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So, What is Meal Prep Exactly?

Create A Bulking Or Cutting Bodybuilding Diet Plan In 10 Easy Steps
This post shows you why you should meal prep, and provides easy meal prep recipes to kickstart your meal prepping. Just wrap the whole potatoes in tin foil or cover the cookware containing the chopped potatoes with foil. The first thing was if you could tell how much I should bench after coming back from a broken collarbone 5 weeks ago. Tim is a competitive bodybuilder who has been competing for decades and now offers his take on training and diet! You could buy a cheap body fat caliper or use an online body fat calculator.

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Weight Gain Meal Plan: Sample Week 1

Meal prep makes it super easy to hit my macros every day. I keep my meals simple weight everything and portion my meals according my my nutrition needs. Some days I say to Hell with meal prep and eat anything and everything I want. I enjoy every bite and relish the experience. My tastebuds are so acute the flavor is unmatched. Unlike if your taste buds are dulled by eating treats constantly. The more you eat it, the less you enjoy it.

The Law of Familiarity. Buy all the foods you need for the week. Lunch and Dinner for a 5 day work week. This is a good place to start to get the hang of meal prep without being overwhelmed. Cooking removes fat and moisture. Go heavy on the veggies to be safe. They help fill you up because you can eat a lot without adding too many calories. I eat grams of vegetables per meal. Sounds like a lot. Veggies contain a lot of water so buy closer to 10 pounds total.

Pots, pans, utensils, etc. Not having the right tools for any job is infuriating. Pick and chose what makes sense for you. Steam Pot — for steamed veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. Meal prepping a ton of food with small tools is frustrating.

I use two large frying pans when meal prepping. Double duty, baby, means I cook twice the amount of food fast. Oh, get the cover. It keeps splatter contained. Baking tray — for cooking vegetables like asparagus and chopped potato in the oven. KitchenAid Crock-Pot — Crock pots are awesome.

Easy to cook huge amount of food and super easy to clean. Full disclosure I work for the company that owns Kitchen Aid. Digital Food Scale — Super important. Weigh out your food if you want to take your weight loss to the next level. Pyrex 3-cup glass containers — for breakfast and snacks. Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers — Get rectangle storage pins. It makes storage way easier. To start meal prepping all you need is ingredients to cook meals and storage containers for your cooked meals.

This gives me lunch and dinner Monday-Friday. I also eat 2snacks or small meals throughout the day. I buy large 10 chicken breasts, vegetables and stuff to make salad. Cook everything you can all at once to save time: And you should aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of desired body weight. Then I add vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, beans and salad to each meal as well to provide fiber, for gut health, and essential vitamins and minerals.

I encourage you to do the same. Chop up the peppers, onion and broccoli and place in a big frying pan, pre- heated, with melted real butter or olive oil. I like mine al dente so they have a crunch to them, not all limp and stringy which happens when overcooked.

Cut chicken into chunks and toss in the veggies. Add seasoning or stir fry sauce for extra flavor. Potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates and have a wealth of other nutrients that are good for you.

The sweet potatoes you can cook whole or chopped. Just wrap the whole potatoes in tin foil or cover the cookware containing the chopped potatoes with foil. I like mason jar meals because they are durable, leak proof and easy to clean. I can throw one in my backpack and not worry about making a mess. For a while I was on a Mason jar meal kick.

I ate this for lunch for a few months straight while cutting for summer. Clean up is easy because all you have to clean is the crock pot reservoir. No pots, pans or cooking sheets.

Seriously any meat and vegetables will work in a crock pot. So go nuts and try all kinds of things. Throw all the ingredients in the crock pot before you leave in the morning and come home to a hot meal. Always have condiments and sauces like Sriracha sauce, tabasco, barbecue sauce, mustard, and stir fry sauce. Keep meal prep simple: I have a protein source like chicken, beef or fish and vegetables like broccoli or asparagus. Cook it all at once. Clean it all at once and be done with it so you can take care of business all week and not worry about what to eat.

If you count macros , meal prep will ensure you reach your nutrition requirements. Egg Salad on 2 whole-wheat pitas. After Dinner Snack Macros: Protein Shake peanut butter smoothie.

Meal Replacement Shake Mixed with 1 cup non-fat milk, 1 cup frozen fruit and 2 tbsp flax oil. Sweet Potato or yam. Collard Greens or swiss chard. Sandwich 2 slices grain bread, 8 oz sliced turkey breast, 1 thin 2-oz slice low fat provolone cheese, fat-free honey mustard, lettuce, tomato.

Waffles Oat bran waffle mix, skim milk, and whey protein. Make a half serving of waffle mix, following the package directions and add 2 scoops of pure whey protein. Cook in a waffle iron, or flat in a skillet like a pancake. Tuna Sandwich 2 slices grain bread, 4 oz tuna-drained, 1 thin 2-oz slice cheddar cheese, non-fat mayo, lettuce, tomato.

Sandwich 2 slices grain bread, 4 oz sliced ham, 1 thin 2-oz slice reduced fat Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mustard. Burger Patty homemade, on a whole-wheat bun. Sauté eggs and add to 4 whole wheat tortillas; top with salsa. Sandwich 3 slices whole grain bread, 3 tbsp peanut butter, 2 bananas.

Top each slice bread with 1 tbsp peanut butter, slice banana place between bread. Pasta whole-wheat, with 1 cup favorite marina sauce, mixed with steamed broccoli.

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