The Food Babe Way: 21 Days to an Eating Disorder

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At least the indigestion has gone away without grape juice. J Acad Nutr Diet. Dairy has always given me acid reflux, and sadly, the SCD yogurt seems to be doing the same which really surprised me, as so many people have said they can tolerate the SCD yoghurt. This causes the C-2 proton to be easily dissociable to form a carbanion , i. I am weight-restored however my weight has gone up in a large leap and most of this is believed by my nutritionist to be water retention.

Nutritional Supplementation

Lower Right Abdominal Pain

And sleep when the baby sleeps. Your body is hungry and you need to eat — so eat! Relax and let nature take over. Remember, binging comes from restriction. Enjoy your baby and this time when you HAVE to relax! Emily, I probably stopped working out for at least a year or more. I hate the gym, so I worked out from home. I also remembered how much I love to dance so I added that back in. I exercise in ways that I enjoy. My hiking limit is about 4 miles, anything longer and I stop enjoying it.

Sorry, short story long…. I probably re-fed for about the same amount of time I took off exercising, probably over a year, before I swung to the middle of the pendulum and started eating just intuitively what I wanted.

I eat a cheeseburger when I want, I eat a salad when I want. I never dropped the weight, but I stopped caring about that because I feel good! Re-feeding made my weight go up even more, but brought me back to health. Go have a good cry over that, because when I realized this truth, I sure did!

You are far more valuable than the number on the scale, the stretch marks on your thighs and boobs, and the squish that has become your belly assuming you have all these things after just having a baby! I started refeeding a year before getting pregnant and never dieted while pregnancy or after.

I only gained 20 pounds during pregnancy and started losing weight in the fourth month, also breastfeeding. Suddenly all the weight was gone. I also was tempted to diet etc… but I noticed the effects immediately. Not that our journey has to be similar but just want to encourage you to trust and believe in you body. But where is the L?! That post is great. Being skilled in the art of verbal jujitsu, you can easily disarm others by using their own stupidity against them.

As you know, Jimmy has ping-ponged back-and-forth between low-carb, fasting, and now or, last I heard ketogenic. So much so, in fact, he has to change his narrative. He has some saying that: Even his own podcast guests — doctors whom he purports to respect — have encouraged him to dial-down the fad diets, but he refuses. Despite all of this, he continues to co-author books and be invited to various conferences as, presumably, a health expert.

Jimmy is actually a fantastic representation of what happens when an extremely obese person tries to overcome that condition with various restricted diets. I have no condescending thoughts to share about him at all. I truly feel sorry for Jimmy. If he were, it would be far easier for him to stay home and hide behind a blog or podcast and stay out of view.

Finally, I apologize if my previous comments about Jimmy were out-of-line. No apologies necessary Carl! I even created a site about civil online communication recently, lol. After a few Google searches, I found the website to which you alluded. I hope you can get a lot of folks to take and honor the pledge.

And, it just perpetuates itself. It gets extremely adversarial. Like Joey Lott wrote: The only way to win the war is to stop fighting. Also, getting older, I realize that I have no idea what others are going through. Speaking of blasts from the past, remember Don Matesz? Round and round on the carousel…. Matt, if you think Don Matesz is hilarious check out his wife Tracy.

She was the one who made Don go Vegan. A an awesome book title for a book about trying to get people to quit veganism would be, Eat Your Spirit Animal. I feel better and lighter every day! Anyway, I feel a lot of empathy for the guy in the above video, as I do for anyone pursuing a diet. His self-esteem will likely and, wrongly rise-and-fall, in accordance with the needle on the scale. Now, as an elder statesman in the Church of Dietary Atheism, I try to counsel new sheep in the flock, but people love their restrictive commandments.

You made one post in March and now one in April. I like to eat. I like to eat mostly real food. I like to exercise no more than 20 minutes at a time a few days per week.

I like to go on hikes when I want to as well. I like to prioritize my family, my business, and my church ministry, spending time on those things rather than obsessively try and fail to lose weight.

I really feel bad for this guy. As an elder statesman in the Church of Dietary Atheism, will you join me in praying for this guy? And who do we pray to? Thy order come, Thy eating be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day more daily bread. And forgive us our dieting, as we forgive our low-carb gurus. And lead us not into restriction, but deliver us from evil: For pancakes are the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Keto-ites, I shall fear no pancake, For metabowism is with me. Thy flour and thy sugar, they comfort me.

IHOP staff preparest a table before me In the presence of crazed dieters. They anointeth my pancakes with syrup. Your prayer inspired me.

