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I'm not sure if this is possible. I use it after a workout. Silvia Oh and by the way I want to go back to the "normal" weigh, which is around 60 kg. Yes, some studies show a correlation between soy and increased estrogen. We have found Shaklee to be a great product. I lost over 50 since last feb. Have lost 4 in in my hips, 3 in my waist, 4 in my chest and 3 in my arms.

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Home Made Healthy Protein Shakes

I really want to lose about 8- 10 kg weight. Also I have chubby cheeks which are kind of annoying. I was very slim at the shoulder, chest, comparatively big waist and very skinny legs, all this not helped by bad posture and muscle damage to the muscle around the left scapula. I decided that I would erase the fat around my stomach to stop myself, looking what I saw as a skinny, fat person. My food intake before dieting varied day to day, but not uncommon was: Some days I might have 12 inches of French stick with ham salad from a shop, some days 6 inches more unhealthy bread than filling Supper: Fresh pre packed meals, beans, chips, some vegetables, but rarely, same with fruit.

During the day I might also eat mixed dried fruit and nuts. Now, at last weigh in I am Number 1 No potato or bread whatsoever! No sugar, other than honey in porridge, tea and coffee. Or this quick weight loss diet doesn't work. But, myself to start ate practically nothing but fruit for a week or two. Probably not possible for most, but for me - I meant business. After initial kick start and craziness.. Porridge for breakfast with honey. Pre packed fresh fish with.. Sometimes I skipped supper and just ate fruit.

Answer to any times without food, was fruit or dried fruit. For someone who likes sweet potato, butternut squash, fruit, vegetables, mince, steak, chicken, fish, brown rice and many other healthy very low sugar content foods unless fruit, losing weight should be easy. The cooks out there know better than I how to make my Diet more interesting. Basically though if you know what you are doing, you can eat all the time and lose weight fast. So trying to put some healthy weight back on is going to be hard.

During the diet I didn't weigh often, I just knew I was losing weight. People started to make comments and so I had a good look at myself and realised I looked like a skeleton. I've lost most of the fat on my body and when standing my stomach is flat, but if I pinch my belly I can still pinch an inch of fat or skin.

So I have lost too much too quickly and not sure if it will even out or if I should go for another 30 kgs only kidding. I was looking at your website and and think i really need help from you. Ive been having a difficult time in losing weight im currently lbd 5'2 and 19 yr old. I wanted to lose like lbs in 4 weeks before a wedding. Thanks and God bless!

How long can you stay on diet where you only eat apples or only drink lemon juice or hardly nothing at all? Why very low calories diets don't work How Beyonce lost 20 pounds in 10 days Gluten free diet tips Will I gain any weight back after I finsih my weight loss plan?

Click to Comment of Comments. Zak Hello Adrian, You have a lot of information on the website that I found really useful as I was reading it. Zak December 29, Adrian Bryant this diet is for people who hate to count calories December 29, Thanks, Zak December 30, Adrian Bryant use this workout if trying to lose fat December 31, Kriti Hi Adrian, I'm from Canada and I've recently received a weight loss grant, meaning I will get reimbursed for the weight loss that I promise if I can achieve my goal.

I love your philosophy and know that you can point me in the right direction Adrian Bryant are you tracking your calorie intake December 05, Angie I am in need of a miracle, I hope that is you???

Angie I have been checking back here all day. Is this where I will get a response? Adrian Bryant use this workout and this diet September 01, Adrian Bryant this here will take you to August 10, Jayne Hi Adrian, I just stumbled across this blog and have been reading almost every page. Adrian Bryant simply use this workout and this diet June 22, Jessi Hi, I'm Adrian Bryant use this workout and this diet June 19, Adrian Bryant use this workout and this diet April 19, I'm 25 years old my weight is KGs with hight of cm.

I eat healthy food with good amount not much. Can you please help me out choosing best diet plane for me? Thanks in advance April 06, Adrian Bryant use this workout and this diet April 06, Tee Hi Adrian, I'm 5'1 and my weight is 56 kilos.

I have a treadmill at home and combine it with body weight HIIT and cardio exercises. Recently i found out that my Thyroid is underactive, and i'm taking a 25mg pill daily for that. Cheers Tee March 25, Adrian Bryant simply use this workout and this diet March 25, Things to shead this weight but I can't to find anything that works I eat a high protein,viggie low carb diet and avoid drinking sugary drinks I also drink lots of water and work out I need to lose this weight soon other wise I will be forced to have weight loss surgery and I don't want to have to go down that road March 12, Adrian Bryant have you seen this March 12, Kishen Dear Adrian, Last time I came here you told me a diet plan to follow and few exercises to do Kishen March 10, Adrian Bryant just keep doing what you are doing and the fat loss from your chest will come as well but you can also do the chest workout here March 11, Ana I am 21 years old my age is 5'2" and my weight is 70 I want to loose weight can anyone please help me in making me a nice diet plan please..

