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September 04, 2007

Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating
She deplored the quality of the SS foods but wanted to lose weight and stuck to it for about four weeks. We prepare the meals you should be eating, not want to be eating. Lisa Jacoby September 05, at I really have never seen such disregard for customer service. I do agree that the fruit leaves a lot to be desired. I have been on Nutrisystem for 3 months and have lost 40 pounds.

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Seattle Sutton or Nutrisystem?

Guidelines - Read this before posting. FAQ - Common questions and answers. Compendium - Insights on losing weight. Track with Me Thursday - make new friends! Running with Loseit - loseit running club. Last updated September 16, [ info ]. Just wondering if any of you have tried any of these? Sadly, my Grandmother passed away and she left me a hefty sum of money. I always said that if I ever came into money, I'd try one of these to jump start my weight loss.

I know if I did lose weight and got healthier, this would have made her extremely happy so I don't feel bad spending the money. I weigh a lot so I feel this would be a good starting point. I haven't tried any of them, but a friend did try Nutrisystem. That food looked like catfood and tasted worse. Maybe the money might be better spent on a nutritionist?

That's a good idea. I did a weightloss program slim fast shakes for 2 meals a day to jump start my weightloss. Boy did it work, and BOY did all of it come back on! A nutritionist might be a better idea so you learn about healthy cooking and eating, I'm doing better this time around by not using something else as a crutch. I've had great luck with them.

I lost 45 lbs in less than 4 months and have maintained for 7 months now. Here is the U. News and World Report Rankings of weight loss programs: It doesn't make you feel like you're on a diet, but it really makes you realize how terrible you were eating and how to make better choices.

Almost 30 pounds in about 4 months. The nutritionist is the best idea, but if you want to use a "program," Weight Watchers is more sustainable and is less likely to make you feel hungry. Portion control is good to learn, but last I heard, Weight Watchers at least has some "zero point" foods you can have if you are still hungry beyond your allotted points for the day. I just talked to a family friend who did Seattle Sutton and she said that even though the food wasn't "gourmet", she did well because everything was cooked for her and all she had to do was grab it and eat it.

I've done WW and thinking about food all day really gets to me. The food comes straight to you in individual microwave bags. It's delicious, not filled with chemicals, perfectly portioned, and reasonably priced. I'm on my second round.

Lost 14 pounds the first month and I wasn't at all hungry past the first couple days. I can't recommend them enough. You also get email and phone support from a weight loss coach, if you want it. The reality is that if you ate healthy on your own, you wouldn't need NS or Seattle Sutton, but I appreciate the convenience of not having to worry about preparing healthy meals. I can just grab a NS meal and know that it is the right amount of the right food. I don't know about the amount of food in Seattle Sutton's program, but I can tell you that I have never felt hungry on NS.

Of course, your individual success will depend on how well you stay on the diet and whether you exercise in addition to eating the prescribed food. Melissa September 04, at I agree with the above comments. Also I found the fruit that make up a part of many Seattle Sutton meals to be nasty. I always ended up throwing it out.

It might be worth a week or two tolearn portion control but I did not find it to be worth the cost. Tom McMahon September 04, at My boyfriend and I tried NutriSystem for about 2 months and though we lost weight, I had to give up on the plan. I found that all the meals with a sauce pastas, rice, meats in gravy all tasted the same and had a strange chemical after taste probably a preservative since nothing's refrigerated. The pastas were very mushy, and the dehydrated items, like potatoes and puddings, were grainy.

I also discovered that I missed the fun of cooking and creating in my kitchen. The plan requirement to add my own salads, veggies, and proteins made the plan more expensive than the advertisements lead you to believe. I've concluded that, like the others, if I could control portions, I would be better off financially and have happier taste buds if I just cooked for myself.

I've managed to maintain my weight loss on my own for about 6 months. Leah Y September 04, at I tried Seattle Sutton for a month and while, yes, the weight came off quickly I really had to question their nutritional breakdown of foods.

I mean, calorically they were right on the money, but when I received a lunch that was 1 small piece of chicken, 2 baby corn and a bag of pre-packaged lemon cookies They're based in my hometown too, so I wanted to support it but I'd rather eat fresh veggies I find myself. Dawn September 04, at I think the key to these systems actually lies in one of Nutrisystem's own ads - one girl is shouting to the world that Nutrisystem helped her get from a size 12 to a size 2 - twice.

So clearly going on the system the first time taught her nothing about her normal eating habits, all she learnt was how to use her microwave.

When she stopped on the plan she went back to a size 12! Jennifer September 04, at I've tried Seattle Sutton and was able to lose some weight. The cost is high, but I admit, I'm paying for the convenience of having prepared meals. Most of Seattle Sutton food is decent. I do agree that the fruit leaves a lot to be desired. I did learn portion control I do recommend it for individuals who do not have a lot of time and want to eat healthy. Lisa L September 04, at Seattle Sutton is not worth what you pay.

I cancelled after three weeks. The food made me hungry. When i asked them why the food was mainly carbs and almost no protein, they said they were refromulating their meals and should have some new meals at the end of the year.

It is advertised as being great for diabetics. I'm not sure how since there is almost no protein. If you don't want to cook for yourself and have some extra money, look into buying meals fully prepared from personal chefs. A lot of them have carry out services available. I have been on Nutrisystem for 3 months and have lost 40 pounds. These results are typical Therefore I have a very high opinion of the program. As with any program, the key is sticking to it. I have always had difficulty making good choices of what to eat while on a diet in the past and I believe that's why I've failed.

Nutrisystem solves that problem for me by providing healthy, great tasting IMHO food. I highly recommend it. Pat September 04, at I was on the Seattle Sutton plan for about 4 months and lost the expected 1. The food portions were appropriate for an adult -- no one needs the heaping mounds of potatoes and larger-than-life sides of beef some people have grown up thinking are normal thank you, restaurants, esp!

The food was varied and delicious The menus are not loaded with fat and salt like convenience meals elsewhere have you looked at the nutrition info for a modern-day salad: The delivered food "programs" may work while you eat their food, but if you dont change your eating habits, it wont last.

Just be clear what you are getting, they are simply selling food, not a "program. I've been on both of those - extremely expensive.

Sure I lost weight when I was on the programs. However, never kept it off. I've since made my own menus. I purchased a Food Saver machine how I got along without one I don't know. I also purchased some of the divided plates from rubbermade. It might take a little more time a couple hours every two weeks , but I'm saving hundreds - and the food tastes a whole lot better. Plus, I now have a hugh stash of real grilled food to enjoy during the harsh cold weather that is soon to come!!!

I tried Seattle Sutton but found the food portions small. Also it seem to have very little protein and way too much pasta. I also tried Zone delivery -I think it is now called Chef diets - while I was on the road last year. The food and portions were pretty good. The plan is based on the Zone diet. And I noticed that I was losing a decent amount of weight when I combined it with regular visits to the gym.

The draw back, was the price and delivery method. I was able to charge it on my expense report since I was living out of state for work so the high price wasn't a problem. But every 2 weeks I received a giant insulated box that I had to dispose of since the food is made fresh and is shipped on ice or frozen depending on the plan you buy. AW September 04, at I have used Nutrisystem, and I did loose weight, but have not kept it off since stopping the diet.

The cost was high, food was okay. Like most diets like this, there is no follow through on what to do after you stop eating the prepared meals. Lisa Jacoby September 05, at I was on Seattle Sutton last year from about June through Sept.

Lost 40 lbs and have only regained 6 since being off. It's the freshest food in any diet plan I've tried, for not having to make my own. My son and daughter-in-law also went on it and lost plenty for their wedding.

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