In a strictly platonic, anonymous, non-creepy, blog-post-comment-appreciating type of way. I love the prayer!!! As a daily reminder to honor my commitment to Never Diet Again…. I LOL through the whole article. Ever think of doing stand-up?? You sure have the material—love the acronym—priceless. In my Pre-Matt days, I no doubt would have given that one a try as well—ha.

Thanks for reminding us! Or as Isabel Foxen Duke puts it so sharply: I am forever grateful to have learned here that nothing is as relaxing as a good meal incorporating every ingredient I desire and exactly when and as often as I like. Anyone who is still struggling with anxiety should get desperate enough to try this and then never go back. So again, thank you for reminding us! Probably you know this guy Blake Horton who eats on one metal daily. Maybe hes doing IF, but hes on a calorie surplus.

I still think we should be fasting between 8 to 12h per day… when we sleep. You eat 12 hours a day and fast 12 hours and eat three complete meals throughout the day! I was saying this because many people have barely 6 to 8 hours of fast during the night because of snacking, eating too late, etc, and I think that might be too little for some. But people always need to go to some extremes, like this 8 hours eating window. Eating all of our caloric needs in 8 hours?

I like that one. If you had ice cream when on a sugar or dairy free diet, you just changed your diet. You did not cheat. Use to always be on your D blog back in the day. I have been training with Chief remember him? Anyway I have been one meal a day for about a year…no issues BUT I am not weighing myself or tracking any health metrics…not even exercising. I eat large meals obviously, and mostly clean except for Saturdays when I throw down big.

I have not had any regrets or cravings which is good. Will I stick with it? I do, however, hate the occasional avoidance of lunch for special events, etc. Like anything else the longer you do it — and the deeper you are in — the less flexible you tend to get. Rice or corn or something else. And then I think it never happened. Would love to hear a Chief update. Thanks for the update on Chief.

Pleasure to be back Matt! Yeah Chief is out there somewhere unless he finally messed with the wrong Bigfoot ha. Yeah I should note I did IF once before and dropped out and put a lot of weight back.

Hi Natalie, Fancy seeing you here. I personally think there is no one solution that fits all. You need to continually adjust. Nothing influences weight more than stress levels, and the diet needs to be adjusted accordingly. Anyways it would be lovely to hear from you. From what I have read casually it seems that IF is suppose to increase it. Do you see the opposite? But here I am now…a couple years later and have been intermittent fasting for 3 months, eating ketogenic diet for 44 days and working towards OMAD the past week.

Now, please bare with me. The ketogenic diet mixed with IF helped me to drop 12 pounds and 54 points off of cholesterol the first month it was I have been tired of being 40 pounds overweight and also have Hashimotos Thyroiditis and Menieres Disease. Maybe I have gotten duped. As I write this, I am freezing like I have been pretty much every day , extremely hungry been fasting so far for When trying the rest and refeed methods with hundreds of grams of carbs, I gained like 25 pounds which was scary.

But I pooped better so thumbs up there. I miss carbs so much…. I cant do dairy. I get sick sick sick with all kinds of unpleasant stomach and scalp issues. Can I maybe have a few words of wisdom to help me get a renewed mindset? We all make mistakes? At the very least you can start cycling carbs by eating low-fat carb meals of mostly fruit and starches once a day or something. Angela, you are so much more important as a human being than your temporary appearance, which will change anyway if you are lucky enough to have a long life.

Start enjoying your food and your life. Really, I just want to feel better inside and it seems like nothing is really working. I have read from numerous people in numerous places that they are putting their Hashimoto antibodies into remission with these various ways of eating.

I would much rather be warm and toasty with a little extra to love. I will be re-reading Eat for Heat tonight. Thank you for your words. Caps for emphasis, not to be mean! You know how to eat in a way that makes you feel better.

Maybe not binge eat carbs, but slowly add them back in, and see how you feel. What kind of gentle exercise do you enjoy? And look into getting your minerals tested.

I did it with Dr. Garrett Smith a few years ago and it changed my life! That could be the missing piece. Well, that and re-feeding myself.

It just sounds like your torturing yourself to lose the weight. I have pretty bad constipation which has led to a TMI— thrombosed hemorrhoid. I am going to start carb cycling or just bringing the carbs back in. Why do any of us want to be thin? Honestly, it has little to do with health and far more to do with self worth. Personally, I had to realize that my self worth comes from what God says about me, not what I or others think about me.