Adrian Bryant use this workout and this diet March 06, Ana Thank you soo much March 20, Jayaa Hi Adrian i am 5ft 4inches with lbs. Please advise if I am on the right track. Adrian Bryant you are on the right track and use this diet February 05, Traci I do believe that I am in love with your site.

Traci Thank you so much for responding to me!! Adrian Bryant you can start now but understand you wont see any results until you have lost most of the fat in that area. If weight loss is your main focus right now then I would focus on that more for now and work on butt later January 30, Adrian Bryant use this workout but there is no magic weigh loss number and it would be best if you used a range of maybe to instead of sticking to one number January 28, Only one way to find out if you have a problem with whey — try it yourself.

Because whey is derived from dairy, some people have an intolerance to either the lactose less than a gram for an isolate or the whey. And how would that affect fat loss vs muscle loss? Insulinogenic means insulin producing. Ingesting straight whey protein can cause an insulin spike and then a following drop in blood sugar. Thanks for your reply! So does this mean it would not be a good idea for someone with diabetes to use the whey protein shakes? Oh and one more question…in this case would it then be better to use a different form of protein shakes, other than the whey because of the insulinogenic effect?

I will say that anything that impacts blood glucose and insulin levels can cause issues with diabetes. If I had diabetes I would personally try to stick to whole food protein sources whenever possible. Can you shed some light on this for me? No protein powder in and of itself is going to make you gain or lose weight. Only calories will influence that. If you eat in an energy deficit and also use whey protein you will lose weight. Hey Isabelle, I used to use Optimum Nutrition for years.

However, it does have artificial sweeteners, and these days, I avoid them like the plague. Coach please help me understand why ViSalus and Advocare and Amway say that their protein shake are the best shake to drink, they claim you will lose weight. Can that weight lost be sustained?

I lost it by eating clean and very healthy, weight training 3 days and week and interval training the other 3 days a week.

Are you expected to drink 2 shakes a day for the rest of your life? I eat clean and workout as a way of life its just part of my day. Thank you for the help! Use protein powder as a supplement or as a convenience option. Everyone wants to buy the best protein. No protein in and of itself is going to help you lose weight. You have to have a calorie deficit for that.

Any brand that claims weight loss with their protein is being manipulative. It takes a lot of work and marketing to get your product on the shelves of physical stores. The multi level marketing powders rely heavily on an army of people to push powders. After all, so many people need to get a cut of the profits to make the system work. Is is best to rest for a few days or should I keep training? And is there any multi-vitamin that you recommend I should be taking while training or are they necessary?

Your body needs the available energy to get better instead of using it to rebuild unnecessary exercise-induced muscle trauma. I think a walk outside can help some people feel better when sick, me included.

Nothing wrong with multi-vitamins. However, always try to get the bulk of your nutrients from whole foods. Hi i was wondering what do you think of ProFemme protein drink. I use it after a workout. I am trying to tone up and build muscle.

Would you recommend something else or is this ok. You want to develop trust with the foods you put into your body. As used by leading models and figure athletes, as well as thousands of women like you! Thanks for the great info. Have you heard of PhytoBerry Protein? If so, what are your thoughts.

I stay away from soy…learned the hard way after drinking it everyday for a few months and ended up with a hormone imbalance. The question is how much of the nutrients and antioxidants are preserved and bio-available in the powder form? We have found Shaklee to be a great product. My husband and I lost 10 and 15 lb respectively, in three months, and still got to eat our regular food.

That was three years ago, and we still have a shake a day. Without it, we feel sluggish and are hungry within an hour. We do buy the soy protein and have found the soy has made tremendous positive effects on pre-menopausal symptoms. That was a huge added bonus.

I want to lose weight. If I did use it as a meal replacement would I still lose weight? Yes, you can still lose weight. Those are the ones that have protein, carbs, and fat already added to it. Add some spinach and frozen fruit to the powder to boost the nutrition content.

I hope you will have time to reply to my question. I work out with weights about times a week. First I have now decided to step down with the weights and do more cardio basically running. So I have never taken any kind of powder. So I want to try something out. It is very important to me that it helps me lose fat!! So I guess it has to be low on carbs.

Other than that I dont know where to start. Then, once you create a calorie deficit, the majority of your weigh loss will be fat loss — which in the big scheme of things should be your ultimate goal. Is the powder going to help me create the deficit or is that solely achieved by more cardio and less carb intake? Finally, can you advise me to purchase a specific product?

Alternating between strength training and cardio is good. You need a calorie deficit for that. In fact, pick a powder that has protein as the sole ingredient. Do you happen to know of any good protein powder options that would be suitable for toning? However, if you are lactose intolerant, there are plenty of other options — egg my first option , or one of several plant based proteins.

