Here's a six-ingredient Middle Eastern-inspired dish that delivers big taste with minimal fuss. Salt, pepper, and olive oil are freebies since you're pantry is well stocked.

The two-hour marinating time infuses the chicken cubes with rich flavors of earthy oregano and zingy lemon, but if you're pressed for time, cut the marinating back to 15 minutes—lemon flavor will still come through. The tomato-parsley salad couldn't be any easier to prepare, and when it comes to delicious simple flavors, this one ranks high. Make sure you wash your parsley before adding it to the tomatoes. Tiny flecks of sand hide out in the leafy herb. Whole lemons preserved in a salty brine are a flavor powerhouse.

Look for preserved lemons at specialty stores, or order online from rakuten. They work wonders in dishes that can use a tangy, salty punch: Try chopping a little into a grain salad, or mix into a simple pasta dish with parsley, garlic, and grated cheese. Cook lemon mixture in 2 teaspoons olive oil in a small skillet over medium heat, stirring occasionally, 15 minutes or until lemon rinds are very tender. Tahini is the stuff of life in Israel, like olive oil in Italy or butter in France.

It's nutty and rich, with a slightly bitter finish and an unctuous mouthfeel akin to peanut butter. Look for tahini that's well blended little to no separation. You'll find jars or cans of it on the international aisle of the supermarket. Refrigerate after opening, and stir well before you measure. It may take a few minutes of stirring. If you can't find any tahini, substitute peanut butter.

It's sweeter than tahini, but it will work in a pinch. Explore many Middle Eastern possibilities in this easy chicken dinner. We're combining feta, a salty, tangy cheese, with baby spinach for a bonus serving of greens built in the stuffed chicken breast.

Try using mozzarella or provolone cheese for a more mild, kid-friendly dish. One chicken breast comes in at just over calories. That leaves room for a side of whole-grain quinoa or farro.

If you have leftover spinach, use it for a simple side salad. If you don't want to bother stuffing the chicken cutlets, turn these ingredients into a simple salad with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Take a weeknight culinary adventure to North Africa with this Moroccan-inspired chicken recipe. Sweet onions are the ideal ingredient to contrast the strong spices used to season the chicken breasts. The bold spices are so potent you only need to marinate the chicken breasts for 10 minutes before cooking.

You can eat this light chicken dish as is for a low-calorie dinner—one serving is only calories—or pair it with roasted vegetables and a side of whole grains to make a full plate. Brown rice would be great if you have it on hand. Try stirring in a spoonful of tahini, which is a sesame seed paste, for a punch of flavor. Home Recipes Recipe Finder. Chicken Breasts 50 Ways Boneless chicken breasts continue to balloon in size, from what was a standard 5 to 6 ounces each to nearly 8 ounces.

Tandoori-Spiced Chicken You shouldn't let chicken breasts marinate for hours. This one tastes kind of bland but has a nice subtle flavor. We love Mian Kam in Nebrasks. My wife is Thai and found the perfect leaf the Nasturtiums flower that grows in most areas in warm weather and the flowers are a bonus for the bundle. They both have a spicy taste. Adding flower to the spicy bundle in the leaves. The plant needs full sun and and the leaves get about inches.

I also like the peppery flavour of using nastuirum leaves! Hi…have tasted several time at our local Thai restaurant in Kuching, they even use baby kailan. A little bit chewy though…. One grocery had them but only as part of a kit for tourists, not in the produce section. Do Thai people really eat this dish? Or or tor kor out by Chatuchuack will have them too.

Yes Tai people eat these in more than 20 variations. The bai chaploo leaves can be found at open local markets. Where are you located? I made them yesterday for a family get together and used large spinach leaves which have a thicker tooth than lettuce leaves. I love chaploo but very few markets here carry them. There are versions of Miang Kum made with beef, noodles, jellyfish, pork, chicken, pomello, etc. Love these eat out of hand snacks. Lucky you living in Thailand!!!!

I have traveled to Thailand 30 some times, each trip is usually for a month plus a few weeks to Vietnam, urma, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, or Singapore. Laos is my second fav spot. It is like N. Onion, potato, bay leaf, and sour cream cut some of the sweetness for a more savory, filling bowl. Rob Tutton January 03, Mindi Shapiro; Food Styling: Golden beets, butter, cremini mushrooms, shallot, thyme, red wine, vegetable broth, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper Calories: Chelsea Zimmer; Prop Styling: Baby red beets, baby gold beets, shallot, sherry vinegar, fresh thyme, kosher salt, Dijon mustard, black pepper, extra-virgin olive oil, watercress or arugula, baby Chioggia beets, goat cheese, unsalted pistachios Calories: Rhubarb, red wine, honey, red wine vinegar, shallot, thyme, kosher salt, black pepper, beets, olive oil, goat cheese, pistachios Calories: Pear, Beet, and Gorgonzola Green Salad This seasonal combo of beets and pears offers a tasty dish that's high on vitamins and nutrients and light on calories and sodium.

Roasted Beets With Mushroom Bordelaise