I decided that I wanted to give up wanting the reputation of being the thin, pretty, young girl and switch it to have a reputation as a woman who loves and cares for those around her. My life is far more fulfilling! If you think about it, our obsession with dieting is self focused. The people that I have met that are truly happy are those with a mission to make the world a better place; they are OTHER centered rather than self centered.

Well, that and eating brownies with milk too ;. Oh gosh, Sharonimo, I love this reply. Knowing who I am in God is also my key to self worth, and something I so struggle with.

And yes, the easiest way to put problems in perspective is to be others focused. Thanks for your words of wisdom! Angela, I have suffered with severe and disabling chronic fatigue for over 40 years, along with very low thyroid.

After much trial and error I find that a low carb diet helps me find at least some energy but, like you, I suffered with constipation. Why would you even think about wanting to be a size 4? It is definitely not healthy. BTW, size 16 is the current US average. But we also have to understand that for some women, a size 4 is their healthy weight. My sister is a 4 and eats about the same as I do and exercises about the same as I do a lot of walking and hiking and some weights, nothing crazy.

Angela, Make sure you take a silica supplement to help your body absorb the calcium. Without silica, those minerals do not stick to your bones.

Also, make sure you up your sodium, too. Your Eat for Heat book has saved my life and my fascia. Give me more details! Fascia is the current frontier of the body, the thing everyone is just figuring out.

We used to say it was like that slimy covering on a chicken breast, but that is not true. Fascia starts as bone, then it changes form and becomes ligaments and tendons and everything in between bone and skin, and then it changes form again and becomes skin.

Basically, your fascia is your entire body. I implemented the advice of Eat for Heat and have had some pretty miraculous fascia changes in this newly warm body. My hair is growing in again, my eyelashes are longer, my teeth are moving back inline and my jaw seems to be widening.

My feet are changing. My skin is no longer dry. I have a keloid that is disappearing. Basically, even the people who are spearheading the fascia movement do not realize what kind of results they could get with a warm person. Ask Ashley Black fascia blaster. The use of fascial terminology is controversial. Call it what you wish; better blood supply always makes things more supple, warmer, and heal faster etc..

Myofascial pain syndrome is similar to fibromyalgia, and I struggle with it. It all started when I started getting heartburn at end of , didnt know why i learned a lot, dgl and limonene are the shit , drove myself crazy experimenting, lost weight and worked out despite not feeling good cuz i was addicted. I even emailed Matt out of desperation. It makes you feel like youre in a straight jacket. Trigger point workbook with clair and amber davies, save yourself from myofascial pain syndrome by paul ingraham, and some other people like Johnathan Kuttner has seriously invaluable information for people struggling with pain they cant figure out.

Im way better now but i am still trying to figure stuff out…Heartburn was multifaceted in my opinion. Tense abdominals, possible minor hitial hernia, maaybe candida in my small intestine but not sure, much better now. Tip, dont over eat chocolate it destroys your throat lol.

All these years of reading about what foods are good and bad and I am still confused.. I want to eat whatever I want and keep my metabolism high but i get like yeast issues in the winter sometimes and eczema too. I feel beyond repair sometimes. No appendix, been nuked with antibiotics throughout my life, it makes me want to pull out my insides and scrub them with a brush physically cuz i think i have freakin biolfilms that wont freakin leave me alone.

A long time ago I rrarfed and did it too dirty. I gained weight but got my temps real toasty. I could eat anything defeated lactose intolerance for example and i was having good bowel movements.

Well, when i try it now, my guts dont freakin move properly like theyre paralyzed. Its like yeast or methanogenic archaea in my gut wont freakin let me eat like I want. Dr Garrett Smith is against freakin potatoes.

Unless im mistaking his website for another Doctor named the same. I am currently eating as much as I can but took out a lot of potential allergens just to see if they make my muscles worse. Taking things out of my diet is against my instincts but I am simply trying to get better and figure out what makes me feel shitty vs what doesnt.

This is extremely condensed. I think I am on the right path though. I am half to blame. I overdo everything and surely have screwed myself up.. Just felt like letting that all out.. Glad to read your material as always. Do you still recommend the thoughts in that book and have any other suggestions?

On thyroid meds natural and eating nutrient dense paleo mostly due to digestive issues. So suggestions on what to add? I eat plenty of fat and carbs and protein. My basal temp sits around It did nothing for me after a year … So you have to self-test, IMO. I certainly would not remove so many foods all at once!

Do one at a time to see if it has an impact — and what change are you looking for: I think that many of the food insensitivities improve when your body is warm enough to digest properly!