Whey isolate is very low in lactose too if you can tolerate some. Im 30 and 3 weeks ago weighed lots of muscle, but a good gut and moobies the major distribution of fat seemed to be WITHIN the muscle wall of my abs, which concerned me and prompted me to take action. Doing this has lost me 20 lbs in 3 weeks. However, I went out and bought EAS powder without really researching, but after reading this I plan on getting whey isolate. You suggest adding spinach and whatnot, but at work all I have available is my blender bottle.

If you want to make it healthier you can try adding some plain powder into some milk and peanut butter and possibly some cocoa powder. Shake vigorously or use a blender bottle. Has artificial sweeteners and flavors. Also has genetically modified soy oil if you care about that.

Look at the ingredients. Whey is just a type of protein. I am trying to loose weight. Since breast cancer, I was told I could not have any soy products. I wanted to use Body by Vi but it has soy in it I believe. I get confused with soy.

I was told Soy can make my cancer return. Can you help me with specifics as much as possible. Just want to get healthy and skinny. Ok, U know what I mean. There are some non-soy products out there though. There is no requirement to take powders. It seems to work for me. Hi Vicki I work with a medically monitored weight loss program that uses meal replacements.

I have had many patients who have had estrogen based cancers and their oncologists do not want them doing my program because of our soy based proteins in the meal replacements. Body by Vi is soy based and has artificial sweeteners in it. Isagenix shakes have absolutely no soy what-so-ever, no artificial ingredients, all organic, and gluten free. I have had temendous success with Isagenix.

Read The China Study. It talks a lot about different cancers and the effects of food. Based on 40 years of study, soy does not induce cancer. Once again, here are the instructions for ordering the best acai and colon cleansing supplements online. The free trial offers provide you with an inexpensive solution, while a full order will let you stock up and possibly get a couple free bottles.

Just click on a link, submit your address, and away you go! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about acai. You can read the whole list here: It is recommended to take between mg and mg 1 g each day. This can be taken all at once or divided into several doses. See the previous question for more information on timing your acai intake. You can lose between pounds a week on a healthy diet and exercise plan. When taking acai you may lose at least twice that many pounds.

You could definitely lose up to 12 or even 15 pounds a month by using acai, as long as you continue eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

As long as you maintain a healthy diet and keep exercising, you will not gain fat just because you stop using acai. You might experience decreased weight loss or a plateau in your fat loss progress, but you will not suddenly start gaining it back. Acai berries are fruit just like blueberries, oranges, and apples. It makes sense that if you are old enough to eat other fruit, then you are old enough to eat acai.

Sometimes acai berry pills have added ingredients such as caffeine, green tea, or hoodia, which could cause some acai berry side effects like increased energy and heart rate. If you have an acai supplement with added ingredients like caffeine and hoodia, then you should only take your acai berry supplement in the morning. There are a ton of calories in the acai juices. Upwards of calories per serving, depending on the product. The acai berry pills have negligible calories in comparison, and even then the calories are attributed to fiber, healthy fatty acids, and amino acids, as I mentioned above.

Is the acai berry a scam? This question frustrates me, because the acai berry diet is now receiving unnecessary negative publicity thanks to a few shady businesses. The acai berry received a bad rap in recent years because some companies took huge orders over the course of several months, shut down their customer service departments, and ran for the hills. When you consider the health benefits of the acai berry itself, the proof is in the pudding… the acai berry pudding. Antioxidants are very real, and the acai berry is very high in antioxidants.

If you ever wanted to take a supplement that could help you lose weight, stay healthy, and feel young, then the acai berry is for you. New Goal — Swole in a Month. This entry was posted under Diet , Medical , Motivation , Supplements. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. I am 15 years, my height is 5ft. I am supposed to weigh , if so I was wandering.

Is it okay If I these tablets? I am honestly sick of working like a dog to get the weight off and nothing happening. Hi, Great blog you have here with a lot of useful information. As this berry comes from the rain forests in South Brazil I guess you can call it an organic product. Do you know if it exists farms where acai berries are produced also? I wanna get down to about by the end of May of this year or June.

Is this possible if I use the acai and colon cleanser? As long as you eat right, the acai and colon cleanser will help you lose fat faster. Thank you very much for sharing use full stuff through this post. My name is Aisha.

He is 17 years old. Can you please tell me; is it possible to lose weight without any side effects at this age? Yes, at 17 years old you can lose weight without any side effects, as long as it is done naturally with diet and exercise. Well it looks like a good product for losing weight. I have spent lot on other products but all in vain.

I am sure to try and invest some dollars in it. Sounds like a great product! I will have to try the Acai Berry and let you all know my results! This is the best way to get fit without any side effects and not harmful to any ages rather than slimming pills. Personally I prefer to drink green tea instead of taking pills, but Acai Berry benefits are hard to deny. Yes Alison I totally agree, Acai berries benefits cant be denied in taking part of weight loss and detoxifying diets. This is the most reliable supplement that gives perfections to your body.

Taking slimming pills for weight loss is not really necessary if you have patience and you are absolutely sincere on loosing weight then doing it naturally is the most you can do to avoid side effects.

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