I have to eat more frequent meals to get my temps up — and it has not increased my weight. I had chronic back and hip pain which is much better despite my addiction to tennis.

Thankfully my knees have gotten better from stem cell treatment. Do NOT take magnesium oxide — get malate, glycinate or another form. Citrate will make you have loose stools if you go too high, but may not help with other magnesium related issues.

Malate and gylcinate do not to that-. Jen, I would increase your bread and sodium. If you are not sleeping, try taking a good magnesium supplement. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer. It helps me sleep. That and vitamin C. I take a lot of that daily. I was sick of forcing myself to drink water all day.

I am so much happier — and warmer — drinking only what my body asks for. I plotted my temperature on a chart every day for a few months: I found stopping the excessive water consumption and adding in fat and salt had a near immediate shift in temperatures.

Maybe with a few more added pounds, but, nothing that stops me from living my life and having fun. I tried the meal timing thing.

It seemed to help me lose a little weight, then stalled. Just week 1 though. When I am hungry I eat. I think about what I really want, listen to my body and I eat it. I see your name dropped a lot. Hey Matt and crowd!

I played with all the if protocols for about 2 years eatstopeat, leangains, warrior, etc before my thyroid reminded me that food was in fact a good thing.

During that time I did not track calories, which was stupid on my part, but I estimate it was about a day. Food choices are whole food with pizza, ice cream, and cookies thrown into the mix on occasion. Free t3 and free t4 were and are normal and no thyroid antibodies present.

Around the same time I stopped ifing, drinking alcohol, and I moved back to a paleo template and got the first gout attack I have ever had. How do you all feel about the glycine supplementation these days? Any and all ideas are welcome! Brind in and his haters for a lively discussion on the topic, lol. But just eating a lot of meat can cause gout. The dairy farmer had a heart attack, and I was certainly shocked. My fantasies of superhuman WAPF-induced health took a big blow from that.

It was mild and he survived, but afterward was really lost about what he should do. He asked me what I thought and I told him that he should really think about reducing his carbohydrate intake. Not to extremes, but cutting out honey and bread and reducing his normal starch portions by half. Within a couple weeks he had terrible gout from it. My fantasies of low-carb superhumanism took a blow from that as well!

It was that same dairy that I got extremely ill from Campylobacter from raw milk. Basically, everything I had been told by WAPF and low-carbers exploded like a bursting sphincter of bullshit from that experience! Being a quick learner, I of course dropped my carbs even lower and kept at it for a couple more years! And threw in an absolutely miserable raw milk fast to go with it!

I had given him part of a smoothie I made with raw milk. My FIL brought me some from an Amish farm where he went to buy his pig feed.

I was only getting the raw milk infrequently, and stopped altogether after that. Ah, the raw milk diet of Bernarr McFadden, those were the days huh Matt? Matt — your sanity, humor, and openness to all types of input from us peeps on D is always a breath of fresh air. And this site is F. Matt are you still hunting for the unicorn or is that over? Just kicking around ideas.

Not without permanent major reductions in resting energy metabolism beyond what is expected from loss of fat and muscle and the problems that come with it and a constant fight against weight regain. Hi Matt, fan of your blog and especially the diet recovery books. Regarding the one way to weight-loss that is not damaging to metabolism and does not lead to a constant fight against weight regain — how about the findings from the Minnesota Starvation Study?

I know you have written about it before on the blog, but I think its findings are actually more applicable to overweight people than standard diet adherents think i. If obesity is often a result of restricting food intake, as the body over-compensates to store fat in anticipation of further famines what diets effectively signal , then starvation mode is way more common than we think.

I think you have even written on this blog that obesity is starvation, as counter-intuitive as it sounds. But we know that the participants in the Starvation Study actually lost weight eventually, after eating at a great surplus to their supposed BMR. Critically, though, this had to be done for a longer time than modern people would like, and importantly, had to be done consistently, and probably within a stress-free environment, where one could eat as much as one wanted without fear of ostracization.

So perhaps in times of old, people had no hangups about temporarily getting fat as they ate more for their body to recover from a period of famine. But just as the Starvation Study participants did, they eventually lost that weight naturally, without caloric restricting, as their body recovered from the stress of energy-deficiency. Curious about your thoughts on this. As Matt said, the unicorn unfortunately appears for only the chosen few. As for Billy Craig, I think what happened to him if it even did happen… was just a bout of hyperthyroidism.

Judging from his blogging it was gonna be some Weston A. Indeed some have said humans may have done the same. Matt, do you think that the daylight savings would have anything to do with it? Is there a connection with states that implement it and weight gain? Changing the time like that might have a hand in it. Skeptic, I lost 40lbs down to ideal weight eating a surplus of calories just like Billy Craig did. The key was zero fat.

Now I eat whatever and my bf set point stays were it is. Last time we talked diet specifics you were eating mostly fruit and skim milk.

What else would you advise someone to eat if attempting to toy around with a very low fat overfeed attempt to lower weight set point? Hey Matt, I really like rice and rice noodles for adding bulk and calories to a zero fat diet.

I need to read Wiley. It could also be a food reward thing: How did you feel during? How high was the surplus and did you make sure by counting calories?

Yes, I agree completely. But it still remains elusive to most. As a kid — like age 12 and younger — I ate anything and everything. Certainly, neither of my parents restricted anything, either! They ate and, unfortunately, to their demise, drank and smoked to excess. All three of us were overweight. But, for me, as a kid who was active raised on a farm, doing manual labor, baling hay, riding my bicycle and motorcycles, climbing trees, playing football, basketball, frisbee, etc.

I think there are several culprits. The problem is that when a person has gained excess body fat, they then try restricting food intake and attempting intentional calorie deficits. This makes the root problem worse, and makes set point rise. How We Get Fat http: I occasionally try to explain metabolic zone to others, but yeah they still stick with the classic calories in calories out. Speaking of fasting, recently I heard some random dude talking about it to his partner in the street.

He even boasted he avoids carbs at night on top of skipping a meal. Like you said, this is literally going apeshit Matt! Yes, the organs are much more metabolically active than the skeletal muscles, fat tissue, and other lean mass.

By quite a large factor actually. Losing a few pounds of tissue from your most active organs as happens with intentional calorie restriction can lower metabolic rate by a large factor even if there appears to be no loss of muscle mass.

I pity body builders, as they are probably experiencing more organ losses because the body is less reluctant to release skeletal muscle since it thinks the person has to lift a bunch of heavy shit to survive!

Ah well, fat ingestion type is interesting, would be interesting to study various macronutrient breakdowns, micronutrient breakdowns, amino acid proportions, exercise vs. Hi Matt, thank you for your reply earlier to my question about potential confounding factors when attempting to reach the metabolic zone.

This is in regard to your post at April 18, at But if one is using sugar to get the calories up there, do you think that could work without any negative effects?

For example, one cup of orange juice is around calories. While it might be crazy to eat grams of pure sugar, perhaps supplementing with sugar could give one a much easier time to get to sufficient calories e.

I guess I am still wondering though if you think there would be an optimum either towards starch or sugars when attempting such a diet. Obviously there are a ton of fruit-based vegans losing a shitload of weight eating a lot of calories. But they do so while lowering body temp and losing a lot of lean mass, typically. First like this study shows, de novo lipogenesis just does not happen to any meaningful extent while overfeeding on carbs.

So a zero fat diet, all excess energy will be used as fuel and heat production, aka raising metabolism. Secondly and more important I believe is that the body still needs fat every day and especially at night for normal function.

If you eat zero fat then all this will have to come from adipose. Really it only took four months. These mechanisms seem very simple to comprehend yet most people call bullshit and cry CICO. I measured and made sure I got at least 4K which was plenty for me.

I felt stuffed all day but would wake up completely empty. I do believe Billy Craig did this exact thing but pushed himself into hyper territory for going to long and eating so much extra fuel. With years having gone by, and hundreds okay fine, thousands of vegan and fruitarian videos under my belt, I can now see that eating a fat-free diet is actually pretty easy if you are eating plenty of sugar with your starch.

I have always marveled at how quickly too quickly, like dying of cancer quickly weight flies off of me when I eat nothing but 3,, or so calories of fruit per day.

And weak, feeble, cold, dizzy, and lifeless. As most feel attempting to do some shit like that. But eating a ton of noodles and rice with condiments like soy sauce and salsa and lean fish and dairy, and eating even more calories, could very well be doable.

If you have any other tips to share for anyone looking to guinea pig themselves on this, please share them. It seems way to cooling and would only work in the deep tropics, even then most fruitariand have that haunted hollow look to them. But there is no denying the ability of zero fat to improve health markers like diabetes, maybe even heart disease. A few tricks I think that made it work best for me was that I did zero exercise besides some muscle control and walking.

The only real issues I had were with digestion but I was eating a lot of beans and veg with meals. My hormones were also stellar, and libido was at an all time high which I think was mainly from great blood flow.

I feel like fat restricts blood flow a bit and may cause systemic inflammation. Eating big bowls of noodles was a staple for me. That was the craziest thing, I ended up switching to an Edward Edmonds style diet right afterwords, taking out the fiber and starch and replacing it with lots of saturated fat.

I was able to adjust just fine except for some heart issues, which I now think might have been from adding in coffee and chocolate.

This mornings breakfast was a full frozen pizza, some dried mango, low fat banilla yogurt and a big glass of lemonade. Yeah I was thinking of a fatty meal that limited carbs might be integrated periodically, to satisfy any cravings there without hindering the approach. I do feel like there has to be some magic in getting as much fat off the body as possible, purging out stored toxic material in fatty tissues as well as dumping all that stored PUFA.

Seems like nonfat cottage cheese, tuna, and other real lean animal foods would probably be fine to add, and may be highly preferable over doing it completely vegan. Never liked the thought of the McDougall diet for life, but reframed as a weight loss hack I can see myself trying it. Maybe with 2 week diet breaks like Lyle McDonald talks about. Carbsane was talking about this too, how she finally lost the last 30 pounds by eating VLF McDougall, and eating wtv she wanted when socializing.

I hear ya on releasing toxins Matt. Last time I lost a bunch of weight, the brief period before my metabolism died, I felt like a demigod. To drop to and stay there permenantely is pretty interesting. People can get lean with calorie restricting but we all know that it will get harder and harder to fight the stress hormones and your own bodies cravings.

Fasting to lose weight is probably the worst thing you can do. Zach I remember someone eating skim milk and cocoa puffs to lose a lot of fat. How much fat content is in organic ramen? I thought regular ramen tasted so good cuz the noodles are fatty?

I used to eat shit loads of ramen…after binge drinking as a teenager…terrible. They follow anti candida diets and fail. Matt and others have talked about how higher carbs or sugar can actually help alligators? One dude, Frederic Patanaude a raw foodist i believe says candida can be tamed with super low fat and he eats mostly fruit I believe.

People have had success on curezone too doing super low fat. Perhaps this temporary super low fat stuff has potential for all sorts of uses. But it is true that lots of nutrition can come from fatty foods no? Itll take a lot of brain scrubbing to get me to stop thinkin all wapfish or paleoish as far as nutrient density goes.

Pastured eggs, butter, A-2 dairy, pastured organs etc.. Where does adequate vitamin A come from on low fat? Or is beta carotenes shitty bio availability a lie too…. Or is this low fat diet just temperary to shed some fat? Where would you get Vit A of your eating lean meat and dairy foods? The intent is to lose fat on a very high-calorie diet with no metabolic downregulation.

Most vitamin A comes from beta carotene, which comes from plant foods with very little fat. The richest source of preformed vitamin A comes from liver, which is also a virtually fat free food.

Zach went back to his butter too, he just decided to get his metabolism really high and lose his excess bodyfat first. Matt, do you think this is achievable without going too low in fat? Not a big fan of any fat anymore i. He says in the D newsletter that he ate chocolate desserts while on the cal experiment, so perhaps a small amount of fat is not a big issue when the carbs are high enough? Yes, I think it is achievable. But the theoretical, hypothetical ideal macronutrient ratio has always been as high in carbs as possible.

Rachael you are missing the whole point. Its not a diet, there are plenty of almost zero fat diets out there already like McDougall, raw till 4, Pritikin rice diet, etc.

Anywho,yea most days now I eat over g of fat, and definitely not all saturated, I just ate a sandwich that had mayo. One, fat blunts insulin sensitivity. Two, fat will automatically be stored in adipose tissue if carbs are high.

Above that and I doubt you will get the same results. I imagine Matt must sometimes get tired of repeating the same things to folks. Hi Zach — I have a few questions regarding your experience with the ultra low fat diet while still avoiding metabolism slowdown via high calorie and carb consumption.

If you would not mind elaborating on your experience, I would greatly appreciate it. Did you end up experiencing any negative effects typically associated with diets? Any issues with sleep and so on? If so, would you happen to recall around what percent of your diet they composed? I see that you wrote you made sure to get around calories overall.

How much of your diet was starch like rice and potatoes, and how much of it was sugars like fruit, fruit juices, etc.? Which sources did you rely on for protein? Thank you very much for any responses, if you have the time. This is quite paradigm busting, so I am very curious about what you did.

Hey Zack, thanks for your thoughts. It was quite fun to eat grams of parmigiano with 5 cups of Haagen-Dazs for a while, but those foods especially ice cream did make me a bit cold and automatically shifted me towards lowered fat intake.

Maybe my body just needed those to regain all of the fats lost through brutal dieting. On top of this, about a quart of fruit juices are washed in. I also started eating more frequently since my appetite was so down in the morning and it made me fast unintentionally for the past few months. The only side effects I experienced were positive. Increased libido, increased flexibility, deep sleep, lower inflammation. All this i attribute to better blood flow in general and perhaps fat has a systemic inflammatory response or that it allows endotoxin uptake.

I did not use honey or sugar very often, relying mostly on starch and whole food sugar like dried fruit and juice. I did use maple syrup quite a bit. Starch is just much more satisfying. Also with metabolism raising so high, displacing real food for empty calories would not be a great idea. My protein was low as I was a practicing veggie at the time.

Also a can of beans a day usually. I did some gelatin powders as well and would say I averaged g protein. Your current diet sounds pretty optimal. I have said for awhile that a tropical coastal diet is probably closest to our optimal diet. We evolved by the sea as evidence by the high amount of sea minerals we need.

The dairy may not be necessary if consuming some shell calcium. I too have always considered a tropical diet of primarily roots, fruits, coconut, and seafood to be the hypothetical optimum human diet.

Zach, thank you for filling in the details about your ultra low fat diet experience. I am curious to try it one day. Just a quick update on my current situation. First of all, my body heats up so hot that I cannot sit around and have to move around spontaneously after eating. The sleep quality improved, and the appetite is like an incinerator that it increased my caloric intake, especially from carbs, dramatically. I still eat fat but not obsessed with it. My usual meal breakdown looks like: I snack on some dried fruits or juice whenever getting hungry.

I might be overhyping or something, so think twice before just blindly following my experiment. Mostly giant bowls of vegetables and fish all poached together over a ton of rice, and then fruit or big banana smoothies in between and before bed. Already had more sex this weekend than in the 19 days prior this month, lol. So far so good. My stomach feels like an overinflated beach ball right now. Matt, I really feel you for the ballooning belly, lol. I guess the big key to continue this experiment is to eat some bits of fats here and there unless you have literally an INSANE willpower.

Without those the foods will taste like nothing and our calorie consumption will drop. She did eat good amounts of carbohydrate, but also ingested lots of fats, mostly PUFA, from fried chicken, stir-fries, and other snacks that are high in fat. Matt I finally started reading T. Yeah I read that in Let me give you an example of my calorie intake and macro breakdowns a few days ago: The total fat intake is 7 percent which is pretty damn low.

She was right about circadian rythm I guess, that field is blowing up now. All the circadian rythm people I follow like Rhonda Patrick or Satchin Panda are also low carb sadly. A lot of them are into front front loading calories too, because apparently the body handles both carbs and fat better in the morning, and also a big meal early would reduce your appetite for the whole day. Have you ever experimented with front loading Matt? Hey Matt, glad to hear you are doing well.

Not sure if it has to do with the fat itself though. Bought it on Kindle, will read some tonight. I am going to start reading Billy Craigs book right away. I am referring to when Zach spoke of the body needing fat despite not consuming any, it uses its own.

Hey Bob, I tried eating as much as I could right after quitting weight loss, but I was able to cram in kcal maximum no matter what.

Also, I added white sugar to some of my drinks to again, get easy calories. Thanks for responding, all of you. If you were able to go up to , then could you maintain that amount everyday to see what would happen? It would be so awesome if consistent excess calories lower your weight set point but most people call bullshit on it. When i ate a lot i never tracked calories. Although this may not be an accurate figure, it gives an idea for people where to start from.

The added calories will probably be carbs unless if you indulge an entire stick of butter or protein shakes, lol. My current food intake is around cals but sometimes it goes below because of some inconsistencies unintentional fasting, being busy and not being able to eat, bloated stomach, etc.

If you search Youtube, you can see some videos by people who recovered from eating disorders follow that recovery method. They usually eat at least calories, but often will go higher than that during times where hunger is unrelenting.

Not to be superficial, but all they seemed to have slimmed out during the time when they made their videos. Hey IM, I was probably eating cups of haagen-dazs when ingesting kcal on top of everything else I ate like rice, pasta, cheese, etc. Maybe it just depends on our body size height? Perhaps I ate even more on a cheat day while dieting, ironically.

Thank you, Matt, for sharing your thoughts on the starch vs. Maybe I will try it one day. The body is very adaptable, for sure. Yeah, that was my first thought. It screws your metabolism up I can tell you firsthand, and, for me at least, causes food binging sessions. Why did I go on it more than once if I had issues? I just stay the same which is still very overweight.

Sad, but I keep going. But being a good student, I was also drinking tons of water and was freezing all the time, so that could have negated any possible benefit from following the diet. Robert Skinner smile [the IF diet ] pretend to see people succeeded in losing weight and keeping stable since 5 years. From reading the comments section of many of his blogs, most of us have ended up gaining weight and very few have lost it….

Perhaps Matt will chime in and explain himself a little more. You make excellent points. Being heavier and not having a way to change it, especially for a woman, is a bitter pill to swallow. Ultimately, the beauty of youth will fade if we are lucky enough to have a long life. What is your purpose on earth- just to look good? Who would want a friend like that?

Weight is not the true measure of a person. People who judge others based upon their appearance are mean and shallow. After dieting and delivering my 4th child, going off diets, taking coumadin that screwed my metabolism up BIG, I ended up gaining weight. I feel better, but still struggle with my temp. It is better since taking magnesium and high doses of vitamin C, but not quite there.

It will be in time. With the weight gain, I am a size I do not feel that big. I also get more complements. When I dieted, I was a size 0. Symptoms usually begin as an aching pain around the belly button or in the middle of the upper abdomen, and then shifts to the lower right abdomen. This pain becomes sharper after several hours and is accompanied by tenderness or pain when exposed to pressure. When deep pressure is applied and released, a sharp pain or rebound tenderness is experienced.

Accompanying symptoms include low-grade fever, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and constipation or diarrhea. Pain associated with ovulation or Mittelschmerz may occur either in the right or left side of the lower abdomen.

This usually does not require medical attention. However, it is sometimes confused with the symptoms of appendicitis due to the location of pain. Ovulation pain occurs about two weeks before the next menstrual period, when an egg is released from the ovary.

This may be a dull, cramp-like pain or a sharp, sudden pain. This pain is not usually severe, but it may be accompanied by vaginal spotting or bleeding. It is often relieved by rest and pain relievers, but if it is accompanied by fever and nausea, infections such as appendicitis must be considered. Small, crystal deposits can form inside the kidneys, especially when urine becomes too concentrated.

Kidney stones can pass through any part of the urinary tract, from the kidney to the bladder. This can be very painful, although the stones do not cause permanent damage. Symptoms include severe pain below the right ribs, including the side and back, which may spread to the lower right abdominal area and groin.

The pain may come in waves and fluctuate in severity. Associated symptoms include pain when urinating, pinkish, reddish or brownish urine that may be cloudy and foul-smelling, nausea, vomiting, fever with chills, and frequent urination.

Sometimes pain may be relieved by drinking a lot of water and taking pain relievers. However, if the pain is severe then you may need to consult a doctor for possible removal of the stone. Infection in the bladder or any part of the urinary tract can spread to the kidneys, causing inflammation and pain. It is characterized by lower abdominal pain, back pain, flank pain, or groin pain. There is a persistent urge to urinate, and this urination may be painful.

Pus or blood may be seen in the urine. Fever is often present. Kidney infection can lead to widespread infection or kidney damage if left untreated. Therefore, it is best to seek consultation for antibiotic treatment to prevent complications. The ovary sometimes produces fluid filled sacs on the surface, which may grow large and produce discomfort. Although they are usually harmless and can resolve on their own, they may become enlarged and get twisted, producing lower abdominal pains.

They can produce dull, aching, pelvic pain that is persistent or intermittent, and may radiate to the lower back and thigh. Pelvic pains may be experienced near the beginning or end of a menstrual period. Menstrual periods may be irregular. Lower abdominal pain may also be associated with heaviness or fullness of the abdomen, nausea, vomiting and pressure on the bladder or rectum. Although most ovarian cysts resolve on their own, you should see a doctor if there is a sudden, severe lower abdominal or pelvic pain that is associated with fever or vomiting.

Another common cause of lower right or left abdominal pain is constipation. This occurs when you are unable to regularly pass stools with ease, and instead, may pass hard stools less than 3 times a week. Straining, bloating, and pressure in the rectum accompany the pain. The pain usually disappears with bowel movement and may not be accompanied by additional symptoms.

This is often relieved by modifying the diet and taking stool softeners or laxatives. When a fertilized egg is implanted outside of the uterus, an ectopic pregnancy results. The fertilized egg may lodge in the right ovary, fallopian tube, or in the abdominal cavity, causing severe pain. If it occurs on the right side then it may be mistaken for appendicitis.

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